Spring Training, meet boot camp

This wasn’t one of the most glamorous days for Red Sox position players, but it was a necessary part of camp, as they all went through conditioning drills, which included the shuttle relay, among other activities.

David Ortiz walked off the field, claiming kiddingly, “I was the champ out there!”.

All kidding aside, manager Terry Francona appreciated Ortiz going through the drills like a professional.

“That’s a lot of body,” said Francona. “I got tired watching those guys. I laugh at them, but he did it. I don’t know how many players of his stature [would do that] – but that’s a lot of body to move twice 300 yards and he did it and I know his teammates probably really appreciate it. It means something. It’s not the end all. It doesn’t mean he’s going to hit home runs. It doesn’t mean he’s not. But it’s part of being a team going in one direction and that’s important.”

It wasn’t all business for Ortiz, who had some fun on the field with his little buddy Dustin Pedroia, as captured in this photo by Brita Meng Outzen.
Pedroia, who works out fanatically during the winter, got to put his supreme shape on display in the drills. Here he is, setting the pace with teammates Marco Scutaro and Jed Lowrie.

Back when Red Sox manager Terry Francona was a player, these type of tests did not occur during Spring Training.

“We were just happy to get BP. I do agree with it though,” Francona said. “[Strength coach] Dave Page [suggested it] a few years back, because we’re always worried about ‘let’s get on the field, let’s throw, pitch, let’s hit, let’s take groudners.’ It’s really a good day. It gives us baseline testing for where everybody is. It’s just really important and our guys do a good job with it. no [whining] and moaning, they go out and do it. I would not enjoy doing it. but they do it and we appreciate it.”

Wednesday will mark the first full-squad workout for the Sox. Red Sox manager Terry Francona will hold his annual team meeting before the workout. General manager Theo Epstein will also appreciate, and so will the ownership trio of John W. Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino.


Sorry to keep on the Lowell subject, but it seems nearly impossible to please everybody — and when you do, you wind up in the J.Leno, C.Obrian, J.Fallon Bermuda triangle and it all works for the worse and then somebody has to go way too late after a much bigger failure.

If it were me, I would have stuck with Lowell for all the leadership, class, chemistry and offense he brings — and given his progress this off season. Nothing against Beltre at all, he deserves his chance — but this sure has the potential of moving the short-stop curse a few feet to the right to third-base — you know that curse that started when we released Cabrera for Renteria — and who knows if we have even solved that one yet.

Red Sox to me tinker too much with things that are pretty darn good, and then ignore the elephant in the room, like their bullpen!!!

I agree with you about staying with Lowell regarding his chemistry, leadership class and offense.. the only thing that worried me last year was what appeared to be diminished defense, but that said, it takes some players longer to come back than others. I still say, haNg on to him, he cant do anything but help.
BTW HEY DGN!!!! How are you!
NOW… onto the lead story on the RS homepage today….
What the hell… another player who thinks he knows best when it comes to injuries and how much it will affect the team. When it comes to things like this is the Dog wagging the Tail or is the Tail wagging the Dog???
JD Drew has had so many off days due to nagging injuries, hang nails and runs in his pantyhose that he should have a personalized parking place on the bench/DL each year. This crap of players deciding which injuries will affect the team and which the team can get by with is just that: C R A P !!!!

(ellen steps away from the mic, falls down the stairs and goes on the f-dl)

I also have to ask this question: Is Ian required to give credit to Brita Meng Outzen for each picture?? I’m just curious because its usually only during Spring Training when I have noticed this.

sorry I forgot to mention that I really like her photo’s.. Good Job Brita~!

Even if Ian does not NEED to mention Outzen’s name every time, I think it is a good idea. It eliminates the need for someone to say (written or not), “Good photo. Is it yours, Ian? Who took it?” (Perhaps not the entire name, but just as well). She is providing good photos, so thanks to Ms. Outzen. I like that Ian has been putting photos on the posts, also! Thanks, Ian! GO SOX!

It certainly would be nice if Papi were to be champ at being a DH again this year–maybe a year like 07?😉 How ’bout it, Papi? Is that asking too much? Ah, but I can wish… GO SOX!

I wasnt saying anything derogatory regarding it, I really enjoy her photos, there is something different about them.

Hi All!

Hey Ian – any comment on the reports that Beltre has a sprained ankle? Hmmm….I hope this is a minor thing. And I agree with you Ellen – the players have GOT TO STOP PLAYING DOCTOR!!! Can we let the medical staff make the decisions – PLEASE!!! ugh!

The first Spring Training Game against Northeastern University is almost here!!! March 3rd – 1:05pm!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Oh..did I mention that I’m a Northeastern Grad? lol!

hey hey all….im ready for baseball….ive started a fantasy baseball league….its a 16 team league with live draft this sunday at 8 30 ET….should be alot of fun…a cpl ppl from this blog have already joined but i need 2 more managers….if your interested email me or ellen please….my email is itwasntme7777@yahoo.com…..ty…..russ….judge

First it is “Papercut” Drew, then DelCarmen, now there is a question about Beltre? What, are they slipping on the ice, or something? Geez! SIGH! Good thing ST has not started yet. (Not to mention Dice-K…):/ GO SOX!

Good to see the boys out there and getting ready for the season. Only a week left until the first Spring Training game of the season!! As for the injuries, that’s a scary thought. First JD Drew says he had one, then Manny, and now Beltre? Holy cow!!

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