More rumblings from the Stove

While the Red Sox continue to discuss how to best align their middle infield for the 2010 season, one intriguing name that has surfaced is second baseman Placido Polanco.

However, by the end of Wednesday, learned that the Phillies had the inside track on Polanco, making him their top target to replace Pedro Feliz at third base. The Astros are another team that has inquired about Polanco’s services.

According to a Major League source, the Red Sox expressed interest in Polanco when the Tigers declined to offer him arbitration by Tuesday’s midnight deadline.

In other words, if the Red Sox do decide to move Dustin Pedroia to shortstop, a move the player said he would welcome, they could sign Polanco to play second base and not have to give up any draft compensation.

However, the Phillies are making Polanco their top priority to take over for Pedro Feliz at third base so it seems more likely he will go there. He is just one of several scenarios for the Red Sox, so the Phillies might be able to close a deal sooner than Boston can commit. The Astros are also said to be interested.

Polanco has won the Gold Glove two of the last three years. Pedroia broke up his string in 2008.

Of course, Polanco is also a solid hitter with a career average of .303. He hit .285 in 2009, including 10 homers and 72 RBIs.

Polanco is 34 years old, the same age as another middle infield Type A free agent the Red Sox are pursuing – Marco Scutaro.

If the Red Sox sign Scutaro, it would require a draft pick because the Blue Jays offered him arbitration.


Polanco has a great glove at second and is very tough out at the plate. Polanco is one of the toughest guys to strike out. If Pedroia and Polanco was the double play combo, would that be the shortest double play combo in history???

These so called “low risk” “high reward” signings should be called ” No reward” and “high risk”. LOL… Wade Miller ( didn’t work out ) Bartolo Colon ( again…didn’t work out ) Penny ( we all know the story ) and the last time we saw Smoltz in a Red Sox uniform–he got smoked by the Yankees in N.Y. I am no rocket scientist but these signings haven’t worked out for the Red Sox! It’s just that simple, I guess Theo will keep doing this until he gets one right, assuming he’ll get one right.

Polanco makes a ton of sense on many fronts

– Improved defense up the middle, assuming Pedroia is better than what we had **** in 09 which is not a huge stretch

– Polanco is the type of hitter the Sox love, does not make cheap outs by swinging at bad pitches, etc.

– Not a long term commitment so still frees up Pedroia to go back to 2B if Iglesias comes along.

Would still need a big bat but if you look at the potential 2B-SS combos talked about

Pedroia – Scutaro (lose a pick)
Pedroia – Hudson
Pedroia – Polanco

Polanco sounds like a good idea, if Pedey really will play SS and it has only been 4 years, so why not?

Epstein has had more finds that people realize. ortiz, found after the Twins non tendered him back in 2003, Okajima, a nobody from Japan signed for 2 years in 2008, Kevin Millar, got for nothing from Miami. people always forget the steals and remember the few that did not pan out for some reason.

I agree with Vault. Pedroia’s willingness to play SS again leaves more options than simply going after **** in a weak field. Having another batter like Youk, who is a tough out, wears down opposing pitchers. I really like to see those long outings at the plate when the batters are Red Sox.

I can’t believe the auto censor on this blog blocked the standard abbreviation for Short Stop.

With the way Pedroia plays second I think you could actually call him a right side shortstop. I think that if our options for a 2nd baseman are better than our options at short, then go for it. Pedey is a team player who will give 1000 percent at bat boy if you ask him to do that. He will just play wherever JUST TO PLAY.. that’s the beauty of Dustin.. I can see that “C” on his chest more and more clearly every day… Little dirt dawg.. I think that he’d give everything just short of his baby just to play with the RedSox!!!! GOPEDEY!!!!
bUT PLEASE THEO… No more shopping at Goodwill and Salvation army for pitchers and players….. FREAKING PUHLEEEEEZE.

These ‘low risk” “high reward” signings the Sox like to refer to would be real nice if the “high reward” part would ever work out. When it doesn’t work out….you have holes to fill in the middle of the season if not sooner. Not a good way to conduct business if you ask me. Last year it was close to a disaster…if not for depth at pitching we would have been bailing out the boat when we were only half way across the ocean. Last year the Sox STARTED the season with questions……I can’t see that as a successful way to enter 2010. The Sox started the season with a pitcher they did not even start to count on until June/July but counted on him to be a starter the rest of the way. (Did not work by the way) No more low risk/high reward stuff…..we tried it with 2 guys last year and we are 0 for 2. Put a healthy team out there from day one and deal with the injuries as they happen. Don’t enter the 2010 season limping!!!!! Go Sox…..(SIGH)

I like your idea of 2 DH’s and no SS. After all…we did it with one DH when Lugo was on the team. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know how well the majority of the trades have worked out for the current Sox management — a couple of stellar moves (mostly very early on), but many more that were clunkers or average at best. The one bright spot has been consistent drafting, seeming to provide the strength of the team. Now we lose Jason McLeod (our director of amateur scouting) back to San Diego (as their new assistant GM) — I wonder if that will be the biggest blow of all to the current Sox era, and will spell the decline of draft picks down to level of ourt trades. Hope not, I don’t know how much he actually influenced our draft picks, but I imagine he is a big loss to our draft machine and it will be tough to match his level of contribution.

Hey to all!!
It seems as if ALOT of deals are getting ready to happen. looks like Polanco is going to the Phils. I cant wait to see what happens for the Sox (or maybe I can depending on the outcome).
73 til P’s and C’sw.. but who’s counting!!! lol

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