Catching up with Henry, Lucchino

I went to an event tonight in which Red Sox owner John W. Henry was given a prestigious award for his active — yet understated — role in the community. There was an opportunity to talk a little baseball with not just John, but also Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino and chairman Tom Werner.

Henry on this offseason: “I think this one is a little more difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the offseason. They are all somewhat unpredictable but this one to me is a bit of a strange offseason. Attendance was down 6.5 percent league-wide. It will be interesting to see if that has any affect. Some teams, revenues actually went up. There seems to be a transitioning going on. A little less of an emphasis on free agency and a little more of an emphasis on building from within. That may be principally because the free agent classes are so thin, seemingly”

Does Henry expect the Red Sox will make a blockbuster move? Not necessarily. That said, it’s probably too early to tell, and he certainly didn’t rule anything out.

“When we went into the playoffs, we felt like we had a great three starting pitchers, which is what you need in the playoffs. We went into the playoffs expecting to go deep and we didn’t so that was a shocking surprise. I think the ninth inning of the third game sort of summed it up. The Angels played extremely well. Sooner or later they were going to beat us. I feel we had a very good team that performed through the regular season. We scored more runs than we had in a few years though everyone seemed to complain that we didn’t have enough hitting but we scored a lot of runs. Our starting pitching looks good, our bullpen looks good.

“But every team tries to improve during the offseason. I know Theo is preparing. He’s been preparing. But it won’t be easy for anyone — from the player’s side and from our side. There’s a lot of unknowns.”

Lucchino was asked if he thinks that 2010 could be the last go-around for the team that has won the World Series twice since 2004.

“We’ve been transitioning gradually,” Lucchino said. “We don’t have to do it abruptly. There’s been a gradual transition. Our roster has older, mature veterans. Younger player in their prime. Young players about to get to their prime. So I think any transition is gradual.”

But much like Henry, Lucchino doesn’t think the 2009 team needs to be blown up just because of a highly disappointing Division Series against the Angels.

“it was a bitter pill to go out that quickly,” Lucchino said. “It left a bitter taste. But now that we’ve had some time to reflect on it, it motivates us more. We always want to play in October, now we want to go deep in October.”

What type of dynamic will there be this winter?

“Every offseason has its own personality depending on economic circumstances, the quality of the class, the free agents available, the nature of the trade market and it’s too early to predict what’s going to happen in this offseason. I don’t think anyone would have predicted the offseason that unfolded last year.”

Would Lucchino like to see Jason Bay patrolling the Green Monster again in 2010?

“Very much so,” Lucchino said. “We’d love to have him back. He’s in many ways the personification of the type of player we want here.”

You can find some Tom Werner quotes in my story about Henry’s award, but I didn’t want to torture him by asking him baseball questions because he was battling a very sore throat and it was a struggle for him to speak sentences over a loud crowd during the cocktail reception.

FYI, with reports circulating this week that the Royals have been awarded the 2012 All-Star Game, all Lucchino would say is that he’s heard nothing from Major League Baseball and his only knowledge of the game being given to the Royals was through media reports. The Red Sox made a bid to get the ’12 Game in Boston, because it will be the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.


It’s nice to know that the guys upstairs know how valuable Jason Bay is….Hopefully things work out…Go Sox!!!!!

It would be another bonehead move by Bud if he didn’t have the 2012 all-star game at Fenway. For pete’s sake, it has more heritage than any other park in the MLB! Not to mention the accomplishment of a 100 year anniversary! It would be a shame if it went to KC.

It would be another bonehead move by Bud if he didn’t have the 2012 all-star game at Fenway. For pete’s sake, it has more heritage than any other park in the MLB! Not to mention the accomplishment of a 100 year anniversary! It would be a shame if it went to KC.

It would be another bonehead move by Bud if he didn’t have the 2012 all-star game at Fenway. For pete’s sake, it has more heritage than any other park in the MLB! Not to mention the accomplishment of a 100 year anniversary! It would be a shame if it went to KC.

It is crazy…but I kinda wanna touch on the topic of Jason Bay. If the sox let him go…I will be mad. Theo gets on my nerves, he acts like we don’t have money. I say get Cabrera too! Watch those damned Yankees go get Cabrera AND Bay…and win the next 3 world series. There is a good reason why the Yankees kick our butts every year… they aren’t afraid to spend! They will buy John Lackey too, and watch him have a strong season. Come on Theo! >.<

1st things 1st: Good to have you back CH… THE YANKEES DONT KICK OUR BUTT EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!! Now that I have addressed that…lol
By Sunday I should have a petition circulating to address the 2012 AllStar game. My 15 (oops, turned 16 in August) computer whiz kid has the template mad up for me and will be helping me get it started. I will be sending the petition around to different sites such as MLB blogs, The Boston Globe, Herald etc. I am hoping to get 5000 or more signatures. I will forward the results to The RedSox and the Commissioners office. Maybe we can sway the game to the East!!!

Another thing Henry and the Red Sox should be concerned about is N.E.S.N.’s numbers were down a bit this past season. Listening to these owners you would think they don’t have any $$$$. Please! Remember how much $$$$$ they offered Texeria??? The Red Sox are just like the Yankees, they can buy themselves any player they want and they can take on any contract as well. This is the same Henry that said right before the trading deadline that the Sox probably wouldn’t make a blockbuster move. We all know what happened. Never ever believe what any owner/g.m. says around trading deadline and of course during the off-season. Personally I think the Sox will make some big moves this winter because they have the cash flow— some top notch big league talent and prospects to deal. That is a recipe for major moves to happen this winter!

It would be nice too have the All Star game at Fenway and I believe it will happen. That was great when they had it there back in 1999. The H.R. hitting contest was the highlight. McGwire put on a show with all those of those longballs onto the streets of Boston. McGwire didn’t win but he was the talk of the H.R. hitting contest–like Josh Hamilton was a couple of years ago in N.Y. at old Yankee Stadium. Selig made sure Henry and his group would purchase the Red Sox and I assume he’ll help his pals again!

Well, it appears that Vizquel will not be among the FA SS class this winter. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that he will sign with the White Sox. Let’s get A-Gonz signed while we’re at it! GO SOX!

Great news for Red Sox fans that Vizquel is on the verge of signing with the other Sox. Amen!! I wonder if Luis Rivera or Jody Reed is available? LOL!!

Ian, I assume that by “the team that has won it all twice since 2004” you are talking about Red Sox ownership and the FO, since our two WS teams in 04 and 07 were not only not the same team, but were VERY different in character(s). I did not see mention that Henry or Lucchino, let alone Theo, was looking to step down from their current roles. Is that correct?

Hey Ellen! How are ya? Well Brian, you make a good point, but let’s see what Theo does. Hopefully he makes some big moves.

Hi All – first the good news – DAD CAME HOME TODAY!!!! Thanks for all your prayers & good wishes – please keep them coming – he has more work to do!

And it appears the the PawSox manager is “moving on up!”


Red Sox Express Interest In Four Boras Clients
By Mike Axisa [November 20 at 5:24pm CST]
The Red Sox have expressed interest in four players – all Scott Boras clients – early in the hot stove season, according to Mike Silverman of The Boston Herald. Those four players would be Matt Holliday, Adrian Beltre, Mike Gonzalez, and Rick Ankiel.

Silverman notes that the Sox consider Holliday and alternative to Jason Bay, should they fail to re-sign him. Gonzalez could replace Billy Wagner, although Ankiel is somewhat redundant after the team acquired Jeremy Hermida earlier this month. Beltre could replace Mike Lowell at third, who Silverman says may “wind up being traded if the Red Sox go out and find a big-slugging first baseman,” mentioning Adrian Gonzalez.

Congrats Jules!!! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!!!! Say hi to Dad for us!!!!

Great to hear that your dad is doing better, Julia! Keep us posted, and I’m still praying for him, and for you!
While I would be VERY sad to see Mike Lowell be traded or released, I would not be surprised, esp. if we acquire Adrian Gonzalez. I am not sure what kind of trade value we’d get from trading him, though. Might restock the farm, possibly.
Mike Gonzalez would be an intriguing pick-up. His style of pitching is quite unorthodox (watching him can make you seasick), but he was effective for the Braves, for the most part. An interesting idea. GO SOX!

That’s great news and thank you for sharing that with us. Now you can take a breather from worrying. Your Dad is going to be OK.
Good points as always. Theo Epstein is a pragmatist to the extreme. Having said that, I doubt that Bay will sign unless that Yankees don’t sign Damon. If they do, Bay will be back because nobody else will afford him. Bay, being practical will want the most bang for the buck after rotting with the Pirates, with all due respect to the Pirates , for so long.
Just saw your note. Naomi is still fighting the good fight. She passed the exam just fine and I’m really proud of her and has moved on to angles and parallel lines, etc. 4th grade math really does demand a lot of you. I still generate problems with her. She isn’t always happy about it but I want her to be good at them. Its more than passing tests, its doing well in math.
Finally, apparently division of fractions is done in the beginning of 5th grade math for some weird reason. She knows them now but that’s just how it works. In a way it sort of makes sense…I guess (LOL)

moanin all…well this could be theos last yr to shine im thinkin……sorry i been away but work and life have interfered…..a sad postseason doesnt help either…..big decision to make….do we get a gonzalez…..if ya ask me….the only way we do is if he can be signed longterm….if not then we keep the prospects….sign vmart longterm….pick up **** like tejada,or scuts…..and hang on for another yr…..we have a team that will probably be good enuff to make playoffs again…..but…..well u know the but….after next yr alot of money will be avail…..papis dea l is over,mikey,and a few others…..personally im not a huge fan of bay returning….i like j bay but not at the money he wants…. if ya wanna throw around 20 mill a season then get adrian….and give him 5 yrs at 100 mill….ill be back later for more…lol hi again and i missed u all…..judge

I hope some people got to watch the MLB Network last night, and got to see the GREAT Sandy Koufax pitch, in the 65 WS, 7th game. 3 hitter while throwing 95% fastballs, because his arm was burnt from long season. All this done on 2 DAYS rest.
It was mezmerizing. Batters say he was hitting 100 in the 9th inning. Wonder what he would command today.

After the game our old friend Hazel Mae, who was hosting the show said, when Al Campanis said only two things in my life made my hair stand on the back of my neck, the first when I saw the Sistine Chapel, and the 2nd was when I first saw Sandy Koufax throw a fastball. He was signed next day for $14,000.00 bonus, out of U of Cincy.
Many great older players said the sound of his fastball, was not like any other pitcher.
Have a great day!

9tedw, Koufax is one of the players that makes me wish I had been born in an earlier era, so I could have seen him pitch. I would have loved to have seen him throw that fastball.

Good to see you back again, Judge. I hope you had a good Veterans Day. Thanks for serving our country. Take care.

I found this on >traderumors< this morning.. I feel a little sad, but I know its what realistically has to happen….

Red Sox Willing To Pay Half Of Lowell’s Salary
By Zach Links [November 22 at 10:15pm CST]
The Red Sox are shopping third baseman Mike Lowell and are willing to eat half of his $12MM salary for next season, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. However, a rival executive says that he would be surprised if another club would even be willing to pay Lowell $6MM.

The 35-year-old has played less than 120 games in each of the last two seasons. While he remains productive offensively, Rosenthal and Morosi point out that he posted a .932 OPS in Fenway Park while batting for a .713 OPS on the road. However, it should be noted that Lowell’s production hasn’t followed this pattern every year in Boston. While he hit much better at home than on the road in 2007 and 2009, his away numbers were actually stronger in 2006 and 2008.

Theo Epstein has to move Lowell and shift Kevin Youkilis to third if he acquires Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres. Boston could also move Lowell to create an opening for free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre.

I HOPE that’s just a rumor because nobody has played harder than Lowell. To dismiss him like that is a crude insult. Lowell deserves better than that. he played hurt and in pain and puts up with a lot. The man was the MVP of the 2007 All Star Game. Give him this year to recover. That’s just MHO.

According to ESPN Lowell IS being shopped around. I know that its going to be a bitter pill to swallow, but it is time. NOW SLOW DOWN DAVE.. I LOVE Mikey more than most but his range at 3rd is diminished, if he were to stay he’d have to be DH (in mho). The Sox have to keep up with the Joneses in the AL East and the rest of baseball. I will HATE to see Mikey go, if it comes to that, but reality is rearing its ugly head…..

Dave, picking up on what Ellen said about Lowell, I think it is more than a likelihood that Mike Lowell will be traded, esp. if he wants to play everyday. I would be more than sad to see Mike Lowell be traded or released, but his hip is going to hinder him at 3B (with us or with any other team), so he is likely only to DH. With us, the only opportunities to play would be at DH, and an occasional late-game substitution at 3B. I would LOVE to see him be our regular DH, but that is unlikely, as Papi’s salary would be a bigger contract to swallow (or split) than Lowell’s. Realistically, then, that would be the only way Mike would get to play regularly, and that is not likely to happen. So I suspect that Mike would rather be traded than sit on the bench with us, so I suspect that if an AL team were in the market for a DH, Lowell would be the more manageable trade chip than Papi. If Mike were traded to a team where he could play regularly, I think he, and we (as a team), would be happier. Mike is not going to be a problem in the clubhouse if he stays with us, but I am sure that he would like the chance to help another team if we can get a trade for him.

I say all that, Dave, despite the fact that I would rather have Mike Lowell DH than Papi. I think Lowell will be the better bat. I think you also have seen that Lowell is one of my favorite players on this entire roster. so I would HATE to see Mike leave. But I suspect that is the likeliest scenario–and he’d probably be happiest that way. We’ll see. YAY MIKE! GO SOX!

I have a confession to make… If Mikey does get traded its my fault!!! All mine. I bought his jersey. I also bought Nomars, Trots and Sean Caseys…. Everytime I buy a jersey that player is toast!!! oops….. Maybe I should have bought Lugos a couple of years back!! or JD’s!!! lol


Please start purchasing the following shirts. Manny D.–Wagner, Drew, Varitek, Ortiz. LOL!

lol… I am getting Teks jersey for Christmas.. Santa already confirmed my request!

I read a good comment on MLBTraderumors, it said that Theo Epstein never seems to draft well in developing a power bat in the minors, they always have to trade or sign free agents, that comment is very true. I dont see any team taking Mike Lowell in any trade, and guess what I am glad. This guy seems not to get the respect he deserves except for all that watch him play everyday. He is always going to get my admiration.


Please get the jersey’s of the other names I mentioned. Tell Santa! Santa love you, he’ll listen. lol.

Lowell has been down this road before. How many times was he supposed to get traded since being traded to the Red Sox? He was supposed to end up in Colorado one year, when the Sox were hot for Tood Helton. Story goes when Francona called Lowell ( to inform Lowell that his name will come up in trade talk ) Lowell answered the phone and said #5 hitter for the Rockies. Francona shared that story with the media one day a couple of winter’s back. If Lowell stays….great, he goes–he goes. That is how it goes in sports now. There will be a day when Youkilis, Pedroia and Lester might end up going somewhere else.


I don’t think you had to read that comment about the Sox not drafting a power bat under Theo. I think we have seen the results or lack there of. lol….

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