The boys are back in town

Sure, it was cool by Florida standards, as the temperature hovered in the low 50s for John Lackey’s first side session with the Sox.

But baseball was in the air. In the morning, it was all about Lackey, who participated in his first workout with his new team and then spoke to the media. Lackey reeled off about 40 pitches — all heaters — and’s own Brita Meng Outzen was there to capture the action.


For a while, Dice-K took the stage, speaking openly about how it wasn’t all that wise of him to conceal injuries last year. Then, Victor Martinez, embarking on his first full season in Boston, held court with a small group of reporters.

Here are some snippets from pitchers and catchers reporting day.

Dice-K on his increased comfort with the Sox:

“I think I’m able to approach the season and come to work here just as I was able to do in Japan, so I think that I’ve definitely gotten used to things over here. With each passing year, as I’ve become more and more accustomed to how things work, I think I look forward to the season just that much more every year,” Matsuzaka said.

Lackey on the competition that could build among Boston’s packed starting rotation:

“I think I’ll fit in good. [Beckett’s]  a competitor,” said Lackey. “He gets after it on the mound. I’ve got a little bit of that in me too. I think if we all get rolling a little bit, you can kind of have a healthy competition between starters and it turns into kind of a relay race kind of thing. You don’t want to drop the baton from the next guy. It’s fun when you get into that sort of situation.”

Victor Martinez on whether he’d like to stay with the Red Sox after his current contract expires following the season:

“Obviously,” Martinez said. “Who wouldn’t want to be here in the long term? This is the organization, this is the team that everybody wishes to play here, especially a team that is always in the race, always in the playoffs. As a baseball player, that’s what you want. That’s what you work for. You work really hard to make it to the playoffs and get a ring.” 

Those were the main storylines today. Tomorrow, all pitchers and catchers will undergo physicals. Saturday is the first full-squad workout.

That’s all for now.


To comment on something from the last thread, Torthox: Johnny Damon WAS injured while he played for us. He ran into that fence between rightcenter and right. He was supposed to have been on track to get surgery after that season. And a pitcher who hides an injury can do alot more damage than a center fielder in my opinion. A starting pitcher throws anywhere from say 75-100 plus pitches per game. If pitching while injured, each pitch is an opportunity for the other team to take advantage and it puts that pitcher in more danger EACH time he throws the ball. So I DON”T think its ok for ANY player to hide or try to hide an injury, but its worse on my opinion when a pitcher does it. And I do still think that Matsuzaka is SELFISH, he values his and his Japanese advisors opinions more highly than those of the RedSox. Gee, the RedSox are only the team that pays his VERY, VERY LARGE PAYCHECK!!!!
I’m sure that after the WBC debacle that the RedSox have put down some rules with Dice-K, if not I hope tehy do so in short order.!!!

Hey, Dave, I got a kick out of your “New Stats” and your “clarifications”! ROFL! (Er, let me clarify–Hysterical!)😉

The thing I have about Dice-K is when he pitches. He throws the first pitch: Ball One!! Then I go make myself dinner and when I come back he’s just about ready to throw another pitch: Ball Two!! I eat my dinner as he delivers the third pitch: Foul Tip!! Then I go wash my car. When I’m finished with the car I run back in time to watch Dice-K throw Ball Three!! On and on in a slow motion crawl until I can’t stay awake any longer.
Next morning I get up to see Dice-K walk the leadoff batter in the 5th inning!
He throws thousands of pitches every game and in between pitches he takes a coffee break! I can’t stand watching him anymore, he gives me heartburn.

I completely understand and agree with the issues people have with him, I just feel most are overly predisposed to be upset with him, but like I said, I am just going to hope he at least partially lives up to his reputation and salary and helps this questionable (to me) Red Sox team pretend to run with the Yankees.

Don’t feel bad. I was on here all last year trying to talk up “DelCarmen” and he made me look like a total clueless fool. I just have a hard time giving up on him for some reason. Lord knows you have a better case than I do with Dice-K. I agree with Arnie…..he’s hard to watch. When I watch Wakefield…I gear myself up to watch his type of game but I think Dice-K has good enough stuff to challenge hitters more. Maybe it’s a matter of confidence. We shall see. C’mon DelCarmen….quit making look so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

I surely can understand how we stick with players (I think of my sticking with Trot Nixon). I also hope that Dice K does well.. He’d better. He needs to start backing up all those boat loads of money he got. I don’t NOT like him, I’m just judicious in the way I give away my fan heart anymore. so, note to Dice-K: have a very successful season, and if you get a hang nail, be like JD and take a day off.

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