Lowell deal still in holding pattern

There are still issues to be worked out on a trade that would send third baseman Mike Lowell to the Rangers for Max Ramirez.

Peter Gammons, who left ESPN last week and will soon be working for the MLB Network and MLB.com, speculated on Twitter that Lowell might need left thumb surgery. A source confirmed to MLB.com that left thumb surgery is indeed not out of the realm of possibility for Lowell. With that in mind, the Rangers will give Lowell a physical in Texas before signing off on the deal. If it turns out Lowell does need surgery, it will be up to the Rangers to decide if they still want to make the trade.

If not, both sides could go in other directions. Lowell’s physical has not been scheduled yet, as both teams continue to study up on medical reports for the two players involved in the deal.

In other words, we are in a holding pattern here.


Big rumor flying that Lackey is taking aphysical for the Sox today…. VERY interesting

I just heard it on ESPNradio, Ellen. Maybe paving the way for a trade of Buchholz for “El Mexicano” Adrian Gonzalez?

Thats what they are saying!!

if they trade Buckhotz Theo would be the biggest IDIOT on the planet. Oh…ya…he is isn’t he.


Wow – Lackey to Boston? VERY interesting. Curious to see what it will be costing us. And while I am sorry to see that Mikey might need surgery – if it helps us keep him – I am ALL for it!!! It’s not like we were getting very much for him!

Ellen I’m sick. Clay is my favorite pitcher on the team and an amazing player. Why sell off talent like that? Look at Lester. Gee what does it take for Theo to stop giving himself electric shock treatments and drilling holes in his head! I’m going to cry.
Whew, thank goodness I’m not so dedicated to this game that I go insane sometimes with bitterness!

Cliff Lee to the Mariners and Roy Halladay to the Phillies….
another free agent GONE…..

Phillies are starting to look like the Yankees of the NL….

oops.. he wasnt a free agent.. my blonde!!

Dave, you are sick? Not a smart idea to get sick during the holidays. Ya might want to get well soon!😉 Maybe you need a Theo vacation!
I still hope this Lowell deal does not go through. An injured back-up catcher is not what we need. I do hope, however, that IF Lowell is healthy enough to play (and I had my doubts about that), that he will get an opportunity to play everyday with SOMEONE. I do not think he will be happy here on a platoon basis, and as much as I would LOVE to have him stay with us, I think he will be happier playing everyday elsewhere. I also hope Theo gets a better market value in a trade for him. We’ll see.
Lackey signed for 5 years? So much for “shorter-term” contracts, eh, Theo? Well, I hope he’ll be happy here for 5 years!
Here goes…GO SOX!

Cliff Lee to the Mariners? Well, it reinforces my thought that the M’s are going for broke while they perceive the Angels are in a weakened FA status! We’ll see if it works!

Doc to Philly? Lackey to Boston? Matsui to the Angels? Cliff Lee a Mariner? Jason Bay a Met? Geez, what’s going on over there? I hope we don’t get rid of Mikey. If we do, then Theo better have a good solution to this new problem. At least we don’t get to see Halladay on a daily basis now.

This even lends credence that the Mariners are serious about adding Jason Bay…..if that happens this team could be dangerous. They already have two top notch pitchers if they pick up Lee. Watch out AL West!!!!

I must say I didn’t see this Lackey thing coming at all — didn’t think he would even want to come play for us — wild this modern era of baseball. He is a way better bet than Buckholtz (to Dave and others with similar concerns, imo), especially if they are positioning for a trade with SD. Sounds too good to be true to me. Will have to wait and see. Not sure Buckholtz has the iron nerves/will that Lackey has developed, its a good move in my book.

Craig, I think you are right, esp. since Bay is from that general area. I would not be surprised if it were to happen. That said, Bay is reportedly pursuing a 5th year, according to his agent. We’ll see if anyone, let alone Seattle, chooses to pursue that. I do think the M’s are serious about Bay.

DGN, I don’t think an iron will, or lack of, has been the issue with Buch. I do think he needed to grow up a bit, both in personal maturity, and in a baseball sense. I think he would be an asset with us, or with any team who might acquire him. That said, there are some players for whom I would trade Buch. Adrian is one of these, Halladay would have been another; I think Buch would be an asset in Toronto, SD, or Philly, if he can keep his nose clean and continue to mature off the field.

OMG, I didn’t see that Lackey is a Red Sox. What a formidable rotation Beckett, Lackey, Lester, Dice-K, Bucky, Wake!
If Bay goes to the Mariners which I called two weeks or so ago, and with Cliff Lee, King Felix, Chone Figgins, Ichiro, Mariners can be dangerous not only for contending in the AL West and in the wc race. The Sox may have to upgrade their organization goal, 95 wins may not do it. lol

That makes Buchholz expendable. Perhaps Buchh and prospects to the Friars for you know who. Just a thought.

That move would not surprise me, Andy, and I, for one, would be willing to pkg. Buch in a trade for Adrian. I like Buch a lot, and would miss him, but I do not consider him an untradeable asset.

Buckhotz, I think, is going to be a future hall of famer. he’s an amazing talent and the Sox shouldn’t squander that possibility. Also note that Tim won’t do the full season so there is no question that Clay will be an arm. Sox need to build up Clay because he can bring a lot of excitement to a game. I believe in the kid just as much as I do Lester. Right now the one thorn to me is Dice-K. he’s the throwaway and with a five year contract Lackey, at 31, will be winding down and we’ll be screaming of how we dumped almost a $100 million on a worn out arm. Well, Theo has done it again or as he would say:
“Oh that stupid wabbit made me do it. !”

Dave, are Naomi and Avi still doing well (in and out of school)?

At the end of last season Dice-K was supposed to be in great shape and finally ready to pitch MLB style. If that is true then a rotation of Beckett, Dice-K, Lester and Lackey will be pretty tough to beat. That would make it a little easier to stomach a trade of Buchholz for El Paisano Gonzalez—–did I spell that right?
But that still leaves a gaping hole in left field. I wonder if Mike Lowell could patrol left field? Or would Theo The Wise, hehehe, couldn’t resist Dave,,,,,,go all-out for Holliday? I think Holliday could make the adjustment and hit AL pitching if he had a good team around him.
The Sox would be a lot better if they could add Gonzalez and Holliday to the mix.

Do we really want to spend Teixeira $$ to get Holliday? Beam Me Up Scotty reportedly is trying to get the same $$ for Holliday as he did for Teix…

Greg, in theory I agree, that is too much money for one player. But when you consider which division the Sox play in you know that at some point they will have to pony up some ridiculous cash to get a top notch player.
Now if the Sox were to compete in the AL Central,,,,hmmmm……

Arnie, in return I also agree in theory about being willing to pony up for a top-notch player. What baffles me, though, is why they’d do so for Holliday, when they did not sweeten their offer for Bay. Bay is that proverbial “bird in the hand”, and if we are indeed willing to spend that kind of $$ for Holliday, we should have been able to do so with Bay. I agree, though, in either case, we’d be putting out some serious $$.

hmmmmmmm lackey huh….alot of money for a #2 pitcher…..hes not an ace…..interestin….well lets see…we have lester, dice k, beckett,and now lackey and ofcourse buchy…..not to mention a farm system with alot of up and commin pitchers….someone said they wouldnt trade buchy for gonzo?….well u wont have to worry about that…it will take way more than just bucholz….and it should….gonzo on a real team will put up pujols numbers….and if u think he wouldnt then u dont know baseball….this guy plays on a team that has absolutely no offense at all….gonzo was their offense…he never got pitched too and still got great numbers ….he would be the piece to vault us past the yanks….look at this line up

a gonzo
dye or another lf..cameron…reddick or another kid

that is a WS linep with the staff we have…..judge

I hear ya on Bay, Greg. If you’re going to spend the $$$ anyway, why not sign Bay?

Ooops, looks like now we have Mike Cameron. Who needs Jason Bay or Matt Holliday when you can get Cameron?? Oy!

Judge, Gonzo just might be the piece of the puzzle that gets it done. Take some pressure off Papi. And if Drew could realize his potential for just one full season this Sox team would be formidable.

drew a whole season arnie…omg i just a pig fly by and my cat is cleanin my dogs $%^&* …..nevermind lol……sorry…ive never and will never be a nancy fan…unless she shows some heart and plays like she belongs in a sox uni….i would rather see reddick out there everyday…lord look at me …im drew bashin already lol…..well we have 2 awesome OF now and drew…when he plays…is also a good rf….defense…with thump….dont forget we have vmart for a whole season also…i cant see sd partin with gonzo before season starts…come the deadline….well ya never know….i still have this funny feelin papi is gonna get it goin again….it is a contract yr ya know lol…..maybe beckett will find that nasty hook again and dice man cant play in wc this yr so maybe we have more than what we are talkin about….timmy in long relief or spot starter i like also….i still think we have alot of kids that are gatherin dust too….SD might be thinkin the same…all i want for xmas is a 1b from sd theo….if lackey cant hang in the east….cameron gets hurt…vmart isnt signed longterm….and we have all those kids rottin in the minors….well…lets just say ill be bashin him also….judge

I don’t mind a bit if they send Buchholz in a trade… I know that he has matured and got the “seasoning” that we all said he needed 2 years ago, but he still scares the beejeezus out of me. He still gets that “deer in the headlights” stare too often for me to be comfortable when he takes the hill. Go get em Theo.. Talk to Jed, talk to Jed, talk to Jed!!!!

The Sox are making a move to pick up Mike Cameron. Earlier Ian said Cameron would be in a position to platoon with Hermida in left field. Please tell me this is not happening. That is not a good plan. Together those two will not replace Bay’s numbers. We need a steady bat in left field with power numbers……that is the Red Sox way. NOW I am officially scared….and as for Lackey…he has been injured at some point in the season for the last 2 years so before we start trading away Buchholtz…they better have a back-up plan. Man….I used to be so positive on here. What happened to me??????? Go Sox.

I was watching “Hot Stove” on MLB tv earlier and they had a good point. last seaom the Sox offered Texiera 180mm/5yrs.. If you take the money that they just paid out for Lackey and figure the diiference, with the 9 million payout for Lowell, they could still offer JBay 65 million.. I know I’m know comfortable with a 5 yr deal for him, but they’d still have 3 mm left on that original #. Or they could really work for AGON……. GOTHEOGOTHEOGOTHEO!!!!


Well Judge, what I meant about Drew is that even when he does plays he is streaky, so if he could just be consistent when he is able to play, that would be great. If the 120 games we get out of JD could be a productive 120 games, I’d be happy. We’re stuck with him, so I am trying to think positive.

Sorry about those pigs flyin’ around your house, Judge. Haha. Did you think I had lost my mind?
Speaking of pigs,,,, ever wonder why Porky Pig never wore pants? Sometimes he’d be wearing a suit but no pants. What’s up with that?

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