How arbitration decisions could impact Red Sox

When the clock struck midnight and Monday turned to Tuesday, the Red
Sox had some more clarity to the market. Lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez
declined arbitration from the Braves, which means he is certainly
someone Boston will continue to pursue in an effort to shore up the

Having another lefty is not a be-all, end-all for
manager Terry Francona, but the Sox have long liked Gonzalez, who could
fill the void left by Billy Wagner. In essence, Gonzalez and Wagner
could swap positions as power lefties in the Boston and Atlanta

The question, however, is whether Gonzalez would
rather close elsewhere, an opportunity he won’t get in Boston as long
as Jonathan Papelbon is performing last call. And just because Rafael
Soriano, Atlanta’s hard-throwing righty, accepted arbitration, doesnt’
mean he can’t wind up in Boston. The Braves expect that Soriano,
feeling squeezed out by the addition of Wagner and Takashi Saito, will
be of the mind to request a trade.

Another player who has been
linked to the Red Sox who declined arbitration is third baseman Adrian
Beltre, a superb defender, albeit one whose offensive numbers have
declined in recent years. So if Boston makes a run at Beltre, you can be sure they will only do so if they have a trade worked out for Mike Lowell. Beltre is a Type B free agent, meaning the Mariners would get compensation if he leaves, but the Red Sox would not have to provide it. Ditto for Mark DeRosa, another free agent the Red Sox have kicked the tires on.

The Yankees are also in on DeRosa, who declined arbitration from the Cardinals. However, the versatile right-handed hitter, who can play corner infield and outfield, is looking for a three-year deal and would probably go somewhere where he can have a steady job, rather than play the roving utility role.  


I am always uncertain how well a NL player will translate his game to the AL, whether that player be a pitcher or a batter. That said, I like both Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez (having watched both of them for a few years with the Braves), and would welcome a move to acquire either of them. I prefer Soriano (not Alfonso, Rafael) to Gonzalez, as Gonzalez is a little more prone to the HR.(He has decreased that tendency over the past two years, but it would still be a concern). Gonzalez is represented by Born-A**, Soriano is not. Gonzalez’ windup is rather unorthodox, as I think I mentioned on here before, and watching him can make one seasick. But he’s been very good, as has Soriano. (Besides, Trixie needs another SENOR-EZ to watch, right?)😉 I’m be interested to see how they do in a full year in Boston.

So Yankees preparing to mortgage the farm in defense of WS title? Wonder what Theo is thinking now Granderson is a step up from Damon… Yankees are already better than last year… Don’t be surprised to see them go hard after Halliday next…Tom

Granderson could indeed be a step up from Damon, but I will be interested to see how the Yankees compensate for losing Ian Kennedy. He seemed to be a prominent piece of their future plans for pitching. Perhaps Bob would weigh in!…

Greg – I’m with you on this one – I’m not sure why the Yankees traded Kennedy. Also it is now being reported that Chone Figgins has gone to the Mariners and Peter Gammons is reporting that this will be his last year with ESPN.

Just announced: Figgins signed 4-year contract w/Seattle, option for 5th year. Sounds like the Mariners are thinking about catching the Angels (whether they’re SUCCESSFUL or not…), so I would be surprised if King Felix goes anywhere, at least in 2010…With the Angels’ roster in some transition, it will be interesting to see if the Rangers make some other moves to try to “catch” the Angels, also!

The Yankees have also traded away Brian Bruney, and Phil Coke today. They are making things interesting for themselves in the BP. Again, it’ll be interesting to see how they reassemble the deck chairs.

I know that its still fairly early into hot stove but it seems AWFULLY quite when it comes to JBay… That always gives me an eerie feeling when its so hush hush regarding a player.

Ian.. What have you heard?? There has been very little solid news regarding him on

Peter deserves to slow down.. especially with that scare, what was it, last year??.. an anurisym??
I have always enjoyed Peter Gammons. When I was in high school I remember reading him in Sports Illustrated. I hope, though that he stays around in some capacity.

Dave.. what is your email? I have something I would like to send your way.

Great trade pulled off by the Yankees getting Granderson. He’ll be a great fit with the Yankees. Kennedy never showed me much and Coke was a decent lefty out of the pen. Everything I read about Austin Jackson was nothing but good. Getting rid of him could comeback and bite the Yankees down the road–we’ll see. I also think the Yankees will be in the mix for Mike Gonzalez now that they got rid of Coke. The Yankees will need a lefty coming out of that pen and Gonzalez would be a good move for Boston or N.Y. The guy I always liked was Soriano, a hard thrower. I was always impressed with him when he was with Seattle. I was hoping he would end up in Boston but that will not happen.

Theo has his work cut out for him. The team he is chasing got better. Granderson will have a big impact on that Yankee team not only next year but for the next several years!

Bay is getting interest from other clubs. Will one of them give him a 5th year???? That is where it will get very interesting if a team steps up and gives Bay a 5th year. What will the Red Sox do??? All things being equal, Bay will stay in Boston.

Gammons headed to N.E.S.N. Great news for Red Sox fans.

Bosox-Agree with your opinion on the Yank Granderson trade. That guy could hit 40 hr’s in that ball park. The other point is, he costs $5.5 mill and because they signed him, might not re-sign either Damon or Matsui, both of which cost them $13 mill. last year. So they get a younger player, better defense better power numbers and probably save $8 mill. per year. Love them or hate them one does need to respect the Yanks-no question.

Last news@ 8:05 PM, the Granderson thing is not final. Yanks getting what Jackson may become in a few years by throwing in a bullpen lefty beaten out by Marte in the WS and at best an arm behind both Chamberlain and Hughes as starting depth in Kennedy. Also Kennedy is coming off of similar surgery that finished David Cone’s career.
Oh ya! Cheaper too! thanks Gerry!!!

Gammons to NESN, great news indeed. Now, I just need to retain my MLB-NESN feed!

Yeah since Granderson is left handed with the short porch in right at yankee stadium. He could hit 40 homeruns with his power. And he hit 30 homeruns this year. Plus they are saving a lot of money. Kennedy is nothing more than a 4th or 5th starter, Coke is a middle relief pitcher, and Austin Jackson is more like a Jacoby Ellsbury type player. It was a good deal, and the yankees still have a lot of good prospects down in the farm.

A short porch AND a wind tunnel in RF!…Hmmm…Granderson can play Wiffleball.

Call me sentimental, but I wish the Red Sox would keep Youkilis, Pedroia, and Ellsbury out of the trading picture. These guys are young, developing, gamers and home-grown talent. I wouldn’t package them for Halladay or anyone else. The Sox should keep a core of their team intact, just to claim an identity and to reward young players who put their souls into the game!

ypsi: I firmly believe that you WILLNOT see any of those names involved in any kind of trade talks. They are cornerstones, they are the foundation along with Beckett, Lester, etc..

Rich Harden just signed with the Rangers.
Brad Penny, er, Sixpence, made off like a bandit. He has signed with the Cardinals for $7 mil and change. Brad must know something we didn’t…

———NEW THREAD!!!———

Does anybody think the sox could make a deal for david wright ? also what’s going on with BAY, I heard storys that the sox are getting closer to getting him back. HAPPY NEW YEARS everybody

Good question, Chief. I am not sure if Wright is on Theo’s radar at all. We probably COULD make a deal for him, but I THINK (I am not sure) Theo has other priorities. He may have inquired about him at the Winter Meetings, but we’d probably have heard something about that by now, if so. Bay appears to be a priority again. Hmmm…

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