Opening Night — 1 of 162

Perfect night. Great pitching matchup (Josh Beckett vs. CC Sabathia). Two age-old rivals (Red Sox and Yankees).

And there Pedro Martinez was, wearing Red Sox jersey No. 45 again and throwing out the first pitch. A pretty cool moment, I must say. It was only fitting that Varitek caught the pitch, since he caught just about every pitch Pedro threw in a Sox uniform.

Everyone ready?

Here are tonight’s lineups.


Jeter SS
Johnson DH
Teixeira 1B
A-Rod 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Granderson CF
Swisher RF
Gardner LF

Sabathia SP

Red Sox

Ellsbury LF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Beltre 3B
Drew RF
Cameron CF
Scutaro SS

Beckett SP


Ian, any word yet on whether Josh has signed that proposed extension? GO JOSH! GO SOX!

Hey Ian.. Ready for another exciting season?? I am PAST ready!!!
Bring on the Yankees.
Everyone pray to the RedSox Gods for health and safety for the guys.
Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I bought some Jiffy Pop popcorn just for tonight!!!!! Haven’t made it in a long time but it’s better than microwave…..Go Sox!!!!!

I did a lot of whining this off-season about the new Sox team….now I’m shutting up and full of support. Just like our country….right or wrong…it’s still our country and we need to stand by her. I am standing by my Sox as well, for 162 games starting tonight!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

You can keep the popcorn, Craig! I’ll settle for some birthday cake and some coffee! GO SOX!

Ian, I hope you got the e-mail I sent you–it was returned the other day!

I see that Beltre is batting before Drew–I think that’s the better idea. We’ll see if I’m right! GO SOX!

I’m ready for a little baseball, it seems like it was forever ago that Papelbon blew game 3 against the Angels.

I’m not in favor of Bos. and N.Y. battling each other right out of the gates. I also don’t like the idea of Opening Night—Nothing like Opening Day in Boston, it’s almost like a holiday! I guess I’m old school in alot of ways.

Looking forward to watching Pedro throw out the first pitch. Could Pedro join the Sox this year???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It would be cool to see Pedro back in a Sox uniform, Brian! I don’t know that it would happen, nor that it is the best thing for the team this year, but it would be cool! GO SOX!

Well, we’ll soon be off and running. I look at these two lineups and I’m thinking one of these two will be the wild card, the other will not make the playoffs. Personally, I think the Rays are the team to beat in the east. We’ll see how their pitching holds up, but neither of these teams are as deep as the Rays offensively.

The Sox are great through Youk, but how good will he be with Oritiz hitting behind him unless Ortiz does something this year. I think Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez and Youk can and will produce, but the key here is Ortiz’ production. I do not believe the Red Sox can win this year if he does not produce, or they don’t find another bat that can produce in his place. The reality is that I believe Mike Lowell to be a better hitter than Ortiz at this point and would rather see him in the lineup, especially against CC. Of course, there are question marks, the biggest of which is Beltre? How will he produce. We know he can field, but will he hit. In any case, the Sox have nothing that closely resembles Jason Bay.

Looking at the Yankees, they aren’t much better off. Once you get past Cano, there isn’t much there.


One thing I have learned watching baseball over the years, you can never ever have enough starting pitching. I doubt it will happen but stranger things have happened over the years.

Is it your B-day?????If so, happy B-day…if not….happy day to you anyway!!!!!!


I’m with you about the T.B. lineup. I think Upton and Longoria will have monster season’s and I’m going with Longoria for M.V.P. in the A.L.

Tor. and Balt. have ZERO chance of doing anything this year!

Well I know one thing….Tampa Bay won’t sneak up on anyone this year and no teams will take them lightly which will make things a little more difficult for them. Welcome to the big leagues….every team guns for the Sox and Yankees and Tampa can join the fun now.


My 1st of many complaints about announcers:

Yes, it is, Craig! Julia and I are on Blogspot, if you wish to come over!
THANK YOU for the card, Ellen!

I cant believe that its finally here!!!
come on lets have 1st pitch!!!!!



Not on CoverItLive, you shouldn’t, Ellen! I let comments through, there!



I give up!!!! gonna watch from the couch.. see y’all later

Ellen, I hope you can get on! I’m keeping an eye out for ya!

True enough, Brian, that you cannot have enough starting pitching! I simply am wishing we’d get younger on the pitching staff lately! You are certainly right, though, and if Pedro can help, bring him on! GO SOX!

Hey, Garry, I hope you are doing well!
Brian, did you get the note I posted on here less than a week ago to send me an e-mail? Let me know!

I hope you are right, Garry, about one of us being the WC. I’m not so sure, and TB is only part of the picture!

Thanks for the birthday wish, Craig! The big 4-1 today! GO SOX!

Greg, still have some pain down the left leg… is very sensitive, but it’s getting better…….thanks for asking.

Beckett threw his best pitch of the night to get A-Rod to ground into the DP. Nice change-up right down where it’s supposed to be. He’s overthrowing his fastball badly which is why he’s so high with them. Hate to admit it, but Joe Morgan is right on there.

Have any of you checked out the Blogspot site? I don’t want to advertise it here, so I have been doing so via e-mail.

I don’t like that 3-2 curve to Swisher. Beckett blew a fastball right by Swisher the pitch before…..should have went with the heat on the 3-2.

Great at bat by Gardner, he saw everything Beckett has. Who’s first out of the pen for Boston???

I see where the times are wayyyyyyy off on here. Same old…same old…same old….lol.

Martinez MUST look at third before throwing. He never looked. Who cares if the runner takes second in that situation. My oh my!

This is a problem with the Sox. If they fall behind, they don’t have the lineup to really get back into games. Wonder why they just didn’t throw Jeter out at second. He was out by a mile. The runner on third may or may not have beat the out at second, but they still would have had the out. I believe these are baseball fundamentals that are no longer worked on in spring training.

Boston MUST make Sabathia work!

Yes, it is, Garry. It will bite us at least as bad this year.

Well the Sox aren’t playing well, but that 1st base umpire must be in the Yankee’s back pocket — now up to our high-power offense.

Pedroia should run thru the bag! Head first is not smart.

or put another way — another great start for MLB umpires!!! I thought they fired a few — looks like they should have cleaned house.

Hope everyone had a great Easter… Now if only the Sox will bring it on, I’ll be all set. Beckett is giving me a headache, so now I’m back to watching the NCAA Women’s tourney… I can trust that the UConn Women will win, and the game will make me happy. What will make me happier is if the Sox beat the crap out of NY right now… I can dream can’t I?!

They did fire several, DGN, arguably not the right ones, incl. some of the ones who worked last year’s playoffs.

The umpires aren’t the reason why Boston is getting their butts kicked.

No, they aren’t, Brian. No question. Very true!

This should be Beckett’s last inning because the guys that have been given him fits are coming up!

Cano with the longest single I have ever seen.

Not one of Beckett’s best starts. I got to say, the Sox lineup just doesn’t look as scary as previous years-or am I missing something.

How are you Bosoxbrian?


I’m doing better than Beckett. LOL!! The lineup isn’t potent, Ortiz has seen better years. I think Boston will miss the playoffs. N.Y. and T.B. are better all around.

I think TB is going to give everyone a run.


I’m going with a T.B. vs Philly W.S.

I agree. By the way, Vegas are putting the line on the Jays at 70 wins-take the over.


I would take the over but not much more than that. I would go with 75 wins for Tor.

75-80 is about right.

I’ll go with 90 wins for Bos. 96 for T.B. and 95 for N.Y.

Scutaro comes thru. Great job Scutaro, a pesky/gritty player.

Gardner with a BRUTAL throw!! N.Y. is up by 4, hit your cut-off. You gotta love fundamentals on the biggest stage for baseball. Why have spring training???

Irishsoxkid with a smart move watching the UConn women. They should play the winner of Duke vs Butler, my money is on Duke tomorrow night. I think the UConn women would give the Celtics a run for there money.

Ramirez had some rough outings against the Yankees last year.

Looks like the regulars didn’t show up yet — the new comers have. Is it too early to start criticizing Tito? He should have DH Lowell against CC. Not a good start for Big Papi again.

No, the Sox lineup is not likely to scare many teams, I don’t think, GSJays. And Tampa may or may not win the WC, but they should be very formidable. I hope you’re doing well, GSJays, glad you stopped by!
Brian, a TB/ Philly WS rematch would not surprise me!
IrishSoxKid lives in CT. That would figure.

I’m fine Greg and yourself? Actually, most Jay fans are hoping Philly gets into the series so Doc gets a chance to pitch in the playoffs.

Bosox, I agree with your numbers, maybe up or down a couple of games, but that’s sort of how I see it going as well. The Sox need big years from Ortiz, Martinez and Beltre to pick up Bay’s power numbers, and I just don’t see it happening.

Bard has got to get ahead and throw strikes. He can’t be going into the meat of the Yankee order with men on base. So far, so good. Walk = Death…….

Yeah, I can see why, GSJays. I talked with a jays fan blogger about that–he has a Halladay Phillies jersey!
I’m doing well, thanks!

SO true about the BP, DGN! I can’t see why Theo didn’t do more than he did to upgrade the pen. Arguably, it has regressed…

4 Pitch Walk……. just want t scream.

Cameron is another question mark!

It’s a brand new game in Boston. A battle of the pen. Beckett stunk and Sabathia ran out of gas. Great job by Boston, battling back and the crowd is into the game for the first time tonight.

This blog is screwed up with the time stamps or something. These posts are all out of sequence.


Martinez should hit well and Beltre should have a solid season at the plate and in the field but Ortiz doesn’t scare anyone—only the fans in Boston.

N.Y. had fun against Ramirez last season, not sure what the numbers say but that is what my memory says anyway.

How much gas in the tank for Oki this season???

Run prevention???? I don’t think the front office had this type of game in mind.

Bring in Embree! Where’s Timlin??? Scott Williamson anyone???

Yea, I’ll never understand why we think we have a good bullpen, and we didn’t do much to improve it all this year. I am afraid we are going to see more games than we are used to go south in the later innings.

What was that? ouch!

What is Steven Tyler on??? Someone please take him away and lock that cell.


I think this pen will be like a roller coaster all season long.

If Boston doesn’t score 3 runs off of Chan Ho Park….I will be disgusted!!

Thank you Brian Cashman for signing Chan Ho Park, I guess Sidney Ponson wasn’t available.

Joe bringing in a lefty — as I said earlier — I would have DHed Lowell the entire game (with CC pitching) — Ortiz better come thru — cause Tito isn’t going sit him.

Way to take the pressure off Ortiz!!!!

Time for Bard and then Papelbon.

Is there a more over-rated player than Chamberlain???

Can Paps protect a 1 run lead in game 1 against Yanks — or do we need some more.

Maybe Tyler wasn’t so bad after all — sounds like maybe the Fenway sound-man is the one washed up??? Maybe Neil and Steve will sue the Fenway sound crew?

Well with one ugly win like that under our belts — I don’t see why we can’t go wire to wire in first place, LOL!!! Anyone dare call it now?

Well, we won one the hard way, without much pitching help. I think Lackey is going to be a bigger pick-up than we’d want to admit. GO SOX!

Good game, Red Sox. Hope this stifles any more complaints about our offense!

Obviously will wait a week or two to make judgement, but Ellsbury looked confused all night. Good speedy catch at the end there to make up for things, but both plays by the wall looked very uncomfortable, and of course 0 for 5 is not what you want out of your leadoff slot. As I said, it’s only one game. But he’s my player to watch right now.

Ortiz looked baffled at the plate as well, although I think he’s got his eye back. His bat speed still needs time though. Also, I’ll give some consideration to the fact that he only faced lefties. To whomever posted earlier that they would have DH’ed Lowell over Ortiz tonight, I’ve got two basic reason why that didn’t happen. 1. Lowell looked old, and immobile both on the field and at the plate this spring. Ortiz, while still not himself, had a decent spring. 2. I think we need to give Ortiz the consistency of playing every day, to give him the chance to play well. Sure, in a week or two, if it’s beginning to look like 2009 all over again, I’ll be shouting Lowell’s name with the rest of you. But until then he needs to be given the time, both against RH and LH pitchers. He started making some good swings, but I need to see some games with RH pitching to get a feel for whether it was just him having trouble with CC, or if his bat speed has just disappeared.

Thankfully, baseball’s back. Magic # = 161. This should be an interesting team this year, on paper I don’t look for more than 85 wins, but who knows? If Cameron has one good year left, Beltre and Ortiz return to form…the team certainly has the pitching, although Beckett was still in Spring Training mode.

One question. When did Adrian BELL-tree become Adrian bell-TREY?

Ron, if we are using Spanish pronunciation, it would be Bell-TREY. It never would have been Bell-TREE. If Beltre himself, and not the announcers, is the one making the pronunciation more Anglicized, that’s his choice, and that would be fine. But ordinarily, Spanish would pronounce his name Bel-TREY.
Bosmaine, no, this does not erase concerns about the offense, but I do hope those bottom three guys keep going like they did tonight. Drew did just fine, also, thanks! I am more concerned about Papi than anyone. I would prefer that they take either Papi or Lowell (and you know my preference, but it is not the FO’s), and make him the everyday DH at the start, to give him the chance to get his groove like you hope he does. I disagree about who would get into that groove faster, but I hope Papi does! GO SOX!

Nice to see a good, crisp, well-played pitcher’s duel in the first game of the year! And the Sox and Yanks wrapped it up in a tidy 4 hours!
Seriously though, the newcomers looked ready to go and Pap had a nice inning for himself. Schoen looked pretty good.
I wouldn’t take anything from this game except that the Sox showed some heart to make a come-back. Even then, the Yanks were very generous tonight.
Happy birthday, Greg.

Hehe ronkelly, I didn’t even notice. I always pronounced it BELL-trey anyway, a bit of a meld of your two pronunciations.

Beckett lost his curveball. It’s disconcerting, because his last ST game he was kicking *** with said curveball. However, if he can get that back, and locate a bit better than he did tonight, I don’t see any problems ahead. But yeah, tonight was rough for him.

My predictions, after seeing one full game:

Red Sox: 98-64, AL East Champs
Yankees: 95-67, Wild Card
Rays: 91-71
Blue Jays and Orioles will duke it out for fourth place; Orioles have the young talent, but I think the Blue Jays have altogether a stronger team.

Sure, it’s a bit optimistic. But watching the offense, which is arguably our weakest link, step it up tonight (and to see some decent performances coming out of the bullpen, although Ramirez and Okajima didn’t impress) was very exciting to see. Once we get the starting pitching on track to how its supposed to perform, then we’re on the gravy train.

Also, can’t forget about that defense that we spent so much money on this year improving. I was very impressed tonight. Well, except for that Little League-esque double steal. What I didn’t understand is why V-Mart threw at all; with two outs and two strikes on Johnson, you’d think they’d let Jeter take second and get the out at home. Anyway. Besides that, and a little confusion with Ells in left, Cameron and Drew looked solid (I’m loving that backhanded play Drew made, turning Cano’s certain double into a long single), Scutaro and Pedroia look VERY comfortable together, and Beltre just impresses me every single time he touches the ball. The last play he made, he ranged right across Scutaro and made it look routine. Sure, it wasn’t the hardest hit grounder ever, but it had some big hops going.

This is going to be a very exciting year.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Craig and Arnie! GO SOX!

GOOD MORNING RED SOX NATION!!! The lack of sleep was worth it – WE ARE 1-0!!! In case you didn’t see the 5 year old who delivered his version of the Herb Brooks’ speech last night before the start of the game – the link to it is here:

WELL worth a view! Pedro back to throw out the first pitch and the come from behind win? LIFE IS GOOD!!

Hey! All!

You gotta acknowledge — with the exception of Ramirez, the Sox bullpen did a pretty good job of closing down that batting order. New pick up Schoeneweis cooled them out, and then Bard and Pap turned the lights out. Obviously, you have to be concerned about FB (FastBall) Beckett, but hopefully, he’ll find his other pitches soon enough. I felt the first game was the one where the pitching match-ups avored the Yanks. With the Sox swiping that one, I like the Sox pitching chances in the next two games.

While I recognize the bad play made by VMart throwing through, why didn’t Scutaro chase Jeter down for the 3rd out? I recognize Jeter would have tried to avoid the tag to allow Gardner to score, but it still would have been the 3rd out, and who knows, perhaps they could have put Jeter out before Gardner scored. Given that they had thrown through, I didn’t understand the end of that play.

I thought Tito was quite candid about how badly they’d botched the play when asked for his comment on the air. If only he’d take advantage of Mikey L for as long as the Sox have him. I’ll say one thing for Papi…at least there were more weak ground outs to the right side than K’s. I was bettin’ it’d be the other way. Let’s see who DH’s on Weds. vs. Pettite.

Com’on Jon L — show why you are the real Ace of the Sox staff, and stuff the shaving cream boy!!!

When we were down by 5-1, I said to myself it’s gonna be a long %^^&* night and season. Well what do you know. We were concerned about the offense and the offense carried the night. We were concerned about the middle relief, the midle relief (RR excepted) carried the night. I lauded Uncle Tito for yanking Beckett afer 4.2 innings, not the BS 5, 6 inning rule.
What’s wrong with Beckett? The battle for the ace is now between Lester and Lackey. Go Sox!.

One and 0 with a 161 to go!! Pretty or not, its a win. I’m not sure what to make of Becketts performance; just a pebble in the road or a crystal ball look at what is to come??

1-0!!!!! Atta way to start the season!! Great job to come back and win it Boston!! What a game. Looking forward to making that record 2-0 tomorrow. LET’S GO RED SOX!! This is our year, our team, our chance to win it all!!

Hey all,

The sox pulled this one out thanks to CC shutting down. he was frightening in his dominance but fortunately he ran out of gas. Beckett and Ortiz did not reflect what their potential is but I have confidence we will see them both back in form. Sadly Beckett and Ortiz put a lot of pressure on themselves and that is not helpful, but is certainly understandable.
The big bright spot for me was Papelbon and using the cutter at last. His pitch selection was much better and he’s more the Papelbon of 2007 rather than 2009. Ramon will also come back. He’s a dominate pitcher.

Just wanted to say thanks to the Sox for beating the Yanks last night and as a result allowing Jays fans to state the following which we probably won’t be able to do for the rest of the year:
We’re 1/2 game up on the Yanks and they’re in last place. lol

Sox signed Josh to the extension!! All of our rotation (save Wake) is locked up long term!!!
That should alleviate some of the worry for Beckett!!!

I hope last night’s was just an off night, an abberation for Beckett or it’s gonna be a long 4 years for the Sox.

Happy belated birthday! If Becket is close to his 07 form and shape and Buchholz is doing what he is capable of, what an awesome rotation. Go Sox.

Andy, I hope last night was an aberration as well. We’ll have to see. I am pleased that Josh signed the extension–I hope we will not see many more nights like last night during that time! GO SOX!

BECKETT’S STAYING TILL 2014!!!!!!!!! Hope last night was just a fluke and he does better in his next start though for there might be some angry people around.

Thanks, Andy! Appreciate it!

Andy, I think that whenever i have chocolate from now on that I will think of you. I dont eat candy often (maybe a couple of times a year) but the Hershey group is my favorite!!!! YUMMMM

Well… much for great pitching and no offense!!!!!!!! LOL. I’ll take a win anyway the Sox can get one. Looked like a spring training game. At least the Sox did not lay down and die…it would have been an easy thing to do. Maybe this will be a scrappy never say die team….a good quality to have. Greg I watched this one on TV and I’ll watch Wednesday’s on TV. As soon as I start watching on MLB.TV I’ll try the alternate set-up you employed. Go Sox!!!!

That’s cool, Craig. I have a TV in my computer room, so I’m able to use it when the game is on national TV. I will be anxious to try it while running MLB.TV! Thanks!
Great pitching? No, not so much last night. Let’s see if Lackey and Lester can do better (let alone the BP)! GO SOX!

I thought Beckett’s curve started to show up a little in the last inning but the Yankess did not swing at it. I really thought they showed a lot of discipline. There will be a lot of other teams swinging at it throughout the year but you are right….it will have to be sharper against the better teams. Will be an interesting team but I am hoping the Sox gained some confidence in their bats if nothing else. Hopefully the players haven’t been reading our comments over the last few months!!!!!! They sure didn’t act like they read them with last night’s batting performance! Go Sox!!!!!

I also hope Pap repeats his performance from last night throughout this season. If he does, he’ll be SOLID. If not…
I was also pleased with Bard. (Now, let’s get Josh back on track…) GO SOX!

Greg, color me blonde but I cant get into cover it live.. can you tell me how,, I’ll draw a map of it on my monitor screen!!!

Ellen, I hope you got the e-mail I have sent you, regarding your question. Let me know!

So Greg, Do I go to blogsport or coveritlive??

Ellen, log on to Blogspot, THEN scroll down to CoverItLive. When I open the CoverItLive console, it will be open for blogging.

Ellen, did you get my e-mail? If not, I will re-send it!

yes I got it, but I’m still having to key in a code.. maybe I’m just dense.

Hey, Ellen! I hope you can join me again later. My computer was about to freeze and crash.

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