Two more years of knuckleballs at Fenway

Great to hear that the Red Sox and Tim Wakefield have reached agreement on a two-year deal. Wakefield has been a class act his entire time in Boston, and one of the most loyal players in franchise history.

With 175 wins in a Boston uniform, it is very realistic that he can get the 18 necessary to set the team’s all-time win record over the next two years.

Few athletes have appreciated what it means to play for the Red Sox more than Wakefield. Hopefully, for his sake, his body will hold up a little better over the next couple of years than it has for the last three or four.

For years, Wakefield had left his retirement as open-ended .But now, it appears set in his mind that he will step down after the 2011 season.


I am truly glad that Wake will be back. They need to use him judiciously. As well, I look forward to seeing Varitek behind the plate, albeit in a diminishd capacity. I think this paves the way for him into coaching. I think both he and Wake have futures in coaching if they choose.
Now lets get rolling with with Bay-bay Re-Signing!!!!

By ellenc on November 10, 2009 9:58 AM

Hey everyone,
Glad to see Tim back and glad to see Varitek back (thanks again Julia). I hate to see Tim retire but hopefully he can go out in style.
NOW…if we can have a shortstop besides Lowrie. That’s unfair for him to take 100% of the burden albeit I think Nick Green could still be backup. I like Nick Green and I know he wants to hang on to the team. I would love to see Gonsalez but right now the Sox are bleeding money with Drew, Lugo and I believe Zazu (correct me if I’m wrong on this but do the Sox still have to pay that loser).
Anyway, 2010 will be an interesting year. I would like to see a strong Sox team and I want Lowell back. This guy is a player…but can he take the punishment of the season.

>>>>>>>>>> Science Question >>>>>>>>>>>
This question comes from Zazu.
Hey Red Sox nation. No hard feelings but I am a scientist. Now:
Can you name all 15 planets that orbit our sun? HINT: One of them is venus where we live on!
(OK…can you help Zazu out and explain to him what ACTUAL planets orbit our sun and that we don’t live on a planet that would burn us alive in seconds.

Hi everybody!!

It’s great to have Wake back.

I know the planets!!!
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Snickers, Jupiter Neptune Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Chevrolet, Uranus, Pluto, Dopey, and Harpo. That’s 15, Dave. Bonus points if you know Rahu and Ketu.

It is indeed great to have Wake back. I am glad they restructured his contract to give Wake some incentives. GO WAKE! GO SOX!

I also hope Wake will be healthy enough, this year and next, to pitch effectively! GO WAKE!

So Groucho and Grumpy were booted out of the League of Planetary Nations because they had “anger-management” issues? Or because “Beam Me Up Scotty” wasn’t their agent? Hmmm!…

Dave, the last year we had to pay Zazu (unless we’ve been railroaded) was the year we traded him. The Dodgers get to deal with him now. Zazu was “smart” (relatively speaking, of course) to exercise his option to return to the Dodgers, and not try the market this year. Hmmm!…

I think this deal is perfect. It gives Wake just enough time to try and break the record and to reach 200 W’s overall, but not so much time that he ends up retiring at the same age as his jersey number (49)! Of course maybe that way he’d have another Red Sox record: oldest player to start a game? hmmmm… The year-by-year deal was very helpful for the team to have payroll flexibility, and this deal allows even a bit more. I find it admirable that Wakefield is willing (and has been for several years now) to earn less dough than he could probably negociate for, so long as he stays in Boston. May his knuckler flutter into Red Sox history!

I want Lowell back, also, Dave, esp. if he is healthy, esp. as a DH. He still has a great stroke, even if he does not have as much range any more at 3B! GO SOX!

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