Casey on the mound

While the Red Sox eased their way into the Winter Meetings on Monday, they did have one formal announcement that could play a big role in their future. Casey Kelly, perhaps the top prospect in the organization, has officially decided to be a pitcher instead of a shortstop. The right-hander did both this past season and will put all his attention toward pitching in 2010. He will be invited to Major League camp.

“I think he saw himself more as a hitter coming into the Draft but again, I watched him pitch this year and he looks like a pitcher when he’s pitching,” said Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein. “He’s got a lot of ability as a position player too but I think once he saw what he’s capable of on the mound and what the organization thinks of him as a pitcher, there’s a lot of mutual trust in this relationship. The meeting was important – to exchange information, to see how we see things, how he sees things. he just took all that information and made a decision.”

Kelly was 7-5 with a 2.08 ERA on the mound in 2009.

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Now that Casey Kelly has become a full-time pitcher, though, I hope he does not put his bat away permanently. A pitcher who can hit a little (esp. in InterLeague play) would come very much in handy.
Are the Sox still pursuing Roy Halladay? Word had it that Kelly was being sought as a possible trade piece for Halladay. Have those talks cooled? GO SOX!

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