Lowell, Hermida, lineups, etc.

Quiet morning in Sarasota, where the Red Sox were preparing to play their final road game (excluding Saturday’s exhibition at Washington) of the spring.

One thing has become increasingly clear is that Mike Lowell is more  likely to start the season as a Red Sox backup instead of getting traded. Lowell is making the start today at third base. Manager Terry Francona credited the way he is handling his situation.

“I can only tell you how he’s been around me. he’s been professional, like he always is,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “I think the challenges start more when the season starts. again, you look up at the schedule here and you know when you’re playing or when you’re supposed to play. You’re trying to get ready. Quite honestly, I’m sure there will be some challenges presented. That’s part of it.”

Jeremy Hermida (tight right hamstring) is making progress and could play Friday at home against the Nats.

Does manager Terry Francona have his lineup combination in place for the start of the season? He seems to just about there, but is leaving some wiggle room in case he has a change of heart. For now, it is looking like Ellsbury-Pedroia-Martinez-Youkilis-Ortiz-Drew-Beltre-Cameron-Scutaro. Francona’s only hesitation with that combination is the way the lefties and righties are stacked up in the last five spots, But he also seems to think it’s his best combination right now. 


i know it’s early and things could change soon enough but i think it’s a big mistake to have beltre, cameron, and scutaro hit consecutively. nothing to do with the RH thing but beltre and cameron K twice as much as they walk and don’t really hit for average historically either. plus you don’t know what scutaro is offensively. is he the guy from last year or the guy from the previous 6-7 yrs. in terms of BA and OBP? none of em have a career OBP over .340. if you put drew at 7 or maybe even 8 at least you have a better chance of turning over the lineup with someone on for the top of the order where your strength is. that trio looks to me like a lot of potential men LOB and 3 and outs.

I think you are on a better track with your lineup thinking, WSSoxFan. I hope Tito considers that idea. Take care. GO SOX!

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