Wake and MDC

Here are some leftovers from the Boston Baseball Writers DInner.

Tim Wakefield? It doesn’t sound like the Red Sox envision him for a relief role, despite having six starters for five spots at the moment.

“I haven’t thought about that a lot. He’s a starter,”Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. “I think what we need to do is … for the last three or four years we haven’t had him at the end of the year. It’s probably hard for Wake to understand. He sees us signing guys and probably that’s a normal human reaction. What we’re trying to do is have our guys stay healthy and productive. You hear us say that all the time, all year. I think this is the best way we can do that. How that slots out, we really don’t know yet.”

While it’s true the Red Sox didn’t go out and make a major bullpen addition this winter, pitching coach John Farrell made a very interesting point.

“One acquisition we made this offseason would be getting Many Delcarmen back to what he was for two and a half years prior to the second half of last season,” said Farrell. “He was one of the top four or five middle relievers in all of baseball and he’s a key part of our bullpen. Getting him back to the form he pitched at for a two and a half year stretch will go a long way toward putting him back in that category of performer that he was. A lot of times, most recent outings are the most fresh in guys minds and how they draw confidence from that. It’s important for us to get him in to a confident state as we start the games in spring training and continue to build on. I think there was some fatigue that set in with him toward the end of the season and kept him off the postseason roster. They weren’t to the extent of a major injury, but the result of certain outings. He didn’t have the need for any repair or anything like that. We expect and anticipate he’ll get back to that level.”


Somehow the Sox have to find a way to get DelCarmen to repeat his good performance on a regular basis. He’s got great stuff and is brilliant at times. He just lacks consistency. He doesn’t get a lot of love on here but if that is what the Sox are counting on we’d better get behind him. He is one of the stronger arms we have left in the pen….and it doesn’t look like the Sox are going to do anything else for a while. Go Sox….

I’ll be interested to see where Shouse fits in. I think you’re right, Craig, I don’t see more than another smaller move or two. We’ll see.

I don’t ever recall Manny Delcarmen being consistent or dominant for a full season. I really am afraid that not improving the bullpen will be the strategic blunder of 2010.

With all the talk of a new kind of SOX team this year, about “run prevention” and defense, and 2-1 and 3-1 games — … I am not buying it with our bullpen in its present state… yea maybe, until the 7th or 8th inning, until it turns into 2-3 and 3-4 loss, with not enough fire power to drive in runs in the late innings.

And besides, if we liked 2-1 and 1-0 games we would be hockey fans🙂 Plus, no one likes sitting through 9 innings and seeing one or two runs come across the plate, unless the pitching is just stellar on both sides, rather than due to fact that you can’t produce runs. If they turn the SOX into this kind of team … they could lose their precious sell out streak — not enough strike force will eventually turn in to a down turn in fan turn out due to not enough entertainment, too boring, — unless the soccer and hockey fans start liking baseball and fill the void🙂

folks here is the problem with the bullpen and the pitching staff in general. and it’s not their fault. even IF they are really good ( which i think they will be ) that’s not good enough. they are gonna have to be lights out great for this team to contend for a wild card spot with this offense. and it ‘s really not fair because they are probably gonna wind up catching a lot of heat for giving up a run here and there when the true issue is the offense. you can’t expect to consistently hold good teams to 2-4 runs and if you project out the numbers of this offense based on career averages thats pretty much what they figure to be asked to do. especially on the road.

I agree with you completely. As I’ve said on here many times…the pitchers will be going out to the mound knowing they have little breathing room and that does not help either. That’s when they try to be too perfect and we all know what happens when you try to do that…..(Dice-K)
Go Sox!!!!!!

I don’t understand why it has to be run prevention at the expense of run production. Can’t we have both?
If you recall last winter Papi was saying the Sox needed another big bat. Now this winter we have one less big bat going into spring. At some point the Sox will need to score a run or two to get a victory.
You can’t expect the bullpen to give up zero runs.
Overall, I don’t see the team being that much better next year. Maybe worse if Cameron and Beltre do not each have a huge 2010 at the plate. Not many teams with 4 very good hitters and 5 mediocre hitters get very far.

But, enough whining, my friends!! 2010 is going to be a great year for the Sox. They will set the record for fewest errors and for lowest team ERA next year. Mike Cameron will finally take my advice and take Olive Leaf Extract supplements and drink Neem Leaf tea to regain his youth and hit HOME RUNS!!!! Adrian Beltre will be the only player in Major League history to hit a bunt home run, don’t ask me how. John Lackey will break Hershiser’s consecutive shutout innings streak. Bud Selig will give the Sox hitters an exemption to the no-steroid rule out of mercy after they go the first 6 weeks of the season without a run! Dustin Pedroia will grow to 6 feet tall by the end of the season. It’ll be grand!

I see you have acquired some rose colored goggles to go with your happy pills!!!!!! Sign me up. Don’t worry…the Sox are going to pick up Lugo, Richie Sexson and Jeff Weaver at the trade deadline!!!! BTW….What is the name of the restauraunt again????? Don

Not sure what the Don thing was……Maybe I was thinking we will need Don Drysdale at the trade deadline!!!!!

BTW: I’m having a sale on RoseColored Glasses and Half FULL glasses. Buy one Get one free!!! Arnie, Are you interested??
While supplies last.

you resort to the “run prevention” BS when you KNOW your offense is gonna be bad and if you read the most recent quotes from theo and tito even though they say all the right things you can almost hear them saying we know this team sux offensively.one other note about “run prevention”. 4 of the top 5 teams in ERA missed the playoffs last year. 4 of the top 5 in offense made them. just sayin.

arnie. actually IF handled correctly next year is set up perfectly with the 1 yr deal for beltre. assuming mauer makes it to FA. resign v-mart and move him to 1b. move youk to 3b and do whatever it takes to get mauer. that said it’ll never happen. theo lost tex and holliday because he wouldn’t go over 5 yrs. and mauer ain’t signing a 5 yr deal and theo will get punked by cashman again.

I love John Farrell’s comment that Delcarmen is one of the top four or five middle relievers in all of baseball. LOL! Are you kidding me???? Delcarmen had a GREAT first-half but was BRUTAL in the second-half. Delcarmen has shown me one thing and that is he is very inconsisent! Delcarmen has the tools/stuff to be a solid reliever but I wonder what’s between the ear’s. He gets down on himself very quick if something goes wrong–in other words he loses confidence quick and that isn’t a good thing for a reliever. I assume with that statement by Farrell, he is trying to give Delcarmen some much needed confidence because their is no way that Farrell believes what he said. LOL!!

Wakefield is a starter and not a reliever. At this stage of his career he has earned that right. Also a reliever needs to inherit baserunners and do the Red Sox really want a knuckleballer come into a game with runners on base??? No way!! Wakefield has no clue when he enters a game how the knuckleball will do!

I have stated on here a few times about my concern about the bullpen. Ramirez was shaky after a great first two months or so. Delcarmen–we all know the story with him. How much gas in the tank for Oki??? He has had lots and lots of appearances since coming to Boston back in 2007. Bard in my opinion is the only reliever that will be better in 2010 than 2009. Boston has him right from the get go and he hasn’t even scratched the surface on how good he’ll be.

If I’m a starting pitcher, this lineup doesn’t scare me in the least. I read someone say ( don’t remember who it was ) that Boston won a W.S. with Bellhorn hitting in the 2 hole–which is true. One thing they left out was their were guys named Ortiz and Ramirez in the middle of that lineup. I don’t see that in this Boston lineup of 2010— a guy named Ortiz but only by name of course!

So far Theo has learned from his mistakes. He hasn’t done a Walmart/Salvation Army deal yet for a starting pitcher. My favorite—“No Risk” “High Reward” singnings! That being said—it will probably happen this week with some scrub! LOL!!

It’s been reported that Theo was seen talking to Jim Lonborg and Sonny Siebert….more low risk high reward action on the horizon. Stay tuned.

More on that story….Lonborg wants 6 years but Theo would not budge. Farrell said that IF Lonborg could return to his performance from 1967 it would be a good thing.

I wonder if Schilling can file a defamation of character lawsuit against Coakley in the Mass Senate race?? She stated that Schill was a Yankee fan!!! Talk about a sacrilege.

Thats reason enough for her to lose an election.. (and I dont even live in Mass!!!) But Ive been hearing alot about her this weekend. Did she REALLY call him a Yankee fan??? If so, string her behind up!!!!

I just read an excerpt of the interview… What a BUFOON.
She deserves to lose simply on that statement… HAHA!

Brian, did you get the memo?? Theo’s strategy has been re-named, “High Risk No Reward”

Craig, did you ask the name of the restaurant here? If so, it’s called Efrain’s III Mexican, in Longmont. 451 So. Pratt Parkway. When you are in Colorado stop in and say “Hi”

Scott, I doubt Mauer is coming to Boston. If he goes on the market he will fetch way too much money for way too many years.. He’ll likely end up on one of the New York teams.

Thanks Arnie….if I can talk my boss in to stopping by I’ll give you a Shout!!!!!


You missed the entire statement of Manny Delcarman by John Farrell. What he said was, “Delcarmen is one of the top four or five middle relievers in all of baseball. Did I just say that? Wow, my brain is losing it. Is this live?”
In fairness, I like Manny Delcarman. He comes across as a decent sounding fellow and certainly playing in Boston against that backdrop would grind anybodies stomach down. I couldn’t take the pressure of having to be perfect all the time.

No worries there!! manny has a great stomach, so I guess he’s not too worried about that perfect thing! lol

Wow. The Jets are in and the Pats are out. Somewhere, Julia is vomiting, I just know it. The good thing about the playoffs is that now I don’t have to listen to all these Cowboy blowhards any longer!

Thats true Jim, but what you will hear is how those Big Mean Vikings ran up the score on them… something that they know NOTHING about, lol!!!

Hey, I can’t believe you guys are picking on my Cowboys (America’s team🙂, LOL) It wasn’t them who were the blow-hards, it was the media (for some inexplicable reason) probably trying to jinx them, and apparently it worked.

Anyway, the Cowboys used to be a class act, at least at the coaching level (Tom Laundry), and they had plenty of colorful characters back then too. Then their management sold out to the wicked witch of the midwest (Jerry Jones), but they still had a core of good respectable players (Aikman, Moose, Smith, and others). But ultimately the egos of the wicked Jones and Johnson era did their evil work and destroyed what they did not have the character to sustain…. and its going to be that way for a very long time.

To be fair, perhpas most of the owners of pro football teams/sports– may be pretty much birds of a feather. My question is, what franchise who has come under “evil ownership” will regain any form of respect first, the Redskins, Raiders, Cowboys, Forty-Niners — the first three are obvious captives to ownership and I see little hope of recovering until that changes. Don’t know much about the 49ers management, so I can’t speak to that.

DGN, while I was more than happy to see the Cowboys lose😉, the downside is that we have to listen to (or mute) the talk about FAV-RE for another week! Ah, trade-offs…
As far as the Redskins are concerned, Daniel Snyder is too incompetent to be “evil”. He flunked out of “Evil Ownership School”. About now, we would settle for “benign neglect”.:/
Also until recently, I could still emerge from Sundays with a Patriots win. Those days may very well be over, also, until we get the team “rebuilt”. I think it will be a couple leaner years for the Patriots until that happens, though.

Unless something really stunning occurs, it appears Theo will have completely avoided arbitration again. The Sox have reportedly agreed to a 1-year, $9.35 mil contract with Pap. I’m not sure what the status is on the other three who arb, filed, but they should be a piece of cake compared to Pap.
I also noticed that King Felix has signed on with Seattle for 4 more years. He must really like what the M’s are doing with their off-season moves–or their FO is serving some SERIOUS Kool-Aid.

Since you folks have mentioned football, wouldn’t it be cool to see Favre against Sanchez in the Super Bowl? The wily old veteran against the young gun! I can’t say I like the Vikings or the Jets, but who cares, the quarterback storyline alone would be worth it.

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