Tickets available Saturday

I know a lot of you are probably clamoring for a chance to go to a Sox game at Fenway in 2010.

Well, you will have your chance, starting Saturday at 10 a.m., when tickets to nearly all home games will go on sale at

The Sox have the longest sell-out streak in Major League history, so you best pounce on tickets while they are still available.

The only games that won’t be available Saturday are all Yankees games and the three-game set against Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers in June. Tickets to those games will be available in a random drawing, to be held at a later date.

On June 17, 2009, the Sox became the first team in Major League history to sell out 500 consecutive home games. The streak started on May 15, 2003.

In trying to allow as many people as possible a chance to go to a game at Fenway, the club will set a maximum purchase of eight tickets per person.

Fans who requite accessible seating can call 877-REDSOX9 while hearing impaired fans should call the TTY line at (617) 226-6644.

The Sox will open their 2010 season on the night of April 4 – which is Easter Sunday – against the Yankees.

After the three-game series against New York, the Red Sox will hit the road for a six-game journey to Kansas City and Minnesota. In that latter stop, they will help the Twins open their new ballpark, Target Field.

Boston’s first extended homestand off the season is set for April 16-25 against the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles.

There you have it. If you have any other questions, I’ll do my best to get them answered!


Well Ian, I now that the prices o the tickets are still reasonable.. but when you add in airfare and acomodations, looks like I’m still just dreaming of seeing Fenway!!!!
AHHHH… But maybe someday…

I hope to catch a game at Fenway this year. Or maybe I’ll go to an away game again. ellenc, you should try that if you could. It’s not the same as Fenway, but just seeing the Red Sox play is amazing!! Personally, I’d go to Camden Yards again if I had the chance. Great stadium, but it doesn’t replace Fenway.

I’m in Ellen’s camp, again. If I could get airfare, hotel, etc., out of the way, I’d be in good shape for a set of tickets…oh, well, I can wish, somewhere down the line…

Holly, I’m an IrishSox kid too (or I used to be a kid!! I’m 50 now)!!!
The closest city that the Sox vivit is still about 300 miles away (Tampa). I’ve checked availability for Spring training games and the tickets (for days I can get there) are few and far between.
I am going to try to get to the Trop to see the Sox and the Rays later in the season. But SOMEDAY I WILL GET TO FENWAY!!!

2nd: I’ll email you a reply to the question about the website. I should be able to sit down tonight and write to you (can’t bowl due to my back for 2 weeks)

Besides, If I went to Fenway I wouldnt be able to blog with you all during the games!

HEY!!! You guys are SOOOOOO not nice!!! 😦 I’ll just wonder away….head hung….scuffing my toe on a rock…… LOL!

SOOOOOO Damon to the Blue Jays? Read an article on MLB at Bat! Stay tuned……..

Anyone else snowed in? Dave, I understand you’ve gotten hit pretty hard in Nashville. We’re just now underway with the snow here, and we’re expected to get AT LEAST a foot of snow, and perhaps over a foot-and-a-half! Y’all stayin’ warm?😉 GO SOX!

I know this is probably unpopular with many of you, but I have to forgive most players on their contracts, by the time their egos and the pride and greed of agents, owners, and players get in the mix, there are lot of bad decisions made all the time….. so here it goes… I wouldn’t mind having Johnny Damon back — he is a gritty player (you got to give him that)… and hot in the play-offs (proved that every playoff series he has been in). I think Damon in left, and Elsbury in center, would definitely have be stronger offensively than Cameron and Elsbury — plus you got Hermida to keep the ware off Damon. And mostly its his winning determination, more Lackey type bulldog mentalities that we need.

Conversely (sort of), one could observe that Red Sox management doesn’t put up with bloated egos (Clemens, Manny, Damon, Pedro)… or on the other hand, there may be overly sensitive egos (for their positions) somewhere in the management (which I fear is true). They never seem to be able to neutralize or manage the borderline or over-inflated ego. Hope that it is the former, the no over the top ego policy, and not the my ego is bigger than yours – I fear its the latter at times.

Finally, back to this Bay thing. I find that I am often at odds with the Sox medical staff (from afar). They seem to have amongst the most injury prone staff for the past few years. To me it seems like a borderline hypochondriac mentality — perfect for players like Drew who need no help with that tendency. Why are players so fragile these days? The program and mentality hovering over them has nothing to do with it? Anyway — they seemed to get it right about Pedro (but most of us could see that coming with the naked eye as well) but the dispute over Bay, seems like the worry-wart-Sox mentality doing its thing again. I might not have resigned him either, but because of strikes out and streakiness. The medical paronoia bothers me…. Of course you can’t tell from a distance, but its too much mother-hover for me (during the seasons and maybe now in the off).

DGN, I think you are right about the Sox medical staff for the most part. Either that, and/ or what the Sox FO does with that medical information. There does seem to be too much medical micromanaging going on, and it does seem to be a hypochondriac tendency. I can understand why someone would not have re-signed Bay from a streakiness perspective (I probably still would have), but Bay bent over backwards (if we believe Bradford’s interview got it right) to humor the Red Sox concerns, and it wasn’t good enough. I think Bay was perfectly in his right to tell them to shove off.
As for the “bloated egos” question, I think there is some of that going on on both sides–I doubt it is an “either/ or”. “Beam Me Up Scotty” fits that persona very well, but I’m sure there is something of a two-way street there.
You can have Damon, though–I’ll pass.
Take care, DGN.

The money they paid Cameron, who is strikeout machine at age 37, you got my vote. They should have brought Damon back. Terrible signing by Epstein.

On the flip side, DGN, the Sox FO does seem to do something right with regards to arbitration cases. I don’t think it is an accident that Theo and Co. have been able to avoid arb. cases the entire time they’ve been in charge–incl. being willing to go year-to-year with another “fill the room ego”, Papelbon. Whoever is actually in charge of that in the FO is doing something right.

Hey, DGN, since you’re willing to take Damon, perhaps he’ll play for the “other evil empire” the Dallas Cowboys?😉 Maybe he can catch a Romo pass!😉

Yeah, 9tedw, whatever we think about Damon, the Cameron signing was a head-scratcher, at best. Hmmm… GO SOX!!

The irony is that the same management that signed Drew shied away from Bay. How can you reconcile that? JD is an injury machine. Oh well, time to quit whining and start getting ready for pitchers and catchers!! I’m dusting off my Dick Radatz glove so I can be in shape for the spring. Garry is going to swing by and give me a ride to Florida. It’s gonna be a blast.

So does getting Molina mean we’re not going to get another catcher if we trade Mike Lowell? (Ahem, Theo?…) Is Fisk available?

I just got my Paul Blair glove out of moth balls!!! lol. I know, Paul Blair… It was the only one my dad could find on short notice one year!!!! I WANTED a Joe Rudi….
How does the club plan to use Molina???? Another “acquisition” that I truly am shaking my head over… Its not even Benji!!!!
Just what we needed… another catcher who is ready to hang up the cleats!!

I’d take that hottie Carlton Fisk over Molina ANY day.. even as a catcher, lol!!!!! He’s almost as hot as Mikey!!

You’ve never been to Fenway, Ellen? Wow. GOTTA go. We go every year, but we pay the $ for the tickets! Oh, and you CAN blog from a laptop at Fenway. We did it up in the right field deck where they filmed that dating show and got a GREAT signal. Once in a while, we’re lucky to have relatives give up their seats while they’re up at Lake Winnepesaukee and we happen to be in Boston. We see Boston play every year in Arlington, L.A. and sometimes in KC. We will travel when they play in Phoenix or Denver. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to swing in and try Arnie’s cuisine when we’re in Longmont. One thing we have NEVER done is Ft. Meyers. Usually we’re somewhere in AZ when spring training starts. Is it hard for you (Ellen) to get tickets to the Trop? Seems like every time we watch one of those games there’s an awful lot of invisible fans! Maybe Brian can hook you up! Greg, I’ll do my best to put in an order for some sunshine for you this week. We have an overabundance at this point in West Texas. My son and I spent two hours in tees and shorts at the ballfield just now…. Maybe Puxatawney Phil won’t see his shadow on Tues and you’ll get a reprieve! Heck, if nothing else head South! WAY South. My brother says it’s beeeutiful in Naples. Talkin’ beisbol: I’ll pass on Damon. My kid’s arm is stronger and he’s probably as quick. And he can switch hit. Damn shot his wad in Boston, then bailed. We don’t need him. I’m still scratching my head about Cameron, but I’m not the GM… Defensively, Boston should be just fine. I hope Mikey ends up with a good team and gets another shot at a ring. He deserves it. Not much to share at this point aside from that. I’m so busy with coaching Little League and teens now that I haven’t had time to hit the road lately. During the summer we will, however as there’ll be plenty of baseball camps for the kids. Cross your fingers for more sunshine and spring training to come quickly!

Hey, Jim, my daughter can use the sun–she needs to get back to school sometime before Opening Day! (With the precip we’ve had, and what is expected this week, I’m beginning to wonder!…) As for me, though, I WANT THE SNOW! Just dump any leftovers on my front lawn!😉 I’d be too hot down your way!
I hope Little League goes great for you and your son!
I agree with you on Damon, Jim! Let someone else have him!

Can you send me an e-mail? I had to re-format my hard drive and I lost a lot of stuff….thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!1
– Craig

Surprised you would touch a Paul Blair glove!!!
And will the Sox ever visit the Marlins in June’s inter-league?
That would be your best shot for a game! Second best is if I hit the lottery, then we’re ALL GOING TO FENWAY!!!

Robert.. My father purchased it for my little league play when I was about 10-11, it was the only one he could find on short notice, but it did the job!! lol I probably used it m,ore effectively than Blair did!
The last time the Sox were here to play the Marlins, Trot was still on the team and an everyday player. ( I still have a picture of him at bat in that game taped to my computer!). I think they will be back next year (2011)

I have the same plans if I win the lottery!!! Airfare and hotels (along with tix) are on me!

Greg — I have recommended that Mr. Jones consider Johnny for the Cowboy’s new field goal kicker.

I like it. He could say that there are lots of teams out there that want me to help them win a superbowl. Ya, humble Johnny.

Johnny said in a recent interview that he’s anxious to “help any team get better”. Well good for you Johnny. Not to rub this in Johnny’s face but he was rubbing it in the Red Sox face saying that the Sox fail to care for their players. Well, we all know how well that worked out for you Johnny and the Yankees. There, rub in complete.

Stop in and see me any time. The Sox are coming to Denver this year. Will you be making the trip up to Coors Field? It’s a great place to see a ballgame. Let me know if you’re coming.
Maybe we can get Ian to pop in for a meal.

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