Action should heat up in Indy

As the rumor mill continues to churn — are the Red Sox more interested in Matt Holliday than Jason Bay? — we should start seeing some actual moves take place soon.

Tuesday is when the Red Sox — and all teams across MLB — must offer arbitration to their free agents. If they don’t offer arbitration, teams can sign those players without giving up compensation. Of course the Sox will offer arbitration to Jason Bay and Billy Wagner, guaranteeing them compensation should those players sign with other teams.

While the Halladay story from the NY Daily News that came out a week ago certainly got the juices flowing among Sox fans, the club discreetly has told members of other media outlets that the report was exaggerated. Still, stay tuned on this one, as Halladay is sure to be dealt and you know the Red Sox will at the very least, be in the mix.

You wonder how much Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will discuss an Adrian Gonzalez deal. Of all the hitters or pitchers available on the market — trade or free agent — I think this is the guy who would be perfect for the Red Sox.

Exactly one week from today, the Winter Meetings will be underway in Indy and I will be blogging throughout the four days.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

As for tonight’s big game? Patriots 38, Saints 34. Buckle up.


And what about this rumor I just heard: The Phiilies are interested in Mike Lowell???!!!!

And Ian – LOVE your score for tonight’s Pats game – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Mike Andrews is retiring as the Chairman of the Jimmy Fund:

He was a member of the 1967 Impossible Dream Team – it was his rookie season. He has done incredible work on behalf of the Jimmy Fund. Congrats to him and Happy Retirement!

Adrian Gonzalez would be a great move for sure, chances are that would spell the end for Lowell in Boston but then again Lowell’s name is always circling in the rumor mill but ends up in Boston to start the season. This winter could be different for Lowell. Not only would Gonzalez bring a big bat to the lineup ( something the Red Sox tried to do last winter…Texeira ) he would be bringing his gold glove at first base with him.

Theo has to offer Wagner arbitration but I am hoping Wagner signs elsewhere. This Red Sox team needs to get younger not OLDER!

What will Boston do at s.s.???? Some stuff will never ever change with this team.


Remember when Lowell was a free agent the Phillies offered a longer deal with more $$$$ but he turned them down because he wanted to stay in Boston. The Phillies are in the market for a third basemen. Lowell??? DeRosa??? Beltre???

I can’t wait for tonight’s game as well. It should be a great one! A shoot-out in the dome! The guy that scares me with the Pats is Maroney. He has had trouble holding onto the ball as of late and those issues never seem to go away! Of course the Pats have another r.b. that always comes up big and that is Faulk. Perhaps the most under-rated member of the Pats. Personally I think the best teams in football right now are Minnesota and S.D.

My score is N.E. 33 N.O. 29

Too much Moss and Welker and I expect Bodden to pick off Bree’s. Oh by the way Vollmer is a beast on the Pats O.L.


Good luck in Indy, I would be very mad at my parent’s if I grew up there! LOL!!

It would not be a surprise if Lowell were to revisit the idea of going to Philly, esp. if he wants to play 3B and not simply DH.
I still hope he stays with us, but it would not surprise me if he were to go elsewhere.
You are so right, Brian, about Faulk–one of the most underrated RBs in the NFL! I LOVE that guy’s game! GO PATRIOTS!


I think your dead on about Lowell wanting to play third. If I recall he wasn’t fond of being a D.H. Lowell wants to be out there in the field.

Faulk always seems to come up with the big catch on thid down. I don’t even remember the last time he dropped a pass. I hope I didn’t jinx him tonight. lol. The guy gets no press but brings it every single game!

Are the Patriots trying to lose a game again, or something? SHEESH!’s Tom Singer reports that Alex Cora has signed an extension with the Mets. Good luck, Alex! GO SOX! GO PATRIOTS!

Pats down 24-10 at half time. I wouldn’t say this game is over, but now the defense has to step up. It is practically non-existant. Brees has been perfect. Patriots offense is lacking scheme against a vulnerable Saints secondary. Pats had a chance to do damage early with Welker’s return, but interception finished that.

I still hope the Sox pass on Halladay unless they can get him for nothing. I’d rather see them spend the money on a bat (Adrian Gonzalez) and get Bay resigned. Pitching is more than adequate to contend. Of course there’s that hole at shortstop. Lowery can certainly do the job, but can he hold up for a whole season?

Pretty sad excuse for a football game. SIGH!:/

The Patriots were the Red Sox and the Saints were the Yankees last night. LOL! A total beat down by the Saints. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are getting very nervous with both the Colts and the Saints still undefeated in December.

Where was the Patriots pass rush??? Oh yeah, they don’t have one. lol. Andre Tippett available???

I read a report somewhere that the Sox FO thinks that Lowrie needs another season at triple A. At least to start, they are concerned about his wrist and whether he can stay healthy or not. If that is truly their thinking, then ther will be another SS starting for the Sox come March and April.

“The Patriots were the Red Sox”, eh, Brian? Well, at least they kept up their regional pride. Hmmm!…Now, if the Saints had done the same thing, and played like, say, the Astros, and not the Yankees…Oh, well…

I found trhis on MLBTRADERUMORS::

Red Sox Ask Pedroia About Playing Shortstop
By Tim Dierkes [December 1 at 10:13am CST]
The Red Sox asked Dustin Pedroia if he’d be able to play shortstop, according to ESPN’s Peter Gammons. Pedroia’s thoughts:

“They’ve put it out there and I’ve told them I’m all for it. I can do it. I can’t wait for Tito [Terry Francona] to call me and ask, ‘Can you do it?’ I can do it. I really want to do it.”

Right now it appears that the Red Sox are just considering the switch for Pedroia. As Gammons notes, shifting Pedroia would create flexibility, allowing the Sox to pass on Marco Scutaro and pursue Orlando Hudson or even Brandon Phillips.

As you know, other offseason considerations for the Red Sox include trading Mike Lowell and acquiring a third baseman, signing Jason Bay or Matt Holliday, and a possible Roy Halladay trade. Gammons downplays the idea of Boston acquiring Doc, saying the chances of them trading Clay Buchholz or Casey Kelly are minimal at best.

Someone made a comment about the Dolphins worrying about their recoed being broken… They shouldnt worry… Both coaches (N.O. and Indy) have said they care NOT about a perfect season.. they would rather rest their players getting ready for the playoffs.

Another thing I just read.. The Sox are interested in Adam Everett..

Regional pride — you all have to admit that Bellichek is probably the poorest sport in all of professional football. He threw in the towel with what — about 6 minutes left — and then pouted through all of his interviews — he really should correct that — its embarrassing (and I know all about being embarrassed being a Cowboy fan before the Jerry Jones era, which means I have been embarrassed for 25 years now I think, so long I can’t remember not being embarrassed).

Anyway as far as football goes, my hope is that the Colts and the Saints both make it to the Superbowl undefeated, so that I know that the Miami undefeated record will finally be broken, and we don’t have to hear about that year after year any more. Amazing that with a only 12 or 16 game season, that it is so hard to go undefeated in the NFL.

As for Pedey playing short-stop — probably a good idea, not sure why we didn’t do that back when we had Mark Lorretta (and idea some of us were pushing at the time). Another example of expensive decisions made when we have assets already in hand (that we fail to match for years after).

I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to move Pedroia to SS. After 2010 Elmer….er….Theo is likely to say,” Well, nice knowin’ ya Dustin. We just signed Wil Cordero to play short. Good luck in Detroit.” The only short stop Theo has kept for more than a single season was Lugo. I say keep Pedey at 2nd base and get another rent-a-shortstop for the time being.

Belichick is a sourpuss that’s for sure. Can you imagine going to an amusement park with him? “I’m not amused!!”
But he can coach a football team!

Belichick “not amused” at an amusement park, Arnie? I wonder how many times Belichick gagged on the line (after the Super Bowl wins), “I’m going to Disney World!”? Perhaps they had to edit out the “not”!
Belichick has indeed proven he can coach a football team. More often than in previous years, though, he does seem to get the dreaded CRS Disease (“Can’t Remember S—“, for those who are newer to the program). And Belichick correcting the sourpuss and a poor sport, DGN, good luck fixing that. I think in Belichick it is genetic–he has never NOT pouted/ deadpanned/ etc., through an interview–win or lose.

I suppose the idea of moving Dustin to SS is based on the idea that 2B is an easier position to fill than SS. I don’t know that that’s a good assumption. Dustin probably would relish the idea of playing SS. It still means we have a spot to fill–and I’m not sure that getting Orlando Hudson or another 2B will not lead to a repeat of the LugNuts situation. I hope Theo, er, Elmer, doesn’t go too far down that trail. Bugs Lugo will likely be waiting for Elmer there.

First, you don’t pay for the golden shortstop you need and then you ask Pedroia to be at short because Theo Epstein is a MORON!
What’s next, Dice-K playing left field?
Theo Epstein is a MORON, A MORON, A MORON, A MORON.
Nuff said.

Maybe Bill B. was a lot of fun at Disney World, but I’m not taking any bets. But if I had one game to win I’d want Bellichick or Parcells to be my coach. Or Hank Stram.

First, you don’t pay for the golden shortstop you need and then you ask Pedroia to be at short because Theo Epstein is a MORON!
What’s next, Dice-K playing left field?
Theo Epstein is a MORON, A MORON, A MORON, A MORON.
Nuff said.

All I can say it this -> Lugo is a brilliant scientist compared to this IDIOT Theo Epstein. Can we have a petition to FIRE HIM!
Hey Greg!

Hahaha, Dave, tell us how you really feel about Theo. Don’t be so coy about it.
I did hear something in the “Theo interview” about Dice Bay in left. But I thought it was a joke!

Hey, if they put Dice-Bay in LF, perhaps he’ll use fewer pitches and find the strike zone with more efficiency–and then catch the fly balls! Brilliant, Theo! Right…
So Dave, is it rabbit or duck on the menu tonight? (Sounds like my holiday menu!)πŸ˜‰

Dave, thanks for the entertainment on Blogspot! Wabbit season! Theo season?…;)

OK, here’s my plan:
We already have Pedroia moving to SS and Dice (Bay) K going over to left field. So I think Ellsbury would be a natural at first base, don’t you? Then we have JD Drew move to the First Aid booth. Now Mike Lowell could probably be our next catcher; that way he could play most of the game practically sitting down behind the plate. Should help with his hip.
Youkilis will be our starting pitcher. We shouldn’t need more than one. Varitek could platoon with Manny Delcarmen in right field. Okajima is the new DH. Big Papi goes to the bullpen. Papelbon will now pitch long relief, set-up and close.
All the other players are fired. They are all a bunch of whiners anyway. “Talk to my agent.” “I don’t wanna hit third in the order.” ‘NO!! I won’t bunt. I’m calling Scott B, he’ll set you straight!” “I hafta throw strikes????” “I AM running fast!” On and on…..
Theo (Elmer) Epstein.

Arnie – I think you might be on to something!!! Maybe Nick Green could hand out the water bottles and if Wagner comes back he could cook the hot dogs out in the bullpen!!!!

Oki’s the new DH, Arnie, er, Theo, er, Elmer? Does he look away every time he swings?!πŸ˜‰
Oh, and remember kids, Elmer’s is the glue that holds the team together!πŸ˜‰

So let me get this straight…..the Sox let the Blue Jays steal A-Gon right from under their noses….and now they want Pedey to bail them out???? Give me a break. Does Pedey even have the arm to play there day after day? I applaud his enthusiasm….we all know Pedey will do whatever is asked….but I for one think he is a perfect second baseman. This has all the ingredients for ANOTHER experiment gone bad. So the Sox put him at SS….pick up a decent 2nd baseman…and then it doesn’t work out with Pedey at SS….then what????? We put Pedey back at 2nd and have some high paid 2nd baseman the Sox just picked up without a place to play. I just think of all the great plays A-Gon made in the little time he was in Boston last year and I want to cry. Signing A-Gon would have been a SMALL move the Sox could have made that would have made a BIG difference. This SS mess is going to be the achilles heal on this team until they straighten it out. No mre band-aids at SS….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team has taken a huge turn and it has not been for the good lately. I keep waiting for something good to happen…it’s getting late early. Go Sox.

I know that i would prefer that Pedey stay at 2nd, but SS is his nayural position.. I think he played ss at ASU before he and Ian Kinsler battled it out for 2nd… I THINK.. not absolutely sure.. could be absolutely wrong…

We’re assuming, Craig, that Theo/ Elmer is going to actually SIGN a decent 2B! HMMM!…(?!)

“Glue that holds the team together.” I like it, Greg!

I feel your pain, Craig. That Agon move was an “aw s–t!” on Theo/Elmer’s part, big time! Maybe the Sox can just go without SS and have 2 DH’s. Not that many hits go to the SS hole anyway. That defense up the middle thing is just an old baseball myth. I say we eliminate the SS position altogether! Problem solved.

You are correct, Ellen. Dustin also played SS when he first came up in 06. I’m not concerned about whether Dustin can make the switch–I’m sure he’d get adjusted to it again, and do fine. My question still is, though, why did we create the problem in the first place? SIGH!

You are probably right about signing a decent 2nd baseman. Although I hear some names out there I would rather have Pdedy at 2nd where he is a bonafide gold glover and have a dependable SS next to him. If the Pedey experiment becomes reality……spring training is not a good time to find out it is not a good idea….now is the time to fix this mess if it is possible. Go Sox

Craig, true enough that it is time to fix this mess. I’d rather have Dustin remain at 2B, and get the SS situation filled, and not have to continue the dominoes. Theo did not make his job easier! GO SOX!

It sounds like Wagner is gone ( Atlanta bound ) Amen! Boston didn’t need him back, this Red Sox team needs to get YOUNGER not OLDER! Boston will receive some picks in return, I love it!

If Pedroia does move to s.s.–I would like to see Orlando Hudson at second. He is excellent with the glove at second base and also everything you read about him he is a solid guy in the clubhouse.

Pedroia is ballplayer/gamer! My thoughts about his possible move to s.s. He’ll be able to handle it with little if any problem.

Theo hasn’t made a smart move since getting Bay. The Gonsalez move was smart but it should have not been needed had he not signed Lugo. Theo has a problem which is not thinking through his decisions. He has tunnel vision and its killing the organization. I’ve never felt so lousy about the Red Sox future as I have with Theo at the helm. Can’t we fire him?


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