Captain returns to camp

It has been a rough few days for Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, who left camp late last week because of an illness to his father.

The catcher returned on Wednesday, but it might take him a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. He did have one nice diversion — pictured below by Brita Meng Outzen — when he got to participate in the eremonial first pitch with his friend Nomar Garciaparra, who officially retired as a member of the Red Sox earlier in the day.
“Yeah, it’s a weird feeling. It’s just a different feeling,” Varitek said. “A little tired. I’m tired. I was tired today. it’s been a stressful, straining week, whatever, five or six days, whatever long it’s been. Guys have been great. Had a ton of text messages from [general manager] Theo [Epstein] down to [manager Terry Francona] down to [catching instructor Gary] Tuck down to my teammates. Family has been great. Friend support in the area has been awesome. I’m just very thankful that many people have reached out.”

Varitek, respecting the wishes of his mother, is keeping his father’s condition private at this time.

The Red Sox have given the catcher their blessing to do whatever he needs to from a family standpoint. Varitek’s parents live in the Orlando area, which is less than three hours from the Red Sox’s training base in Fort Myers.

Varitek has played in just one exhibition game this spring — the exhibition contest against Boston College on March 3. He said that he might be game-ready by Friday, though he could wait for Saturday when Boston has a home game.


I hope Tek’s dad will be okay.

I am a HUGE SOX FAN, but i don’t really mind if Tek misses spring training or misses some of the regular season to go help his family thru these tough times. We have Martinez now and Tek is our backup. Plus, spring training is for training it doesnt mean much to the veterans. its the rookies you have to worry about. Varitek is the captain for Sox and wish him the best of luck through these times. Hopefully he will start catching Tim and let Vic be the backstop. Admit it, though he’s the captain his hitting has been awful these past couple years. Hopefully he will get back into the swing of things. (no pun intended). Sox need to step it up this year and prove who’s boss. GO SOX!!
I think that after this season he will retire

Prayers and good thoughts to Tek and his Mom and Dad. Whatever the condition is, I pray for the best.

IF you have NESN – the Red Sox -Mets game is your non-HD NESN channel. Red Sox up 1-0. Bases loaded – 1 outs. Big Papi did strike out with bases loaded and no outs….sigh…..

Red Sox up 3-0 going into the top of the 4th. And sigh….V-Mart almost throw the ball away trying to throw a runner out at 2nd….

It is POURING at the game right now – bottom of the 4th – 2 outs JBay up. Scutaro made an AWESOME catch! I think you could have measured the hang time.

3 outs…..looks like the tarp is coming out…I think we are in rain delay.

Red Sox up 3-0.

Jose Reyes for the Mets will start the season on the DL – his thyroid problem is worse then they thought.

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