Halladay in their sights

The Red Sox are reportedly in negotiations with the Blue Jays to try to
land Roy Halladay, who is likely to be the top pitcher available on
either the trade or free agent market this winter.

According to
the New York Daily News, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein is
putting on a “full-court press” for the righty and would love to get it
done before the Winter Meetings, which commence in Indianapolis on Dec.

The question is, how far are the Red Sox willing to go to
land Halladay? The Daily News suggested that Boston might have to part
with Clay Buchholz and Casey Kelly,  two of their most promising
right-handers. Buchholz established himself in the second half of 2009,
emerging into Boston’s No. 3 starter by the postseason. Kelly, a
pitcher-shortstop, is still in the development phase after being
selected by the Red Sox in the first round (30th overall) in the
first-year player draft.  The Red Sox haven’t officially decided if
Kelly will be a pitcher or a shortstop, though wide speculation has
always been that they are leaning toward the former.

In addition
to focusing on Halladay, the Boston Herald reported that Boston has
expressed preliminary interest in another player with Toronto ties —
free agent shortstop Marco Scutaro.

The Hot Stove is at last starting to simmer. Things will likely quiet down over the Thanksgiving holiday, but at least the foundation appears to be in place for things to pick up next week.


First of all I think Halladay is one of the best starting pitchers in the last twenty years. Halladay is one of a few starting pitchers in baseball today that looks to finish what he starts. Halladay wants to be his own closer! I wonder if this is the Johan Santana ordeal all over again. Where both the Yankees and Red Sox are involved and when push comes to shove..the Jays deal him somewhere else. If I’m the Red Sox and are looking for a big-time starting pitcher–look out West and go hard after King Felix!


Going back to the previous post. Cabrera will be 26 sometime early next season, he is in the prime of his career! As I said..word out of Motown is that Cabrera could be available. Cabrera does have a big contract but a contract that Boston can take on. Remember how much Boston offered Texeira last winter??? Also if Boston did sign Texeira, word has it they would have went after Derek Lowe. Boston has lots of $$$$$$$ around. If Boston did sign both Texeira and Lowe last winter, Boston would have spent around 220 million if not more. As we know that didn’t happen but it goes to show you how much $$$$ this Red Sox organization has! I’ve said this many times before, Boston and New York are more similar than most fans want to admit. Boston can buy themselves into any contract and buy themselves out of any contract because they have the (D) Benjamin’s. lol! Where is D. Benjamin??? Hope all is well in Cleveland D. Benjamin.

If Boston signed Scutaro, it would cost Boston some draft picks. They have Iglesias waiting in the wings, I am against Scutaro.

Brian, Doesnt Cabrera have 5 years left on his deal?? at something like 15 (or higher) per year? I dont think we should go any longer than 4 with Bay either, so why take on Cabrera for 5? I know he has a bat and we can sure use that, but will that bat be effective for another 5?? I dont think so.
I think that down the line we’d all be sitting here complaining about him the way we do about Drew: Too much money and too long a contract…. I think that they’ll come up with the right combination (talent and clubhouse guy), just give them time.

By ellenc on November 25, 2009 7:56 AM
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P’s and C’s report Feb 18th….86 days!!! woooo hooo!!! lol

By ellenc on November 25, 2009 8:53 AM
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oops.. I almost forgot:
I give thanks for:
1. My husband.
2. My brothers
3. My animals (my kids Boe, Roofus and Bella)
4. My job,my bosses
5. My friends (especially those here on Brownie Points)
Arnie, Julia, Dave, Brian, Andy, Gary, Craig, Judge Garry, DBenj, CHman.. and how can I leave out Ian.
6. The brave men and women who protect us at home and overseas.
7. The RedSox, without them there would be no need for Brownie Points.
8. Brownie Points, without it, I wouldnt know all of you.
9. God… If not for God there would be nothing……….

Thank you all for getting me through each day!

By ellenc on November 25, 2009 9:00 AM

I have a question….
Why are the Winter meetings in Indianapolis??? You would think they would take the business to a city where they have an MLB franchise.
Go get Roy.. someone atart the ball rolling.

I like Scutaro.. I think that he’s a scrapper and from what I’ve seen of him he gives 110 percent every time he sets foot on the field… I’m against Cabrera… I say to-may-toe
you say to-mah-to… apples and apples..lol

ps.. If I had a blonde moment and left anyone out of my Thanks post… please accept my apology. Blonde moments strike me often.
oops.. I forgot Robert Kramer… thnaks Robert.


I shed a tear. That was a beautiful Thanksgiving wish. I loved it and I want our men and women back home and these wars over with because we miss them. I know a family who have their father over in Iraq. Tough on the family…very tough. I want him home.
Excellent point on Mikey but I have that horrific favoritism problem. I like Mike and believe he’s going to turn it around. I think he just needed the year. However, I’ve been wrong before. Heck, I still think Nick Green has talent and I really believe he could play a role in the majors. That’s just me.
Sox could easily get Holliday if the Mets and Yankees have no interest. We’ll see.

This is a quote from Johnny What’s-his-name… Man what an overblown ego.. Sounds like Boras Jr.

I would love to come back here to New York, but I also know other teams are calling to have me go and help them win a championship,” Damon said, according to the New York Post.
Dave.. I too have that loyalty streak, but since the Trot Nixon/JD Drew thing, I try hard not to get too attached. But I doooooooo LOOOOOOVE MIKEY.

I’ll reprise my last post:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here! God Bless all of you this holiday!
I’ll be back on Friday!πŸ˜‰

Ellen, you didn’t read the entire interview. Here it is:
……….. Johnny Damon Full Interview…………
I would love to come back here to New York, that is if they give me knight me as promised, but I also know other teams are calling to have me go and help them win a championship…ya lots of teams…I mean lots of them. So many I can’t name them all. Everyone wants Johnny Damon like…ah…The Boston Senators. I get two or three calls a day from them or the New York Dodgers and all.,” Damon said, according to the New York Post.
“I guess the big thing for me is to show the world that you only need future Hall of Fame great and Triple Crown great, the legendary Johnny Damon. I know, I know, I try not to play it up but when you have fans driving off the road to get your autograph, you know you’re something special.
However, if I don’t come back to the majors, I figure since Oprah is retiring, I’ll just take her place. Easy job and all and tons of money. The only problem I’ll have is who I’ll have to reject since everyone in the world will want to be on the Johnny Damon show. I mean…hey don’t fall asleep on me. This is Johnny Damon talking!

………… Part II ………….
“I feel like I can play another 10 years,” he said. “It’s just a matter if I want to. Ya I know I have a few torn muscles and my memory ain’t what it used to be but my ego is still there! My body has held up great for me over the years and with drugs and lots of pain killers, I feel high now. I felt great during the season.
“I’ve loved my time here. Hopefully, it’s not over, PLEASE, but we just have to wait and see what New York comes to offer. We’re listening to anybody out there. I MEAN ANYBODY. WILL SOMEONE #$#$# CALL ME!
“I really don’t think I need to go to Indianapolis and do the Rod Tidwell walk down free-agency row,” Damon said, referring to the character in “Jerry Maguire” who yelled “Show me the money. I mean, I’m WAY above that begging, even though Scott Boras told me that’s probably how I can keep my job but what does Scott know!
“I know Cashman’s been very happy with what I’ve done here. I know that because I had a dream about that. I know the Steinbrenners have been very happy with the fact I can keep a clubhouse together. I can help bring in new faces, the CCs and the A.J.s. I can wash clothes and underwear and sell popcorn and dance and all that. Hey, I can do that. CALL ME!
“I worked so hard to help bring some players along here that I don’t want to have to face them from the crowd as like a total looser like some of the players in the clubhouse call me. CALL ME!”

Man, I don’t have the stomach or heart for this business, Buckholtz I can easily part with, but Casey Kelley — we probably heavily influenced a huge life decision for him, to get him to sign, and then he gets traded to the Jays before he gets his chance — ouch. No wonder players show no loyalty in return.

However, a line up of Beckett, Lester, Halladay, Dice-K, Wakefield does seem to be something you just can’t let pass — but then again, there are cracks in each one of those guys, so you never know, — neither Beckett or Lester had standout years, Beckett showing too many lapses fast year, Wakefield hasn’t help up an entire season in three straight seasons, Dice-K — who knows who will show up (I am hopeful), and Halladay faded at the end of the year considerably — did he get burned up for the season, or for his career. I don’t envy Theo.

Yeah DGN I understand what you mean about the loyalty thing.. But that goes both ways with out saying…
Also… These “prospects” wont keep us warm when we’re trying to play on those very chilly October nights……

Hi Ellen and all,
First of all Happy Holidays to all on this blog!!!! The more you look at it…the more baseball proves that it just a business. You give an organization your best and next thing you know…you are traded…released….told you are too old etc. Sounds just like a lot of companies I know of in the private sector. Except we tend to grow attached to the Variteks, Lowells, Big Papi’s etc. Hey Jason….thanks for all you’ve done….now turn in your “C” as we have others who are more worthy. Really cruel…but it happens to everyone…even us poor folks who don’t have millions stashed away. Yep….baseball is just another business….but the Sox have me hooked. I would not want to be the one to tell Varitek he’s done….or some young kid he’s been traded to TORONTO OR BALTIMORE after he has 4 or 5 years in the minor leagues for the day he’d be playing in Fenway Park. Those are the days I am glad to just be a fan hoping my team makes the right moves and everything works out. Like keeping Bay instead of signing Holliday. Not sure about Scuturo and Halladay. If I’m signing a type “A” free agent….I’d like to get a little more than what Scuturo brings to the table. He’s pretty good but a type “A”? Gonzalez would be a good pick-up vs picking up Beltran. Youk at 3rd and Gonzalez at 1st would be a better combo than Youk at 1st and Beltran at 3rd. I think the writing may be on the wall for Lowell. I don’t see him DD’ing all year but who knows? It’s obvious that his lack of range at 3rd is being addressed by the FO in the rumour mill. Oh well I’d better stop before someoen thinks Dbenjamin stole my log-in!!!! Happy Holidays all……..Go Sox!!!!!!! Oh and re-sign A-Gon. Thanks Santa!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the bloggers here. It’s most wonderful time of the year!


Cabrera will be 26 years old just after Opening Day. If the Red Sox traded for him they would be getting a player in the PRIME of his career. His contract runs thru 2015 ( 126 million bucks from 2010-2015 ) At the end of the contract your looking at a player around 32 years old. Cabrera will be a very productive player during that contract. Comparing Drew and Cabrera, not even close. Look at the games played by Cabrera. Drew as you know is hurt alot and misses lots and lots of games. Will it ever happen? Who knows, it sure is fun to speculate. As I said before if I had my choice between Gonzalez and Cabrera–I would take Gonzalez because he also helps you with his gold glove at first base. I think it would take more to get Gonzalez because S.D. isn’t just going to give him away. His salary is very affordable! Gonzalez is under team control thru 2011 I believe.

Because Cabrera is so young…I think he’d be a great acquisition…as long as he doesn’t cause distractions off the field….


Allen Iverson is reportedly set to announce his retirement from the NBA. You guys don’t think the Red Sox couldn’t sign him and turn him into an outstanding short stop do ya??? I mean, his cross ups were so FAST…imagine the RANGE he would give them at short! And he could utilize his speed at the top of the line up….just give him tonsa batting practice and ya never know! What do you guys think eh? I am DOWN for it. Im sad to see A.I. retire…. IVERSON and RED SOX FOR LIFE!!!!πŸ˜„ and HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!

Hey Craig, I’ve seen you post a couple of times since your wife returned from her business trip. I take it that you survived your cooking adventures!πŸ˜‰ Hopefully you’ve got some more recipes for your archives! Take care.
I hope this Thanksgiving is the beginning of a great holiday time for all of you and your families! God Bless!

I did survive and Ellen and Arnie had some great recipes. I think Ellen and Arnie need to come up with some spicy recipes for the Sox’ FO for the winter meetings, Maybe they can cook up some decent signings/trades…..Go Sox!!!!!

Nobody has any opinions on the Red Sox signing Allen Iverson to play shortstop?

I do this BIG Turkey thing maybe twice a year…( I remember that you’re not a turkey person)
You are cooking for a lot of people every day. I started prepping last night, got up at 5:00 this morning and I’m exhausted….. I made candied (fresh) yams, snapped 2lbs of green beans, sliced 4lbs of summer squash, 3 lg onions, peeled and cut 5lbs of potatoes, sauteed sausage celery and onions and toasted 2 loaves of bread for the stuffing. I am taking a break……I’m resting so I can mix the stuffing, then take the turkey (I put it in brine last night) dry it, and stuff it…
WOW!! and to think I had harbored a misdiredted dream of opening up a diner…… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I’ll be back in a while…..

CHMAN: I think that Wally will need someone to substitute for him on his days off.. Maybe AI can do that!!!! nah… he’s just pick a fight with Jerry Remy!! lol

Alex Gonzalez signed with Toronto. Now we no he won’t be at short. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving

Maybe I should preview what I write.

Maybe I should preview what I write.

Thank you Alex. You are one of the reasons the Sox even got into the postseason. Best of luck at Toronto except playing against the Red Sox.
Happy Thansgiving!
It’s time to watch “It’s Wonderful Life”, “Miracle at 34th Street”, “White Christmas”. lol.

Happy thanksgiving to all Boston fans. Hope you guys get Halladay instead of New York. You will all love what Doc delivers for you, just like Jays fans have for many years. True class act on and off the field. Also, don’t under estimate Scutaro, he can play 2nd, 3rd and short stop. A real scrappy player with a lot of heart.

Well it’s starting…. Our AGon signed with the Blue Jays today..
1 year 2.75 million..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I can’t blame him sor signinh, either!! The Sox were trying to find a prettier girl to take to the dance, AGon just wanted to be sure he had a date. His child is very ill and he must incur HUGE medical bills so he took a sure thing in the Jays.
Agon thanks for all the help.. BOTH times… Theo will get it right someday on the short stop carrousel. NOTE TO THEO… DON’T SCREW UP THIS TIME….AGAIN …

vgreen… Happy Thanksgiving.. Whree in the heck have YOU been??

I’m so glad my exclusion was just an oversight!

Hi Ellen, Happy Thanksgiving to you to. Been around always read what everyone has to say. Just dont respond much.

The more I think aout it, the madder I get about Agon… Scutaro is 34.. AGon is 32, I know thats not a huge difference to you and me but to a Short stop I think it is big!! Why not 1 year at 2.75 or 3M?? I think you blew it Theo!!!!!

I hope the Red Sox get Roy. Even if the Sox are in our division Roy deserves to win and the Sox do need another arm (among other things) to compete against the Yankees in 2010. Clay Buchholz and Casey Kelly will not bring a World Series in 2010

Ellen – that was beautiful! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to all! It was a wonderful – Dad was able to come to dinner – he is still on a walker and having some challenges – but baby steps…

I echo Ellen’s sentiments on all to be thankful for…for those of you who know Mike/Shakenbake – there is a picture of his squad when he was in Afghanistan on my blog today. shhh…I said I wouldn’t squeal – sorry Mike!πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends – and can we hope that Theo worked another Thanksgiving Day miracle? Go Red Sox!

I just read all the post more carefully – A-Gonz is gone??? Check it out…http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2009/11/sources_gonzale.html

I am SOOO not okay with this! THEO! Wrong Thanksgiving move!

Good evening everybody! I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, and fill up not only with delicious food, but with love from family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As we get older, this becomes a time of year for reflection on our lives, family and friends. I have a lot to be thankful for. God bless our men and women who serve in our armed forces, fire departments, and police deppartments who even today are working to protect our freedom and keep us safe. Thanks to every one of you.

Gonzo would have been the ideal solution to give Lowery the chance to get his feet under him this season, and the price was right. Gonzo was brilliant defensively, and productive offensively during his tenure in Boston. I agree with those who think it was a mistake to let him go. Scuatro is not the answer, and Lowery is a risk.

I am also against pursuing Halladay. He did not pitch particularly well the 2nd half of the season. He’s pitched a billion innings and I believe there might be a question as to how much he has left in the tank. He will cost a fortune after 2010. Keep in mind the Sox will have to deal with Beckett after 2010 as well. Buchholz showed me something at the end of last season. I still think he gets better and could win 15 in 2010. That may be two or three less than Halladay if he stays good. Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, and a healthy Dice-K could be awesome. Sox need to worry about left field and the left side of the infield.

Mike Lowell isn’t going to give you 150 games any more. To me, range is not a critical element of a third baseman like it is for the guys up the middle. Lowell still has a gold caliber glove and a reliable arm and is a smart ball player. He’s also a clutch hitter and I suspect his hip will be better this year than last. I have no issue rotating him out every third day and moving Youk over and Martinez to first. It’s good for everyone, especially Martinez. If Ortiz continues to struggle, Lowell is a good alternative as a DH as well.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Not good news to begin the Thanksgiving break, losing A-Gonz. Yes, some of us (including me) suspected that Theo would decline the option, but I don’t think it was the wise move. We are not likely to get another SS for a lower $$ than A-Gonz’ option would have cost. I would be stunned if we were to get Scutaro for anywhere near the $6 mil we’d have given A-Gonz, and the Blue Jays signed him for less. I’m with those who think Theo misplayed that hand, BADLY! Not a good start…
I would have little against signing Scutaro, but I don’t see him as a better bargain. I think Scutaro would fit in just fine with this team. But we are continuing the SS carousel, when (AGAIN) we did not need to. SIGH!:/
Garry, I would hope you are right about Lowell’s hip allowing him to play 3B for us again, but I am not so sure. I would still love to see him play 3B and/ or DH (esp. in place of Papi), but I don’t know that that will happen, either. GO MIKE LOWELL! GO SOX!
Take care, all!

Here we go again……we have a solid, dpendable SS and let him go for a small amount of $$$$$$. Give me a break. It seems ever since the Sox let go of Cabrera after the 2004 championship the Sox have not learned their lesson. This really disturbs me. Either Theo has something planned or he just let someone go because he thought no one else would be interested. Now the Sox may have to go after Scuturo whether they wanted to or not. If this is Lugo all over again I will absolutely cry. Lugo came in here as the answer to all our SS problems and you all the know the rest of that story. Next thing you know we will look one way for 2 seconds and Bay will be gone. Please tell me we are not looking to Scuturo to mend the SS hole. That would scare me. He looks good on paper, but we only saw him for 18 games……Theo….please tell me you have another plan for SS…..Go Sox (sigh) Sorry guys…..I really thought we were going to keep A-Gon. You usually don’t get a 2nd chance like that….we blew it twice. This off-season is not starting out so well…….I love Theo but this one baffles me.

By the way……a guy who has a career year with the following numbers….. .282/12/60 does not excite me. SS or not that does not seem like type “A” free agent numbers to me. Stay away from this guy…..although we do seem to be in a pickle now don’t we….Hopefully Theo’s nickname is Houdini….because that’s who we need right now to get us out of this fix. Can you guys tell I’m rather distraught at this point? I can’t beleive we would not give A-gon $3M for one season. The FO is always looking for less commitment at a low cost and a good value…..HELLO!!!!!!!! That’s almost unheard of now-a-days. A perfect situation and the Sox can’t even close that deal. They’ll end up signing soneone for that much to be a utility player before the off-season is over…..good grief. Anyways….good luck A-Gon….you were greatly appreciated by Red Sox nation and good luck in Toronto….thanks for the steady play and great attitude. Good night all….Go Sox

You were spot on about the Sox looking to take a prettier girl to the dance. Cinderella is on her way to Toronto and now we are courting Cruella de Ville. OK, A-Gon may not be Cinderella but he is as close to that as we have had lately. Theo better be ready to pull one out of his “you know where” or things could get ugly…..sort of speak!!!!!!

I was sorry when the RS let AGon get away the first time! He came back and kept us in it last year. Good luck in Toronto, AGon, and thanks for what you did for us this year. I hope we get Halladay. That guy is an innings-eater, and if he gets a little tired at mid-season after throwing all those complete games, we have the bull pen to allow him to go fewer innings in the second half. I much prefer JBay over Holliday for reasons that already have been stated by many others here. I think, and hope, that Mike Lowell will have a better year next year after a full year to heal from his surgery. He is a super class act. I am thankful for many things, including the Red Sox. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you especially to our greatly over-extended troops – we had it a lot easier in my day, despite Vietnam. God bless you all, and especially to my brothers and sisters of this generation of the Corps – Semper Fi!

semper fi, OORAH!

Skip-throughout his career Halladay has went through a period each year, like a lot of other pitchers, when he simply doesn’t have it. Doc calls it his dead arm period and equates it to a long distance runner catching his second breath. It has happened to him every single year and generally for 4-5 starts. Then he gets his 2nd breath and goes on from there.

The thing is, though, it generally happens either right before or right after the all-star break, never late in the season. He has consistently finished strong and would be dynamite in the playoffs, because he wants to win a ring so badly. I’d be surprised if he even gave up a run in any playoff game I can’t imagine how strong Lester, Beckett and Halladay would be in the playoffs,strongest rotation there is.

Okay, I say Theo go and sign Allen Iverson to play short stop. That way, we will have a fast and efficient guy to play the short stop position. You have seen this mans cross ups in the NBA, imagine the range he will have at short,. Just stick him in the cages everyday for 6 or 7 hours and figure by opening day, he will be fine. He won’t be a powerful short stop but a sure of a hell lot better than Lugo. Imagine, with A.I. speed and a little practice. he can be a .300 average short stop. I would say about 5 or 6 homers only and maybe about 40 to 45 RBI’s, but imagine how many bases he’d steal. Theo NEEDS to go sign A.I,! Before the Yankees do and put him in the outfield….then we are ALL screwed. And yes please get Halladay. That man defines what a pitcher should be. We would have THREE aces. Lester, Beckett, Halladay, with Dick-K and Wakey in the back end, we look like a CHAMPIONSHIP calibur team. Imagine a line up of : Ellsbury, D-Ped, V-Mart, Jason Bay, Youkilis, Ortiz, Lowell, JD Drew, and Iverson to round it off. Assuming we resign Bay ofcourse…hehe. What you guys think?

Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone!!

It was a different celebration this year. My best friend’s newest grandson is in the hospital– he’s 2 weeks old today— with viral pneumonia and a kidney infection. He’s been in since Tuesday. We brought food for the beleaguered parents to the hospital room. But it looks like he will be OK. He is fighting it off. Big sigh of relief there!
So my thanks this year for our fantastic medical technology that allows Julia’s father to come home and helps little Thomas survive the double whammy of pneumonia and kidney infection at 2 weeks of age. Thanks doctors!!

So Agon is gone. Too bad. He was a great SS, and he gave the team some big hits. I will miss him. Back on the short stop merry-go-round , what fun!! Maybe Chman is right, Theo could start recycling old basketball players! What’s Scott Pippin doing these days, hmmm? Is Wes Balasuknia available??

Ellen, thanks for the shout out, I think. You are wise not to open a diner. Good for you.

Hey Arnie, glad to hear your friend’s g-son is doing better. Hope all continues well for him.
Skipjack47 and 9tedw, I tip my cap to you both. Thanks for serving our country.
Chman, I suppose A.I. is supposed to be “The Answer”, so I guess Theo must be “shooting” for him to be our SS. Hmmm…;)
Otherwise, letting A-Gonz walk is going to be another unnecessary hurdle Theo has given our team to overcome this off-season. Ellen, I think he already has blown this one, but let’s see if he can get something in place. I doubt it will come cheaper, let alone better. Hmmm… GO SOX!

DAVE!! THAT IS CLASSIC!!! (Shhh! I be qwiet now…Don’t want to “bug” Elmer Epstein” )!

arnie and Greg. I couldnt agree with you guys more. Theo may as well call up Scottie Pippen and Allen Iverson, I mean the answer at short stop was right infront of his FACE. A-Gonz coulda held it down atleast for another season or so, until we could find a permanent option there. But nooooooo, let him go! >.< smooth move Theo!

Possible Red Sox Shortstop Candidates
By Tom Reese

Thank you so much. That meant a great deal as well as Ellen and Arnie. Cheers me up and it has given my humor a shot in the arm.
For those of you who have NO idea what we’re talking about, check out:
There are three new entries poking deserved fun at Theo Epstein and some of the bonehead moves he’s made by making Theo into Elmer Fudd (Elmer Epstein).

Possible Red Sox SS Candidates, Dave? LugNuts? HMMM!…
Another great entry, Dave. Theo’s resemblance to Elmer Fudd seems to have given you a RS Humor shot in the arm, I guess!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Ian: What has Theo Epstein (aka Elmer Epstein) had to say about Alex Gonzalez signing with Toronto?? I’d think all we will hear is the company line and a lot of tap dancing….

moanin all….heres my 1st wish….get adrian gonzo…..if not…then granderson….if not then miggy…..scuts im sure will sign but dont expect his numbers from last yr/………..then sign vmart long term…..the adrian trade i would give them the moon….say buchy,lars,bowden,westmoreland or reddick also….why not….adrian has excelled on an absolutely awful team…hes a great community guy….and is gold glove caliber….he would probably drive in 140 plus in boston….miggy would be the same but adrian is a better persom i think….now this deal would hinge on an extension….give em 100 mill over 5 yrs theo….i think u may see wolf in boston too…gritty guy….doesnt give in …..ive seen some rumors about lowe also…. adam everett would be a great addition for the bench…tejada?…..u never know with theo….i was rt about vmart before last season started…..so im gonna say they get miggy from detroit,wolf,and scuts….id prefer they let the kid iglesias get a shot…if hes as good as they say in the field he can bat 150 if he wants…..judge

Yea, for all the aura the Sox management create for themselves (with Theo as their front man) — they sure make bonehead moves over and over and over and over. Its really starting to get tiresome. I am beginning to wonder if 2004 trades were 80% beginner’s luck. Everyone on this blog knows what a great bridge solution A-Gonz would have been for us, until we find our next super-start short-stop, we could take a year or two positioning for it , whatever it took. But no, they let it him go twice now. I have to assume they must have really ticked off A-Gonz. Why else would he sign with the Jays, for 2.75 mill. I’ll bet the Sox didn’t even get a chance? Anyone know? Surely the RedSox would have matched that or better.

If Alex Gonz signed with the Jays for $6MM, I can understand why the Sox let him go. But for $2.75 MM? Someone has to do investigative reporting to find out why and how.
Unless the Sox win the division in 2010, it would again be a short postseason. 2004 happens once in 50 years.

DGN, you could be right about Theo and “beginner’s luck”; the other possibility (equally troubling, if so) is the idea that Theo might take somewhat for granted that people actually want to stay with us once they arrive–a sense of arrogance, in other words. I don’t know which is more correct (or if it is a blend of the two), but it has certainly led to inconsistent outcomes. Good to see you posting again.
Judge, glad you also are back, hope you can stick around. Speaking of things about which you were right, I can see why you were high on Nelson Cruz, among other players on the Texas roster (even if Cruz did not win AL MVP). They have talent down in Texas, and it will be interesting to see how soon some of them migrate north!

DGN.. They DID have their chance. Yes they did opt NOT to pick up his 6 million dollar option, BUT COULD have offered him a lesser amount (say 2.75 or 3 mil) but failed to. I think the way the FO statement was (when they opted out) they wanted to “peruse” the Shortstop free agent market. I like the way I put it better. The RedSox were playing the part of the hot shot high school quarter back who could have gone to th eprom with the majorette but was going to check out the head cheerleader 1st. The RedSox were looking for the prettier date but wanted Agon to hang out and wait til the last minute. I’m glad for his sake that he signed a deal. Good Luck Agon.

sorry, I meant Judge….

The RedSox were going to offer, according to either Gammons or Ryan, 3 million but that was IF (big two letter word) they didnt find a better option.

Hey, Dave, I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now: Your UserID says “davecgs”. What does the “cgs” stand for? Is it for the engineering firm you work for? Or does it mean “Complete Game Specialist”? Perhaps “Completely Gone Stir-crazy” (because of LugNuts and Theo)?πŸ˜‰ I am curious… Take care.

Theo Epstein has NOW reached the Lugo phase of incompetence. If I were John Henry, I’d send him packing…NOW! He’ll give up the farm for Holliday. You know Clay is considered expendable even though he’s a top notch pitcher. We are going to have a team that’s crap next year if Theo gets his way. He gets worn out players and gives away good prospects. That’s the Theo idea — be the new Cleveland Indians with a budget.

Halliday is going to Yanks — its being reported that he told the Jays FO that he would waive his no-trade clause for the Yankees, how many more dots do we need to connect that one? Hopefully this will be a blessing in disguise somehow.

Whew, it just keeps getting better and better. I don’t blame Halliday for not wanting to come to the Sox. He knows the bouncing ball of player turnover and utter incompetence by Theo. It’s a smart move on his part — but at the same time — it may be the right decision.
Computer Generated Systems (CGS) which is the business name of the company I run. However, to be honest, it was originally named for my cats (Charlamagne, Golda, Stalina) but somehow the latter name sounds a BIT more professional (LOL)

I can’t help but think there will be an extremely competant shortstop in a Red Sox uniform by August 1, 2010. It could even be Gonzalez from a trade with the Jays for one average prospect. More likely there will be a longer term solution. It’s just not necessary to have all of your ducks in a row by April, let alone December, as has been demonstrated elsewhere!

I wonder when the Yankees sign Holliday, and trade for Halladay? Sox hate Boras, and the Yankees match up good for a trade with Toronto. Hughes, Montero, Jackson. If this happens all you could hope for next year if the Yankees get key injuries.
If a scenario like this happens only SS I want is Cal Ripken Jr. in his prime.

Thanks, Dave. Charlemagne, eh? Did your cat fit the personality of a “Charles the Great”?πŸ˜‰
9tedw, I’d take Cal, Jr. any day, even past his prime. Unlike now, we’d know for sure who our “everyday SS” (literally) would have been! I’d have “settled” for A-Gonz, though.
Robert, I can’t believe Theo would go that far out of his way to trade a prospect for a player we already had playing for us. That is some kind of wacky way to retain a player. Bass-ackwards, if you ask me (but then yet, who does?)…
I wish we would have a “long-term” SS solution, but I don’t see that happening. Even Scutaro seems to be a short-term solution. We’ll see…

Hi All! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Patriots fans – ready to kick some New Orleans butt tonight! GO PATS!!!!

I’d like to see Theo get serious about either resigning Bay (my choice) or filling that position, finding a solution to our short stop revolving door and to think VERY seriously about what we might be willing to offer for Doc Halladay. He is starting to get up there in age – will be still be producing at the same level 4 years from now?

I’ll be in front of my TV tonight watching the Pats! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

No, that does not thrill me, either, Julia, as I would prefer Bay to Holliday. Theo and Born-A** would certainly enjoy one another’s company for another round of negotiations. But if the article is correct in projecting how Theo wants to get draft-pick position, it does make some sense. I’m not as certain that Holliday would be as good a fit on the team, but we’ll see, if it happens.

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