Lowell talks about thumb

For the first time since a trade to the Rangers fell through because of his right thumb issues, Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell spoke about the situation.

This, in an interview with WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford, who co-wrote the critically acclaimed Deep Drive with Lowell.

Lowell said he did not downplay the injury to the team’s medical staff at the end of the season.

“I was in constant and open communication about my thumb situation from the moment it happened to every week after,” Lowell said, indicating that the injury started when he fouled off a ball against Cleveland’s Jeremy Sowers in the final series of the regular season.

“I’ve had very open and honest communication with the training and medical staff,” Lowell added in his interview with Bradford. “The day this thing happened it was X-rayed and I told them about the pain, which was Oct. 2. That’s why I didn’t play the other two games. We taped it up in a way that we thought would help me in the postseason. They thought it might be a strain or a bone bruise. I don’t want to lay blame on anybody because in ’07 my other thumb got hurt and they thought it was a strain as well and it ended up being that way and everything settled down nice and easy.”

“I was in constant contact with the training staff and I told them at the two-week (mark) I didn’t feel a difference with my thumb and at the four-week mark it was the same thing and then at the seven-week mark Mike Reinold flew down to Miami to check it out and that’s when they decided to put me in the splint and keep it immobilized for a month. That’s when the thinking was that it might be something more than it was originally thought to be. The first day of the winter meetings was when I was ordered to get an MRI.

“I understand the business. That first day was to make sure the medicals could be sent to other teams. I have no problem in them shopping me around. But I would have preferred to have the surgery in October once the season was officially over. I don’t want to race to Spring Training.”

However, Lowell said that he didn’t expect it would require surgery either.

“Surgery? No,” Lowell said. “I was in a lot of pain in ’07 for a couple of weeks and the doctors told me it was going to get better and it did. I always defer to the medical staff. They know better than me, I’m not a doctor. So I did the same thing in this case, but I did mention concern as the weeks went by I wasn’t getting better.”

Does Lowell think he will still be traded? “I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea. That’s not my department.”


Did the Sox staff downplay this to keep it quiet?? Its happened before… I’m not sure where the Sox are concerned but other teams have done this to try and ship someone out.. I’d be really disappointed if this were the case. I have loved Mikey forever.. when he was drafted by the Yankees… he lives here in South Florida and is a presence and I tried top detach myself when the trade talks were ongoing… I just figured something out… OOPS… CAN’T DO IT…. DON’T SCREW WITH MY MIKEY… OR MY TEK.. ETC. Dave… DON’T LET ME MAKE YOU GIVE UP YOUR ADMIRATION FOR BUCHHY!! SORRY………………………

No worries and I got some MAJOR reassurance in the INbox for the Red Sox page. According to you-know-who Ian, Theo is very high on Clay and doesn’t want to give him up. That cheered me right up and I am glad about Mike. I’m so sorry about the way the Sox treated him. Gee, the man works harder than anyone. Give the poor guy a break Elmer Epstein and give him a chance.
Now, I can speculate all I want but its obvious nothing was mentioned about Mike’s thumb and its happened before. I have to believe the staff suspected something but left it alone. The reality is that only Mike Lowell knew about his injury. Did he tell the staff? Did the staff know? Unfortunately there are not enough facts to draw an absolute conclusion.

hey ellen! johnny damon hosted wwe tonight lol that clown!they were in tampa and he got 50% boos and 50% cheers lol! What do you and Brian think of this???

Ellen, it would not surprise me if Theo & Co. (poss. incl. the med staff) had been trying to keep this quiet; after all, this thumb injury, let alone the condition of his hip, could have been disclosed and summarized LONG before this. It just re-emphasizes to me that Mike’s situation in particular has been handled poorly, almost from Day 1 after his extension. I have not hidden the fact that Mike is one of my favorite players of the Red Sox modern era. I hope (and wish), for that reason alone, that he will not be traded. My gut just tells me that he will be, and likely before ST. If so, I sure hope, as I have said before, that we get a better price for him! GO MIKE! GO SOX!

Dave, Mike said that he was in contact with the med staff, but that the injury was not improving. They all seemed to think it would be getting better on its own, but it didn’t. Whether that was relayed all the way up to Theo is another question, but I don’t think that was the problem.

The Yankees just traded Melky Cabrera to the Braves for …… Javier Vasquez…. AGAIN! I guess they feel as if they need him..

Of course, the Red Sox make one good move, just one, and the Yankees have to add one of baseballs better pitchers in Javier Vasquez via trade. This sucks.

I don’t even know what to do. We couldn’t beat them as of yesterday, and now?

By the way, it doesn’t seem like the Yankees even gave up anybody bg at all. Looks like they got a steal. Too much to imagine why the Red Sox couldn’t do it. Or make any other good moves.

Yanks will win the east. Wild Card is coming out of the west. This season will not be fun.

They not only get Vasquez….they opened up an outfield spot….HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….it’s about that time when they slip under everyone and grab what they need before anyone can react. Something tells me they aren’t done yet. Keep sleeping Sox…..you’ll feel the hammer hit you in the head soon enough. Go Sox….

Of course, the Red Sox make one good move, just one, and the Yankees have to add one of baseballs better pitchers in Javier Vasquez via trade. This sucks.

I don’t even know what to do. We couldn’t beat them as of yesterday, and now?

By the way, it doesn’t seem like the Yankees even gave up anybody bg at all. Looks like they got a steal. Too much to imagine why the Red Sox couldn’t do it. Or make any other good moves.

Yanks will win the east. Wild Card is coming out of the west. This season will not be fun.

Hi all,

As always…I enjoy reading this blog and it is usually filled with insighful and often entertaining baseball perspective. I haven’t written in much but would like to comment on Lowell. The Red Sox FO is of course supposed to be rife with business acumen and what they tried to do with Mike is “cut their losses”. However, the way they completely butchered the handling of this is beyond me. If they had a clue on how much Lowell has meant to this team both in and out of the clubhouse they would rethink why in hell they would treat this guy as shabbily if not worse than some of the non-producers such as “Rent-a-Wreck” and Lugo. Yes, of course his range is not what it once was but he should be healthier this year and has always been productive with the bat, moreso than most in the lineup even with his diminished capacity. I must admit that I too was salivating at the prospect of having Adrian Gonzalez in the line up. But really, I don’t think keeping Lowell would be bad. If the FO is that scared of his defense, then DH him more and tell big Papi to suck it up and take more ground balls. You might have to hold your breath for 6innings/3 Papi at bats but Kotchman could come in late as a defensive replacement and on day offs. The 1B/DH slots could get you 1300 to 1400 plate appearances. Even if Kotch got 300 of those, you could conservatively get 60-65 hrs from those 2 slots if Lowell/Papi were in the lineup most games.

Hi ALL!! I know – I’ve been bad…the season has been WAY to busy!

BUT…did you all hear the news? The Yankees have traded Melky Cabrera for Javier Vazquez? The last time the Yankees had Vazquez they traded away Nick Johnson for him. Now they are teammates! lol But no left fielder – anyone else think they might go after Jason Bay now? Yea….me too…

I promise – I will be BACK more!🙂

I doubt I’m smarter than Theo. But if I, and everyone else, can see that Bay, very reluctant to sign with the Mets, and the Yankees with a vacant Left Field… Wouldn’t he think something like “Hmm one of the two top Free Agent bats, the other almost definately going back to St Louis, maybe we should sign him before the Yankees do.” You would think so right? But Theo realized, “Hey, I’ve got Cameron and Hermida…Bay who?”

I don’t know if I can take it.

Hmmmmm. If things happen in threes, and the Yankees bring back Nick Johnson and Javier Vazquez, could Marcus Thames be on the horizon?

Robert… Funny you should say that.. I was reading the other day that (cant remember who he’s with now) he (Thames) is being shopped around!! That would be uncanny and unprecedented, I’m sure!!

He last was with Detroit but is now a FA, but this is just a joke. He’s way too injury prone to be considered seriously. Maybe the Yankees could trade for Juan Rivera?

Jason Marquis (he of the 04 WS Cardinals) has signed with the Nationals (of all teams). Maybe he can “help” out Strasburg!

Akihiro, I hope you stick around and post more often! Welcome!:)

Let me clarify, I wrote do something with V-Mart, I meant sign him to an extension.

I hope we do, 9tedw, regardless of what Tek does!

9tedw… Sorry.. I misunderstood.. I agree they need to wrap him up, unless they are harboring a yen for Mauer for NEXT(2011) year….

Hi All!

I agree with 9tedw – we need to tie V-Mart up for more then a year. I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Bay will not be back – but I’m still concerned as to whether we have the personal to replace him. sigh…

And Akihiro – the treatment of Mike Lowell by the FO has been horrible! Should he still be with the team come Spring Training (AND I hope he is!) we all know that he will be the true professional and will come out and do his best to help the team win. Why Theo doesn’t see that is BEYOND me!

In case any of you are traveling and won’t be back until after the holidays – MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you and yours have a blessed one!

Hey! Guys and Gals!

Why on Earth are folks out on the ledge over the Yanks pick-up of Javier Vasquez? They were so enamored with him last time, that they packaged him with a bunch of players and money for Randy Johnson and ran him out of town after one year. As for the Yank’s starting pitcher in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, any one want to hazard a guess? Frankly, I’m surprised that the Yanks let go of Melky Cabrera. A career .280 hitter, and every time ESPN came on last year to report a Yanks last-at-bat, come-from-behind-win, it seemed as though the “walk-off” hit was delivered by Melky. Now I’m sure my mind (remember, I’m a lawyer, and most will say to be a lawyer you have to already have lost your mind) is playing tricks with me, but this trade doesn’t strike fear in my heart. In fact, I can’t wait for my Yankee-loving son-in-law to show up for the holidays this evening to see what he thinks. I’ll bet you crisp dollars to day-old donuts he won’t be happy. Frankly, if they were talking with the Braves, I can’t figure out why they didn’t come away with Derek Lowe, who, I read, the Braves want to move, and is a perfect pitcher for Yankee Stadium, never gets hurt and produces lots of ground balls a la Chien-Ming Wan! Could it be the Yanks didn’t want to handle Lowe’s salary? Supposedly, the Braves wanted to dump his salary. He’s demonstrated his post-season mettle far better than Vazquez has.

I do recognize the Yanks could go on another one of their spending sprees now that they have a hole in left field. However, remember, right-handed hitters hit to left field in Yankee Stadium, not right field. JBay and Matt Holliday are both right-handed, and I wouldn’t hand either of them next year’s crown as AL home run king after they get suited for pinstripes. Not just yet.

And, presuming the Yanks sign one of those 2 players, again, lets not get too far out on the ledge. Remember back to 2005. The Yanks rotation included Johnson, Mussina, Wang, Kevin Brown and Jaret Wright, not to mention a couple of guys named Small and Chacon who came out of nowhere in the second half of the season to go 17-3 collectively! At the plate, I believe they had 9 All-Stars — Tino Martinez, Robbie Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, Giambi, Matsui, Williams and Sheffield. All that talent, and they got knocked out of the ALDS by the Angels. Maybe in 2010, Burnett has a more average year, maybe Curtis Granderson gets hurt, maybe JBay can’t poke it out of Yankee Stadium the way he poked them over the Green Monster. Maybe Matt Holliday is just not a great AL hitter! Or maybe it all clicks and they make it to the WS again next year.

Let’s not forget, in 2004, the Sox were a wild card team who only needed 92 wins to get into the play-offs. Once they got in, they got hot at just (barely) the right time, and ran the table. With the current make-up of the Sox rotation, barring injuries, they will be difficult to keep out of the play-offs. Then, in the play-offs, its a matter of whose pitchers are best. Along with most of you, I’d like to see them add some batting firepower (and I believe that with each day he doesn’t sign with another team, JBay drifts back ever closer to the Sox), but even without it, they will be an interesting show.

My Best Holiday Wishes to all of you and your families, even BosoxBrian (lol)!

One of your qoutes made the front page on MLB.COM
“There are only a couple of days left until Christmas. I wonder who will be finding a present under his tree. And who will be finding coal … — Julia’s Rants”


If Bay goes to the Yankees, I will officially have lost as much faith in the players as I have already lost in the owners. What else can you conclude that too much money corrupts all in the end. And to think Jason’s dad is a life-long Sox fan!!! If Bay goes to the Yankees, I guess we could argue that he just bargained, negotiated, and waited his wait out of Sox reach, and every other team, and then unwittingly forced his way towards the Yanks — the only team with enough money and extravagance and waste that can afford (what he wants now).

Hope that is not the case — what a downer….. on the other hand, that is probably what Angel fans are thinking about Lackey.

Ironically, money has without question devalued baseball, and all sports.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!🙂
I think you are right on about Vazquez. He did great in Atlanta and in Chicago, but not so well in the Bronx (at least when the chips were down). I have no doubt that Vazquez CAN do the same in NY as he did in Chicago and Atlanta. I DO doubt that he WILL. He also is not as young anymore as he was the first time in NY. That can cut both ways–“experience” or “redo”. I don’t think he will be a “shut-down” pitcher for the Yankees in 2010, but they likely won’t need him to be, just be solid.
I think you are also correct about Bay and Holliday with the Yankees. Unless they start cranking it out to that wind tunnel in RF, they’d have pretty much average years there. With the line-up they have already, though, that is about all they need from either of them. Too much $$ for that kind of production, in my opinion; we’ll see if Cashman agrees.
Yes, 92 wins has won us the WC before, but I don’t think that will be the case this year, at all. I still think we’ll need AT LEAST 95 to win the WC. We’ll see, though! GO SOX!
Merry Christmas to all!

So, Crisp is going to the A’s…looks like San Diego is still looking for that CF…

I really (foolishly it seems) hope we get bay back. I don’t even want Cameron. Let him platoon with ells till we (probably) trade ells to SD at the deadline then go after a CF that will actually help our offense, and isn;t pushing 40.

Torthox, it is kinda disappointing to see Crisp going to the A’s. I suspect, though (like Holliday), he’ll be dealt somewhere else by the Trade Deadline.

I guess it’s time to subject you all to my annual Christmas/Holiday message.

As usual, with all of you here, it made my year so much better. It would have been a WHOLE lot better if the RedSox wouldn’t have had to made such an early exit from the Post Season!! LOL That would make every year better! Even though the Sox didnt get to the “BIG Show”, I am still very proud to be a card carrying member of the RedSox Nation, and I am just as proud to be a part of a group of people who are intelligent, careful of thought and word. and very savvy when it comes to the game we all love.
I hope for Peace, and for the troops who are fighting for our freedom to become un-needed, when they can come home to their loved ones and are able to pursue THEIR freedoms.
I pray for the end of homeless shelters, when everyone can have a place to call their own, to call home. I pray for other nations, but no other nation gets my prayers before this one. Sorry if that seems callous. I think that when all the celebrities who are American born start to adopt children, they should start here at home first, and I pray that all children can live in a home where they are free from any fears, other than the fear that they’ve been bad and Santa will find out!!
Closer to home, I pray for all of you, my RedSox family, and your families and friends to have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas/Holiday Season. I love you all very much.
Thank you for putting up with me for another year.



Thanks Ellen, same to you and your family, I hope you, and everyone else here has a meaningful, amazing holiday.

I heard a rumor that Boston is discussing expanding their budget for Bay… Maybe this will be a good holiday season for RSN!

Merry Christmas to all my RSN family here. May you all be blessed with happiness, peace of mind, prosperity, abundance, and a World Series victory in 2010 by the Red Sox.

I see that the Sox are again courting J Bay. And in the story it says they may trade Jacoby to make room for Mike Cameron. Is it only me that thinks trading Ellsbury in order to keep Cameron would be THE MOST daft, asinine, stupid thing Theo has ever done? Hmmmm…..let’s see…….. we have a young stud who can be a force on the basepaths, hits for average, is gold glove caliber in the outfield…oh, did I mention he’s young!!?? With a fantastic future in front of him!!?? Hell, let’s trade him so we can put a 38 year old in center!! Good God almighty!! Earth to Theo: Mike Cameron’s future is behind him!! Keep Ellsbury! And if you DO trade Ells, make it count! Don’t trade him just so you can keep an old guy you picked up because you thought you lost out on Bay. Sheeesh!

Merry Christmas to all members of the Brownie family.
Let’s wait and see how the Bay saga unfolds. Hopefully a deal can be struck before the year end.

Arnie, I am with you.
i have a feelin that if Theo does part with someone as great as ells can be, he will make it count.

Hey Bob! Have a great Christmas and a happy 2010!🙂 Take care!

Merry Christmas Bob, I hope that you get your hearts desore for Christmas… OH YEAH… you already did!!! lol

I hope that you and all of your family and friends have a wonderfully Blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!!!


(sorry that’s DESIRE.. that’s also what I get for typing without my glasses.. lol)


arnieschmo — I am with you — trading Jacoby to make room for Bay is not a good move — that has to be a decoy, please!!! — Bay strikes out way too much to give up your fastest guy and best outfielder. If they do this, either the Steinbrenner have cast some sort or spell over their minds of Sox managment, or …. let’s just leave it at that as the nicest possible explanation for such a non-brilliant move (live we haven’t seen any of those before🙂.

Just saw Avatar with family — its absolutely incredible, a must see — maybe not good for younger children, violence and language — graphics unbelievabe even for today — but basically underneath it all, a 24th century story akin to our native American Indians, and evil mindless greedy white guys, with a … well I won’t spoil the ending for you all.

I hope evryone her has the most beautiful and happy Christmas, and as the year goes forward, family and friends we love, will share our humble love.
Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Anyway you say it “Happy Holidays”

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!! May your day be filled with joy and Peace!


merry xmas everyone and happy hollidays……just quick note…the only reason i can see the cameron deal was either to cover a trade of ellsbury or to plug a hole for this yr…i mean we could see ells and buchy packaged for gonzo…im not sure why SD would wait on this one…mehbe it will happen sooner to ST or in july but i think the path is laid….gonzo is commin….we will give up alot…but we also dont have room on the team for the pluthera of prospects in the minors either…. we shall see….judge

I everyone!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.. I looked really hard, but didn’t find any deals (JBay, Agonzalez) under my tree.. Well, there’s always New Years!! lol
I hope youre all enjoying your Christmas Day.

If Theo resigns Bay and then gets rid of Ellsbury so he can keep Cameron in centerfield….then Theo needs to check in to a clinic and get a brain scan. Only trade Ellsbury if the Sox go in to panic mode at the trade deadline. And that better be a good trade for the Sox. I personally think if they sign Bay they can put the Gonzalez move off for now. Go with the lineup they have plus Bay and see what happens. Now what happens at 3rd is beyond me. But if they re-sign Bay you may be looking at Mikey back at 3rd. Wouldn’t bother me as long as he is healthy. Any way you look at it….they need one more bat…be it Bay or whoever. Oh……MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!!!! Go Sox.

Imagine if Bosox signed Bay, then traded Buchholz and Jacoby for Gonzo?? Starting lineup would be (OBP/HR/BB) Pedroia (.371/15/74), Martinez (.381/23/75), Youk (.413/27/77), Gonzo (.407/40/119), Bay (.384/36/94), Drew (.392/24/82), Papi (.332/28/74), Cameron (.342/24/75) and Scutaro (.379/12/90). Theo likes patient/OBP guys. Only 29 players (30 teams)in ALL OF Baseball had 75 walks or more last year. If each team AVERAGES ONE!! the Sox would have NINE!! Starting pitchers would be lucky to go 6 innings against them!! And they would have SEVEN hitters with 23 or more HR’s!! Add that lineup to one of the best 3 rotations in baseball and I find it hard to believe you could bet against Bosox in 2010…I know budget would be over?but for ONLY ONE YEAR. Next year (2011) you would drop ~40 Million!! Papi (12.5), Lowell (12), Lugo (9), Varitek (3), Lackey (3 less), and you would ONLY need to add
about 17 million for a new DH (6mil), Beckett/Lee (+5 = 17mil), and V Martinez (+6 = 13mil) and you would have the same team ready to REPEAT in 2011. Then drop Drew (14), Cameron (7.5) and Scutaro (5) and you save ANOTHER 26.5 million and you ONLY need to add a Right fielder as Westmoreland and Iglesias join the team for the TRI-PEAT in 2012!

I enjoyed that fantasy. If only…

excellent post GOSOX….this exact scenario is not that hard to figure either…bay might be a stretch tho….i also dont think gonzo will wear a sox uni till after the allstar break…theo knows he must get this guy….we know it,SD knows it,the yanks know it….the crowd knows it….we have an immense farm sytem rt now and not enough spots to plug them in….iglesisas will be in boston in the future…the rest will remain to be seen….gonzo doesnt get much ink cause he is on one of the worst teams in the history of baseball….texeira is mere shadow of this guy…if he is injected into a boston line up u will be lookin at an anual chance at mvp….this guy will put up pujols numbers with what i think is the best glove in baseball at 1st….know i know that SD needs to put butts in the seats… but with a the talent we have in the minors they could receive almost an entire startin linep from us that would be better than what they have….i say send them 5 blue chips now….yes include ells and buchy….and maybe 3 from the farm….hermida and kotchman maybe…or pay drews money and send him….i can here the yanks knees shakin if we add this stud…i love ells ….hes a gamer….but we have beltrans cousin commin also….westmoreland,reddick, and larish…not to mention kelly,iglesias,lars anderson,tazawa,bowden,and many more that are 1-2 yrs away….where will u put them all…in the SD line up thats where….MAKE IT HAPPEN THEO….judge

Chief1944 posted this on another entry. I posted my initial answer there. I’m re-posting it here, since it may be of interest.
Does anybody think the sox could make a deal for david wright ? also what’s going on with BAY, I heard storys that the sox are getting closer to getting him back. HAPPY NEW YEARS everybody
By chief1944@nycap.rr.com on December 27, 2009 1:39 PM
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Good question, Chief. I am not sure if Wright is on Theo’s radar at all. We probably COULD make a deal for him, but I THINK (I am not sure) Theo has other priorities. He may have inquired about him at the Winter Meetings, but we’d probably have heard something about that by now, if so. Bay appears to be a priority again. Hmmm…
By greg1969 on December 27, 2009 2:50 PM

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