Friday tidbits from Bradenton

Daisuke Matsuzaka has returned to Fort Myers today after witnessing the birth of his third child — a daughter — in Boston last night. Matsuzaka will pitch in a Minor League game on either Sunday or Monday.

Jacoby Ellsbury, ill the last few days, will return to the lineup for Saturday’s home game.

Utilityman Gil Velazquez, likely ticketed for Pawtucket anyway, has a chipped bone in his left thumb and won’t play for several weeks. Add that to the fact that Jed Lowrie has mono, and Francona is finding himself light on backup shortstops. Bill Hall is getting the start there today in Bradenton, as Tito and the staff want to see if he is still capable of playing that position well enough to warrant regular-season action there.

Mike Lowell is not in Bradenton, but he was at the Minor League complex in Fort Myers, getting some at-bats. He went 2-for-4 with a homer, a walk and three RBIs. Lowell will make his first Grapefruit League start at the hot corner on Sunday, but not sure yet if he’s at home or with the split squad in Dunedin. I’m guessing it will be in the home game.

One player to continue to keep an eye on is Junichi Tazawa, who has great versatility.

“Very interesting,” Francona said. “He can do different things. he can relieve, he can start, he holds runners. He’s another guy who has come a long way in a year. last year, looking at him, all the history there of coming out of the industrial league. Now he’s a guy that should not only be in a fight maybe to make our team ,but someone we really think highly of. He can be useful as a reliever. He throws strikes, he holds runners. You don’t want to write off a guy being a starter. Depending on what our needs are, he could always be a reliever. Having guys that have the ability to throw maybe 180-200 innings is pretty important.”

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell gets to see his son Jeremy play up close today. Jeremy Farrell is a Minor Leaguer with the Pirates, and the Bucs summoned young Jeremy as an extra for today’s game. Classy move.


I know we can’t read too much into the ST games. I have to be impressed by John Lackey’s performance. Lester and Beckett including today are having a good spring but Lackey is spectacular. In the unlikely event that both Lester and Beck falter, we’ll have Lackey to stop the bleeding in the regular season.

DGN, great minds think alike!! I was about to nominate Dice K for Team Hypochondriac. “Oooh, I think my shoulder is hurt, now my knee aches. All these crazy American exercises are making me dizzy! Uncle Tito, can you call a doctor? My wisdom teeth hurt. What’s that,,, the WBC starts next week? I’m fine! In fact, I will become……………..Greatest Pitcher on Earth!! until the WBC is over.”

This makes me feel kind of old. I remember going to AA games with my father back in the early 80’s when I visited, and we saw John Farrell as a minor leaguer. Now John’s son is in the minors. Yikes!!

Arnie — don’t get me started on the hypochodriac-ism of the Sox. I think they have to be one of the most contagious teams in baseball over the past few years — slumps spread, nicks spread, everything spreads, except consistent hot durable play. I have my theory, but no one would buy it (hint — has to do with the overly hovering mentality of the SOX medical staff and maybe a little of Uncle Tito — they tend to breed fragility, instead of toughness, it has to be coming from somewhere, LOL?)

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