Boras on Beltre, Ellsbury

Say what you will about agent Scott Boras, but it can be interesting to hear what he has to say. At today’s Adrian Beltre press conference, Boras spoke about how his client’s deal came to fruition with the Red Sox.

“We had to sit down and kind of marshall through the competitive balance tax, which I learned more phases to it. There’s a signing bonus aspect to it, a plate appearance aspect to it,” said Boras.

This contract, in the eyes of Boras, was a “pillow contract” because there is a soft landing to it that will keep the player comfortable for the short term.

“We have tremendous respect for his abilities. For that reason, I approached Theo and said, ‘I don’t want a three-year deal. I understand your situation. Let’s see if we can work something else.’ I said, ‘I need a pillow contract, some sort of back end on this, but basically it’s going to be a one-year deal.’ Theo, I think, I was on the phone with him, but I think a smile came to his face.”

Boras also spoke of another one of his clients — Jacoby Ellsbury — being moved to center field.

“He’s been a center fielder his whole life. On the other hand, Mike Cameron is clearly a guy who has been a center fielder his whole life. He’s a veteran. To make an adjustment at this point in his career, we agreed that it’s probably better for the Red Sox to keep Mike in centerfield. Jacoby’s a good teammate and said, ‘I understand that.’

“The other thing is, [Ellsbury] is an intense offensive player. When you’re out there, with that body type, banging 60, 70 stolen bases… I studied who has 60, 70 stolen bases, who scores 100 runs and who plays centerfield long term. Check it out. The metrics don’t work. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. So the idea was, there is benefit and detriment to it. The idea was that your contribution to this team is so important to us, and the stress [centerfield] puts on your body is extraordinary.”


did you mean being moved to left field? or did they move him back? typo right?

Well, now that Beltre is officially a Sox I can stop whining about his pathetic hitting stats and start cheering for him.
So c’mon Beltre, get in shape starting NOW, and for God’s sake, start taking batting practice!!!! We want HITS, HR’s, RBI, STOLEN BASES!!!! GO GO GO!!!
There, that should motivate him.

ha yeah lets go defense!

Right on Arnie,
What we see is what we get so……Let’s go Scuturo, clap, clap, clap clap clap….all the way Beltre…clap, clap, clap clap clap…..slam one Cameron…clap, clap, clap clap clap Where is Trixie when you need her!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYes I am sober….maybe too much Mt Dew though!!!! Go Sox!!!

Awesome cheer, Craig!
Way to go!
Mountain Dew gives me the heeeebie jeeebies, way too much caffeine.

Make us happy Papi…..Play more than a few Drew…Be a Destroya Pedroia…hit like fury Ellsbury….Make ’em puke Youk…..need help with Martinez…

I am a Dew junkie!!!!!

Did Boras actually study it? Or did he cherry-pick something to favor his client. I guess this wouldn’t really favor Ellsbury though, as center field is a view wins of value greater, on average.

Okay Craig, try this one:
Winter, summer, spring and fall, How much did we spend on Hall??
Adri-an Adri-an.. Come on baby bang it again!!!!
Scuta-ro Scuta-ro, no matter where they hit it, thats where he’ll go!!!!
Its early yet, I need to exercise and stretch my cheering muscles!!!!

Hey everyone,

Can you believe this. I want to call my insurance agent and guess what “we are currently closed for the weekened due to inclement weather. ” It’s about .01 cm of snow on the ground. Are they kidding. On top of that Grocery stores were in panic with batteries and bread and milk sales. This is NUTS. Forgive me but a person why spent his whole life driving in blizzard conditions, I know what bad weather is all about!”

Food for thought– Anyone think about trading Big Papi and keeping Mikey as the DH. Lowell can certainly add more versatility in the field if need be. Don’t know if any no-trade clauses are involved.

Hey, Phil, glad you are doing well. Happy New Year!
I advocated as much on the last thread. I would prefer we trade Papi and retain Mike Lowell. Papi does have a no-trade clause, and if I remember right, it is not just a “limited” one. I am not so sure he would waive it, either (and I would not blame him). His contract is the more expensive one, also, and I think it would be harder to trade it, particularly after he hit below the Mendoza Line much of last year. I agree with you, though, I do think Lowell would be more of an advantage at DH. And someone might indeed trade for Papi, but it most likely would be the “usual suspects” in the AL. He would not be viewed as an asset by any NL team, at least that I can see.

Dave, yeah, that is a pretty common occurrence here, where the “rush on bread and milk” is par for the course. People do so before a storm hits, almost dutifully, like “here we go again”. Much less chaotic than in DC, where they never seemed to figure out what to do with snow. I used to marvel at the DC phenomenon, “DC sees a snowflake, the city panics and shuts down”. Par for the course–schools would shut down immediately. They have not been too much better about that here, but they kept the city from being totally snowed under here during the “Snowstorm Before Christmas”, so maybe they are finally learning to get ahead of the curve. (Not like they’ve lacked experience with it).

What’s next, Chief? It has been mentioned that not much has happened with the relief corps. Perhaps trade DelCarmen? (But I can wish…) I do suspect Theo will make a ‘pen move or two yet, even if “minor” ones.

Ok everybody what`s next for sox, I still would like to trade J DREW he misses to many games and also does give his all

Other teams might see Papi’s super limited versatility from miles away, and his salary is way out of reach for teams who might want a stricktly-DH player, so I’d be very surprised if we trade him. Plus, we’d probably get very little back, so I say keep Papi and Lowell, let their contracts run out, plug Papi in vs righties and Lowell vs lefties. We’d lose more that we’d gain if we trade either one, that’s what I think.
On help with the cheers, here’s a contribution: “Play smart, V-Mart!”, “You show dem, Bowden!”, “Show your pahwah, Tazawa!”, “Dissarm ’em, Delcarmen!”… the best I could come up with for Bonser was “Fly Lufthansa, Boof Bonsah!”

Good ones Carlos…..thanks for the assistance!!!!

Good ones Carlos…..thanks for the assistance!!!!

Good ones by you also Ellen. I know it’s early to be putting on your cheerleading attire but I thought I’d get you ready for the season….kind of like your own spring training!!!!

My Pom Poms, pleated skirt and sweater vest (I roll RETRO) are at the cleaners.. do you know how long it takes to steam iron those pleats??? But they will be here in plenty of time for the SEASON!!! lol

You guys are a gas…..

Happy New Year Jim!!! Its FREAKIN cold here for us in South Florida!! Hope that you are staying warm!~

Ellen, last I checked, even Miami was hitting the freezing mark. Not exactly helpful for the agriculture down there. Stay warm!

Julia, thanks for the “birthday wish” on the previous thread! The Red Sox would make me very happy that day with an Opening Day win!🙂 GO SOX!

I think Jacoby will be fine in left. He’s a good enough athlete, obviously. The Sox’s defense should be better with Beltre at third, and now Cameron added to your outfield.

Hi All – Did you all hear this about Dice-K?

You’re welcome for the birthday wish Greg!!!!!

And I am ALL in favor of keeping Mikey as our DH!

I know it will be tough without Wes Welker – but LET’S GO PATRIOTS!!!

Julia, I thought something like that was up with Dice-K. It does not surprise me AT ALL, incl. the way he handled the issue. The article’s final sentence says it well–and I have thought the same thing: Signing John Lackey might be a smarter move than first thought (paraphrase). I think it is also why they willingly, and quickly, signed Wake. GO SOX!

Reagrding the Lice-K story:
Oh My God!!! he needs to start acting human and not superhuman
.. Holy God.. This is the REDSOX for crimeneys sake.
That man actually thinks that he is bigger than the team!!!!! BITE ME!!!!
I think that salary sanctions are in order. WOW!!! I cant imagine that!! and to be STUPID enough to say it to someone who can put it into print????????????
Who the f * * * does he think he is?????????????????
Oh and I’m just getting started. more thoughts later

I’m with you on Dice-K, Ellen.
No way he should put the WBC ahead of, or above the Sox. It’s unreal, he seems not to respect or understand the obligation that all those millions per year carry with them. Sox first, all else second. OK, well, maybe family first….

Okay, I’ve had a decent nights sleep and have thought about the story that Julia brought to our attention regarding Matsuzaka.
He has this overblown sense of self over team. What a pompous jerk!
When was this interview done?? Did the RedSox know about it??
This is really making my blood boil (good thing I guess, since its so cold this morning). Lately, when something is bothering me, I’m like a dog with a bone, and can’t let it go.
You have players on that team with far superior talent and they seem to keep their egos in check. I know that he’s got the Japanese pride thing going, but, HELLO???? You are making millions of AMERICAN DOLLARS, PLAYING FOR AN AMERICAN TEAM, THAT PAYS YOU THOSE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS. You have an OBLIGATION to those folks who afford you the luxurious lifestyle that I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to. You, at this point in your career, should know that your meal ticket is is your first obligation, and the people who pay it.
This crap of “I’m sorry to make you worry”, is just that:CRAP
He thinks that he is bigger than the organization. The fact that he blamed the teams training regiment for his injury?? Also CRAP. He said he was in charge of his training. HIS FAULT.
He can be a hero to the people of his home country and to his very generous bosses and the fans who pay good money for his jerseys and such by just being a man, stepping up and doing his JOB.
How many more WINS would the Sox have had, if he had not been on the DL to begin with… and then a 2nd trip to it??
The way I’m seeing it now, his little prideful stunt cost the Sox more than just losses.. Quite possibly the season.
I say trade him!!!

BONZAI!!! Ellen, way to go!

Well, I see the Patriots are off to a fine start. Uh, NOT!
Ellen, back when the original Dice-K story broke, when he was criticizing the Red Sox’ training program, I said that Dice-K might want to investigate going back to Japan, considering that he has been unwilling to adapt to the idea that he is not pitching for Japan anymore. This just amplifies it, in my mind, and it would be due time for him to do so. (It is the main reason his response does not surprise me). I said then, and I still say it: He does not want to find out what happens if Fenway turns against him. NOT GOOD, DICE-K!!

I hear ya, Ellen. When Dice-K signed the contract his focus should have been the Sox, not the WBC. And to hide an injury so he could play in the WBC is a HUGE mistake. Unacceptable.

Thanks for the kudos guys.. I am just sick to death of people who come to this country, accept the paycheck that they are given and then spit on the people who sign those checks!!!
What would you or I give to make that kind of money and receive the adoration of millions?? I would give just about anything to have a career that allowed me to be at Fenway everyday!!!!

I am shocked that an athlete would hide an injury ( I hope you folks caught my sarcasm )

Dice-K can shut up alot of critics this season and that is going out there and kicking butt on the mound. Francona spoke during the season about the lack of communication between Dice-K and the Red Sox. It sounds like both sides are on the same page….for now!

A dissapointing loss for the Pats today but not surprised with the result. The Pats got MANHANDLED today in front of the home crowd. I have been saying this for about the past (3) seasons, the Patriots need to get PHYSICAL on both sides of the ball. Even if N.E. showed up today and beat Balt. they would have gotten SMOKED in S.D. Oh by the way—this means nothing but I think S.D. is the team to beat!

It’s one thing for Dice-K to hide an injury so he could play for the Sox, but another thing altogether to do so for the purpose of playing in the WBC.


Not only people from outside of the country, people from this country are just as guilty. The list is longgggggggg!

He sure has set himself up for the coming season. If he doesn’t go out there and kick butt from the outset, he is going to find the season in Fenway very, very long. He won’t get the adulation he is used to back home, that is for sure! If, on the other hand, he does go out and kick butt, we will all be very, very pleased.

Dice-K is just another example of an an athlete who makes a dump-load of $$$$$$$$ and can buy everything he wants and needs except a functional brain. When Dice-K made it to the Japanese major leagues they removed his tongue. When he played in his first WBC they removed his brain. When he signed with the Sox they put his tongue back in….Go Sox.


LOL!! Agreed 100%!

Though I’m certainly no pitching expert, but have hit quite a few balls (college level being my last) I can honestly say that I was never too fond of the Japanese style (herky jerky) to begin with, nor have I ever warmed up to Dice-K. When he went down and out last year, I really didn’t notice much, nor did it make a difference to me. When he came back it was sort of a novelty again, but I can live without the guy on the team, quite honestly. If it weren’t for the chance we took and the money spent on this guy, I’d say package him along with some prospects and pick up that bopper we need. Won’t happen, though.

Holy C*aP! All I had to do was come here for amazing RedSox Review? Damn, there’s a lot of time I now realize I wasted that I’ll never get back. The Trolley has a new stop to make on it’s daily run!
Pillow contract! (pfff…where’v I been?)

I have a new rule of thumb. if the Mets want him, walk away. With all due respect to Jason Bay, there is a reason why the Mets never go anywhere despite the boatloads of money they pour into the team. The Mets should have had Dice-K.
Dice-K is caught up in the stardom + loyalty to country (Japan) curse. He viewed the WBC as a way to support Japan. The Red Sox seem to be a paycheck to him. All the media attention and all the hype have made him more of a joke than a real pitcher. Well the novelty will wear off soon if Dice-K continues to leave his brain in the toilet.

So..did we all hear about Mark McGwire?

He finally admitted what we all knew..he brought Maris’ record while on Steroids…..

I AM SHOCKED!!!!! (she says with a voice and facial expressions bathed in sarcasm) He’s a cheat and now that he has admitted steroid use (= cheating) his name should be forever off the ballot for Cooperstown just like Pete Rose’s is. If not, you have to give Rose the chance as well.
He sits down for a live interview with Bob Costas on MLB Network at 7 eastern tonight. Not sure if I can stomach the whole thing, but I’ll tune in for a while.
About Matsuzaka, I wonder what, if anything the RedSox FO has had to say regarding the article that Jules brought to our attention. Has anyone heard??

I wonder when Ortiz will admit his wrongdoing???

I agree with you Ellen 100%. If McGwire gets in ( admitted cheater ) Pete Rose must get in as well. Then again if Gaylord Perry and Phil Niekro are in ( known cheaters ) well…don’t get me started on those two pitchers.

Another guy that is completely and totally FULL OF S*H*I*T!!!!

Remember the night he hit the big one?? How he picked up his son and hugged Roger Maris’ family?? Tell me.. He didn’t know when he did those things that what he accomplished hadn’t been done so without cheating?? BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SSSSSSSSSSS.

I also wonder when Papi will “come out”… We all know what it was. I feel like what they all have done is filthy.. They treated us, the LOYAL FANS, and the American public as if we were stupid.. You dont go from being a ~stick figure~ of a guy to being built like a redwood with weights!!! Unless what it is that you are lifting is a syringe. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.. AINT HAPPENING AGAIN MR MCGWIRE!!!

I’m going to disagree with you guys a little about the steroids.
When McGwire, Sosa, Bonds and those guys were taking steroids in the 90’s Major League Baseball had not yet made it against the rules. The owners had to know or at least suspect, the union must have known, the commish likely was aware, the fans certainly suspected, I know I did. I mean, cmon, there are suddenly 3 guys breaking a 40 year old record in the span of a couple seasons? But everybody LOVED it!! It was so exciting, Sosa and Mark chasing each other and the record! When the Cards and Cubs played each other that year it was as if the score of the game was a foot note. Add to all of that the fact that sports at that level is so competitive, the players will do almost anything to get an edge. Whether it’s vitamin C, a double espresso, or a white cross, or steroids, if it gives you an edge, the chances are it will be used. It was asking too much of these players to say, as baseball did, “It’s not against the rules, we’re not going to test you, but don’t do it.” Why aren’t the owners investigated to find out what they knew? Bud Selig? The team doctors? Surely some of these people knew what was going on.

As far as Pete Rose is concerned, I think he should be in the Hall. The difference with Pete is that he absolutely had to know the risks of what he was doing, considering baseball’s history with gambling and the tough stance baseball has taken with gambling since the Black Sox scandal. MLB has taken a zero tolerance stand against gambling for a long time. Pete knew that and gambled on the games anyway. It was just downright stupid, what Pete did.

Two all beef (not raised with natural feed) patties, special sauce (oh yeah very special sauce), lettuce, cheese, pickles,onions on a sesame seed bun with a side order of BS. Here’s to Big Mac!!! The ONLY reason you came clean was because you finally realized you need baseball more than it needs you. Of course you were a gifted ballplayer, but the roids did allow you to recover faster and play longer – so yes, the numbers are STILL very much tainted.

I feel the same way. There were hundreds of players taking the same stuff. It helped a few, but not very many. It only helped those who really did not need it. That is the sad thing. Baseball cards and everything else in baseball exploded during the 1998 homerun chase. Everyone said McGuire and Sosa saved baseball that year. All was well in baseball again. Gee…I wonder why everyone turned a blind eye. So now it’s the players left holding the bag even though a lot of others knew what was going on. There are two sides to every story…even this one. I won’t get on the “all you guys were bad” bandwagon as that’s too easy a route to take. I followed McGuire and Sosa that whole season. Anyways….I am glad Mark McGuire came out and told the truth. Because in about a week it dies a slow death and he can get on with his life. No more story. These writers who feast on this crap because they can’t find anything else to write about will have to flock to Clemens or Bonds now. McGuire can’t control the HOF voters but what he could control he took care of today. He’ll sleep better at night and life will go on. He got caught up in the “steroid era” like hundreds of others and unfortunately for him… helped him a lot more than 99% of the rest of the guys who will never have to answer for it. I doubt McGuire will see the HOF until they call this the steriod era….but at least he’s not hiding it anymore. Sleep well Mark….you’ll know ina few days you did the right thing…and you’ll be able to smile again. I’ll be looking forward to that. Everyone makes mistakes……”If I knew then what I know now” I’ve said that a few times in my life. Go Sox

Oh….I’m ready to be ripped, no pun intended…but I am a forgiving person and am quick to bury the hatchet. Go Sox.

Orlando Cepeda is in the HOF…known drug trafficker….There’s a few others in there without perfect credentials.

I am not going to rip anyone… Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Dont think that I am just singling out McGwire.. I feel the same about all of them. I even think that Trot was a user. I know>> Blaspheme!!
I just hate that he stood there looking into the eyes of his little boy, and physically embracing the Maris Family knowing, that he didnt do it on his own. The Maris kids have come out now and said that they now believe that their fathers 61/61 is the true record. Me too.

Here’s a different take on the Dice-K story. Consider that without his performance in the 1st WBC with team Japan, he probably wouldn’t have been discovered nor gotten paid the way he did. The 2nd WBC rolls around, and considering the importance of honor in Japanese culture, maybe Dice-K figures he owes is to his country to play and try and help Japan win again. I don’t know how much players get payed for the WBC, but I don’t think they do it for the money primarily, rather for pride, honor and yes, increasing their fame. One of the many things I admire about Americans is your pride to be Americans, the way most of you put the USA way up at the top of your priorities. So Dice-K did that too. I agree, he was wrong to do that because he’s getting paid big money to perform at a high level with the Red Sox, and without the Red Sox’s permission, he wouldn’t have even played in the WBC, but can you really blame him for putting his country over his employer? Would you really have acted differently?

About McGwire, I’m just glad that steroids and other PEDs are no longer permitted in baseball. I do believe Canseco when he estimates 80% of players used PEDs during the ‘Steroid Era’, but obviously stars like McGwire and Bonds, Clemens and Sosa will get most of the heat because they benefited most from PEDs. But McGwire did break Maris’s record, and Bonds did break Aaron’s, and Pete Rose is the all-time hits king, so I think the Baseball Hall of Fame is incomplete without these three in it. With a huge asterisk and explanation of what they did and why it was wrong, but still in there. I can’t fathom a Hall of Fame that doesn’t include the holders of some of the most famous records of the sport.

Carlos, In my book you could have stopped at “without the 1st WBC…” I was never a big fan of Dice K and especially at the price the Sox paid just to be able to talk to him. Considering that, I think he has been a bust. I think that the Sox could have done better tight here in the states!!! So if Dice K and his yet to have been seen “gyro ball” had not ben discovered, thats ok with me.
I respectfully disagree regarding McGwire. He, in his own words on live tv said what he did was wrong. He doesnt deserve to be in the hall. Wait… unless they add a wing for all the asterisk’d players.

right here in the states

I think McGuire is just glad he doesn’t have to hold it in anymore. He has already seen what it has done to his HOF chances before he admitted it. I doubt his admitting it will help his chances any better and he knows that. His numbers stay the same whether he is in or out. A lot of media first said just tell the truth. So he does and gets ripped even more. Now the media is ripping him because they don’t like the way he came out about it. No wonder no one wants to come forward. He was always hurt….took some bad advice before anyone even addressed the issue….and is now paying the ultimate pennance as he will probably never be inducted into the HOF. How much more can you really do to him. I remember when someone would get on me about something when I was deployed to some crap whole at the end of the earth. I would always say….”what are you going to do to me…take my birthday away and send me to this wretched place. Oh wait….my birthday is tomorrow and I’m already in this wretched place. You’ve already done pretty much all you can do to me.” I think McGuire is there now. Give me a break. He admitted it now move on. Go Sox.

Ellen, I agree on your thoughts about Matsuzaka being a bust. We paid way too much for what we have gotten so far, and I don’t think he’ll ever by Cy Young material, which is pretty much what we paid for, so I figure he’ll never measure up. Still, I think he’ll have a better season in 2010 than he’s had so far, making him a very good No. 4 or 5 in our stacked rotation.

While I think the Hall should at least acknowledge the sport’s record setters, I’m terribly disgusted with Mark McGwire. He expects us to believe steroids and other PEDs didn’t help him hit all those home runs? He expects us to believe he didn’t cheat? He expects us to feel sorry for him because he “feels terrible”? He expects us to believe he only took steroids to recover from injuries and his body “breaking down”, and not to gain an edge over sluggers who played before him, with him and after him? He expects us to believe he pronounced this partial confession because he wanted to come clean and because he “couldn’t live with it anymore”, not because he’s coming back to baseball and would like reconsideration for HOF voting? —> No Mark, we don’t believe you. And I loved Jose Canseco reminding us that “There’s no crying in baseball!”

I personally am not interested in what happens to all this steroid era mess….I just want spring training to start so I can focus on the Sox. But I will never be able to listen to Jose Canseco. I never liked him before and it’s not getting any better. He has told some truth but since he feels “black balled” by baseball….you can’t tell me he did not add any spice to his stories. He reminds of a police informant who was doing crack with all his buddies and is now trying to gain favor and make $$$$$$ (his book) by ratting them out. Misery loves company. He may not be gaining much favor but he is getting a lot more attention than he deserves…and he is eating it up. Anyways….I guess I have beat this horse to death so I think I am done with this subject…hopefully by spring training we can focus on the Sox and get a guage where they stand Go Sox!!!!!

Hey Greg — I assume you are rooting for the ‘Boys now🙂

DGN: Fat chance! Anyone BUT the Cowboys!😉
To tell you the truth, I’m kinda pulling for the Saints.

I like the Saints to: Boys, Chargers, Saints for me in that order.

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