Victor, Papelbon, Oki and more

You think Victor Martinez is ready to play in a game that matters? In
his second at-bat, he took  an effortless swing and put the ball over
the wall in right for a two-run homer. In his next at-bat, he unloaded
for a grand slam to center. After that, he again hit one to deep
center, but his bid for a third homer landed on the warning track.

Jon Lester cruised today, giving up three hits and one run over seven innings.

Mike Lowell looked as good as he’s looked all spring, turning on two
pitches for doubles and showing a little hop in his step when he
covered second to complete a 6-5 double play. Lowell had been
over-shifted with lefty Luke Scott at the plate.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Papelbon and Hideki Okajima got there work in today over at the Minor League complex.

pitched for Class-A Greenville and gave up two hits and two runs
(unearned) over one inning, walking none and striking out one.

Papelbon worked his inning for Class-A Salem, giving up two hits and a
run over an inning, walking one and striking out three. He threw 26
pitches. Knowing the way Papelbon works, it was probably a little hard
for him to fully get it going without the adrenaline of a crowd of the
challenge of Major League hitters.

“It’s tough to come down here. It’s not easy,” said Papelbon to
reporters in Fort Myers. “It’s no normal circumstances that you’re used
to pitching under. It’s not an excuse. You’re dealing with a different
way of life down here, man. I felt like I was pitching in Zombie-land.
It’s definitely different.”


Glad to see that the team is getting ready for the big day… Can’t believe that it’s almost here!!

Good news indeed! We’ll need Lester and Vmart in top form this year. Go Sox!!!

I’m glad Lester had a good day today. I hope V-Mart doesn’t stop hitting those HRs and XBHs come April! GO SOX!

This guy is the person that had soxandpinstripes shut down.

kuhar, jason
10640 s parkside ave apt# 7
chicago ridge, IL 60415…

Please, for the love of the SOX send him an e-mail and let him know what an awful person he truly is. It will only take a second of you;re time. PLEASE.. GO SOX!!!

Is that why we have not heard from Jeff for a while? Is anyone in touch with Jeff?

What?? Soxandpinstripes is shut down? Why?

Could you maybe explain a little?


I’m with Craig and the other folks on here, please explain what happened with soxandpinstripes. I haven’t posted over there in a while but Jeff and Vince do a solid job. That’s a shame!

Go to and Jeff explains it himself!

Go Sox. Things are looking good! Hope the birds continue their present form!

Robert, I tried to go to the site and it is no longer there. I used to have Jeffs email address but now I get return mail.
Jeff and I had our “conflicts” but he and Vince did a really good job with that site.
Can you enlighten us??

oh.. I did go to the “.net” address. I guess we need to let Ian know that his link is not current.
Thanks Robert!!!

Thanks, Bob. I went to the “.net” site and found S & P to be going just fine, but under the new address. I hope it continues to do well there.

This should be a good E-mail address for Jeff until he gives us a better one:

does anyone else DESPERATELY want to slap Papelbon in the face? HARD?! I’ve never heard this much complaining about not playing in a competitive environment. He relies this much on the crowd? And every time he has a migraine, he can’t pitch well at all (even when he takes his medication, which is when it bugs me). This is the most babyish player I’ve seen in a while. So many Sox fans complain about Drew (who never whines by the way, it’s just everyones conception about him now), yet look at this closer, being paid 9 million a year to pitch fewer than 100 innings, who can’t play well without the crowd going wild.

I think you are right about Pap, Bosmaine, and many on here would agree with you. Read some of our comments from last year, if you want to see what we think about Pap.

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