Pitching for a spot

While Clay Buchholz (two innings, five hits, three runs, two walks, 37 pitches) had a somewhat forgettable day, he is past the point in his career where he needs to be measured by Spring Training stats. Yet there is still one little problem: The Red Sox have more Major League-worthy starters (six) than spots (five).

Buchholz can add. He knows this. Is it a little awkward?

“It would be awkward for anybody. I guess there’s four guys regardless what happens will be on the staff,” Buchholz said. “The other two, three guys, yeah it’s awkward. Got to basically do what I did last spring, do what I did to finish he season last year, and I think everything will take care of itself.”

It was a pretty good deay for a couple of other guys trying to make the team in the bullpen. Scott Atchison had a 1-2-3 inning, striking out two.

Boof Bonser looked extremely sharp for the second outing in a row, striking out three and giving up one hit over two innings. Bonser is being stretched out like a starter, but has the inside track on a spot in the bullpen.

“He’s got a nice, clean delivery,” said Francona. “For a guy who has gone through some things with his shoulder, he likes to pitch. He doesn’t look scared. He’s a really interesting guy. We’ll try to build him up and see where it will take him. I think as he builds up and gets some of that velocity back, he gets a little bit more interesting.”

 Atchison, meanwhile, is competing with Joe Nelson, Brian Shouse and some others for what would probably be the 12th slot on the staff.

The big story of the day was the hometown kid, Casey Kelly, firing off two shutout innings. It was Kelly’s first time back at Ed Smith Stadium since he led Sarasota High School to a state championship in 2007.

Even veteran umpire John Hirschbeck was taken aback that Kelly is only 20.

“Even the umpire, between innings, was like, how old is that kid?” Francona said.

In other news, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, citing a source familiar with the talks, says that early discussions between Josh Beckett and the Red Sox have been amicable, perhaps creating optimism that the ace will never get to free agency at the end of the season. It should be noted that it is still very early in the process.


I’m glad Boof had another good outing – I’d like to see him in the bullpen. Thanks for the updates Greg – I have it on the radio but I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see the game. Hmmm..wonder if any other pre-season games that are on MLB Network will also be blackout in Boston.

Don’t put it past em, Julia! Hmmm!…
They are talking about a “solar outage”, which would screw up the reception in the game. Actually, though, I think that has already been happening–the reception on MLB.com has been TERRIBLE!!! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

And the Red Sox TIE THE GAME!!!! It is crazy Greg – I hear that the game is being broadcast on MASN (or is it MSAN?) in the Baltimore area but not in the Boston Area – ugh!!

Thanks for the reply, Julia!

Yes, it s MASN (Metropolitan Area Sports Network), and it is being carried there.
At least the game is tied. The reception on the game right now is OUT!

MASN carries both Orioles and Nationals games.

Good to see Casey Kelly get the win. Nice going, Casey! GO SOX!

No service interruption here.

You would not have liked watching the O’s broadcast anyhow! Too much Orioles stuff!

I’m finding it a little tough to get too excited about anything that goes on this early in spring training except to follow the health of the players. Right now, a major concern for me is Dice-K who continues to do not much more than throw on the sidelines. Seems to me that he should be ready and able to take on some game action by now. I also think it will be interesting to see what the Sox do with Wakefield. Some of the youngsters are showing some talent and present a rosy future for the Sox organization, but that is the future. With a couple of exceptions, I really think the Sox roster for the year is pretty set so I’ll be watching the core players (especially Ortiz who I think is the key to Sox success this year).

UPDATE!………….ellen has more stankees on her fantasy teams then sox plrs…..hmmmmmmmm…..lol……judge….btw if anyone wants to join a yahoo fantasy h2h fantasy league….email me or ellen and ill send u an invite…..judge

Very FUNNY JUDGE!! Hey NOT FAIR JUDGE!!!! AROD WAS FORCED ON ME on auto pick and I WANT TO GET RID OF HIM!!!! LOL As far as Nick Johnson, the Yankees are just renting him for the season. Good bat if he can stay healthy!!! I have him on my MLB.com bench
You want Arod??? Make me a SERIOUS OFFER!!!..

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