Pitching practice

Yes, it is, for some reason, referred to as live batting practice. But that’s hardly what was taking place on Friday morning, as John Lackey, Jon Lester, Tim Wakefield and Clay Buchholz all took turns devouring most of the hitters that stood in the box against them. It was the first round of live BP for all of Boston’s starting pitchers with the exception of Daisuke Matsuzaka, who will likely get off the mound early next week.

Let the record show that the first batter John Lackey faced while wearing a Red Sox uniform was Jed Lowrie. The first pitch was a strike on the outside corner.

“Incrementally, it was another step, increase in intensity,” said Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell. “I thought he threw the ball with good downhill angle. His two-seamer had very good life to his arm side. He spun some curveballs for strikes which at this point in camp that’s what we’re looking for. We’re not looking for the swing-and-miss type, the putaway. It’s getting a feel for a hitter in the box and how they’re reacting to the stuff that each one of our guys is delivering to the plate. The amount of volume picks up a little bit more today with a full eight or 10 minute bullpen, in addition to the 40 pitches of BP. He’s handling the volume well and executing from pitch to pitch thus far.”

Lackey is the type of professional who doesn’t need much hands-on supervision during Spring Training.

“He has a clear understanding of what Spring Training is about and what he’ll need to get ready for games,” said Farrell. “Certainly there’s been a lot fo dialogue, but we’re trying to get an idea of what he likes, what his preferecnes are. We’ll get more of that when games begin. There’s an internal clock there you can see at work. He’s taking a very solid approach to getting ready for games. The last couple of springs have probalby given him some information on when to pick it up a notch. He’s going about it the absolute right way.”

Wakefield continues to impress and shows no ill effects from back surgery. David Ortiz did not enjoy the experience of trying to hit Wakefield’s knuckleball. As a matter of fact, Ortiz was demonstrative in his disbelief of how much some of Wakefield’s knucklers moved.

“We’re all encouraged,” Farrell said of Wakefield. “These first 10 days on the Minor League complex, there’s a lot of volume guys are going through. Not just the bullpens, but all the other activity we’re going through. And he’s respnoded each day, and each day he’ gone out a  little more refined and with more arm strength, which was evident with the quality of pitches through the length of a typical bullpen session.”


I hope Wake has another All-Star year, and this time, that it will last the entire year. If Wake and the Red Sox pace his starts, he should do well. GO WAKE! GO SOX!

Hi All – so…might this be the end for J.D. Drew after this season?



Meant to say the 2011 season! Sorry to get you all excited! lol!

Meant to say the 2011 season! Sorry to get you all excited! lol!

I do suspect that Drew will be gone after 2011. It is possible that Theo (because he seems to think Drew is Mays redux) will try to extend Drew. I think, though, that Drew may choose to go elsewhere after ’11, if he is not traded before that.

I doubt Drew will stay with the Sox after his contract is through.
-Total Bases

Travis, I will certainly agree that ALL MLB salaries are out of whack, and we (any of us) would more than get by on even the league minimum. “Like and dislike” on a salary basis is a relative term, therefore. And yes, we likely would be replacing Drew with someone more expensive, and whether he would be “better” is questionable, also.
I do hope that whoever replaces Drew (in ’11 or sooner) is less injury-prone, however. Arnie said it before, and I agree, that Drew has more raw talent in his little finger than most players have, period. That is why he got the contract he did, and I, for one, wish he’d been more durable for the extent of his contract, because he DOES have so much raw talent. Talent-wise, I don’t know who would be BETTER than Drew. More durable? I’d hope so.

I don’t have many issues with Drew, I think he’s pretty underrated. He may not be worth all the money we pay him, but if we dislike guys because of their price tags or their injuries, how many athletes will be left in the “like” column?

Besides, hes a solid hitter, he can get on base and he plays the field well. That being said, if Theo can replace him with something better, I’d be fine with that as well, but be warned they would probably be just as expensive if not more.

Drew would be so easy to like if he would just play 140 games a year. I think with that amount of games under his belt year after year he would put up all star stats every year. As Torthox said…he doesn’t hurt you in the field either. He has had some decent play-off games too. But bottom line is…day in and day out…he does hurt you with his “day-by-day” status and thus he has not earned his paycheck while in Boston. Go Sox.

Jules..Hopefully, the end for JD with the RedSox.. Gee…Is anyone surprised that this Trot fan is still harboring a grudge angainst him AND the FO??.. I know that Tort wouldnt have been “a CONTENDER” for the number of years that they signed Nancy tom but he still would have been a producer at the plate and would have continued to patrol right like master rather than as an appprentice!!!

torthox, (sorry, I have forgotten your first name.. forgive me I am an artificial blonde/red and the dye sometimes affects my brain) I dont dislike JD exclusively due to his price tag. I cant stand the fact that he’s such a paper doll. My God!!.. He has to sit if he’s got a hang nail or a run in his pantyhose. It takes a bit of getting used to after we’ve had some real “gamers” in right.

oops.. sorry, I am replying after I read each comment.
I haven’t applied last years numbers but up until then JD only averaged 109 games per year.

Ellen, Torthox’ first name is Travis. My reply to him by his first name appeared before his original comment. Hmmm, when has that happened before, EVER??!:/ GO SOX!

Haha, no problem, and I absolutely agree, Drew’s “paper doll” (I like that) attributes are insanely frustrating, I just really like players who I feel have a lot of talent that (the way I see it) goes unrecognized fairly often, hence my statements about Dice-K. Anyway, who is excited for some ST?!

Travis, more than once, we’ve quipped about Drew having to be sent to the recycler.😉 I hope it doesn’t happen too often this year, and he can actually EARN some of his $$$.

Does anyone on this board (incl. you, Ian!) happen to have a copy of the Sports Illustrated from Sept. 11 (!), 1967, which has an article on the 1967 pennant race, and Eddie Stanky razzing Yaz? Unrelated to the Red Sox, my family is referred to in the college football article in that same issue, regarding the ratings systems used in that day. If any of you happens to be old enough to remember the Litkenhous Ratings system, that’s my grandfather’s system!

Hi All! The pitchers have been named for the upcoming Pre-season games this week – can you say we have BASEBALL!!! The link to the pitchers: http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2010/02/the_rotation_fo.html

Can not WAIT!!

Ellen – I knew you’d be happy to see that article about JD – it is a bit discouraging – the guy has SO much potential! ugh! Mayeb we can all chip in and by him some bubblewrap so he can stay healthy this season!

And only 36 more days until Opening Day!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

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