Wednesday is media day

The Red Sox have just announced that the Mike Cameron signing will be announced at 11:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday, followed by John Lackey at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Should be an action-packed day for Theo and his crew, not to mention the Boston media.

There will be a whole lot to go over. In particular, I’m curious as to the Red Sox abandoning their usually conservative approach when it comes to free agent starters. Theo Epstein has long been against paying big money for free agent starters, with the exception of Daisuke Matsuzaka, which was a different situation altogether because of the international factor, and that it took a blind bid of $51.1 million just to secure the negotiating rights.

How exactly will Cameron fit in? I would imagine he will platoon with Hermida and rove all over the outfield. Does Epstein think he now has enough offense or does he need another impact bat to replace Jason Bay?

We will have updates aplenty from Fenway throughout Wednesday.


Hey! Folks!

Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I need help with something. $16+ Mil for 5 years for John Lackey? Now don’t get me wrong. I watched Lackey shut the Sox down in Game 1 of the ALDS, and on other occasions, but…I wouldn’t put him in the category of CC Sabathia, King Felix, Justin Verlander or, statistically, Mark Buehrle. Over the course of basically a 10 year career, he has notched more than 14 pitching victories in only one season, something Jon Lester has accomplished in both of the last 2 seasons. Clayboy barely started for half of the season last year, and picked up seven of Lackey’s 11 victories in that time!

The Sox have agreed to pay $16+ Mil for Lackey over the next 5 seasons, when they wouldn’t go to either $16 Mil. (arguably where the NY Regrets offer is) or 5 years, for Jason Bay, also a 31 year old, and in my mind, a more imposing every day player.

Now, perhaps the FO is readying themselves to lose Josh Beckett at the end of the season, but I’m concerned that this commitment sets a floor for the Beckett negotiations. And what if Lester outperforms Lackey again next year? He just signed what’s believed to be a $43 Mil. deal for 6 years, basically half of what the Sox have now committed to get Lackey? And what do you say to the other youngsters, like DP and Youk, who took home town discounts to stay with the Sox? That Pap’s going year-to-year is the smart move?

The Yanks have assembled a core of “hometown players,” including Jeter, Rivera and Posada, but they are paying them premium-enough dollars to blunt any unhappiness when they bring in the A-Rods, Sabathias or Big Teixs!

And waht’s with paying Mike Cameron, a 37-year old $7-8 Mil. per year? I know its only for 2 years, but still!

What really concerns me is that the Sox are readying themselves to trade Clayboy for Miguel Cabrera, his and $19 Mil. deal over the next six years, to play first base. If they do that, what do they tell Youk, who can play 1st or 3rd, and signed a deal for half that.

Perhaps unwittingly, it seems that if you really want to make the big money with the Sox, you have to come to them from elsewhere. Think Zazu, JD, Mike Cameron, Lackey, and perhaps, Miguel Cabrera. Are we unwittingly heading back to a “25 taxis for 25 players era?” The Patriots are starting to have unthinkable dissension in their locker room…can the Sox be far behind?

Would it have really been that unthinkable to handle the corners with combinations of Youk, Mikey L and Casey Kotchman this year?..Or would that have represented Dan Shaugnessey’s unacceptable “bridge to nowhere?” Easy for him to say…he gets in free every night!

I don’t suspect the dealing is done. Stay tuned.

Speaking of the Bay negotiations, is it my imagination, or are the Sox negotiators a bit “thin-skinned.” It seemed as though in last year’s Big Teix negotiation, they withdrew over negotiating tactics, and it seems as though they have now withdrawn from the Bay discussions because Bay’s agent made some unkind characterizations of the Sox proposal. I sure hope they are more professional than that. And what’s with the continual influence of Florida Marlins North — Beckett, Lowell, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Hermida, and now perhaps, Cabrera. Has John Henry fogotten that he doesn’ own that team any longer?

Anytime a pitcher gets north of 30 years old, it might not be the best investment in the world. I think in the short-term signing Lackey was an excellent move. He brings lots of experience to the rotation and the guy is a fierce competitor. He’ll be a solid fit with Boston BUT in year 4 or 5 maybe not. I’m guessing Lackey will win anywhere from 14-16 games in 2010. Personally I think with the addition of Lackey, Boston has the best rotation in the game! I still would like to see another arm or two added in the bullpen. I still think Boston will need another bat. Buchholz among other’s will get that bat in Boston. Cameron is a solid player and has some pop in the bat but he does strike out alot! Cameron also brings a little more speed to the lineup and that is only a good thing.

If the Red Sox are all about defense. Why Scutaro over Gonzalez??? I have a gripe with the Red Sox. Lowell and Bay both played their hearts out and all they wanted to do was play and win. All of a sudden we hear about Lowell not having range at third. Third base is a reaction position and Lowell made many great plays at third and had a great instincts down at third. Same ordeal with Bay, Boston all of a sudden is talking about his lack of defense in left. I think Bay is average out in left but he is no liability. All Bay and Lowell did was play hard every game they played, they never loafed in the field. I wish both of them well and in a weird way—I would love too see them comeback and bite the Red Sox! Assuming the Lowell trade ever gets done.

I thought that the Lowell deal was on hold. If it still is, with both players being “damaged”, I see it being shelved. A catcher with tendonitis in BOTH wrists??? Not a good thing. I would like to see Lowell stay, but if it ends up with him actually being traded then I wish him the best and give thanks that we had the pleasure of watching him give his all for us the fans.
I read an article about Bay and the Yankees interest in him yesterday and I thought that the description was very apt: “The Yankees are lurking in the weeds, waiting for Bay”. Sounds like the hyeana waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey..
My oh My my boy… Where on earth have you been?? Its good to see you back!!!

I like your last post……I still need the name of the doctor or “cousin” who is presribing your happy pills!!!! How does Mike Cameron qualify as the 2nd person of the dynamic duo with Lackey? Lackey is a good acqusition but they keep trying to convicnce us that Cameron is some kind of answer. Building him up is only going to make it a bigger downfall if they have big plans for him. Now I wish we were going after Holliday and I was one of the ones who did not want him. The only way to fix this now is to sign Bay or failing that……. get a big hitter like Gonzo or Cabrera. This team needs one more bat…..Go Sox.

I know that all the reports are saying that the RedSox have “officially” cut ties with Bay, but I think it could still happen.
Come on Theo.. We need a JBAY Christmas!!! I can find a stocking to stuff him in!!!

If Lowell stays he needs to play. It would be unfair to him to have a diminished role with the Sox. He’s earned a better deal than that. He wasn’t happy playing sporadically last year even though he looked like he was in pain most of the time. I particulalrly saw him grimace many times on the bases or on a missed swing. But if trading him gets him more playing time somewhere else…he deserves it. I will only wish that guy the best of luck wherever he ends up. He is a gamer and a team player who leads by example. Go Sox.

Where is your restaurant and what is the name????
– Craig

I can give you a 2nd hand review of Arnies Restaurant…
I bought a gift card from there for my brother. He, his wife and
her sister went and enjoyed a great meal… Unfortunately he did not get to meet the master chef!!!

Hey everyone,
I haven’t seen a move by Theo this off season I’ve liked yet. I can understand truly his insecurity about Bay. I really do. His price was going way up and I can understand Theo’s reluctance but it’s a shame. Trying to trade Lowell is stupid. He’s a gamer and gave his heart to this team. It’s an insult to send the man to Texas. Our shortstop stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
“Gee Dave, you weally don’t have a wot of faith in me do ya”
“No Elmer, I don’t.”
“Wow, you know. Mr. Henwy feels the same way.”

Maybe I can get you a “prescription” hehehe.
Anyway, the restaurant is called Efrain’s III in Longmont Colorado. Stop in and say Hello.
Ellen, thanks. I felt badly that I didn’t get to say Hi to your brother. Some day.
Dbenj, what you outlined in your post about hometown players giving a discount to the team only to see that same team overpay for a free agent with lesser accomplishments made a compelling case for every good player wanting to test the “market”. Loyalty doesn’t pay. The positive thing about a young player signing a deal with the home club is that it insulates him in case of a bad year or 2 and in case of injury. Going year to year is a greater risk for a young player who hasn’t yet made his fortune.

Hey, DBen! I hope you’ve been well. Good to see you back! Stick around!!🙂
Arnie, I hope I can get out to CO sometime to check out your restaurante!
Craig, I couldn’t agree more about Lowell! I don’t see him remaining with us past ST, whether the deal with the Rangers goes through or not. Ever since he signed that extension, it seems Theo can’t wait to be rid of Mike, and it drives me crazy. Theo doesn’t know how good he has had it with Mike. But I think he will be traded, and will want to be, both after this debacle (let alone last year’s with Teix), and because he wants to play every day. That isn’t happening here, I’m afraid.
Brian, I’m with you. I think this Lackey deal will be good in the short-term, but I wonder about 3 years in, if it will also get stale. I think we’ll see Lackey’s sour side by then.
While I would have traded Buch in a deal for Halladay, I think trading him for Miguel Cabrera would be a BIG mistake. I don’t like the sound of that at all!
(I’m gonna go find my happy pills…)

Everyone is trying to get rid of Buck. I can’t take it. He’s going to be a hall of famer! TRUST ME. This guy has good stuff and with encouragement he will be a killer on the mound. TRUST ME.

Hey y’all..

According to Jorge Arangure jr.(ESPN) The Sox will sign Adrian Gonzalez w/in the next 10 days.

Halladay will be a HOF also, Dave, so I would have done a deal involving Buch for Halladay. Not for Cabrera–NO WAY!

Halladay has PROVEN that he will be Hall Of Fame.. Buchholz HAS NOT

I have the feeling that either Buchholz or Ellsbury plus prospects OR both of them will be traded to acquire Adrian Gonzonlez.

since wont let me post my thoughts 4 some wierd reason lol i think adding lackey was good but Mike Cameron the guys gonna need a friggin walker or a cane just 2 get 2 his position really bad move on theos part all 2 save a buxx & quite possibly aienate the entire red soxx nation mike cameron doesnt last with ne time 4 long cause hes a has been at best i say bring back bay & trade 4 A-Gon & we will have r 3rd trophy in 6 seasons


We have to be patient with Clay. He will get there but he won’t be given the chance apparently. Theo had made a MESS of the off season. In two – 3 years Lackey will really be a mess and we’ll do yet another ‘pay his salary to get rid of him.’ I HATE Theo right now. He’s a complete incompetent. Why can’t we get someone from the Yankees to do the moves because Theo is killing the team. Lugo, Drew, Dice-K are all examples of bad moves. Ellsbury might go and I wouldn’t be surprised because his agent is Scott Boras and Theo of course will let him away now that he’s in his prime. I’m sick.

Dave.. I’d rather have another bat.. thats what we were lacking last season… along with having been hung with Smoltz, that was a sore spot. I know you LOVE Buchholz, but I am a Clay-boy skeptic. I hope he proves me wrong. But remember how much you loved Justin?? I guess I’m starting to get to a point where (other than some of the veterans)I’m trying to to fall in love with the player. That way when they do go, its not so hard. I don’t want to feel like I did when Trot had to go. EVER AGAIN.
I can love the Sox and the players and be able to enjoy the game for as long as it lasts and when they have to go, I can say Good Luck, and Thank you.
I’m looking for another great team/season and if trading Buchholz would accomplish acquiring a player that helps us get there, then so be it.
Dave, I’m not saying that by a trade happening that another WS will happen, but what would you rather have;
a 90-95 win team that exits early because of hitting or a 95-100 that has a bat and goes the distance… ??? Are you a gambler?? I’m starting to be.

Dave, I am not a skeptic on Buch, but I still would trade him in the right circumstance. I would love to see him pitch for us, and unless the price is the right one, I would hang on to him. I still believe he would be solid for us, as I believe Masterson would have been. We’ll see if the right price comes along–Mike Lowell to the Rangers was not it, we’ll see if Theo does better with Buch. But he is not untradeable.

All good points but I tell ya, I tend to play favorites with players and Clay is one of them. I’m a sucker for the underdog, the guy who obviously has talent but something is not quite clicking. In fairness to Clay, he is coming along strong but Nick Green never seemed to go all the way. I still feel Nick could be a great starting pitcher (he has the arm for it).
Justin Masterson was hard for me. He’s a great pitcher and I hated to see him go. That was a terrible loss for me. Lackey is a disaster. To call him a competitor may not be the right word. I call him a cry baby. He needs to grow up and when is the last time he gave a team 20 games. There is a reason why New York didn’t show interest.
From my youth of course it was Carlton Fisk. After he left I started to lose interest in the Red Sox. When Dwight Evans went I stopped watching the games. It is a weakness of me that I fall in love with these players and never want to see them go. Of course when they do go, I always see a let down as a replacement. Rich Gedman was NO Carlton Fisk.
I fell in love with the 2007 team. Great team — except for Lugo and Drew. They drove me crazy but at least Drew did something for us here and there.
It will kill me to see Mike Lowell go. The guy is what baseball is all about — gritty, tough and a gamer. Drew doesn’t have 1/8 the guts that Mike Lowell has but who do we dump?
I guess Theo is really starting to bug me. He can’t seem to make a smart choice. Everything he touches seems to turn to poison and poor Terry Francona has to put up with it.
Gee Ellen, I need to lighten up!

On Buchholz…..I was really worried about him after the no-hitter but it seemed he has gotten his head on straight which was his real problem. That being said….if the Sox are going to say good-bye to Bay, and Mike Cameron is the new left fielder, we will need another bat. The only number Mike Cameron will surpass that Bay had last year is strikeouts. Someone will need to make up about 15 homeruns and 50 RBI’s. Unfortunately it may take Buchholz to get Gonzalez or whoever else is available to make up those numbers. The Sox are the ones putting themselves in the postion to have to give up one their best young players (Buchholz). If they sign Bay….Buchholz probably stays. Almost 2 for 1. Not signing Bay is going to cause a domino affect that will hurt the Sox now and down the road. What a mess……unless Theo has a grand scheme….I am praying as we speak. Pass the happy pills please!!!!! Go Sox.

Theo is a fool. Watch the Yankees make the big moves again and beat us……AGAIN. Mike Cameron? MIKE CAMERON! And I agree with Dave, I think Bucholz has the stuff and determination to be an ace calibur pitcher. And Dick-K? Oh God don’t let me get started on the investment of Dick-K….

the fearsome “Dick-K Walksuzaka”!

I like the propoganda of introducing Cameron as the 2nd half of the dynamic duo with Lackey……what is dynamic about Cameron?

I meant to say that “I’m trying NOT to fall in love with the players..
About Cameron.. I’ve not seen a lot of him but what he does have is a good history with Tito. So maybe he brings something out in the guy that others have failed to. There is nothing that we can do as fans to affect what will happen. As much as we want to think that the petitions that we signed in 07 to keep Lowell had an effect on Theo and Co.’s decision, that had nothing to do with it. Its a supply and demand/money thing. Like I said I’m trying not to fall in Love with these guys.. (too late for a couple) I just want to be proud to be a RedSox fan and be proud of the team that we field each game. If it takes Buchhy to get Gonzalez, (if Bay is not retained) Dave I’m sorry, But thank you Clay, Good Luck to you!


I understand but if we just dumped money on Bay, Clay would BE our Lackey and not wear out like Lackey will with his huge contract. Then no big bat would be needed. So you get rid of a future hall of famer (Clay), get a soon-to-be-worn out pitcher in Lackey and in three years we will be screaming that Theo got another Gagme, give up your great short stop (Gonsalez) to get junk. Theo is in the wrong business. A junk yard would be perfect for him. He certainly specializes in getting lots of it and dumping great players in the meantime (Masterson, Clay, etc.) In the meantime, let’s get a new General Manager. IMHO, Theo is OUT!

I will also add that Clay is a favorite of him and losing him and Masterson is killing me inside. It doesn’t help that Lowell is also going away. I HATE THIS. The problem is that anyone with smarts in baseball, as you all are, always question Theo’s crazy moves. Getting Gagne, Drew, everyone saw it was a bad move. Wow, what will it take to fire this guy!
I say a petition to get rid of Theo Epstein…whew, he’s my new Lugo.

I agree that when it’s all said and done….we support the team on the field….but holy crap…the Sox have the power and $$$$$ right now to take care of signing Bay….it’s a big bat we already have….and keeping Buchholz who is still very young. We have not even seen his best yet. Why go looking for a big bat when it’s already in your back yard? Is that a song???? Ha ha!!!! Dave ….I’m not ready to throw Theo under the bus yet but I am at the Greyhound Station looking to see if he has shown up yet! Go Sox.

Lackey will be fine, maybe he’ll wear out by the end but he’ll be a strong starter for us for at least a few years, probably 4. We absolutely have the ability to retain bay and I dont get why we dont seem to be doing it.

What I’d like to see is, as much as I love our prospects and Clay and Jacoby, get Gonzalez, resign Bay and win the damn AL east.

but im dreaming.

Dave, we would still need a bat.. Bay was streaky this year and regardless of his clutch stuff, he DOES strike out alot. I love (oops, there’s that word) JBay, but he strikes out ALOT.. The AL pitchers have learned that if you throw him stuff that’s down and away, he hasnt adjusted to a point to where he connects . He is a MONSTER on anything up around the belt and the letters on his uni. If he could show that he could make that adjustment, then I’d spend 100 mil on him. Plus, the word is he wants 5 years..

..and though Scutaro is no Jeter, he’s not junk.

Dave.. Like I said i’m trying to let my emotional attachments to the players ease up some. The players play for the money and the owners and GM’s choose who they choose because they want money… They pay Theo to make the decisions, and he has forgotten more about this type of thing than you or I willever know about it. I’m just trying to be rational. No more Trot attachments for me.. they just hurt too much.

I think Theo should try for both Bay and Adrian Gonzalez. Even if he had been able to sign Bay the offense would have been basically the same as last year — in other words— in need of an upgrade. Now with Cameron replacing Bay we need even more of an upgrade. So I say this:
Theo, go bring Bay back,,,,,, give him the same as Lackey, or a little better. Then, get A Gonzo. Give Jed Hoyer,,,, oh, let’s say,,,, the Portland Seadogs, or whatever they are called. The whole team, why not?
The Sox as they are now have one RBI man, Victor Martinez. Papi isn’t what he used to be, Youk is fantastic but not a true RBI type hitter, Lowell is a good run producer but isn’t the player he once was, he’s too injured. Drew is……hahahaha… Pedey and Jacoby don’t drive themselves in. So Theo has basically said: Victor, you’re our offense. No pressure, you’re just going to have to raise your average 250 points and drive in 2 or 3 runs per game.
Theo, that’s not going to work. Even I know that.
OK, off to the medicine cabinet for my “Happy Pill”

I’d have to say that we just need to wait and see. I don’t like what’s going on right now but you have to believe they know what they are doing. I agree that sending Mike lowell to Texas is an insult. After all he gave for us? Not to mention he is a true leader! As for Bay, he was an instant favorite in Boston, if he goes there is going to be allot of ********** people. How can you replace a .280 avg, 36 hr and 119 rbi?????? So what he wants 5 years. If he gets old, DH him. He wont be any worse than Papi has been for the last two years!

BTW, the Sox payroll is at 170 million. If they go over that they will get hit with 30% luxury tax so don’t expect them to pay out anyone else this year.

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