Lackey breezes in Sox (unofficial) debut

John Lackey, pitching for the first time in a Boston uniform, cruised in his two innings at City of Palms Park. He retired all six Minnesota hitters he faced. Lackey fired 19 pitches, 11 for strikes.

“Felt pretty good. It’s a good place to start from,” said Lackey. “It’s always different when you have to sit down and get back up for that second inning. It’s a little harder to get loose that second inning, as opposed to the first. But overall, pretty good, keep moving forward.”

Lackey is happy just to blend in with the Sox, and has no visions that he will get the call on Opening Night (April 4) against the Yankees.

“I’m not worried about that, at all,” said Lackey. “If the roles were reversed, and I would have stayed in Anaheim and those guys had come over there, I would expect to still be going first. I Think those guys have earned the right. They’ve won a lot of games for Tito, and to go in front of me, I’m alright with that.”

After starting the last two seasons on the disabled list, Lackey’s main goal this spring is just to get through it healthy.

“For sure, it’s something I’ve taken into account, working out, trying to strengthen my arm a bit more, and being a little more careful in my throwing program,” Lackey said.

For a first Spring Training game, Lackey felt strong.

“Probably the best indicator today was when I got to 3-1, to Delmon Young and pretty much challenged him with a fastball down the middle, and he fouled it off. That means I had a little life on my fastball,” Lackey said.


Good start for John Lackey today! The offense finally got going, also! Way to go! GO SOX!

GREAT new from the other coast of Florida. I just finished my second fantasy draft. I have NO Sox on this latest one. Just the way it worked out.
Hey Jules.. Have you drafted your team yet??

Humble, too. Will go far.

He’s humble, too. Will go far in career.

UPDATE!………….ellen has more stankees on her fantasy teams then sox plrs…..hmmmmmmmm………judge….btw if anyone wants to join a yahoo fantasy h2h fantasy league….email me or ellen and ill send u an invite…..judge

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