Cameron injury minor; Sctuaro earns rave reviews

Red Sox center fielder Mike Cameron came off the field early in Sunday’s workout with tightness in his left groin, but it is the definition of a nagging Spring Training injury.

“Because we were getting pretty active with the relays, I told him to come in and get treatment,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “I don’t think it’s anything. He tested it out, his strength was good, his range of motion was good. But it’s not something we want to make worse now.”

Though Cameron, pictured below by photographer Brita Meng Outzen conferring with trainers, might not be back in time for game action on Wednesday, when the Sox open their exhibition slate with a day-night doubleheader against Northeastern and Boston College, he had no concern whatsoever.


“I’ll be fine. If I had to play a game, I could play a game,” said Cameron. “I just didn’t want to push it you know with the body just starting to get shocked and starting to do a lot, didn’t want to get too far behind and get tired and really hurt something. It’s precautionary, we jumped on things quickly. It’s kind of good to sit back and let the body catch up with the mind and listen to it for a change.”

One player who seems to be winning everyone over early in camp is diminutive shortstop Marco Scutaro. Yes, you can already count Dustin Pedroia as a huge fan of his new double-play partner. Here they are below walking off the field together today.


“He’s real steady over there. He’s a baseball player. He makes all the plays. He’s going to make my job real easy,” said Pedroia. “Everyone I’ve talked to who I’ve asked about Marco, they say the same thing. What a great teammate he is, great guy. So we’re excited to have him. I can see why everyone loves him. He works hard. He’s going to be a huge help to this team.”

Pedroia also had some praise for top prospect Casey Kelly, who he faced during batting practice.

“The command, his presence, he’s got a real good idea of what he wants to do and you never really see that at that age,” said Pedroia. “There’s a reason why he’s talked about a lot. A lot of teams want him. He’s got good stuff.”

In other newws, Daisuke Matsuzaka played catch at about 150 feet. Still no precise word on wehther he will ramp up to a bullpen session. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Tuesday or Wednesday.


The Sox should love Scutaro. I know of at least one game winning jack he has against the Yanks’ Rivera!

I’m beginning to think we are trying to get injuries out of the way before the season starts, so we don’t have them during the season! (How’s that for optimism? I’ll need another happy pill, please…)😉
Bob, I am sure Scutaro will do fine with us. Staying with us longer than half a year will help! I still think Theo was not thinking straight when he let A-Gonz go AGAIN, and signing Scutaro for more $$ than for A-Gonz. But I think Scutaro will be fine defensively, and if he brings a bat with him, so much the better! GO SOX!

Please, please bring a bat!

Cameron and his groin, what, the first day out? Then it will be his hammy. By June Ellsbury will be back in center where he belongs and Theo’s experiment of getting young by signing old players will be over. Let’s just hope he doesn’t give away Ellsbury (our future) and Bucholz (the same) for another corner position. Package Lowell, Cameron, and Ortiz for someone healthy and born after MTV.

Oh yeah bring in Cameron for bay cuz you question Bay’s health and want a clause in his contract. OMG they haven’t even played a preseason game and he’s out due to injury. Will he last more then a month once the season gets going? THey are gonna need bigger benches with Cameron, Drew, Beltre and Lowrie on this team I think.

I just realized that at the beginning of the year everyone said that we had no offence.I just counted 39 homers,more than the yankees or rays,as matter of fact more then most clubs.I guess the bigger issue is when you hit them.But it doe’s seem that the chemistry is beginning to gel abit.

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