One game in the books — and Ino is 0-for-2

The 2010 Red Sox have officially played a game. OK, it’s not quite official. In fact, it doesn’t even count as a Grapefruit League game. But it was a 15-0 victory over Northeastern.

There was a sequence in this game you might never see again. Ino Guerrero, wearing No. 34, hit for the team’s other No. 34 — a guy named Big Papi.

Who is Ino Guerrero? His official title is “Major League staff”. Mainly, he is a batting practice pitcher. When Manny Ramirez played for the Red Sox, Ino threw just about all of his BP sessions. He still throws to David Ortiz all the time. The Red Sox had fun with his two at-bats, which resulted in two soft groundouts. Red Sox veterans heckled Guerrero from the top step of the dugout as he battled against Northeastern. Guerrero, pictured below by Brita Meng Outzen, grounded out so weakly in his second at-bat, that he didn’t even bother running out of
the box.

“We’ve had a couple [of highlights] — the ’04 and ’07 [titles] are definitely at the top, but the Ino at-bats are right there. I never have caught myself rooting against our people,” Francona said, laughing. “That’s hard to say. But it’s one of the highlights, man. We’re playing Northeastern and every player from the next game is on the rail watching, pulling for a pulled hamstring. He warmed up for six innings!”

Ortiz, already dressed and ready to go home, checked out his BP pitcher from the dugout in amusement.
Before the game turned into pure fun, Ortiz belted a two-run homer to right, a good sign for the Sox even if it was a windy (blowing out) type of day against college competition.

“David put good swings on the ball, and had good at-bats,” said Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez. “That’s a pretty good sign for this early in the camp.”

Meanwhile, Casey Kelly experienced his first taste of pitching for the Red Sox, firing 10 pitches in a scoreless first inning that also included two strikeouts.

While the Red Sox were tuning up with Northeastern — with a nightcap soon to start against Boston College — Clay Buchholz got two innings in over at the Minor League complex.

One Red Sox prospect you don’t hear as much about as some of the others is Che-Hsuan Lin, a speedy center fielder from Taiwan. You right remember Lin being named MVP of the Futures Game at Yankee Stadium two years ago. Lin started the Northeastern game and went 2-for-4.

“He smacked the ball,” said Francona. “It’s a nice way for a young kid to get his first chance to swing a bat in this atmosphere. I’m sure he probably had a little heartbeat going.”


Donny-O is an NU grad also Brian!!! And sigh….TEK!!! Striking out to end the first inning of the BC game…..somethings don’t change…and YES!!! I am WATCHING THE GAME!!! The Rem-Dawg sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check out his new restaurant! It will be opening soon!!!

It sounds like Northeastern could have used Northeastern alum’s Ian B. and Julia today. Even though it’s just against a local college, it’s great to see the Red Sox in action. I feel for Francona among other’s who have to sit thru two of these games. Ouch! Bring on the Eagles!!!

OMG – Tek just threw out a runner at second!!!!!!!

5-0 end of the 4th!!!!

Hey, all. Yes, DGN, I think the longer one is logged onto the site, it seems to be further off the timing. Also, I think the more applications you have open (this blog and Julia’s, for example, as I often do), the timing gets screwed up even worse. I don’t know if anyone else finds the same to be true… GO SOX!
Julia, I’ll talk further about “Plan B” with you shortly, if you wish!

Way to go, Papi! Keep it going against the “big boys”! GO SOX!

7 inning games are just TOOO short!! IT was great to see them playing again!!!

Would love to talk to you Greg! Keep me posted!🙂

Was that runner that Tek threw out lollygagging? Or was it Ino G.?😉 GO SOX!

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