Lackey stretches out in Minors game

The Red Sox pretty much know what they are going to get from John Lackey this season, and they know how professional he is about getting his work in. So it was without hesitation that they had him make Monday’s start in a Minor League Intrasquad game down the road, rather than at City of Palms Park, where an “A” game was taking place against the Rays.

At this point, the key for Lackey is just to continue the process of getting stretched out. He did that on Monday, going five innings and allowing three hits and one run.

Lackey, who hasn’t allowed a run in his first three Grapefruit League starts, walked none and struck out six. He threw 68 pitches, 46 for strikes.

“It sounded like he threw a bunch of strikes,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “I think he had six strikeouts, gave up one home run. Sounded like he had a pretty good day though.”

Two members of the Boston media — Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe and Alex Speier of — took the trek down Edision Avenue to watch Lackey pitch instead of staying for the Major League game.

There were, of course, not just less media, but far less fans than normal for Lackey’s performance.

“It’s different, for sure,” Lackey said to Benjamin and Speier. “The adrenaline is not quite flowing like a normal game. I felt like I got my work in, located the ball pretty good. Got to the pitch count I needed to get to. Got it accomplished.”

After starting the last two seasons on the disabled list, Lackey is keeping a closer eye on himeslf this spring so there are no bumps in the road.

“I’ve definitely scaled back a few things,” Lackey said. “I haven’t thrown quite so much this Spring Training between starts. I’m kind of saving a few bullets. But I definitely feel like I’m where I need to be for right now. Got to the pitch count, so keep moving forward. I was more happy with my breaking stuff today than I have been in the past. I got a few more swings and misses going for a couple strikeouts that I got. There are definitely some times in games when you’ve got to go get one, and I was able to do that.”

In other news, veteran reliever Alan Embree, who was signed for a second stint in a Boston uniform a few days ago, threw in the bullpen before Monday’s game. Embree will pitch in a Minor League game on Wednesday.

“Then we’ll kind of go from there,” said Francona. “He just hasn’t been outside a lot. He’s champing at the bit, we’d like to get a look at him. But going too fast doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

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Pitching is what I mostly watch during spring training, especiallly as we get to the last couple of weeks. It’s good to see Lackey and Lester get some innings in. I think they’ll both be in good shape come opening day. Alan Embree? Why? I’m not sure I understand that.

I remember a couple of years ago Brian and I laughed about a guy named Boof Bonser. How could anyone have a name like that, and now he’s with us. I don’t see him being around for long. He wasn’t much before, I’m not sure why anyone thinks he’ll be anything special for the Sox except someone with a funny name.

Joe Mauer has set a high bar for catchers with his contract. It will be interesting to see how negotiations go with Victor Martinez. He’s good, but he’s not Joe Mauer. Personally, I think Mauer’s contract is ridiculous. He might catch two or three more years and then be relegated to first base or DH. I won’t take anything from Mauer, he’s a great ball player and I wish he were in the Sox lineup, but it’s tough to justify paying a catcher that much money. Look what happened to Posada in just 4 years.

I sat down yesterday and read the card and note I received from you guys. Like all of you, it will always be special to me. Thanks again for your kindness and support.

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