Decade of Dominance

Sorry for the long hiatus on the blog. You know how the holidays are. At any rate, the first decade of the Millennium is about to come to a close and the Boston area has just lived out perhaps the most eventful and exciting 10 years any region could have.

When I think of this decade of 2000-2009 (and please spare me the controversy about how the decade is actually 2001-2010 because when I talk about the ’80s I talk about 1980-89 and when I talk about the ’90s I talk about 1990-99), what are the 10 things that come to mind first? Well, let’s give it a stab.

1. 2004 Red Sox come back from 3-0 against the Yankees, run the table for the rest of the postseason with an 8-0 run, win first World Series in 86 years. Surreal, even five years later. There are a collage of moments. Roberts gets his hand just in front of the tag. Mueller singles him in. Ortiz belts the walkoff homer. Then, Game 5, Pedro buzzes Matsui, Trot makes two great catches, Ortiz rips one off the Volvo sign against Flash, and later bloops in a single to send the series back to NY. Then you have Schilling’s bloody sock, Damon’s grand slam, and the rest, you see in history. The World Series was a mere formality, capped by Derek Lowe’s gem in the sweeping Game 4 in St. Louis.

2. 2001 Patriots shock the world, stifle the Greatest Show on Turf to win Super Bowl XXVI, 20-17. Just like the 2004 Red Sox coming back against NY, who could have seen this coming? You first knew it was possible when Ty Law, set up with Vrabel’s jarring hit on Warner, picked off the pass and took it to the house. But you didn’t really know it was possible until John Madden suggested the Pats run out the clock and play for overtime and Bill Belichick, Charlie Weis and a nerveless quarterback named Tom Brady thought otherwise, and Viniatieri drove hom a 48-yarder as time expired, setting off truckloads of confetti and the greatest moment in New England’s football history.

3. 2001 Patriots sift through a snowstorm, get a lucky call and down the Raiders. Without this, there never is a Super Bowl XXXVI for New England. The season had ended when Brady fumbled, and the Raiders were going to run out the clock. But the officials opted for a review and cited an obscure “tuck rule”, saying that Brady’s arm was moving forward and it was an incomplete pass. From elimination to euphoria, the man with the magic leg — Viniatieri — somehow muscles the game-tying field goal through the storm. He then wins it with another kick in OT. The whole game looked like a Winter Wonderland postcard.

4. Kevin Garnett after bringing the championship back to the parquet: “Anything is Possible”. Celtics fans were starting to think that nothing but misery was possible until Kevin McHale chose to trade KG to his friend Danny Ainge. Give Ainge credit for refusing to include Rajon Rondo in the deal. Give three future Hall of Famers — KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen — credit for putting their egos aside and putting all their focus into bringing home banner 17. That happened by beating the Lakers in six games, a series remembered most for the Celtics stirring comeback from 20-plus points down in Game 4.

5. 2003 Patriots again play — and win — a Super Bowl for the ages. The ’01 Patriots would have gone down as one of the great feel-good stories of all-time no matter what followed. But by winning again in ’03, and another epic, they suddenly had momentum going as a powerhouse. Brady and Viniatieri again came through in the fourth quarter, again staved off OT, and this time the Pats beat Carolina in a wildly entertaining Super Bowl.

6. 2007 Red Sox are the comeback kings, rallying back from 3-1 against Cleveland and sweeping the Rockies in the World Series. The one indelible image from the ’07 postseason is the sneer of Josh Beckett. When the Sox trailed the ALCS 3-1, Beckett was not going to let them lose on his watch. He mastered the Indians at Jacobs Field in Game 5, and J.D. Drew hit a stunning grand slam in Game 6, followed by a Game 7 romp at Fenway.

7. 2004 Patriots make it back-to-back titles, and three in four years. As Gil Santos bellowed out to his listeners back home, “YES, IT’S A DYNASTY”. Who could argue? This Super Bowl victory didn’t have quite the same luster or late-game heroics as the other two. It is remembered most for Donovan McNabb inexplicably going into a slowdown offense with the Eagles down by 10 points with less than three minutes to play. Supposedly McNabb was woozy. Anyway, Brady came through with another big game, and coach Belichick celebrated in the final seconds with his father Steve, who would die in November, 2005.

8. A trio of Fenway no-hitters. From 1966-2001, there was not a single no-hitter by a Red Sox pitcher at Fenway Park. Derek Lowe changed that on April 27, 2002. Then it was Clay Buchholz no-hitting the Orioles on September 1, 2007. And Jon Lester made it a trio for the decade on May 19, 2008, against the Kansas City Royals. Lester’s story of course, was the most compelling, considering he had been stricken with cancer two years earlier.

9. 2007 Pats run the table. Yes, they lost the Super Bowl. But not before an amazing 16-0 regular season, and playoff wins over Jacksonville and San Diego. The Super Bowl was so close within their grasp. Brady hit Randy Moss for what seemed the game-winning TD. But the Giants played the role of the 2001 Patriots, stepping up as the underdogs. To beat the mighthy Pats, it took one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history by a little-known receiver named David Tyree, who literally caught the ball with his helmet and his hands. Rodney Harrison tried in vain to snap the ball loose. But that Patriots team should still be remembered fondly, with or without the Super Bowl hardware. Only one other team has ever gone through an NFL season undefeated.

10. And to cap it, here are the 10 Boston-area sports figures who captivated our attention the most in the 2000s. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Theo Epstein.

Brady and Belichick are self explanatory. Schilling came to Boston vowing to snap an 86-year curse and did so, winning countless big games and saying several memorable things along the way. Pedro was the most dominant pitcher in Red Sox history. KG brought excitement and energy back to the Celtics. Paul Pierce, who endured all those losing seasons, quickly learned how to be a champion once he played on a team good enough to win it. Bruschi was a strong figure who came back from a stroke and overcame a modest beginning to his career to become one of the best Patriots defenders ever. Manny was Manny, so manny — or many — memories. David Ortiz became a legend in Boston with one big wakoff hit after another. And Theo Epstein made baseball a 12-month sport in Boston, always capable of a big, bold move that would stir the masses and lead another championship run.


The Mets have reached a deal to bring All-Star outfielder Jason Bay to New York pending a physical, confirmed.

The news was first repoprted by Mike Francesa of WFAN.

Great piece Ian! It has been a great decade in Boston Sports History! I’ve live in the area my whole life and nothing rivals the last 10 years.

But I guess things always change – and we have to say Good-Bye to Jason Bay. Money, I guess, won out over a World Series Championship.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season and a Blessed, Happy & Healthy New Year to you All!


Hi Dave! I’m not surprised that Bay is gone – I am surprised that it is to the METS! I don’t see them going anywhere either. What about the 5th year option that I am hearing about – is it really only based on Bay’s health and not his production? Weird.

Have a Great New Years Greg!

Super list, Ian! All of those are indeed fantastic choice. A Golden Era of Boston sports–it would have been neat to witness it up close! Thanks, Ian! Happy New Year to everyone!🙂 GO SOX! GO PATRIOTS! GO CELTICS!

Hey Julia,

No surprise on Bay. He was going to get a ton of money. I can’t say I blame him. Theo himself has made a series of dumb moves but I have said enough.
The Mets has a reputation for buying high and getting nowhere. I’m stunned if the Mets go anywhere. Don’t ask me why. Is it management.

Bay is a fool, and Theo is a moron.

Bay should realize how much better he would play in Boston, how terrible a time he is going to have in New York, and another year is not worth being miserable. I hope he realizes this by May. I hope he’ll regret it.

Theo looks like a moron but i realized me earlier idea that this has nothing to do with him, he does have bosses. They are too cheap to give Theo the money to make a WS team.

This is just ridiculous. Another year watching the Yankees get it all, and the Sox become a non factor. I am young but in my limited time as a Sox fan, I have never felt so pessimistic about the team before the season even starts, it usually kicks in late summer, when we decide to stop winning and the Yanks decided to start.

Next off season better be great. The Yankees are no doubt going to try to get Mauer and probably Lee and or Beckett, and hopefully after a second depressing year in a row the ownership will decide it might be worth the luxury tax, because we know the Yankees aren’t backing down, and other teams, like Texas and the Mariners are rising quick. Let’s not forget Tampa Bay, they could always have another ’08. Oh well, can’t wait for next November!

Sorry for that little downer, I’m frustrated, happy new year!

Personally, I think the Sox are fortunate they didn’t resign Jason Bay. It’s obvious he cares nothing about winning, only how much money he can make. That isn’t the type of player needed to win it all. I also think the Mets will regret this contract, sooner than later, Bay is not that good on defense and that is a large left field in Citi Field. I’d bet he’s traded within 2 years.

Thanks for that post, Ian. I try not to indulge in false pride and/or hubris, but that made me proud to be a native New Englander!

Jason Bay wasn’t shy about wanting to cash in on his free agency, he repeated his desire to test the market a few times. But sheeesh! for a lousy 6 million he goes to the Mets??!! Cmon, Jason! Get the BIG paycheck or go with a contender. I’m a capitalist all the way, and I understand that there is no such thing as too much money, humans are hard wired to want more and more; BUT there is a point in an athletes life when a title is going to be equally important. There is so much pride associated with a WS title. I think Jason may have cheated himself. Unless the Sox management insulted him. Or, if he gave them an ultimatum and they turned it down and he was left with no where to go. I guess there is a lot we don’t know.

It’s hard not to judge players who jump from one team to the next for megabucks, when it would take you personally about 10 lifetimes to make what they make in 3 or 4 years. I guess if I was Jason Bay, maybe I’d have done the same thing. I dunno. I’ve been a Red Sox fan since the days of Yaz. If I was a talented ball player in my early 30s and the Red Sox were willing to give me 60 million over 4 years, I wouldn’t care what I might be able to get elsewhere. And frankly, I’d consider an offer of only 6 million more to play with the Mets a distinct downgrade. But hey, that’s just me. I guess my perspective is a bit distorted from all the job-searching I’ve been doing on the internet since I got laid off two months ago.

Enjoy your time in Flushing, Jason. Hopefully you’ll pine to be back in Pittsburgh again before too long.

I have to agree with you all and add that its of course impossible to know what has gone on behind close doors, how the greed and/or pride of an agent, player, owner, management or all might kill an otherwise common sense doable deal.

On the one hand, as much as I liked Jason Bay, I wasn’t as sold as I think many of you all on this blog were — he was too streaky for me, and too many strike outs — when he was hot — he was even hotter than Manny, but when he was cold, he was down there with Ortiz and almost as long at times last year. So in that regard, I have to side with Sox management in not offering up more money — or maybe even looking elsewhere.

On the other hand, it is clear that the Sox can not handle or tolerate sensitive egos (if they should or could) — too many deals have been blown over relatively small disagreements (Damon, Cabrera, now Bay) — and we obviously couldn’t keep Manny placated (as difficult as he was). I get the feeling that someone in the Sox management (and I suspect its not Theo, but one or more of the top three) really have thinner skin than is ideal.

Shame on all three, Bay, agent, Sox management if they couldn’t bridge a 6 million dollar gap out of 66 million, over 4 years, unless the Sox really didn’t want him that bad — but if that were true — why offer 60 mill in the first place? So that makes it look like somebody is a stubborn mule in the Sox management org.

The only other argument/explanation against that is that they simply won’t deviate from their numbers/formulas that they worship — but those same numbers/formulas have produced more than few very very bad deals since 2004 — , so you would think that would humble them somewhat.

The only conclusion I can reach that is not depressing, is that the Sox were not really sold on him, cause he was too streaky — I hope that is the reason, I can at least agree with that argument, whereas any other explanation seems like a cover up for failures kept behind closed doors.

Hello Nation! Nice blog, Ian. You pretty much covered it all for me. Regarding Bay, I’m not all that disappointed to see him go. He was a force in a Sox uniform, but my feeling is that now that he’s taken the money and run South, he’ll disappear in NY. He could have added power to the Stankees roster and could have flourished there (might still at some point), but as a Met, he’ll fall off the radar. All the Mets have done with their money (in recent history) is bomb, no matter who they load up with. Bay will have a lot more room to cover and have to hit that ball a whole lot more consistently than he did in Boston. I just don’t see it happening. (See: Pedro). I sat up and took notice when the David Wright-to-Boston rumors started to fly because I think he’d be a tremendous acquisition, but unlikely. People are downplaying Hermida and Cameron, but I think they’ll be better than we think. I hope Mike Lowell comes back strong and proves his detractors wrong. Happy New Year to all the “regulars” on here and let’s cross our fingers for a tremendous 2010!

JBay left Boston for $1.5MM a year to play at Flushing Bay where he doesn?t like. The Sox made the reasonable offer which was rejected. Personally I don?t think Bay deserves more than 4/60. I seriously doubt that Theo & Co are really interested in re-signing Bay. What?s $1.5MM a year to the Sox?
Happy New Year!

You go from the Pirates (bottom dwellers) to the Sox, to the Mets?? You would think that at least he would have chosen a team that has a shot… Good Luck Jason, I think you’ve bitten off more of the Big Apple than you can chew!!!

oh.. and PS!!!!
Now we surely and sorely need another bat!

There is not a team that has a shot at post season is seriously interested in Bay. Sad for Bay but true.
Happy New Year!

At least not at Bay’s asking price.

Maybe Bay was asking for 66 million in Canadian dollars, LOL?

lol…. DGN.. you never know, AY!!

Happy New Year to you too Andy!

Cameron signing makes no sense. Drove in over 100 rbi’s only once. Bay did it 4 times. Bay K’S a lot, but hits in clutch, Cameron K’S, just as much and does not hit well with runners on. .245, and .233 last 2 years.
How come I get the feeling we got another Lugo here.
Hope Hermida gets the chance to play and produce. I would resign Rocco, cheap and hits lefties good, .290 last year.

moanin all…we all know my take on who is needed to fill a void in boston….gonzo…but….if i was theo signin bay would have been just what it was but for less money..he isnt worth 15 mill a yr let alone what he got…i love bay but a guy who strikes out that much and is defensively hindered isnt worth the money….now…if a trade is made for gonzo and we say goodbye to say ells,buchy,hermida,kotchman,and maybe reddick or westmoreland or bowden or tazawa….then gonzo slides rt in…sign jd( jermaine dye)…who is a better defender,excellent team guy,more power than bay in fenway i think,clutch hitter,never complains,and can play rt when nancy has a bruised ovary or play left in his later yrs…he would also be cheaper than bay….dye to me is like the signin of ibanez last yr….in boston he would increase his numbers immensely….i mean hittin after ells,pedey,yuke,alone is gonna get ya 100 rbis….geez…..the scuts signin is fine with me if he can stay healthy…he will be like marty barret…make the plays u should,have a good attitude,and give ya some hittin here and there….now holliday is still loomin but i think he will wind back in st louis….if pujols doesnt think that the team is serious on winnin he will be gone when his contract is up…if the gonzo trade doesnt happen this yr i would be very very shocked…we have the pieces to make SD a much better team,within there budget while also makin us much better….it is a perfect picture for both teams…im sure theo knows who we must keep and that there isnt enuff spots for all those prospects in boston….elementary my dear watson….oh and btw….cameron is also a great signin because at his age he can move around as a utility plr or just play center and allow ells to play left…one other interestin tid bit is….papi is in a contract yr….expect him to be bashin the ball like a madman next yr….so says the JUDGE…..btw trixie led our fantasy football last week in points…nj trix

happy hollidays all

“The club made little to no headway with Bay once free agency started this winter. In the end, his deal with the Mets — reported to be four years at $66 million — was roughly $1.5 million a year more than Boston’s best offer. What probably put it over the top was the chance for a vested fifth-year option, something the Red Sox apparently weren’t comfortable with.” – Ian Browne

All of the rumors I heard stressed Bay’s interest in a fifth year. I think Ian nailed it!!!

Hi all, hope you’re having a nice Holiday season.
I’m disapointed to see Bay leave Boston. Though he was only on the team for a year and a half, I think he had really good chemistry with the fans. He always struck me as a hard worker, a down to Earth guy, and a great friend and teammate. Exactly what to me is the essence of the Red Sox. I think we’re going to miss him, but he’ll probably miss us even more, because I don’t think he’ll do very well with the Mets. Maybe .270 and 30 homers, but zero WS appearances.

I also think it’s not often that a player is so impactful in such a short stay, and I wish him the best. But it is sad that $1.5 million per year and a fifth year was something Theo couldn’t offer, and also was enough for Bay to decide to leave.

The fifth year vesting option is just an excuse for not signing Bay. Theo had made the “best” offer and it was up to Bay to take it or leave it. Seriously, after getting Cameron on board, I am not sure Theo wanted Bay back even on the original offer. If Theo pursued Bay like he did to Texeira, Bay would return.
Cameron being a right handed pull hitter will do be fine at Fenway.

who the hell are you?

Wow, do you think you were missed? I enjoy when we have other reportes report on the Sox, not you. We get objective, non Theo *** kissing facts. Not the repetative garbage you right. i’m going to be in your face even more this year Browne, so get used to it.

im not sure why my “who the hell are you” went before your comment, but besides that, i think you meant “write”

Hey tginri: If you dislike Ian’s writing so much, why is it that we only see you when he is the contributing reporter?? And why write it here?? Why not send it to the mailbag or another such place. We don’t want or need your garbage here. This is a family here, and I don’t recall seeing you here unless you are being derogatory or nasty. Go somewhere else and spew your garbage. Happy New Year!

tginri, I don’t get you. If you don’t like what Ian Browne writes, don’t read it! There’s plenty of other sources you can access. I’m sure you’re not alone, there might be many other fans who don’t like his work, just as there’s many of us who do. You’re welcome to disagree with him and us “Brownie Pointers”, and you giving us your point of view could probably enrichen conversations, but please don’t start insulting Ian or us, because that annoys everybody and simply doesn’t do anybody any good.

Thats kind of what I meant Carlos, I just don’t have the patience or tolerance (nor do I want to develop it) for people who have to be just plain old fashioned mean!!!

woo family! haha

something wrong with that torthox?? That was directed at tginri.. Is there a problem with what I said?? If so. let me know and I’ll know for future reference. If I read something into that woo.. then I’m sorry.

The what’s nice about the good ole USA. Freedom of speech. Freedom of press. And freedom to take your butt elsewhere if you don’t like what Ian is writing. Tgrini….You can go by the way of TCD if you don’t like what’s going on here. Pretty simple really. Now opn JBAy….I was one of the biggest supporters on seeing the Sox re-sign him but….if he wants to go to the Mets for a matter of $6M then see you later. If that’s what you are all about…have fun in NY…but I think you’ll find out it’s “not all about the $$$$” Can’t blame a guy for taking the extra cash but he’s gonna earn that $6M in that hell hole. As Ellen says….one bat gone….one bat needed. Go Sox!!!! Happy New Year all….

TCD and for those of us here long enough to remember.. DanielFagan… arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I wish that the Sox had picked up Nick Johnson.. solid on base guy and fills in at 1st.. only bad thing is he has his health issues..
but for the price good deal.

Happy (early) New Year and (late) Merry Christmas to all of us in this blog. I can’t believe the year is almost over.
For now I think the Red Sox are in a great position to get the job done. I see number one plus a World Series title for the next ten years in a row. J.D. Drew is going to turn into the next Hank Aaron and watch out everyone. Jason Varitek is going to look like Carlton Fisk next year. Zazu is going to walk off the Dodgers and retire.
OK that was ‘slightly’ exaggerated hopes for next year.


no nothing wrong Ellen, sorry about the mixup, no the woo was like an excited sound, you know what i mean? im a sappy kind of guy so the thought of this blog being like a cool little family, and the way we were all so quick to band together…you know, i was just agreeing

but i think we should ignore this tgrini poster, maybe theyll stop trying to get a reaction if they get none?

sorry again for the mixup! happy new year!

thanks torthox: This is a VERY cool family here, and you are more than welcome to stick around, we need all the opinions and RedSox devotees that we can get. I hope that you too have a Happy and safe New Year!

First of all, if you are going to be critical someone’s writing, or “righting”, you may want to learn the correct words to use. And proper spelling is always nice, too. So “reportes”, “i’m”, and “repetative” , just won’t cut it.
Second of all, if you would like to take issue with Ian, try stating a cogent argument with a fact or two, and debate him in a reasonable and intelligent manner. Ian knows more about the Sox than all of us combined, so a little respect is in order. Finally, if you don’t care for his style, go elsewhere. There is no shortage of reporting about the Sox.

Ian, just a quick clarification about decades and centuries: We count centuries and decades differently. If you go back to the first century there was no year Zero, so the first century goes from the year One to the year 100. The first century is counted from 1/1/1 to 12/31/100. The first day of the second century was January 1st, 101. And so on.
Decades are easier, the 60’s for instance, are counted from the year 1960 to 1969.
So the “Aughts”, or whatever they will be called, go from 2000 to 2009. No controversy whatsoever.

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

Happy New Year everybody!

Arnie makes a good point. Centuries and decades do not line up. That is why as a true Red Sox fan, I still respect the Yankees and give them their due. Based on WS championships first, and playoff appearances second, the Yankees are the team of the decade (’00’s run from years 2000 through 2009). Both teams are tied with 2 WS championships but Yanks have more playoff appearances. However, using that same criteria, the Red Sox are still THE TEAM OF THE CENTURY (21st century runs from years 2001 through 2100). Sox have 2 WS in this century, Yanks only 1. HEY EVERYONE, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The more I look at the J-Bay signing, the more I think J-Bay was more determined to sign with an NL team than anything else. I could be wrong, but I think that is why he not only did not sign with us or with the Yankees, but also did not sign closer to home, with the Mariners or the Angels. He may just have preferred playing in the NL. So be it!…
Happy New Year to all! May 2010 be a great year for everyone on here, and for the Red Sox! (Let me get my happy pill…)😉

Happy Pills?? Got any extra Greg??? lol

I got em from Arnie! Craig has gotten a few also!😉 Check with his “pharmacist”–I think the prescription is catered to Red Sox fans, looking for a great 2010 for RSN!!😉

Hi Ellen,
I’ve got a little bag for ya, if you want to pick it up. One ‘scrip of happy pills…

Just got off the phone with Uncle Tito and he tells me the MLB Rule Changing Commitee has approved my specially requested plan for JD Drew. From now on JD’s uni will be made of bubble wrap with re-inforcements all over, to prevent injury. Also included is the “2nd base count” rule which says that whenever JD hits a weak grounder to 2nd base…which is OFTEN…. the fielder must count: 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi before throwing over to first.
We are moving JD to Left Field, Jacoby to Right and the Ageless Wonder Mike Cameron will play Center. No word yet on the League’s approval of Cameron’s Rocket Powered Walker from the ACME Company. “Who cares if your Center Fielder is 48 years old? With the ACME Rocket Powered Walker he can get to any fly ball!” So says the brochure from ACME.
We are also checking into the legality of Papi’s Nuclear Core bat from Adirondack Bats. Ole Papi will be hitting rockets to right in ’10!
Things are looking up for the Sox.

Hi Nation! Happy New Year! Look at that beautiful Blue Moon outside! Just thought I’d share a few thoughts. First off, if any of you watched the Stanford / OU game today, it was a whale of a ball game. 40 yard-line seats were awesome! Well, I spent some time last night with former Sox pitcher Butch Henry (who manages the El Paso Diablos) and who grew up down the street from me. He told me that he enjoyed his time in Boston and still has a special place for The Nation in his heart. Ironically, I ran into another former Sox pitcher and high school teammate of Butch’s, Frank Castillo, at a Christmas party and he too had warm memories of Fenway and the fans. “Nothing like it,” he said. I agree. Though I am not a native of N.E. (but lucky to have married a Boston gal) I enjoy the kinship I have with local members of the Sox Nation and with those of you on this blog. Ian does a good job covering the Sox and anyone who disses him should step up to the plate and see if they can do better. Enough with the negativity from the outsiders! It’s the New Year and we’re supposed to be looking forward to another successful year on and off the field, so here’s a toast to you, Nation, and to the Sox for a Prosperous 2010!!!

Good evening all of my RedSox “second” family. Thank you to all of you for spending another year of putting up with the old lady of the blog. I don’t know if you all realize the sanity that you restore to my husbands life by being here for me, especially this year when I lost my Mom. You were all here for me and that meant the world to me. I still can’t believe its almost a full year since then. I used to tell her about all of you. She didnt understand how we could all be as close as we are without having ever met (‘cept for Garry and Ian). I told here it was sort of like her pen pals from the past. She understood better then.
Anyway, Thank you all and I am looking forward to another year with all of you and the RedSox. HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!!!
Auld Lang Syne……

Happy New Year’s Day! What – you thought I’d start the new year off by sleeping any later then I normally do?😉 2010 starts off with such high expectations for not just the Red Sox, but for all of us. I truly hope that this is the year that our World knows more peace then it ever has and hey, if the Red Sox can win the WS – that would be the icing on the cake!

Thank you all for welcoming the “new kid” in this year (though I’m only a couple of years behind Ellen!) Who knew what great friends I would find here! You all have a special place in my heart!🙂

Today I will enjoy watching the Winter Classic and seeing Fenway Park transformed into a winter jewel – but the old ballpark never looks so good as when our beloved Sox are on the field. I look forward to all the special times that the season will have and I PROMISE I will do my best to improve my record for games that I attend.

I wish you all nothing but the best in 2010!


The Winter Classic is TODAY!!! WHOOO HOOOO!! Checkout the masks that will be worn by the Bruins goalies today:

Especially look at the mask that will be worn by Tuukka Rask. He is paying homage to the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry!

Have a great day all! GO BRUINS!!!!


Happy New Year, amigos! It’s been wonderful knowing you and I hope to keep in touch all year. Here’s to a succesful 2010 for our beloved Red Sox.
I wish you all much happiness this new year and always.

Happy New Year, to all!
JULIA!! Step A-WAY from Fenway Park! King Gringorio I hath decreed it! I hereby banish thee from Fenway!!😉
As far as the Red Sox go, something to ponder. During the season, when we still had J-Bay, we often were lamenting the lack of another bat. Given that (if we agree on that?), would it not be the case, now that J-Bay is gone, that we would look for 2 more bats? Or are we thinking that between Cameron and Hermida, we are going to pick up the slack? Are we thinking that Papi will find his 07 stroke (when he hit for a career-high OBP of .445)? Any of these things is theoretically possible, and if we were to acquire Adrian Gonzalez, we could more than pick up the slack (theoretically, again). If we were to acquire one more bat, I’d be happy, but I’m not sure we’d be in a much different place than we were last year. Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Not to panic, just something to ponder/ discuss.

Happy New Year everyone!

Ellen, you and eveyrone in this blog has been like a family to me this year and to know we’re still attacking this blog is an incredible feeling. To Julia -> you’re the best.
The wonderful thing about baseball is that anything can happen. On paper the Red Sox have weakened their team (the loss of Jason Bay for example) and the Yanks have strengthened it but you never know.
I have to kind of feel sad about Johnny Damon. His bragging about how the Yanks will sign him without question seems to have not happened. His ‘We’re hearing from everyone’ represents an insecure person understanding he’s no longer 25 any more. This is a strange game. Nobody wants to give it up, even in agonizing pain. Look at Mike Lowell. The man endured pure hell to play on this team.
Julia, enjoy Fenway today. It sounds so awesome to be in Fenway Park at the relative start of winter!

I agree. The Sox needed more offense last year, at least, more consistent offense. Now they have less. Not a good plan. BUT,,,,, you have to remember, all the hitters will have career years in ‘010.
For some reason Theo seems determined to make a team like the Angels of years past. Speed and pitching but not much thump in the line up. Come to think of it, outside of Ellsbury and the VERY old Cameron, there isn’t that much speed!

Happy New Year folks!!

Thanks, Arnie. I wondered if I might have been missing something. 9tedw made reference to the Cameron/ Hermida combo, and seemed skeptical (correct, 9tedw?) that they’d be equivalent to the “big bat” in LF. And that is simply to make up for Bay. Does anyone else think I’m off-base, or do we need 2 more bats? (Regardless of whether THEO is thinking this way!…) Lowell was one of our more consistent bats last year, and whether he is traded or is riding the pine, platooning at 3B and DH, it seems we are SUBTRACTING offense, not adding. I’d be curious if anyone else thinks so. GO SOX!!

Hey Greg,
Naomi is enjoying her down time. 4th grade, 1st half was tough. I think she’ll like decimals a lot better. I went through and briefed her and she LOVES it. She loves decimals over fractions. Finds them 1000 times easier. This is good news.

Good for her, Dave. I liked decimals better, also. GO NAOMI!🙂

Have to agree. I think the Sox are down 2 bats but the way things are going….I ‘d be happy to see them pick up one!!!!!!! Very interesting off-season. Hope JBay thinks it’s worth $6M to go to the turmoil in Metsville. Arnie better go in the pharmecuetical business and make tons of happy pills for everyone….we might need them!!!!! Happy New Year all….Go Sox!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great New Years!! 2010 looks good so far, just wish Bay was coming back!! Loved the list by the way, very cool. #1 and #5 are the best though by far!! Have a good one.

OKay Dave.. The Old Lady of the Blog is feeling just a BIT slighted here… Julias the best, okay.. but what am I?? CHOPPED LIVAH??? LOL…. Just kidding, thought I’d stir you up a bit. Nothing like that to get the New Year blood flowing!!!!! Well that and the Bruins win in OT!!!! I dont know much about hockey, but if its a Boston win, I’m all for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg, that is exactly why I was praying to the baseball gods that Bay returned and we traded for Gonzalez. Last year, especially during Bay’s slumps, it was evident we needed more. I figured with Jason and Adrian, we could increase our chances of not only having a much more potent line-up but a more consistent one. Alas, Bay is gone and while Adrian may yet become a Red Sox fan favorite, we will STILL be a bat short. I don’t know what we can do, and anything we come up with is highly unlikely to sway or even reach the ownership or our GM, but that’s the curse of being a fan I guess.

Thanks, Torthox! Happy New Year!
Torthox, if I were confident that Papi would return to his form of 04-07, I’d be less apprehensive. I don’t see that happening, though, and I wish, as long as we’re supposedly pursuing another 3B, that we’d have Lowell’s bat in at DH instead of Papi’s. I’d like (as I did last year) to have another bat, and Adrian Gonzalez would be a great pickup, I think. I wish we’d keep Lowell’s bat in the lineup, though–his was the far more productive bat! Here goes, I guess! GO SOX!

Thanks for your response to my question also, Craig. I wonder if any of you have a different take, esp. on Cameron and Hermida. Take care, all! GO SOX!

Here’s a different take: Cameron will hit 40 home runs and drive in 125. Hermida will hit 37 homeruns and drive in 108. All while platooning in left field.
Ellsbury will steal 175 bases and score 312 runs. On July 15th 2010 Jacoby will run so fast from 2nd base on a ball hit into the right field corner that he will score before the ball reaches the right fielder and then circle the bases again and score a second run before the throw comes in to home plate. The home crowd will go so completely wild that the walls of Fenway will tremble in Biblical proportions reminiscent of Jerico and the game will be called with the Sox leading 12 to nothing.
JD Drew will play 154 games and hit 33 home runs and drive in 99.
Garry will pitch a no-hitter on August 8th.
Bosoxbrian will re-locate to Boston in early September and hit .506 for the remainder of the year and be named “comeback player of the year”
Ellen and Julia will take over as DH and hit 66 home runs.
Dave and Julio Lugo will take over as hosts of the Tonight Show.
Danica Patrick will stop by my house and offer to drive me to Fenway so I can become the new hitting instructor.
Greg, you will be named Personnel Director for the Sox and your first move will be to hire 25 cheerleaders who will dance on the dugouts and whip the crowd into a frenzy!
The Sox will win 125 games and sweep to the WS championship outscoring their opponents 2,356 to 453, setting a new MLB record.
Craig will spend the entire season cheering for the Sox while in the yogic Bound Lotus posture.

There you go, Greg. You asked for a different take on the Sox’ 2010 season and you got it!!

I had a morning of paying penance. or am I just a glutton for punishment?? I watched the final game of the Angels RedSox CS this morning..
My dose of humilty for the week!!!!

…oh BTW.. Papelbon still blew the game!!

Happy New Year! May the New Year bring Happiness, and Prosperous fulfillment to everyone.

Read some comments, Bay drove in over 100 rbi’s without Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Youk. He did it with a weak Pirates team, 2 times. Obviously if you give him guys in front of him who get on base his RBI’S are going to go higher. GEEZ. Plus if you hit .360 with RISP that helps.

Funny boy, Arnie!😉 Different take, all right! Perhaps Dave would not be so happy with his co-host, though! (Being pastorally-trained, as the new personnel director I could deal with Fenway in “Biblical proportions”!)😉 If we’re looking for power hitters, though, let alone another bat, perhaps we need 9tedw in there! Definition of a professional hitter!

What part will I take, Arnie? Will I still be translating Ian’s articles, or perhaps tackling a more significant role?

I’m terribly sorry Carlos. How could I have left you out?
Carlos, you will be playing first base to start 2010. After hitting 36 home runs in April, your popularity at home will rival that of Fernando Valenzuela, Vinnie Castilla,,,, even Vicente Fernandez! On Cinco de Mayo, to celebrate the Battle of Puebla and the defeat of those smelly French soldiers, you will hit home runs left-handed, right-handed, and one-handed, on three consecutive swings!!! You’ll end up breaking all single season home run records by double digits. There will be so many requests for locks of your hair for the senoritas bonitas back home you will end up bald by September 16th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,on which day you will hit 6 homeruns in an extra inning game and break the record for RBI in one game with 18! Viva la Independencia!!! Songs will be written in your honor. A Tequila brand will be named after you: Legendario de Carlos Anejo. You’ll be our hero!!!
By the way, Carlos, I was reading a few months ago that there was some trouble in Torreon. A reporter was kidnapped and killed by the drug gangs?? Be careful, my friend.

happy new year all……does anyone think beltre is commin to boston?…..i know hes bore *** but he would be a great fit….monster defender with pop….put him on a contender and u may see enormous numbers….can we afford him?….oh please….the ticket prices and sellouts should answer that 1….personally i dont think our offense is that bad….but we have nancy and her myriad of injuries….papi is in a contract yr and must produce….if papi mashes the ball next yr then we are set….i would put our order like this

v mart

now if we make the trade for gonzo….ian will be writin about the sox winnin the series in the new decade…if this trade is at all possible…u make it…period…i knew im beatin a dead horse but this could propel the sox into a decade of dominance….give gonzo a 6 yr 150 mill deal…it would also allow us to replace drew and cameron in the OF with some kids ….pendin who we have to send to sd….

if we add beltre….well ….things could be very interestin….personally i like havin lowell back…mikey and papi can share dh duties and mikey can be used to spell yuke and kotch….lowrie might be back also and havin him would surely help….when healthy he manages to drive runs in…i dont see gonzo commin till atleast july….if it was me tho…i would want those kids in SD now so the fans can see that we are serious on rebuildin…and theo would lock his job up for a longtime….oh ya….sign vic longterm theo…maybe 4 yrs….go sox….judge

Just changed my undies after I peed myself from your last post. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forgot to add yourself in there. You’ll be cooking dinner every night for Nancy Drew boy so he can stay healthy enough to get through the first 5 innings of 2010. He may be shot after that. The only different take I don’t want to see is that the Sox miss the play-offs. We’ve been lucky that they keep going year after year. This year may be a squeaker….Go Sox!!!! Bring on those happy pills!!!!!!!!

What’s your email address?

Hi All – BAD NEWS for Patriots fans…the initial reports are a torn ACL and MCL – same injury that Tom Brady had. Reports are that he will be out 6-12 months. AND we have an opponent – BRING ON THE RAVENS!!!

Carlos, aren’t you already the “Official Red Sox Candy Distributor”? Last I checked, they had a candy bar already named after you down in Mexico–Carlos V! Gives all of the Red Sox a sugar high, more readily than the Easter Bunny!😉


I noticed that, Julia. Bad news for the Patriots and the fans, very true!

Hey everyone,

Arnie, Lugo as my co-host sounds great. Certainly Lugo doing things like fire eating and high jumps from the Empire State building will really bring in viewers.

Hey, what is everyone’s New Years resolution. Mine is to cut down on junk food and eat healthy.

Greg and Arnie,
Wow, seems like it’s going to be a very busy 2010 for me! As you can probably tell though, I’ll be happy to contribute any way I can. Hey, as the Unofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico, maybe I can even talk Adrian Gonzalez into demanding a trade to Boston. Remdawg and Regular Rob better make the official RSN Mexico Ambassador!

Greg and Arnie,
Wow, seems like it’s going to be a very busy 2010 for me! As you can probably tell though, I’ll be happy to contribute any way I can. Hey, as the Unofficial Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico, maybe I can even talk Adrian Gonzalez into demanding a trade to Boston. Remdawg and Regular Rob better make me the official RSN Mexico Ambassador!

Carlos: You have my vote for ambassador. On a serious note, you should contact regular Rob and let him know of your interest.

What could it hurt?, and just think we would all have known you before you started your meteoric rise to political fame and shame…lol

I have a question Arnie: I’m still head cheerleader and welcome wagon hostess aren’t I???

I’m with Ellen, Carlos, why not do so? You already do some heavy lifting in translating Ian’s entries, so it’s not like you don’t have your foot in the door already. Why not?

You are still CEO of Ian’s Blog Cheerleading Inc.
And still Lead Welcomer, but now you are also splitting the DH job with Julia. It’s a lot to ask, but how else are the Sox going to cruise to the WS?

Okay Arnie… I squeeze it and swing for the fences..

Preliminary reports from ESPN that I caught in passing said that the Sox have made an offer to 3B Adrian Beltre (no terms mentioned when I heard), and that there are “other suitors”. Stay tuned…

That’s a great idea, Ellen! I will do that as soon as I get the chance (maybe later on tonight!). Thanks! And thank you too Greg, for the extra encouragement.

About the offer for Beltre that Greg speaks of, I found this on … Basically, they’re saying that according to a source, the Sox have made an offer (the writer flat-out GUESSES it’s a 2-year deal worth between $16 and $20 million). It also says that Baltimore, Anaheim and Oakland might be interested too, but that the Halos are probably the best fit of those three. A very vague piece, but could turn into something much clearer within the next 12 hours or so.

I guess Theo and Co. are back from winter vacation!

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