What will Johnny Damon do? Shocking, really, that he’s yet to find a home. Damon proved last season that he still has a lot to offer on a baseball field. I think he was a huge difference-maker in Game 4 of the World Series, working the pivotal at-bat of the series, and then making that memorable double steal.

Every year, one guy seems to get left out in the cold. Last year it was Bobby Abreu. This year it’s Damon. I think the Rays are the team that makes the most sense for Damon. He would get to stay in the American League East, the division he’s played in the last eight years. Damon lives in the Orlando area, so he could commute to work. Really, it would be a perfect situation. He is exactly the type of player the Rays could use. I’m sure Gabe Kapler will give him a ringing endorsement.

Another one of the lovable “Idiots” from 2004 found work today, with word surfacing through ESPN.com that Kevin Millar will sign with the Cubs, a Minor League deal with an invite to Spring Training. I think he will be great for that clubhouse, and obviously he knows what it’s like to help relax a team that hasn’t won a World Series for the better part of the century.


I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for Ol What’s his name. He and his super agent priced himself right out of the market and wouldnt budge off their number even when they saw that there was no interest. so what goes around, comes around. He held out against the RedSox in 05 and took the money that the Yankees offered, (can’t fault him for that) but now he has an ego of a 30 year old, but the bosy that doesnt produce like one anymore.
Good luck buddy.

how could I forget??
congrats to Our Kev-Lar for finding yet another team that he will help.
He’s glue baby!!

I’m delighted that Kevin Millar has a minor league contract! Good luck to him – I miss him here in Boston! I see the Red Sox have signed reliever Joe Nelson to a minor league deal. I’m curious to see how he will work out.

Sounds like more bargain basement shopping to me — hopefully we will actually find a bargain one of these times.

Wasnt Nelson with the Sox a few years back?? I think I read that somewhere…

I’m with you dgn…

We’ve had so many pitchers signed with the Sox ion the last 10 years that didnt work out I’m starting to lose track!!!! lol

Boras blew smoke up Manny’s you know what, which led Manny to dog it in order to force a trade. Look what he got for that. Now he has put Johnny D in a hole. Perhaps some of these young studs need to pay attention to the negatives of signing with Boras as an agent.

I REALLY can’t wait for the season to begin. I like being able to come on here and talk with everyone… but there’s NO ONE here!! Her’s my best Charlie Brown imitation:


Yes, Ellen, Nelson was with the club from 02-04, and had a cup of coffee in the majors in 04. He pitched about 3 innings in 3 games. GO SOX!

I’m with you, Ellen, I can’t wait for the season to start. This could turn out to be a great year, or it could turn out to be a bust. We just got a big screen TV and HD service specifically for watching the Red Sox. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to get NESN as an a la carte option on Direct TV, since it’s not a normal option down here in Texas.

I know that here in South Florida you have to buy a sports package on DirecTv in order to get NESN. I think that I was quoted something like 12 dollars extra per month for the package that includes NESN.

One thing I like what Theo did this off-season is, Francona has a lot of depth in case of injuries, slumps, and people needing a rest. Thoughts?
Take Care.

All I can say to that is that the entire team caught the prolonged slump bug from Ortiz last year (including the SP pitchers and bullpen), so they at least need to quit copying negative patterns. I would say, hopefully they will catch a hot-bug from someone this year, but that could cost us in later in the year, or in 2011. Rather them just play consistently, and quit this over contagion tendency be it slumps or injuries or even hot streaks, that inevitably follow in their minds and play with cold streaks. There really is no reason they can’t maintain consistency most of the year, if they could just get that in their heads.

skipjack: I went on to DirecTv’s website and it is 12.99 monthly to upgrade your package to include the sports package with NESN. Just thought I would let you know. I’m tempted.. but 12.99 more a month on top of the MLB Extra Innings.. not sure if I can swing it.

Good for KevLar. What is he going to do with the Cubs–DH?πŸ˜‰

9tedw, I think Theo is trying to give us adequate depth at several positions. We’ll see if it is enough. I’m interested to see how the BP moves, such as Nelson, Ramon Ramirez II, etc., help out, and if Theo makes any other BP moves. That is my biggest area of concern on defense. We thought we had enough depth last year, and it turned out otherwise at times. We’ll see. GO SOX!

Big mistake leaving us…

I love Kevin Millar though i would MUCH rather see him work on MLB network (they employ people too! Sean Casey, Clint Hurdle, Dan Plesac, Mitch Williams what say you?!). He would make a great commentator on a highlights show one day. His personality is perfect for it. Anyways best of luck to him!

Ohhh Johnny Damon… he’s a good player it’s a bit surprising he hasn’t found a team yet. What still puzzles me is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be interested in going back to the Yankees though they desperately needed one (now they have randy winn). Ehhh maybe he’s just waiting it out *kanye shrug*


I’d love to see Kevin on MLBNetwork but….. then he might edge out Sean Casey for face time!!! lol Can’t be edging out Sean Casey!!!

Ian, Wasn’t there a link to Julia’s blog on here at one point?? Can you please put one up??

Thanks, Ellen. I saw that on their website, and followed up with some questions to them. I got confusing and contradictory answers as to whether I would be able to get NESN with that package in Texas. BTW, DirecTV has one of the worst websites I have ever dealt with. The good news is that one can sign up for as little as 30 days at a time. I might risk 13 bucks for one month to see how it works, and cancel if I cannot get NESN. I’ve only seen them live once in the past 30 years.

In 08, my wife and I went down to Houston to see them play the Astros in Minute Maid park. We stayed in a hotel down the street from the park. Most of the people in the hotel had accents like mine used to be! There were more Red Sox fans than Astros fans at the park, and I found out that the Astros double the prices when the Red Sox or the Yankees come to town for interleague play. Native Texans seem to be evenly divided between Red Sox fans and Yankee fans.

My lucky brother has a son who works for a bank in Boston, and he gets my brother free tickets to Fenway every once in awhile, the dog! Last time I was back home I reminded my nephew that I am not just his uncle, but I am also his Godfather.

Skipjack47, yeah, your brother is a lucky guy. I live a little closer to New England than you do, but I don’t have any better prospect than you have of getting any of those tickets Ian was mentioning are on sale now. DRAT!πŸ˜‰
Did anyone read Alden Gonzalez’ article on Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury? *(Insert superfluous TGinRI reference to Alden Gonzalez here).* The article was assessing Theo’s desire for “defensive upgrades” and the consequent move of Jacoby to LF and putting Cameron in CF. The article referred to Ellsbury having the lowest (not one of, THE LOWEST) range in the AL, if not the majors, based on that UZR Factor rating (Ultimate Zone Range Factor). Apparently, this was part of what Theo was considering in moving Ellsbury to LF. (Vault was referring to this UZR also in realtion to Beltre).
A point was made in the comment section that I found interesting. The commenter–one of the intelligent ones that did not blend into Mordor on the boards there– said that Ellsbury’s UZR was low, demonstrated by his “late breaks/ reads on the ball”, and that that was a reason why Jacoby had as many great catches as he did–because he had to make up ground on the ball because of his “bad UZR”.
A responder said that if Jacoby’s UZR was “that bad”, and yet he was still making the plays, what was the problem? He viewed it as an imaginary problem that did not need a fix.
I lean toward the latter commenter’s thinking, that there was a problem that did not need to be fixed. Vault, I am sure, would have a different view. Since we have mulled over why Jacoby was moved to LF, I wonder if anyone else has a thought on this discussion. I at least found it enlightening as to why the move for Cameron was made. Anyone else?

Maybe if the Sox want to get lucky or create some MAGIC with a signing they should sign Houdini or Lance Burton…otherwise they should stick to some proven players…

UZR is a new one to me. I am glad they did not have all this “made up” crap when I was kid. I was happy with BA/HR/RBI/ERA and that stuff. I’ll bet someone would have said Willie Mays had a horrible UZR when he made that incredible catch off Vic Wertz in 1954. He ran his butt off and caught up with the ball and the rest is history. Bad jump or not…… All I know is that if a guy is fast enough to make up for his short comings and plays a hell of a centerfield….leave the SOB alone and use it as a strenghth. UZR….good grief….what’s next? TMBSOCB? (Too Much Bat Speed On Curve Balls) Get the right combo in the outfield and win games. Go Sox!!!!! Greg…this isn’t geared towards you….just the clowns who justify their jobs when they come up with this garbage.

Have they come up for an acronym for a guy who shouldn’t be playing because he is too small but has a crap load of heart……oh wait…PEDROIA. (NRBTOH) No Range But Tons Of Heart. He should not get to half the balls he does but his body looks about 6’4″ when he goes parallel to the ground and takes yet another base hit away. Whether he gets a late jump or not doesn’t matter if he makes the play. Go Sox

Good info, Greg.
I remember Jimmy Piersall saying the same thing about Fred Lynn; that he didn’t get a good jump on the ball and that’s why he had to make all those diving catches. I thought at the time that there was a little sour grapes in that statement. Ole Jimmy was so spectacularly unstable it is tough to know if he was jealous or not. But that’s a discussion for another day.
I know that in baseball almost any argument can be made using certain stats and ignoring others that don’t fit your argument. One day you might use a stat to make your point and the next day dismiss the very same stat as irrelevant if it doesn’t fit the direction you want to go. At the end of the day, I still maintain that it’s far better to watch a player over the course of a season to assess the impact he has. And if you can do that in a manner that is as unbiased as possible so much the better.

Let’s see how the players Theo has assembled perform in 2010. I can’t wait!!!

Jim Edmonds and Fred Lynn must have the worst UZR in basball history!!!!! We have a guy in our softball league at work who we call Hollywood because he can’t make any routine plays. His UZR must be horrific!!!!!!! He probably doesn’t even know it yet. I’ll tell him….LOL!!!! I don’t dive for anything…..does that mean my UZR is awesome or does it mean I’m 50 and slow as heck!!!! I think this goes back to Arnie’s explanation “use it to your advantage one day and not the next as long as you prove your point….” I am UZR Friendly…. Go Sox

Craig, I am with you on this one. People in the “Moneyball Era” have devised a whole alphabet soup with UZR and other stuff. (UZR sounds like an automatic weapon to me, cousin to the UZI). But I found the article and the discussion interesting. (You have to sort out the intelligent comments more than ever on the comment sections of these sites, as some of the Mordor refugees have infected those sections. (And yes, Arnie, they still are Mordoring the English language–in many cases, quite literally).
But the points were interesting to me, in that these are the stats that are being used more and more by today’s GMs. It is also how we got into the discussions with Vault on here. But Ellsbury and Lowell (who have “bad UZRs”) demonstrate far better what really makes the game great, in this humble peon’s opinion. Fred Lynn was one of my favorite players when I was a youngster (even after he left the Sox for the Angels), and Edmonds is one of the best outfielders, again in my humble opinion, of ALL TIME. And if their UZRs are as low as you are thinking, Craig (and I bet you are right), then to my way of thinking, the UZR and other modern stats simply do not measure the right things about a baseball player. They may be able to measure certain skill sets, but they can only tell you so much.
I’m with you, Craig: I’ll stick with the “Bubble Gum Stats”. I also like your Pedroia measurement, NRBTOHπŸ˜‰ Sounds right! GO SOX!

Craig, being 5′ 3″ myself, I like that “little guy”, Pedroia. I can relate!πŸ˜‰

UZR is BS. They had Teixeira as one of the worst 1st basemen in it.

WOW.. thats the most posts in a LOONG time..
ahhh, the telltale signs that Spring Training is right around the corner!!!!

Hey Gang,
Back to Ian’s original post here…….I thought the Yankees made a big mistake replacing Abreu with Swisher last year. I think it catches up with them this year. Wynn is a little better than Cameron but their outfield doesn’t scare me any more than ours scares anyone. I would almost say I like the Sox’ outfield better. But the Yankees infield does scare me. At least hitting-wise. I think the Sox infield is better defensively though. Pedroia and Beltre are a lot more airtight than A-Rod and Canoe. Youkalis is right there with Texiera. I think Jeter will show signs of being human at SS this year. Let’s go Sox!!!!! Can’t wait for baseball…..

If you can’t tell by now I have a low tolerance for BS!!!!!! LOL. UZR probably is something you can measure and I am sure someone out there like the GM’s use it in a formula somewhere. But you can’t always measure heart, determination, grit, perserverence and belief in yourself. That’s what manager’s go by when they have a hunch. All thosew qualities off-set the things like UZR. Give me the guy with the unquantifiables who is just determined to make a difference. I’ll win with a couple guys like that in my line-up. That’s how I have gotten through this life so far….

There you go Ellen…a couple more posts!!!!!!!!

I think I can feel things starting to ease up.. My shakes are going away, the cold sweat is subsiding. Oh Yeah! BASEBALL IS ON ITS WAY TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!!!!!

i FORGET… When is truck day?? Has to be just around the corner… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Another “hello” to Ellen. I did not forget you. I’m just dormant. While I am not that familiar with Cameron, I think one of the reasons they may have moved Ells to left is perhaps Cameron has the stronger arm. Ells playing LF gives him the shorter throw. He’ll probably get better and better playing the Green Monster. Also, having the glove on his right hand may give him an advantage of balls hit down the line. Only time will tell. I guess I’ll go back into hibernation for a while. Take care everyone. Things will perk up soon.

As of midnight tonight, I think it’s 11.. and you know what that is to me??
11 too freakin many days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, when I read the book “Moneyball”, I learned about some of these terms and what they are supposed to measure. It really is an alphabet soup of terms that you’d get acquainted with. It is almost like a new language–one that you would be speaking if you were to talk with Billy Beane, or with people–like Vault–who use these terms. In the epilogue of “Moneyball”, the author, Michael Lewis, referred to a kind of “war” of ideas, essentially an attempt to change both the way the game is measured, and the way we talk (vocabulary-wise) about the game.
It is significant for our context because Theo is a “Moneyball” disciple, and one of the original people who devised this new vocabulary, Bill James, is an advisor to the Red Sox FO. Any reference to “Sabermetrics” is a reference to “Moneyball”–it’s vocab and its way of thinking. The term refers to the Society of American Baseball Research.
As I was reading the book, though, I was shaking my head as much as you must have been. I kept thinking, “Oh, so THAT’S why Beane talks about ___” (Fill in the blank). It was an enlightening read, but I found myself fundamentally disagreeing with its premises, as it basically assumed that baseball needed fixing, esp. statistically, but also in the way players were scouted.
If you read any of the way that Vault and I discussed Mike Lowell’s situation, you would have seen our differences in the way he and I approach the game, and which stats really are accurate measures. Vault made reference to UZR in that discussion, and my antenna/ BS-ometer immediately went up (“uh-oh, here we go…”). We had a fundamentally different way of looking at Lowell’s career. Vault was saying what a great defender Beltre was, esp. compared to Lowell, and I kept saying, “Let’s see how Beltre translates that defense from Seattle to Boston” (where he’d have to contend with the atmospheres of the AL East teams). Maybe Beltre will handle Fenway, the Trop, and Yankee Stadium well his entire year here–maybe he will indeed shine, as Vault thinks Beltre will. BUT MAYBE NOT. And his stats (incl. UZR) were not going to tell him that. So we’ll see.
But this alphabet soup of “Sabermetrics” is not going away. We will be hearing about them more and more, esp. here, as long as Bill James is an advisor (and Theo is a James follower). At least until someone else debunks these stats, and/ or replaces it with his/ her own “alphabet soup”.
I agreed with Jim Rice (who took a beating in “Moneyball”), when he said “OBP means nothing if you do not drive him in”. I look at the entire sabermetrics phenomenon the same way– if your “baseline stats” (what have been called the “Bubble Gum Stats”) are solid, that is what will be the measure of whether you were a solid player. You then can look at the “intangibles” that you referred to, NRBTOH among them, to see who is going to be the captain of a team, if not a HOFer. To me, that’s what matters!
Anyway, maybe this tells you what I REALLY think about UZR!πŸ˜‰ And while it may sound like I was specifically picking on Vault, he was simply a good example of how the sabermetrician thinks, and why I did not buy his Kool-Aid. But I could easily have been talking to anyone (like Theo) who believes in this “alphabet soup” of Moneyball-Speak.
Take care, Craig!

Hey, Ellen, are we getting the discussion lively enough yet?πŸ˜‰ How many days to P & Cs? GO SOX!

Craig, I could see why the Yankees brought in Swisher, but I do think this will be a year where they likely will miss Abreu a lot. he was a solid player for them for several years. I think they will regret not signing Damon this year as well. We’ll see, though!…

Finley was famous for buying low and selling the same way!!(I followed the A’s He had one of my FAVORITE players of all time. Another dirt dog.. Joe Rudi. Thats one who due to his work ethic and the fact that he flew under the radar just had to be a favorite of mine!

Sounds like an interesting read. I am a meat and potatoes guy but to run a team and to make good moves I guess you have to do some digging past the obvious. But the A’s won more with Charley Finley than they have with Billy Beane so who knows???!!!! Of course….I think Chrley Finlay also had a few “fire sales” in his day too. I’m just glad the Sox had guys like Sean Casey and Kevin Millar to lead the club. I’m guessing they don’t rate real high on a lot of those “finite stats” but they can get a clubhouse motivated and fired up. Pedroia and Youk are doing that now for the Sox. I like the LBE (Lead by Example) stat a lot too. Like you….Freddy Lynn was one of my favorites along with Yaz and Rice. Not sure how they rate on the “Billy Ball” scale but I’d go to war with them anyday!!! BTW…are you trying to replace Dbenjamin with that last post????LOL. Take care Greg…look forward to spending the summer with you regardless of how the season goes. Maybe that’s what really counts….talking to everyone on the blog…and if the Sox win well….that’s just gravy!!!! Go Sox!!!

Yeah, Craig, Finley had several fire sales. If memory serves me right (from my reading, anyway), he tried several others that failed, incl. trying to foist his entire team on any takers)!πŸ˜‰
I think I could give DBen a run for his money!πŸ˜‰
Oh, and by the way, Swisher was another one Billy Beane was drooling over!

Wishing you well Garry….looking forward to your posts soon..

Joe Rudi was a grinder for sure!!!

Yes.. Ellen does.. I’m out for now, but I’ll enkoy reading these posts when I get up in the morning… Thanks guys..
BTW: I think that our Garry is having surgery in the next couple of days, so please keep him in your payers and thoughts!!

Hey all, say a prayer for Garry. He had back surgery today. He’s hoping to be in better shape (if not great) in a month. Hope to see ya back here soon, Garry! Thinking about ya! GO SOX!

I could only get part way through Moneyball. It’s a great way to overthink a relatively simple game. And those guys who are disciples of Moneyball get lost in their stats and jargon so much that I think they lose the “little boy” enjoyment of baseball. It’s a fantastic way to take the fun out of baseball and turn it into actuarial tables. To each his own, CPA’s need a sport too, I guess.
One of the problems with having a discussion with those MB guys is that they will condescendingly tell you your argument is all wrong and THEY know the real story. Only their stats count. It’s all very tiring. I’m glad we don’t have a blog full of those guys. The Nerds of baseball.

Garry!!! Get well soon!!!! We need ya!!

Arnie, I had the same reaction when I was reading “Moneyball”. There seemed to be a certain “we know better” arrogance and condescension permeating the entire thing. So much so, at times, that I could have thrown the book across the room.
You are right about the Moneyballers and their condescending tone. It is what drove me crazy when talking about Lowell with Vault a while back. It is very tiring!

Amen Arnie….Give me the stale bubble gum from the pack of ball cards and I’m good to go….

Keep it coming guys….Ellen likes the action on here…

Yes Greg, Vault is a perfect example of the ” I look down my nose at you” type of M-Baller. In other words, “Shut up, I know better.” That’s their discussion style.

Night guys…..good conversation as always.

Mornin’ y’all!! Lively conversation after I gave up last night!!
Who’re you taking in th eBowl tonight??
I’m goin’ with the Who Dat Nation!! (gotta go with the underdog).

Good Super Bowl Day everyone. I’m pulling hard for the Saints, but I just think Peyton Manning will be too much for them to handle.

As I get ready to head to surgery on my back tomorrow, I don’t mind saying I’m a little nervous about it. But I am blessed to have a wonderful gal in Jan and some of the best friends and family anyone could ask for standing by here ready to do whatever they can to help out. Over the past few days, I have received some nice notes from my family here on Ian’s blog. I just want you all to know I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and friendships. I’ve only had the privilege of meeting Ellen and her husband David, but I feel like I’ve known many of you for years.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 PM and the doc says he’ll have me up walking on Tuesday. He said that I should be faster than David Ortiz within about four weeks. As soon as I’m able, I’ll be back. Thanks again for everything, especially your friendship!


Hey Gar- Did you get my card?

Garry – I am so sorry, I didn’t know you were having surgery! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that all goes well! PLEASE keep us posted! You’re family here is behind you 100%!!

On a lighter note – GO SAINTS!! Sorry – as a true Patriots fan I can NOT root for Indy!!

Ellen, yes I did. I have to say though that Will doesn’t do much for me. Didn’t they have a Sandra Bullock version? LOL! Thanks Julia, I’m with you on the Saints.

Well Gary, your Saints won the Big One. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. Our prayers are with you. Just get back in shape ASAP.

Congrats to the City of New Orleans!

This was huge for those good people down there. I was with you Garry and Julia I wanted it for the Saints (especially because they were playing Indy) but I was convinced that the Colts would take them down. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

With that out of the way, I hope everything goes well Garry, get back to us soon, this blog isn’t the same without you!

Man I’m running late, I’ve got to get to class! Baseball is around the corner everybody! Let us hope the Sox give us something to be excited about!

I’m glad that I declared last week (and again yesterday) that I was pulling for the Saints. Awesome game. I just love the fact that not one media source outside of Louisiana gave the Saints a shot and the UNDERDOG stuffed the Colts. Good Game.

Was thinking of you today. Getting ready to call it a night. If there were odds here in Vegas on your recovery success I put a lot of $$$$$$$ down on you. Hope everything went well for you today. Hang in there “squid”!!!!! From your “zoomie” buddy!!!!

Just read the article about possible trades which of course centered on A-gonz to Boston rumors, but also mentioned the possibility of Beckett being dealt. I have obviously already heard and thought about this idea, but it just got me upset.

I can’t imagine us doing anything but resigning him. I really like this guy and the way he plays the game. He is an example to all of the other Boston pitchers, starters and relievers, as Lackey will be, and that’s why a lot of people suggest we might not bring Beckett back.

But just because we have a similarly intense guy with a similar quality arm, that shouldn’t mean we are fine with letting him go, should it? If I had a $100 bill I would not give it away as soon as I got another one, I’d keep my $200! I recognize the idea is insurance, if we lose Beckett we still have Lackey, but we are the Red Sox and Theo & Co need to start acting like it. If we want to retain a player, we can, and should.

Of course, I also thought we’d retain Bay.

I hear ya, Torthox, and I hope you are right. Ian reported earlier this winter that Beckett and Theo were talking about an extension, and there seemed to be interest on both sides for Beckett to remain with us. I hope so. I would hate to see Beckett be traded or let go after the season. I do think that would be a mistake to trade Josh. So I hope you’re right, and that Josh will be with us for another contract!

The good thing about being neck deep in starters, is that Beckett can be rested when and if that shoulder starts barking! With that in mind, I don’t see the Sox passing on a new contract this time!

Well Arnie, if Beckett’s UZR is slacking off, Tito might have to “WHIP” him into shape!πŸ˜‰

I wonder what Beckett’s UZR is? Maybe he better work on covering first base some more.

Well Arnie, if Beckett’s UZR is slacking off, Tito might have to “WHIP” him into shape!πŸ˜‰

Double posting again! SIGH! GO SOX!

Hey all! Just a little over a week til we see the light at the end of the Winter Tunnel!! I, for one, Cannot wait!

Prayers, well wishes and speedy recovery thoughts are going out to Garry!! I hope things are profressing as the Dr’s planned so far!!
Hey Garry!! I’ll race you!!!!

A little over a week until the end of the Winter Tunnel, Ellen–True enough, but we wouldn’t know it with the weather lately!πŸ˜‰

that should have been proGressing


Hi Nation. I see many of you are still snowbound. Well, had we been in Big D we’d have seen a FOOT of it. Geez. 12.5 inches in DALLAS? Ugh. Fortunately we are enjoying the bright sunshine in Arizona, getting ready for Spring Ball… Skipjack, there’s not much you can do with the DirectTV thing. I had the same problem at home in Texas and they won’t budge on the price. You can pay the premium price or “fuhgetaboutit”! I found the better deal on the MLB.com site — they pipe the games through the internet, then using a computer-to-tv hookup, I’m able to watch the games on the big screen… I think the Damon situation is funny. Let him stew and wonder where he’ll play. He had a home in Boston but he moved on… like Bay, they come and go. The upside is that we now have Jacoby. I bet when Cameron moves on, Ells will move back to CF. Beltre had BETTER produce in order to replace one of my favs, Lowell. It just won’t be the same looking down that third base line and not seeing Mikey… As for acronyms, I couldn’t care less about UZR or any of those other stats. When I watch baseball, especially youngsters, I am convinced that heart and desire oftentimes make up for numbers. Pre-judging someone by their height or physical makeup is a fatal mistake made by many… as a 5’10” white guy who could dunk, I lived for making the big boys uncomfortable and really enjoyed closing the gap on a fly ball much quicker than others thought I could…. Well, looking forward to 2010 (and to Spring Ball), though we’ll be watching the Cactus League and not the Grapefruit. Should be another grrrreat year.

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