Matsuzaka update

A day after Daisuke Matsuzaka was scratched from facing live hitters for the first time this spring, there wasn’t that much to update.

Matsuzaka experienced some neck stiffness while warming up prior to his scheduled live batting practice session on Saturday, so the Red Sox decided to call it off. On Sunday, there was improvement, but it was decided to continue to err on the side of caution.

“I feel a little better than yesterday, but I discussed things with the coachdes and trainers and the decision was to give it one more day,” Matsuzaka said. “Beyond tomorrow, we are going to see based on how I feel tomorrow.”


I’m betting on a bad haircut for him tomorrow – that should be good for at least another week setback. Then maybe some shampoo in his eye for another week…….. In the end, he’ll blame the Red Sox for all his physical trouble and claim the fans were not nice enough to him. If he ever recovers from all his ailments, I hope Fenway rocks with boos for him!!! He’s team Japan through and through.

Perhaps a wayward gnat will bite Dice-K and he will go on the DL for the season – and open up the spot for Wake!!!

And sigh…..Big Papi just hit into another DP – anyone else worried? I am….PLEASE do not trade Mikey Theo!!! I think we are going to need him!!!!

I think you are right on, lhe1153, about Dice-K–that would redefine “bad hair day”! (Maybe that translates in Japanese?)😉 He does seem to be as fragile as Drew nowadays (whether the ailments are real or fictitious).
We do not need Papi to be hitting below the Mendoza Line again–get out of that NOW, Papi! Keep Mike Lowell for DH, Theo!
I also hope Josh’s illness is minor! SIGH! GO SOX!

In my opinion, so he dosent risk another injury, the Red Sox should use Dice-K as a reliever. And if he does well, he could get back to the starting rotation.

“Stiff-necked”, eh? AKA, “Obstinate”…

Hey all!!
All this “crap” from Mice K does not surprise me one bit. After his blame game and late confession for last years woes, I more than expected it. They need to package him in a trade to SanDiego and get AGon. Unless he comes up freakin HUGE really really quickly this year, I could really see this happening (maybe not SanDiego, but SOMEWHERE).

I’d love to see Theo trade Dice-K, Ellen!!–Especially if we can get A-Gonz from SD in the process!!😉 GO SOX!

I can’t say I see that happening, though! A trade sure would be nice!

Dice-K is a pain in the neck. But not as a big problem b/c the Sox have the work horse Lackey in the rotation. The bigger problem as Julie and Greg said is Big Papi. If Ortiz had a slow start again, how patient can Francona be this year? Papi may or may not have a great second half this year. Once the season starts why not just platoon Ortiz and Lowell as a DH.
That said, I am confident the Sox will have a great year in 2010. The Sox still managed to win 95 games in 2009 despite Papi’s dismal first half, the SS, Smoltz/Penny experiment, and argh Dice-K fiasco.

Dice and Drew are kind of like Jaguar automobiles in the ’80’s. All kinds of performance potential but always in the shop. A month on the road, 6 months in the shop.
They’re like 9 year olds trying to get a day off from school, “Mom, I’m sick!!! ”
They’re like….. ah, never mind!

I said as early as last season that Mikey and Papi should be platooned!!! I say it now with even MORE emphasis. There just isnt the stroke that was there for Papi..

BTW.. did he ever come out and address with the “product” was that was the center of his investigation as he said he would??? I know its the past but when someone says that they will address a subject at a later date, I like to see follow through.

Great comparison Arnie!! I think that Dice K and Drew should be designated as “totaled”, and the insurance compant should reimburse the Sox.

Can’t say I can relate to that Jaguar comment, Arnie. I just know they sold for beaucoup bucks! The 9-year-old? Yeah, been there…

One for 19, .053.

If Ortiz is our #1 DH, might as well let the pitchers hit for themselves. I can’t imagine they’d do any worse, and they’d probably do much much better.

Lowell has to be the #1 DH, and not just to lefties. Ortiz is done. Pay him and release him.

I still don’t get why you all or so hard on Drew, for the following reasons: admittedly he hasn’t had an offensive blowout year like Ortiz in 2004, but who has? OTH — he has never played poorly defensively any year, and has had good to better years every year — and really has been pretty darn good in the post season — so despite “his time in the shop”, he does tend to come through in the clutch — when many players do not — even your beloved Wakefield hasn’t held up for the playoffs since I can remember — dare I say 2003, when he almost one the ALCS MVP were it not for Graddy Little losing his mind at the worst possible time.

Dice-K, on the one hand, his pride really worries me (and seems to be the most vulnerable part of his makeup). OTH, he is playing under the SoX medical staff, who are the real prissy folks here, who don’t let people play with finger nail problems, so you can’t necessarily blame Dice-K for that. That is probably why you have players like Delcarmen not telling when they do have problems, cause if you have a “bad hair-cut day” as you guys have been calling, its probably the SOX medical staff that is siting you, and probably for two weeks🙂

Ortiz…. I don’t know what to say there. My hunch, as much as I like him, tends to be in agreement with most of you, and is that we would be better with Lowell as the DH as well, more consistent. For whatever the reason, it seems like a familiar bad pattern again. But the season hasn’t even started yet! Also, Lowell and Ortiz are probably equally beloved on and in the team — so that is a tough one. Although you have to admit – that unless Ortiz is ripping the ball — Lowell is obviously of more value, because he can play a quality first and third base as well.

Hi everyone. Just brushing up on my “kspm” stats.. (keystrokes per minute). Hey even we have to get ready for the season!!
see y’all later.

DGN, as far as Wake is concerned, right back at ya. You can’t understand the disdain for Drew on this board? I don’t understand YOUR relative distaste for Wake. At the very least, comparing Drew vs. Wake, it would be the very expensive pot calling the less expensive kettle black. Wake makes HOW MUCH $$ compared to Drew, for HOW MANY years that Wake has been with us?? Think about that.
With many people wanting to run Wake out of town (perhaps, in part, due to the 03 ALCS), he could easily have sought to go elsewhere many times, or stepped away from the game. But he hasn’t, and I, for one, am glad. He has caught a lot of grief from folks who like him far less than you do, and yet he has WANTED to be here. He was no small part of our getting to the 04 WS himself, either! Happily, he got a ring with us that year, and I was saddened that he did not get to pitch in the 07 postseason.
Drew has been plenty clutch in the post-season, you are most certainly right. I will give him credit for that ANY DAY. I had seen Drew play when he was with Atlanta, and he had durability issues then also, but I KNEW he was a talent–so I always HOPED he would be more durable for the Red Sox, but I was wary of the longer-term deal he got. As has been said, I would like him much more if he would not go on the DL as often, for the amount of $$ he is paid. It makes me wonder how much he really WANTS it. (Even if he goes to the recycler–i.e., the DL–I keep wishing he’d come back better than ever). There is NO question about that with Wake.
This year was the first in many years that I questioned whether Wake would be healthy enough to return to pitch, and I still wonder if he will last the season. But I want him to, in part because he would do anything in his power to do it. At the rate we’re going, though, I will take Wake’s durability over Dice-K’s! I constantly question whether Drew has that drive, because he sure does have the talent.
I don’t know how many knuckleballers you have watched–I have seen several very good ones over my baseball-watching career. All the more, I am glad I have watched Wake’s as long as I have, I suppose. GO SOX!

Dice-K, I’d like to introduce you to a ball player’s best friend, Ben Gay.

DGN: I have no problem with Drew. He has been relatively productive although he’s missed a lot of time. I just think they are paying him way too much money. He has made some great/clutch defensive plays and has had some key hits over the past couple of years. If he can stay healthy, he could be a key to success this year.

The problem with Wake is that he’s only been good for half a season the past two years. Usually, he eats up a bunch of innings and is a plus .500 pitcher, but the innings haven’t been there. I like him as the fifth starter at the beginning of the year if Dice-K and Ben Gay don’t get along.

Garry, and all — aren’t nearly 95% of MLB ball players over paid🙂 — maybe JD a bit more than others. Poor ol’ Lowrie, he is going to dethrone both JD and Dice-K (except his salary is not way out of proportion).

DGN, yes, they are all overpaid. That is the biggest problem! Can you imagine having to SURVIVE (gasp!) on $ 4 mill a year?😉

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