Follow along in Indy

So the Red Sox have their shortstop, which means Theo Epstein can start pursuing all his other needs as he and 29 other general managers travel to Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings, which start Monday.

Roy Halladay? The more I hear on this, the less I think he will wind up with the Red Sox. The exception will be if the price drops. Much like the Red Sox wouldn’t give up Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury for Johan Santana two years ago, they aren’t going to give up a combination of Buchholz and Casey Kelly this year. It’s not just lip service when Theo Epstein says that every move he makes has both the present and future in mind. He won’t make moves that he feels will significantly impact the future of the organization, especially not for a pitcher who is 32 years old and entering the last year of his contract.

I arrive in Indy tonight. Starting tomorrow, check for regular updates throughout the Meetings, which conclude on Thursday with the Rule 5 Draft.


The city of Indianapolis hasn’t been very kind to Boston sports over the years. Belichick and his very controversial ( dumb! ) call just a few weeks back. The A.F.C. Championship game a few years back where the Pats blew a big lead and cost themselves a shot at winning another Super Bowl. I hope Theo and the Red Sox can buck that trend in Indianapolis this week and come back to Boston with something really good.

Boston needs to ink Bay to a deal and pull off another trade for a big bopping bat in the middle like Adrian Gonzalez. Hoyer knows that Boston farm system just as good as Theo does. Hoyer knows what players Theo is high on and what players Theo isn’t high on. Obviously Buchholz would be high on Hoyer’s list, not too mention some other top notch prospects. I think if Theo does pull off a blockbuster deal for a player like Adrian Gonzalez, I think it will be a three team deal.

If Boston does trade Buchholz, how does Boston go about filling that spot in the rotation??? Lackey signed to a deal??? Harden signed? Perhaps both??? As we found out last year and other years, you never ever have enough starting pitching! The season is a grind and starting pitchers will miss turns in the rotation. Also in years past, Boston could turn to the farm system and fill that void within. I don’t see that scenario happening this year. Other than Bowden and Tazawa.. Boston doesn’t have much help down below. I guess Tazawa could help but from what I have seen ( a small amount of starts ) he doesn’t impress me. Personally I think Tazawa is more of a bullpen guy anyway. Also I am not impressed with Bowden. At best I think Bowden is a #4 or #5 starter. I think he could be Boston Red Sox hype machine, like the Yankees have done with some of their prospects!

Not surprised that Theo was able to get Scutaro, although on the cheap makes it even better. He’s been consistent, which at this point, is all the Red Sox really need at SS. Everything else that comes with that is just icing on the cake.

Some of these responses are from the previous thread:

1.) Not sure what the Drew bashing is all about…sure he doesn’t play 162 games (137 last year) but he is a very good hitter and very good defensive RFer. He was as good a hitter as JBay last year

Bay – 134 OPS+
Drew – 133 OPS+

2.) In terms of Scutaro vs Ganzalez

Gonzalez is a poor hitter – lifetime OPS+ of 78, 64 overall last season. Good defender of course. He is also VERY BAD at getting on base – not part of the Sox mantra – lifetime OBP of 0.294.

Scutaro – lifetime OPS+ of 92, OBP 0.337 and he’s been trending upward throughout his career (111, 0.372 last season)

3.) To argue Theo saddling the Sox with dead weight, the only guaranteed contracts signed for 2011 are the following: Drew (14 mil), Youk (12 mil), Dice-K (10 mil), Lester (5.75 mil), Scutaro (5 mil), Pedroia (5.5 mil), Wake (1.5 mil), plus a couple of international commitments to Tazawa and Iglesias. Sox hold option on Ortiz

any chance red sox could sign both bay, and holliday put bay in left and holliday in right also trade away drew. do you think that is possible


I would say zero! Sorry to burst your bubble.


Drew as good a hitter than Bay last year. How could you say that??? Drew hit where in the lineup last year? Bay hit where in the lineup??? If Drew was a better hitter than Bay, wouldn’t you think Francona would have swapped them in the lineup. When Drew was brought to Boston, Theo said the Red Sox have a #5 hitter. I don’t think that has happened. Bay is a guy that will hit over 30 H.R.’s ( lead the Red Sox ) and drive in more than 100 runs ( he’ll be the team leader in that category ) Bay has had more of an impact on the Red Sox than Drew! Bottom line is driving in runs, last time I checked…driving in runs is pretty important and it helps you win games!

Morning all! Yeah – still alive! lol! Dad is getting better but we still have a ways to go.

I hope that the opening of the Winter Meetings will also heat up the Hot Stove Season! Come on Theo!!! Resign Bay!!!!! I don’t know how I feel about the Red Sox going after Holliday. He was not as effective in the AL as he has been in the NL. That concerns me. And there is NO way that I want us to “give up the farm” in order to land Doc.

I hope you all take a moment today and remember “The Day that will live in Infamy.” December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day. A day that changed the course of World history. There are so few WWII Vets left – it is up to us to make sure that the next generation never forgets. God Bless our Men and Women in the Military AND all those whoever proudly wear the uniform. Thank you.

Julia, I am glad your dad is doing well. Wishing him speedy recovery.
Let?s remember December 7 which led the US to declare war on the evil Japanese empire, not to mention the last war that truly united the nation.
As much I?d like to see Bay re-sign with the Sox, it takes two to tangle. If Bay receives the same offer from the Red Sox and the Mariners, I won?t be surprised that Bay chooses to play at where is closer to his home town.

Though we should thank them everyday, today is a day that reminds us just how much has been sacrificed for the freedom that we so often take for granted. We feel entitled to it, but without the lives, limbs and personal family sacrifice, we would not have freedom of speech, which allows us to be here. Thank you to ALL, past present and future members of the Armed Forces personnel and their families for giving us all so much.

Chief: I dont think that there is anyone (team) that will take on JD’s HUGE salary when he only averages 113-115 games per year. We’re hung with him for the duration.

Hello Nation! Merry Christmas. Though I’m not on here as often as most of the “regulars” I do feel a kinship with you guys because of our mutual love of this team. When I registered, I don’t recall seeing a “profile” that I could fill out where a pic and a bio could be posted so that others on this thread could identify each other by something other than their “handle”. Did I miss something? I notice that this is often available to those who peruse certain sites and while I’m not a big fan of Facebook or MySpace, (I think they’re quite invasive) I think a short bio listing on this blog would be nice so that we get a better feel for who we’re chatting with. Just a thought….. As for the team, I’m pleased about the Scutaro pick, though I must say I sure enjoyed watching A-Gon get it done at SS. Not a worry with him when the ball was in play, was there? No Lugnuts nightmares… If Scooter can knock the cover off the ball AND play good defense, he’ll make a nice addition to Fenway. I don’t think Theo will sell the farm for Halliday but what’s interesting is how Halliday has already informed the Jays camp that he’d go to the Yanks in a New York minute if the right deal was to be had. Wow, what a staff they’d have! But that also depends on retention of Petite and Co. I noticed that there seems to be an awful lot of Adrian Gonzales talk, but quite honestly, I don’t see that happening, evening with the Hoyer connection in SD. The price will be steep. And why would they part with one of the few people who is powerful enough to consistently reach the fences in San Diego anyhow? The free agent market isn’t well-stocked with bats, at least the bopper type we covet this year, so I hope Theo is conservative and doesn’t give up too much for what some believe is the answer to the long ball. He SHOULD do whatever it takes to re-sign Bay. Period.

bosoxbrian: we’ll have to disagree I guess. I’d rather not evaluate a hitter based upon conting stats which are a large part due to where you hit in the order and who is in front of you. If you look at Drew’s on-base and power metrics he was right on par with Bay over the 2009 season and is a markedly better fielder. Bay obviously is less injury prone. I guess my point was that we so quickly scoff at Drew’s 14 million yet Bay was offered 15 million over 4 seasons when he is not that much of a better player than Drew.

Ellen, Garry, do we still have the “profile pages” set up at the site? Perhaps Jim would benefit from referring to it, and perhaps we can update it. Just a suggestion!

Vault, Drew is a markedly better fielder whenever he chooses to be. There are times when he makes the spectacular play, and there are other times when he makes some serious blunders when he appears (reality or not) to be sleepwalking. Arnie put it well once–Drew has more ability in his little finger alone than most players have in their entire repertoire. Drew gets his bad rap, in part deservedly, because he does not always make the ROUTINE play. If that were different, he would not get quite so much flak on here as he (often deservedly) does. GO SOX!

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