Harden on the radar

Just because the signings of Brad Penny and John Smoltz didn’t work for
the Red Sox in 2009 doesn’t mean that Theo Epstein won’t attempt to
make some similar low-risk, high-reward transactions for next season.
After all, they are low risk.

Rich Harden is a free agent
pitcher the Red Sox are “seriously” monitoring, according to
Foxsports.com, though the Web site said that no offer has been made yet.

one thing Harden proved — unlike Penny and Smoltz — is that he can
pitch in the American League. Harden was not offered arbitration by the
Cubs, which means the Red Sox could get him without providing
compensatory draft picks.

Becuase of his injury history, it is
easy to forget that Harden is just 28 years old. In 26 starts for the
’09 Cubs, Harden was 9-9 with a 4.26 ERA. He pitched better in August
and September than he did the first four months of the season. The
Cubs, out of contention, shut him down for the last two weeks of the
season as a precautionary measure.


I guess I could see Harden being a good acquisition, given he stays healthy (not having to bat might help) and fulfills his potential. I think he can be a solid 4th or 5th man in the rotation. So considering Wakefield will retire in a couple of years, and maybe we have to give up Buchholz for a big bat like my ‘paisano’ Adrian Gonzalez, Harden could be a smart buy. Especially considering we don’t have to give up a Draft pick for him. Of course, John Lackey is much more atractive, but also much more expensive.

Regarding Pedroia’s potential switch to SS, I think he could handle the position just fine, but I honestly don’t see the free agent market at 2B significantly richer than at SS. Am I missing something?

Polanco, Hudson, DeRosa, but I dont think moving Pedroia is the answer. Just a ploy to get Scutaro cheaper.
Wagner signing just made Theo’s mind up. Instead of the 29th pick, they get the 20th, and Scutaro.

Well, 9tedw, we may both end up being on target. Wake’s on board for 2 years, and we may get Harden, also (as you recommended). Go figure…
Carlos, I haven’t seen the 2B market as any surer a thing than the SS position. I think we should have concentrated on other positions, and kept A-Gonz until Lowrie and/ or Iglesias emerged on the big stage. Theo just made his job harder by letting A-Gonz go. No, I don’t think you are missing anything, Carlos! Hmmm!…

Rich Harden: Theo’s going dumpster-diving again. Ah well, it’s low risk. And absolutely risk free for me, so everyone’s a winner. Why trade for Halladay or sign Lackey(the Whiner) when you can get Rich Harden?
Is Jamie Moyer still around? Mike Meyers? Bob Veal?

Red Sox Rumors: Bay, Scutaro, Lackey, Bedard
By Tim Dierkes

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