Still waiting for the 2010 Red Sox to take shape

It has been six weeks since the Red Sox were unceremoniously dispatched by the Angels in a humbling three-game Division Series sweep and we still don’t know anything more about the 2010 team now than we did the day after the season ended.

This is the way offseasons can go. They can be slow to develop. We’ve seen some Thanksgiving blockbusters with the Red Sox in recent years. Remember Josh Beckett in 2005? Who could forget Curt Schilling two years before that? Enjoy your turkey time this year, because I would be stunned if anything develops in the next couple of days.

That said, things should start heating up next week, as GMs have to offer their six-year free agents arbitration by Dec. 1, and the Winter Meetings start on Dec. 7.

I have a feeling the Red Sox will make a very significant move this winter, but what will it be? Can they keep Bay and go out and get a star bat like Adrian Gonzalez or Miguel Cabrera? Can they land Roy Halladay and get a bat? If Bay goes, will they get Matt Holliday?

Too many balls are in the air and the first blockbuster move of the winter — no matter which team makes it — should start to set the wheels in motion.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving. PItchers and catchers report on Feb. 18.


Shocking news in baseball today, Pujols won the M.V.P. lol.

I was amazed what the Red Sox gave up to get Schilling. I thought then Boston robbed Arizona and of course still feel that way today. A slam dunk trade pulled off by Theo. Perhaps we’ll see another deal like that this winter.

I wrote on here a couple of posts before about Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is a type of bat Boston needs. I’ll take Gonzalez over Cabrera but to get him, Boston will have to give up a ton. Hoyer will not just give him away. From what I have read, it sounds like Detroit is going to dump some salary this winter. Cabrera’s contract is big but a contract that Boston can take on. Imagine Cabrera hitting in the middle of this Red Sox lineup, playing half of his games in Boston. He is a difference maker! Just keep him away from the bars on Landsdowne Street and other watering holes in the surrounding area. lol.

I’m curious too see if Boston will make Lackey an offer. Just because they contacted his agent doesn’t mean they will. Remember last year, the Sox spoke with Sabathia’s and Burnett’s agent and never offered them a contract. If I had to take a guess, Lackey doesn’t end up in Boston. Speaking of pitching, where does the hard throwing lefty from Cuba end up??? Boston??? Yankees???

My thoughts on Bay have always been the same. I would offer him 4 years and not a day more. If some team offers him 5 years, I say good luck Jason Bay. Take the (2) draft picks and turn those picks into big-time players down the road. Pedro’s compensation turned into Buchholz and Damon signing with the Yankees turned into flame thrower Bard. Theo knows what to do with the draft. Some left fielders names that are being tossed around if Bay signed elsewhere ( other than Holliday ) are Josh Willingham ( Nationals ) Willingham is a dead pull hitter and would do well in Boston. Cody Ross ( Marlins ) who put up some good numbers with Florida last year. I’m sure there are others as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy your turkey! I know I will.

Brian, Doesnt Cabrera have 5 years left on his deal?? at something like 15 (or higher) per year? I dont think we should go any longer than 4 with Bay either, so why take on Cabrera for 5? I know he has a bat and we can sure use that, but will that bat be effective for another 5?? I dont think so.
I think that down the line we’d all be sitting here complaining about him the way we do about Drew: Too much money and too long a contract…. I think that they’ll come up with the right combination (talent and clubhouse guy), just give them time.

P’s and C’s report Feb 18th….86 days!!! woooo hooo!!! lol

oops.. I almost forgot:
I give thanks for:
1. My husband.
2. My brothers
3. My animals (my kids Boe, Roofus and Bella)
4. My job,my bosses
5. My friends (especially those here on Brownie Points)
Arnie, Julia, Dave, Brian, Andy, Gary, Craig, Judge Garry, DBenj, CHman.. and how can I leave out Ian.
6. The brave men and women who protect us at home and overseas.
7. The RedSox, without them there would be no need for Brownie Points.
8. Brownie Points, without it, I wouldnt know all of you.
9. God… If not for God there would be nothing……….

Thank you all for getting me through each day!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! God Bless all of you this holiday! I’ll be back on Friday!😉

Imagine if Bosox signed Bay, then traded Buchholz and Jacoby for Gonzo?? Starting lineup would be (OBP/HR/BB) Pedroia (.371/15/74), Martinez (.381/23/75), Youk (.413/27/77), Gonzo (.407/40/119), Bay (.384/36/94), Drew (.392/24/82), Papi (.332/28/74), Cameron (.342/24/75) and Scutaro (.379/12/90). Theo likes patient/OBP guys. Only 29 players (30 teams)in ALL OF Baseball had 75 walks or more last year. If each team AVERAGES ONE!! the Sox would have NINE!! Starting pitchers would be lucky to go 6 innings against them!! And they would have SEVEN hitters with 23 or more HR’s!! Add that lineup to one of the best 3 rotations in baseball and I find it hard to believe you could bet against Bosox in 2010…I know budget would be over?but for ONLY ONE YEAR. Next year (2011) you would drop ~40 Million!! Papi (12.5), Lowell (12), Lugo (9), Varitek (3), Lackey (3 less), and you would ONLY need to add
about 17 million for a new DH (6mil), Beckett/Lee (+5 = 17mil), and V Martinez (+6 = 13mil) and you would have the same team ready to REPEAT in 2011. Then drop Drew (14), Cameron (7.5) and Scutaro (5) and you save ANOTHER 26.5 million and you ONLY need to add a Right fielder as Westmoreland and Iglesias join the team for the TRI-PEAT in 2012!

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