Nomar retires

The big news of the day is the retirement of Nomar Garciaparra, who will be at City of Palms Park in Fort Myers today to make the announcement. The two-time batting champ and six-time All-Star signed a one-day contract with the Red Sox, so he could retire with his original team.

Please weigh in with all your Nomar thoughts.


To me, Nomar’s career is a tragedy. Here was a guy who had the potential to be one of the great right handed hitters in the history of the game whose career was plagued by injury after injury. I loved the way he played the game and despite it all, he still finished with a career average of .313. In 2004, when things seemed so bad for him, he was hitting .308 when the trade was made. Until that last year, he was the face of the Red Sox organization and epitomized everything a ballplayer should be. I remember one All Star game when Nomar, Jeter, and A-Rod were all on the AL team as shortstops, and at the time, Nomar was considered the best. Injuries have cut his career short, and that’s too bad. He could have been one of those guys in a Red Sox uniform forever and been up there with Yaz, Rice, and the other icons. I’m glad to see him finish with the Sox. Best wishes Nomar.

The best days of his career was in Boston – I think this is a good thing to do. He didn’t get a WS ring with the Red Sox but at least he can retire as a Red Sox. I like it!!! Thanks for the memories Nomar! Good luck! The press conference will be held live at 10:30am on NESN.

I thought that Nomar was a fantastic Dodger (at least when he wasn’t injured which was often). He always seemed to pull through when the Dodgers needed him. Good luck, Nomar.

Actually he did get a WS ring with the Red Sox, the Sox gave rings to every player on the 2004 roster during any point of the year, Nomar was traded in July of 2004.

This is great that he is retiring with th Red Sox, and he did get a ring for 04 the players voted for him to get one because with out him we would have not won the world series.

This is awsome that he is going out as a Red Sox, he did get a ring because the players voted for him to get one in 04 becuase with out him we would not have won the World Series.

Thanks for all the great memories Nomar. Glad your retiring as a RedSox wishing you all the best in the future.

My impression of Nomar was that he was a classy guy. Good luck in your retirement!

I am glad that Nomar retires as a Red Sox, a classy act on the part of Nomar and the Red Sox organization as well. Good luck, Nomar!

Cograts, Nomar, on your retirement! Best of success (and better health!) to you! It was disappointing that he did not have better health during his playing career, as he was a very valuable player when he was not injured! I was very glad he wished to retire as a Red Sox, and that the Sox FO granted him that wish. I was also very glad that the 04 team recognized his value to our WS title team by voting to give a share of the 04 WS $$ (and a ring) to Nomar. You will be missed, Nomar! Godspeed!

Yes – my mistake – he got a ring – but he didn’t get a chance to play in the WS to earn it – I think he would have liked that. His press conference was GREAT!! This is so truly what he wanted!!

And moving on to something that MLB needs to address NOW – Ray’s staring pitcher Price was hurt when Beltre bat shattered and he was hit by a flying piece in his left hand/wrist. A pitcher can not protect themselves against that. MLB is talking about banning maple bats in the minors – I think they need to address the issues of bats breaking in the majors also.

The guy was far from classy the way he cried himself out of town. He could have been an iconic Sox figure, but he blew that chance.

Unfortunately….jeffq66 is right. But time heals the wounds and I have many fond memories of Nomar pulling the Sox through a lot of games. I was one of the people who outright couldn’t believe it when he was traded. He would have gone down as one of the best right handed hitters in history if not for his injuries. Groin injuries are one of the worst injuries there is to come back from. That’s probably what did him in. His wrist was another. But it all worked out and no matter how things went down in 2004…I welcome Nomar back for his final day in the bigs. Welcome back Nomar and good luck to you in the future.

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