Bye-bye, Bay?

It is starting to appear unlikely that All-Star slugger Jason Bay will re-sign with the Boston Red Sox.

Amid a report from that Bay had rejected Boston’s latest offer, Joe Urbon, the left fielder’s lead representative, did not dispute that his client could be slipping away from the Sox.

“I’m just saying that the initial offers we’ve received from other clubs are just much more attractive to Jason then the last offer we received from the Red Sox,” Urbon said in a phone interview with

There were reports in November that the Red Sox had made a four-year, $60 million offer to Bay that was rejected. When was their latest offer?

“Recently, very recently,” said Urbon, who met with the Red sox multiple times during the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis, which concluded Thursday morning.

The Mets made an offer to Bay near the conclusion of the Meetings. Multiple news outlets had that proposal at four years and roughly $65 million.

The Angels initially said they would make a push for Bay, but manager Mike Scioscia said it was unlikely they would land the left fielder.

The one possible suitor that has been coy throughout regarding its level of interest in Bay is the Seattle Mariners. That is a situation that bears watching. Bay and his family live in the Seattle area during the offseason.

How many offers does the 31-year-old Bay currently have?

“I don’t want to go there,” said Urbon. “Multiple is what I’ll confirm.”

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has a policy of not commenting on any free-agent negotiations until they are complete.

Urbon has not entirely ruled out Bay resurfacing with the Red Sox.

“I think the fact that Jason hasn’t signed with a club yet — every club has a chance to sign Jason Bay, including the Red Sox,” Urbon said. “We’ve just got better offers, better opportunities from other clubs.”

It remains to be seen what Boston’s best plan of attack will be should Bay go elsewhere. Matt Holliday is a free-agent left fielder with similar credentials as Bay. Agent Scott Boras has been comparing Holliday to Mark Teixeira, who signed an eight-year, $180 million deal last winter.

If the Red Sox deem Holliday’s price to be too high, they could find a right-handed bat to platoon with Jeremy Hermida in left field. Mark DeRosa and Mike Cameron are two right-handed hitting outfielders the Red Sox have been linked to this winter.

The Red Sox are also in flux at third base, as Mike Lowell is on the verge of being traded to the Rangers. Adrian Beltre, another Boras client, is viewed to be one of Boston’s top targets at that position. The Red Sox could also get a first baseman and move Kevin Youkilis to third base.


Why has no one mentioned the possibility of the Red Sox going after Garrett Atkins to play 3rd as he is expected to be non-tendered?

id much rather see them sign garret atkins over adrian beltre… its gonna be a rough season next yr

beltre is a wizard at 3rd …he was a juicer im sure but can ya really blame them with themoney being thrown around…id rather have beltre if mikey goes….id really rather have yuke at 3rd and gonzo at 1st….if not then u keep yuke at 1st and let bay go…..he ok….but honestly he strikes out too much….holliday is another ilike but is he worth 20 mill like beltran….no….is adrian….yes yes….i still think theo sits on his hands…signs maybe dye,or nady…..beltre or atkins…..and goes after lackey….which he doesnt thrill me either… yr when there is a pluthera of big name free agents and the sox will have alot of money off the books….well ya never know….go sox….judge

were going to be forced to overpay for the right handed jd drew…..Matt Holliday

Just another name (short term) to throw out there, Miguel Tejada!

The Sox need a right bat right now, and a couple more one year from now: Lowell is almost gone and unless Big Papi bounces back mightily, he may be gone next winter.
I do not know if Bay is the answer to our prayers, but I would rather have him than to have any Boras client (not after the way Boras treated the Sox in the negotatiations with Johnny Damon and/or Mark Teixeira).

miguel tejada? adrian beltre? those guys are only good with drugs man……they can get garrett atkins cheaper than both of those players and hes a lot younger

I’m not understanding what’s going on around here. Lowell is still a good and clutch hitter, built for Fenway and despite it all, had a pretty good year in 2009. Yeah, yeah, diminished range at 3rd base. When was the last time anyone heard of a third baseman with great range. Lowell is still a fine defender. So the Sox get rid of him (and $9 million) for an injured, unproven minor league catcher. Worst case scenario, Lowell could be a very productive DH. What is Theo thinking about?

The Sox have done nothing to improve themselves. To me, Scutaro is a downgrade from Gonzalez, for twice the money. Gonzo would have been the ideal buffer to bring Lowrie back if he’s going to come back. Bay is slipping away which could result in paying a lot more, for not much more.

Meanwhile, the Yankees got a lot better with the addition of Granderson who could hit 40 HRs in Yankee Stadium. It’s shaping up to be a long 2010 season if the Sox don’t do something soon.

Another thing the Sox may lose in the third base exchange is Lowell’s superior talent fielding throws from the outfield. To me at least, he is particularly adept at the cut off throws nailing trailing runners. Does Beltre have this skill? I wonder.
And, as far as I know, Atkins glove is inferior!!!

I said it not long ago, I’ll say it again: Theo has set a mindset lately that is too low. “Our goal as an org. is 95 wins and the playoffs”. Mission accomplished, but the Yankees are the WS champions. There was a qualitative difference between this year’s 95 wins, and 07’s 96-66. (Anyone need more proof that stats never tell you the entire story?!) And now we are getting accustomed to these mind-boggling moves. Theo has set the bar too low. And now Mike Lowell is on the way out, A-Gonz is gonzo, we get a back-up catcher and Boof, and we are supposed to be satisfied? Yeah, right… GO SOX!

Gary, Greg,
Theo Epstein has been remarkably consistent in his moves. His general goal is to put the best 25 guys out there on the field. Having said that, you have to interpret what his definition of ‘best’ is. After examining his moves, here is my interpretation.
1) Hitting: If you can’t hit, you can’t stay on the team.
2) Health: If you are not healthy, you are out but he’s the first guy to grab the badly injured star in the expectation that he’ll generate him back to life.
3) Willing to work cheap and for short term: Examples are Beckett, Lowell, Pedroia, etc.
Things that Theo will ignore:
A steady glove and the non-paper contributions (Kotsay is a classic example of that).
Now, what does Theo look for in a player: the burned out star that can do a “Natural” (see the movie ‘The Natural’ to understand the metaphore). More often than not, it’s a disaster (Lugo, Gagne, etc.) and sometimes it works (Bay).
In the end, Theo is burning my fuse. His tunnel vision is killing the team. He needs to do less book reading and more analysis of realities. There is a reason why nobody wanted Gagne. There is a reason why nobody wanted Lugo. There is a reason why nobody wanted Drew. Bad enough he can’t build a better team but he’s making a worse team tearing apart the fabric of this team.
With that in mind, I never expected us to sign Bay. The minute Bay said ‘see what’s out there’ I knew he didn’t want to stay. he wanted to make top dollar and I don’t blame him after rotting in Pittsburgh for so long. The Mets as usual love to over pay players. They are the only team in the game that spends tons of money and goes nowhere year after year. They need better management. Say what you want about the Yankees, they have the smartest front office in the league hands down. They make smart moves. It shows. Sadly all we have is Elmer Fudd.

Oh ya, we get rid of Lowell for a backup catcher. I’m sure Texas is drooling and also wondering if Theo got off his medication again.

There are some intersting names on the “non-tendered” list. Ryan Garko (1b), 29 yrs old… Ryan Langerhans (of). If Theo is bargain shopping again, I’d rather see Garko than Atkins, and as I recall Langerhans had some good moments last season.

moanin all…im not that upset that bay isnt commin back…personally i like bay alot but he isnt worth what hes askin….he strikes out way too much and is overly streaky….i would much rather have dye or nady,or give reddick or westmoreland a shot….in a perfect world adrian gonzalez will be battin cleanup for us and papi will have his stroke back….vmart is a gamer so im sure we will be ok no matter what if anythin happens…either way im a sox fan and ill still be yellin at tito and his in game management and screamin at the tv when a runner doesnt get moved or a cut off man missed…. i miss dewey,rice,greenwell,and all the boys from my early days….but we have yuke and pedey(who still love the game), jacoby and tek s leadership,maybe millah will come back to lighten up the clubhouse,maybe a new guy like scuts will be the piece missin….there might be a kid come screamin out of ST and be the next ellsbury or pedey or yuke,either way im gonna be here like every year for my beloved sox….go sox……judge

I won’t be terribly upset that Bay won’t return. Bay was part of the reason that the Sox were in the postseason and was part of the reason why the Sox didn’t go into the playoffs.
I have no problem if Lowell was traded for a backup catcher straight. But paying Rangers $9MM in return for another Ramirez?
If 95 wins will win the division, that’s fine. Being a wc team won’t have a shot at WS championship. I know anything can happen in the playoffs. There are reasons why a team is a wc team and not a division champion. The “reasons” mean that “anything” statistically won’t happen in the playoffs.
Red Sox, go for the division or there will be a short postseason in 2010.

Hey all,
Can someone tell me why the Sox are willing to let Bay go and then turn around and pay more $$$$$$ than they would pay Bay to sign Holliday? I don’t see where Holliday is that much better and we don’t even know what he’ll do in Boston yet. Yes Bay strikes out a lot….like any other power hitter who hits 35+ HR and drives in around 120 runs. Seems like we’ve forgotten how nice it is to have a guy with numbers like that in the line-up. Holliday still scares me as he put up GREAT numbers in Colorado and GOOD numbers away from the altitude. The Sox are going to be able sign Bay cheaper than they will Holliday so just lock him up and be done with it. The Sox are going to end up nickel and diming there way in to trouble like last year and will end up with niether Bay or Holliday. I am not ready to watch a platoon situation in left field with Mike Cameron or any other hitter like that out there. For those of you who did not like Bay’s streakiness…..beware of a platoon situation in left field. When was the last time the Sox had that going on in left field? Come on Sox….we pay the ticket prices…time to spend some $$$$$ on at least a left fielder. Garry I agree….could be a long season if the Sox don’t quit screwing around. Seems like the only $$$$ the Sox have been spending lately is when they trade someone and end up paying most of their salary. What team wouldn’t be interested in that kind of charity. The Texas Rangers will basically get Lowell for $3 Million this year. No-brainer on their part. Fix what needs to be fixed and start Spring Training. ( No that doesn’t mean Billy Conigliaro in LF and Butch Hobson at 3rd Base) Go Sox….Sigh!!!!!

BTW….When Theo traded Nomar for Orlando Cabrera I was wondering “what the heck was that?”…..but that was one of the first gutsy moves he made that turned in to gold. He has done a few things since then but it was the Nomar move that convinced me he was a genius. I think he got lucky on that one…..he’s tried a lot of stuff like that since then without a lot of luck. OK Theo…I still love ya but you are going to have to come up with a couple no-brainers and forget the long shots for a while. Go Sox!!!!

Boston has signed Lackey which is a good move,now keep Lowell at third base if he does not work out than trade him but lets see how well he works out first.Also go get Bay give him the five years and be done with it. EVERYBODY HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Boston has signed Lackey which is a good move,now keep Lowell at third base if he does not work out than trade him but lets see how well he works out first.Also go get Bay give him the five years and be done with it. EVERYBODY HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Boston has signed Lackey which is a good move,now keep Lowell at third base if he does not work out than trade him but lets see how well he works out first.Also go get Bay give him the five years and be done with it. EVERYBODY HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Boston has signed Lackey which is a good move,now keep Lowell at third base if he does not work out than trade him but lets see how well he works out first.Also go get Bay give him the five years and be done with it. EVERYBODY HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Boston has signed Lackey which is a good move,now keep Lowell at third base if he does not work out than trade him but lets see how well he works out first.Also go get Bay give him the five years and be done with it. EVERYBODY HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS.

Thank you for the thought, chief1944. Have a great Christmas yourself!🙂
We’ll see if (esp. down the road) the Lackey signing was a good one.
I wish we had put up the $$ to keep Bay, but it is looking like it’s not going to happen (but stranger things have happened, yet). I still hope we keep Lowell and that the trade falls through! GO SOX!

The Jason Bay thing is not good an looks like it won’t work out. So why dont the Sox go after Xavier Nady? He is a good player. He played well in New York last season, and he will do fine splitting time with Hermida. Nady is a good option. They should try to sign him!

Imagine if Bosox signed Bay, then traded Buchholz and Jacoby for Gonzo?? Starting lineup would be (OBP/HR/BB) Pedroia (.371/15/74), Martinez (.381/23/75), Youk (.413/27/77), Gonzo (.407/40/119), Bay (.384/36/94), Drew (.392/24/82), Papi (.332/28/74), Cameron (.342/24/75) and Scutaro (.379/12/90). Theo likes patient/OBP guys. Only 29 players (30 teams)in ALL OF Baseball had 75 walks or more last year. If each team AVERAGES ONE!! the Sox would have NINE!! Starting pitchers would be lucky to go 6 innings against them!! And they would have SEVEN hitters with 23 or more HR’s!! Add that lineup to one of the best 3 rotations in baseball and I find it hard to believe you could bet against Bosox in 2010…I know budget would be over?but for ONLY ONE YEAR. Next year (2011) you would drop ~40 Million!! Papi (12.5), Lowell (12), Lugo (9), Varitek (3), Lackey (3 less), and you would ONLY need to add
about 17 million for a new DH (6mil), Beckett/Lee (+5 = 17mil), and V Martinez (+6 = 13mil) and you would have the same team ready to REPEAT in 2011 for 23 million less! Then in 2012 drop Drew (14), Cameron (7.5) and Scutaro (5) and you save ANOTHER 26.5 million and you ONLY need to add a Right fielder as Westmoreland and Iglesias join the team for the TRI-PEAT!

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