Game 2 of 162

Encore, anyone? It will be hard to top Sunday for pageantry, drama and everything else.

But back they are, the Sox and the Yankees, for the second game of this series, and their second game of the season.

When you score nine runs like the Red Sox did on Sunday, don’t expect any lineup changes, and there aren’t any.

It was a great Opener offensively for manager Terry Francona’s nine.The only two guys who didn’t get hits were Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz, so perhaps they will get their firsts out of the way. Maybe Ortiz will take Burnett deep tonight and hit home run No. 1 on April 6 instead of May 20, like he did last year. Ortiz has three career homers off Burnett.

Clay Buchholz, meanwhile, won’t pitch until Sunday in Kansas City, which is nine days removed from his last spring start. To shake off any potential rust, he will throw a simulated game at Fenway tomorrow for three innings.


yes greg I got it but I still have to key a code in after each comment.

maybe i’m just dense!!! my blondage is showing

Im predicting that Jacoby snags 73 bases this year! There’s #1!!

I have nesn on Directv (mlb package). 1st game with Orsillo and Remy.. Really good to be home!!!!
Go Sox

YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!

Hi All!!!

And no Ellen – NOT a blond moment – I had issues today with trying to leave a comment also – didn’t remember me.


I think that we just saw Jacoby steal the 1st of 73 bags this year. Just my humble prediction!

Hey all, I hope you are not having problems on here. My computer has just about frozen, so I could not respond to your comments. Blame my computer.:/ (I still cannot pull up the game! Hard to blog a game you cannot watch)!

At least we’re leading! The Sox are having more success than my computer is.

Greg.. Does your cable service have mlbtv?? its being broadcast there as well.

It does, but it seems to be on hiatus. Even if I were able to watch it on there, though, my computer still would be having issues.


at least you could watch it!! GO-OOOOOOOSOX!

That was strike 3 to Jeter!!

Ellen and Julia, what does the code say that you have to key in? If I know, perhaps I can troubleshoot it, on Blogspot and/or CoverItLive.

thats what we need. up the middle by BEL-tre

I found the cover it live.. all this blonde had to do was scroll down to the bottom… DUH FOR ME!~!!!!

Only now did my computer pull up the game! Yes, I could watch it, but it doesn’t help when I am trying out a new blog to have my computer freeze!
Come on SOX! Get Beltre home!

Lester needs a 1-2-3 inning!!! Come on Jonny!!!!

But would you rather be able to watch the game and not blog… or blog and not be able to watch the game?? I know where I stand on that one..
YES!!! 1-2-3 inning!!!
Come on bats and legs… GET IT DONE BABY!!!!!

Are you still on, Julia and Ellen?

You’re missing my point, Ellen. Never mind.



V-MART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

No I truly understand but like Miss Scarlett says (I think)
THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW.. Cheer up Greg.. and thanks for doing this for us!!!

If the Red Sox continue to win, I’ll be as cheered as anyone!😉

Gotta say I love seeing Burnett get thumped. Keep it up Sox….

I can’t imagine why, GSJays!😉

Hey there Brownie Points Brethren and Sistern!!!
Gotta work tonight, but: Go Get ‘Em Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, guess ya got me Greg.

I’m back and forth Greg!


Hope you guys are satisfied with Scoot, he’s a great dirt bag player.

NICE JOB, JON! Let’s get Jon some more runs! GO SOX!

GREAT inning for Lester!!!

Scott did a great job starting that DP!!

Scutaro has been doing GREAT so far! I hope he keeps it up!

Are the MLB servers not on Daylight Savings Time, or something? It takes work to be an hour into the future like that!

DRAT! Not that time! GO SOX!

hi Arnie.. How goes it in the Wild Wild west????

come on Jon Lester.. I’m not ready for the Dr yet!!!! When he comes in.. which Dr will it be?? Strangelove, Feelgood, or No????


LESTER!! Settle in!!!!

Good luck, Ellen.
The Sox can’t touch Aceves, I hope he is gone next inning. Cmon SOX!!!



YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS DA MAN!!!!

Hey guys.. I’ve got another spinal tap scheduled in the AM so I’m gonna watch from bed. GOREDSOX!!!!
I’ll check in with y’all tomorrow night!

Elementary. When NY brings in Marte to pitch to Ortiz in the 8th, you pinch hit Lowell.

Last year we waited till May for Ortiz’s first HR. This year we wait to May for Ortiz’s first hit.

Same lineup and same production from the 5th spot in the lineup,nothing. Papi looks just like he did to start last year, terrible. He can’t handle the inside fastball and can’t hit lefthanders. Move him down in this weak lineup or platoon him with Lowell. Cameron and Beltre looked like crap in the late innings striking out. No offense and Scutaro is not the answer at SS. It’s going to be a LONG season

Ian, Whats up with the RS Homepage?? No standings box?? I guess they want us to go to the MLB homepage for that??

Hey Ellen!

Bad night last night. Both the bullpen and the S.S. seem to falter. David Ortiz is dying out there but the good news is that the core is on fire and Delcarman is showing life.
Also, check out I’m back writing on somewhat regular basis and this one is a good one.

It’s way too early in the season to get overly excited or depressed. So far the run prevention aspect of the Sox’ game hasn’t come together, but over time it will even out and at the end of the year the Sox will look pretty good in that department. I hope.
Ellsbury got a couple hits last night and looked more like his normal self. Youk, Pedey, Vmart are hitting. Beltre got a couple hits but he and Drew struck out in crucial late inning at-bats with the game on the line. Let’s go fellas, clutch hits! Joba was on his game last night.
Okajima has me a little worried. He’s been so important to the Sox bullpen the last few years but he may have run out of gas. Cmon Okajima, get your act together!
Lackey needs to step up. All the defense in the world is helpless against line drive hits, doubles off the wall, walks, and home runs. Throw strikes!! Take a tip from Rivera: 14 pitches, 12 strikes. Take the game to the hitters; don’t get yourself in a lot of 3-1, 3-2 counts and let the batters dictate the game to you!
GO SOX!!!!! Throw strikes, run fast, hit home runs!!!! GO GO GO!!!!

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