Lowell limps off

Mike Lowell was finally starting to get back on a normal playing schedule, but that came to a halt on Friday afternoon, when the veteran had to leave the Grapefruit League contest against the Blue Jays after fouling a ball off his left leg. The official diagnosis is a left knee contusion. It happened in the bottom of the first inning during Lowell’s first at-bat.

Upon contact, Lowell immediately fell to the ground and appeared to be in considerable pain. He eventually got up and limped off the field with the help of trainer Mike Reinold and manager Terry Francona.

Lowell was still recovering from right thumb surgery at the start of camp, and played in his first exhibition game on March 15, 12 days behind the rest of the team.

He has been playing at both third base and first base this spring, the latter position a new one for him. Lowell hasn’t had the same mobility since undergoing right hip surgery in October, 2008, so the versatility of playing first base figures to make him more valuable to the Red Sox or another team if he is traded.

The Red Sox nearly traded Lowell to the Texas Rangers for catching prospect Max Ramirez in December, but the deal fell through when it was determined that he needed thumb surgery.

The World Series Most Valuable Player in 2007, when the Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies, Lowell was Boston’s starting third baseman the last four seasons.

Even after the deal with the Rangers didn’t happen, the Red Sox went out and signed free agent Adrian Beltre to be their starting third baseman.

If Lowell winds up staying with the Red Sox, he will be used at both corner spots as well as designated hitter.


The box score says Lowell was HBP.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse but, can anyone tell me why Arod makes such a miraculous recovery from similar hip surgery as Mike Lowell of the Red sox.As we all know the slugger from the Yankees has been called in by the F.B.I. for questioning in regards to a certain doctor from Canada.Correct me if i am wrong,but isn’t the substance HGH undetectable?I think you all know what i am leading up to,any comments?

Its about time Mikey was given a break! he should get a MVP for perseverence

i believe that Mike Lowell, if he stays with the sox, will prove to still be valuable in key situations. i have been a dedicated follower of this team since the final days of ted williams and i can not think of any one who was a better all around baseball player or finer teammate and human being. since we got him we’ve been trying to trade him despite how valuable he has proven to be. Now i know his range is diminished and it is highly unlikely that he could play any thing close to 162, but i still feel that if he stays with us he will help us in a key spot somwhere along the line. if i had nine healthy mike lowels in their prime my team would be unstoppable. also: fans complaining about money hungry ball players should remember the ones who sign for less than they might have elsewhere.

to hollybrown, Lowell’s hip injury was worse than A-Rods. Mike has severe ligament or cartilage damage, as I recall reading. They had to remove much of that material leaving open the probable grinding of bone to bone within the hip joint. Unfortunately, he will never be able to fully recover due to the lack of cushioning material in that joint. Even he stated early in Spring training that he will eventually have to have hip replacement surgery once he retires. He’s a real trooper, playing in pain. That’s why his mobility is still not and will never be, 100%. Doctors have stated he has a chronic condition that probably started when he was a teen. So, as much as I might like to slam A-Rod, your inference to HGH or otherwise is probably not valid.

Lowell’s surgery removed the labrum ( the cartilage/cushion) in the hip joint. A-Rod had his repaired.

I was at the game. It looked like Mike hit a ball that bounced off his leg or ankle. He had someone hit for him, and not go to first base, so he was not HBP.

I just want to thank the commentator in reference to Mikes injury in relation to Arods.I don’t like to keep harping on that subject,but i am curious about the currant meetings going on about the doctor in Canada and this HGH thing.Thanks again.

I just want to thank the commentator in reference to Mikes injury in relation to Arods.I don’t like to keep harping on that subject,but i am curious about the currant meetings going on about the doctor in Canada and this HGH thing.Thanks again.

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