Beautiful morning in Fort Myers

Jonathan Mayo filling in for Ian Browne for the next few here…

The rain is gone, the sun is shining. Let’s play two.

Actually, the Red Sox will, with an intrasquad game being played on the main field following the main game against the Pirates. Gotta go talk to the skipper, but for now, here’s today’s lineup:

CF Ellsbury
2B Pedroia
C Martinez
1B Youkilis
DH Ortiz
RF Drew
3B Beltre
CF Cameron
SS Scutaro

Clay Buchholz is starting. It’s a fairly stacked, close to Opening Day, lineup. That’s not usually something Terry Francona likes to do at this point of the spring, but the time off because of the rain kind of forced his hand.

“I don’t like doing what we’re doing today,” Francona said. “Guys have to stay out there too long to get their at-bats. But with the rain, we needed to get this group out there today. I don’t like doing that that much.”


Good, hopefully they can get both games in! Into the 4th already for the first game. Buch did great. Let’s see if Pap can do likewise now. GO SOX!

Yeah, Dice-K with a “stiff neck”. Go figure.

Hey Greg,

Whew, been a long time since I’ve written on the board. Busy month.
All I can say one thing -> Dice-K. I mean first a back problem then a neck problem. What is wrong with this guy? At his price rate you have to wonder if he’ll even pitch this year.

Cameron and Beltre had good days today. So did Buch–solid outing! Some of the regulars, not so much. V-Mart and Youk made a nice pick-off move–they actually threw out a runner! Bowden would have gotten the loss, except for a DP in the 9th on a base-running blunder by the Pirates. Pity. NOT! We had too many runners LOB again, though– I hope that is not going to carry over this year! GO SOX!

It was kind of strange seeing all these former Red Sox players on the Pirates squad today. Craig Hanson did not see action today, but Brandon Moss, Argenis Diaz, Jonathan Van Every, and our old favorite, Loopy Lopez, all saw action against us today. Hmmm…

I hope the signing of Tazawa sent a clear message to Japan about their “posting” system!

Since this lineup is close to what we’d be seeing on Opening Day, I would hope that we would get a LOT more production out of the top of our lineup. Most of the offense was provided at the bottom of the lineup, and Jacoby and Dustin had off-days at the plate (to put it mildly). Aside from a solo shot given up by Bonser, the pitchers looked good, incl. Buch and DelCarmen (we’ll see how long DC’s good fortune lasts). We’ll need em, though, because Bowden was TERRIBLE. (Understatement). If not for a base-running blunder that turned into a DP (hey, it is the Pirates), Bowden would have taken the loss–he was KNOCKED AROUND!:/ GO SOX!

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