Lowell might retire after season

Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell, who is making his first start of the season tonight, can have a better playing situation for himself next year because he will be a free agent. But the catch is there might not be a next year for Lowell. The 36-year-old veteran says there’s a good chance that he will retire after the season, citing a desire to spend more time with his family.

Lowell was asked if his current playing situation made him look forward to next year.

“No, I don’t because this probably is my last year,” said Lowell.

Then, he talked of how he turned down a four-year deal to go to the Phillies and took a three-year deal to stay in Boston. In fact, that was when he first came to the realization that 2010 might be the last of his career.

“Three years ago, to be honest with you,” said Lowell. “I have no qualms about it. My agent wanted to kill me for not taking a four-year deal and I said I don’t know if I want to play four years but I know if I sign a four-year contract, I’m going to play four years. I didn’t know that. I tried to look at the big picture. I see my family, I see the age my kids are at. They’re both starting a new school next year – all that good stuff. There’s a lot of reasons for dad to be there. Has this scenario maybe put baseball a little bit lower? I don’t think so. But it grinds at you a little. That’s where the mental challenge comes in.”

Is there anything that could change Lowell’s mind about playing in ’11?

“”Well, I’m not 100 percent sure [about retiring],” Lowell said. “I would say I’m well up there. Actually I would love for the last year of my career to be the best year of my career if that would be the case. I don’t think there’s any better way of going out than on top. Why not?”

What if his health keeps improving this year? Would that change his mind?

“No, no. If I hit 30 home runs this year or if I hit three, I don’t think that stance is going to change,” said Lowell.


Gee, I wish I were able to watch tonite’s game. Just seeing Mikey on the field is uplifting. Two of my all-time favorites are on their way out: Tek and Mikey and I have to say that I’ve not seen two more respectful players deserving of our undying Sox loyalty and respect. It’s been a pleasure watching both of them play and let’s look forward to a great year. Go Sox!

Mike is such a wonderful role model for all-athletes, kids, fans, etc. His medical battles, his attitude, his contributions with bat and glove, let alone his clubhouse leadership, and his handing out tacos to people standing in line for tickets(!), have to put him on a pedestal compared to most other professional athletes. I would love to see him DH for us more frequently. He has always been a clutch hitter and he deserves another clean shot to allow him to go out on top. Class act all the way.

Love Mike Lowell… He is such a class act and will be very much missed!!! You are such a fan favorite in Boston and wishing the Sox will have a major role for you!!! Thank you for being such a professional that others can look up to!!!!

No matter what he does, Mike Lowell will be loved by Red Sox Nation. Thank you for coming back to Boston, for being an amazing all around player, and if you do retire after this season, hope that it is a good one!! You deserve it.

OH MY>>> Ache goes my heart. There also goes one of the strongest heartbeats of this RedSox team, of the RedSox Organization — EVER! Lots of different words and phrases can be used to describe Mikey: Gentleman, charismatic, glue, affable, genuine, professional, and I could go on and on. You can leave baseball Mikey, but you will never leave the hearts, minds and memories of the RedSox Nation!!!
I heart Mikey!!!!

Oh and I forgot to say he’s still one HOT BABY!!!!

I remember when Mike Lowell started playing for Boston; I read his quotes of how much he appreciated playing on a team that had such a big fan base! Boston loves the Red Sox and we have the best fans! (We don’t leave Fenway, even if the Sox are losing, until the game is over! We also travel across the nation to see the Red Sox play in other cities and what other fans do that?) We could not have won the World Series in 2007 without Mike Lowell’s bat and glove in action! He gave up a ton of money to stay and play for Boston; I’m sad to think he may retire, but if he does then I hope he will retire as a Red Sox! I’m a big fan of Mike Lowell’s (if you couldn’t already tell) and I hope this year is his best year ever! GO MIKEY AND RED SOX!!

I don’t think his desire to spend time with his family with exceed his love for the game. The guy is a class act–I agree. But can he step away from the game without coming back? I don’t think so. I also think that if the Red Sox use him more this season and he finds that he can still hit, he will not step away from the game. But if he does, I respect his decision, as his injury-proneness (not sure that’s a word, but you get what I mean) is driving him to consider this. That I believe. It is not his age, it is because he is injury-prone and this is Lowell’s final year of his contract, and teams may not be interested in him anymore due to this problem, so I understand where he is coming from.
Check out my blog!!!!

I would not be surprised to see Lowell retire after this year at all, regardless of how this year goes–injuries are starting to catch up to him. Those who have posted on here for a while know that Mike is one of my favorite players to ever put on a Red Sox uniform. I still am amazed at the fact that we got him as a throw-in on the Beckett trade (another favorite of mine, so I got a two-fer that year!)😉. I will miss him greatly whenever he retires, and if he is traded later this year.

…and on tonights game…. If these guys dont pull their heads out of their butts and start hitting and relieving I’m pulling out my soapbox and mic tomorrow morning, I’ll give those Southern Baptist ministers a run for their money on a Sunday morning!!! and WE ALL know that NO ONE wants that!!!!!!

We have both of the big fan favorites in tonight.. Mikey and Tek!!!

I think Ian is a defender of Dave Magaden — and I don’t have a clue about hitting coaches — but it sure seems to me that since his arrival, offensive numbers have gone steadily down. Maybe its due to the slow departure of the 2004 crew and the players that replaced them — but I can’t recall a single hot offensive year under his watch. Coincidence or not?

Jake, if that is your take on Mike Lowell, then you may be sorely disappointed. He may or may not decide to play another year or two (I doubt it), but he is not the “Retire/ Comeback” type. If you have read his book, “Deep Drive”, you might see that. GO SOX!


Good ol’ Spike Owen! Is he available to play SS? Hmmm…
Trailing already! OK, Sox, time to get some runs! GO SOX!

Well not such a good start for Mikey!!
Come on Jeremy !! Get a hit!!

The ump missed a call? Who knew? Hmmm…

We can always call up Oil Can Boyd for pitching help!!

respect the hell outta lowell and he probably should retire. dude can barely get to 1b on a base hit. sad thing is theo epstien is the one who should be retiring. 170MM payroll and this is the best you can do? wow. i knew they were the 4th best team offensively in the AL east but thus far this really embarrssing. somewhere omar minaya is laughing as he is officially the second worst GM in baseball.


Ok, since I rarely understand Tito’s logic — can someone explain to me why, if you are going to play your bench players (who have not played in while) — you put them in against one of the toughest pitchers in all of baseball? Are you conceding the game and the series? I am all for the bench players (especially Lowell) getting a chance to play, buy why tonite, as opposed to tomorrow? Assuming your #1 line up is your best offensive threat, don’t you need them when scoring might be really tough? And if not, then way are they your #1 line up?

Nice job, Josh! Great play, Mike! Get some runs, guys! GO SOX!

Wow.. talk about a game… lol
When do we start??

Hey Arnie.. your fantasy strategy has worked before.. Just ask BosoxBrian.. He never logged in after the draft, led the league the whole way and only got knocked into 2nd during the last 2 weeks. I just have a lot of fun with it.

Well, I guess Ankiel likes hitting in the AL–even if it is with the Royals! Hmmm…

What is up with the “Nancy” tonight!!! geez.. last night too..

Last night, Drew at least brought his bat. He might want to find it tonight!

A couple of thoughts on the game so far: (1) Why isn’t Ellsbury running? (2) Mikey can still play a little third base. (3) This home plate umpire is clueless on the strike zone. He’s making both pitchers throw the ball right down the middle. Neither Beckett nor Grienke can be very happy with his calling. (4) JD Drew needs to make that catch on Ankiel’s fly ball. (5) Except the first night, the Sox lineup is living down to all run production expectations. I know it’s early. (6) Hermida has looked pretty good so far. He’s had some good swings. (7) How happy can you be for Tek?????? Atta baby.

From the old Grand Funk Song… I’M YOUR CAPTAIN, YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!

I guess I got my answer — cause they are going to hit home runs🙂

Garry, YOU KNOW i love IT!!!!

Sabathia had a no-no going into the 8th today against the Rays.. Maybe he’ll do good early this year and fade late<< oposite of previous years..

I forgot to say “way to go Jeremy”!! oops..

Billy Butler looks similar to Billy Ripken, maybe its the hair or lack thereof.

Tek HR, Mikey with a couple of good defensive plays and a base hit…… it’s a real feel good night.

Sabathia did look impressive today. I saw much of that game.
Glad to see Tek and Hermida went back-to-back! Josh needs to keep going!
DGN, I don’t usually question Tito on line-ups. I don’t know if this is his rationale, but the bench players may see the opportunity to hit against Greinke as a good challenge. They seem to be responding, anyway! GO SOX!

Beckett was 8-1 following a Red Sox loss? You mean we lost that many games last year?😉 GO SOX!

Good AB by Getz. Finish this inning, Josh! GO SOX!

It’s so good to see these guys getting some good hits (two homers back to back) ~ yahoo! GO RED SOX!!!

p.s. Mike Lowell, once again, is the man with the golden glove! ;o)

It’s so good to see these guys getting some good hits (two homers back to back) ~ yahoo! GO RED SOX!!!

p.s. Mike Lowell, once again, is the man with the golden glove! ;o)

It’s so good to see these guys getting some good hits (two homers back to back) ~ yahoo! GO RED SOX!!!

p.s. Mike Lowell, once again, is the man with the golden glove! ;o)

Not a good sequence by Josh these last two hitters. GO SOX!

Glad Josh got the win tonight! He managed to get through that 7th inning.
Glad the bats showed up tonight also–a little HR Derby! Made up for some of the early LOBs.
Do it again tomorrow, guys! GO SOX!

Good call by Lowell..If I knew then what I know now, would’ve taken it easier on my body when younger. Go out with grace and use your abilities and skills to coach at whatever level. What kid wouldn’t want him for a coach?

Go Youk, and thanks…we needed that!

i knew this team was not gonna be great offensively but god they are horrible. you just cannot consistently pitch well enough to win games 3-2 4-3. 170 MM payroll and this is the best theo could do. somewhere omar minaya is smiling cause he is officially the 2nd worst GM in baseball.

So who in the bullpen gets to blow this lead? I vote for Manny D-C.

OH captain my captain!!! You gotta love the Tek-er!!! So gald he’s having a good 1st night!!!

This sport is one where you can’t live for the moment…it can change at any moment…just sit back and enjoy the ride…or crash? Every at bat is a new at bat….don’t be so negative…Have you read Theo’s book? Terry”s Book? Lowell’s book? It’s so easy to comment on the past but harder to prepare for the future…
I miss being in Red Sox Nation…I’m in Vegas and you don’t know the abuse I take from other MLB fans and how much complimenting other team fans on their players and wins, and how much defending I have to do for the BRS… .it’s nothing like being in New England, and I miss that so much. Everywhere I go I run inot a Yankee fan…AHHH!!! We’re trying to build our BRS base out here to be stronger than NYY.

I got one guy…every morning I come in to work and he tells me he had a 7 team or 6 team bet going (at the race/sports book)…and (only) the Red Sox lost so he lost xxx-hundred dollars…Sorry Jorge…not my fault…I’m routing as hard as I can…and all da he tells me how he hates the BRS, then last thing he tells me they are going to win tonight…well toss me a C-note if they do for all that abuse…yeah, they won and I won’t hear it from Jorge in the morning…


Hey Bette, Welcome to Brownie Points!!! Hope you stick around for the season!! Always great to have new “voices” in the mix!!!!

and now I take the time to look and is see all the new posters!!!
Welcome y’all to Brownie Points!!!

Chefpbryce:You have found the Nation once again. We are here on a daily basis, even during “off” season. Another RedSox lover is ALWAYS WELCOME HERE!!! Hang around, it gets very fun and boisterous here.
You’ll soon meet our resident chef, Arnie, I’m sure.

WSSoxfan: man, come on.. We had the offense tonight… What game were you watching?? Yeah pitching gave up some, but the bats came beack when needed!! Take the good when we have it!!!

Well, ChefPBryce, perhaps you and another regular on here, Craig, who also lives in your neck of the “woods” in Vegas. You and he can trade notes!😉 GO SOX!

Nite all!! Well I guess I wont be preaching RedSox fire and brimstone style in the A.M. You can all breathe a sigh relief!!! Me too…
Gotta love the Tek-er!!!!and Youk.. and Pedey and Jeremy… and so on and so on!!
See y’all tomorrow!!

Hi gang.

I just got off the phone with Tito a little while ago,,,,,did the cameras show him talking on the phone? That was me.
Anyway, I asked him why the run prevention wasn’t working so well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,by the way, the reception there is horrible! DGN, we have to get those third world small market teams some better equipment……………

Where was I? Oh yea, the run prevention.

Well Tito says,”Whaddya mean it’s not working, we are hardly scoring any runs! JD had his eyes closed yesterday when he hit that HR. We can’t be perfect.”

I realized something was wrong. So I explained to him that it is the OTHER TEAM that is not supposed to score.
“Didn’t Theo tell you?”, I asked.

Wow!! Tito knows some sweet cuss words, and he arranges them in ways I never thought of!

Anyhow, Tito assures me that from now on the Sox will take batting practice and resume trying to hit.

All will be well in RSN.
Just thought I’d share the news.

Chef Bryce, how you doing, brother? You guys in Vegas get to do some nice food, no?
I’m in the Mexican food biz here in Colorado.
Stick around. We have a lot of fun here. Sometimes we share recipes and talk about old New England style food, Boiled dinner, baked beans, Quahogs. Johnnycake, snowflake rolls and other New England delicacies. It’s a blast.

Arnie, sounds a lot like what I had for a birthday dinner, courtesy of a transplant here from Maine–steamed clams and a lobster with lemon butter! Heaven on a plate!😉
Once upon a time in my youth, I had the “real deal” in Maine and Cape Cod! Can’t beat it!😉

Hey Arnie,

Whew…you found another chef and I am trying to lose weight and all you guys will do is tempt me with food. Not fair (LOL)
Also, Arnie a funny article on Tito. Made me laugh out loud.

Hey Dave.. How ’bout all those bbq ribs and home made coleslaw and sweet corn I made last night… I’d send you some, but I’m saving them, Mikey Emailed and said he’s coming to town!!!


That sounds great. Mmmm sweet corn. I haven’t had good corn all winter but what I really want is watermelon. My younger daughter and I can eat an entire large watermelon in one day. We just go insane…and then stay up half the night (LOL). I love watermelon and that’s when I know summer starts.

Hi bloggers!!
I’m reporting live from Kaufman Stadium regarding my protest of corporate baseball’s death-grip on our national pastime. I’m using my laptop.
What a different scene here from what you’d find on a typical day at Fenway Park. Kansas City looks like your ordinary American city until you get about a block or two from the stadium. Then it turns into a scene from one of my trips to India. Kids begging on the street for a few pennies so they can get into the bleachers. The owners of the Royals are outside the field’s main gate yelling,”Alms, Alms for the poor. Alms.”
They had to use Zack Grienke’s warm-up jacket for 2nd base.
The peanut vendors are selling packing peanuts they got from the evil big market Sox clubhouse boy when he unpacked the Sox’ equipment.
The noble Royals fans, unable to afford both a ticket to the game AND cab fare are stacked like cord wood in the backs of bullock carts to get to the stadium.
Rick Ankiel was sitting in the dirt outside the ballpark carving a new bat from a 2×4 with his ancient Boy Scout knife.
Yes folks, I’m seeing what the corporate media won’t show you: the jack-boot of bourgeois baseball crushing the throat of the poor Kansas City Royal plebes, choking the very life from the once noble ballplayer from a small city. Poor fellas, living a life of squalor while the arrogant big-market Sox ride in the comfortable air-conditioned team bus.
It’s so sad.
Sorry, couldn’t resist a little Sunday morning satire. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave, did you assign Joe Derive to another beat, and put Arnie on the Red Sox beat instead?😉 GO SOX!

Game on!!

Dave my mom was from Savannah Ga. and she used to say that when the Crepe Myrtle bloomed, the watermelon was ready to come in from the fields!!!

I’m not comfortable with Hall at short…

“respect the hell outta lowell and he probably should retire. dude can barely get to 1b on a base hit. sad thing is theo epstien is the one who should be retiring. 170MM payroll and this is the best you can do? wow. i knew they were the 4th best team offensively in the AL east but thus far this really embarrssing. somewhere omar minaya is laughing as he is officially the second worst GM in baseball.”

I know I’m a bit late to this thread, but I had to comment on this. I hope you’re joking, or something, because that’s one of the most ignorant posts I’ve seen on this blog (And I’ve seen a couple). Epstein is doing a great job with this team, and is still one of the top five general managers in the game. Look at Hermida as one basic example of that; he’s a backup outfielder who the Marlins were giving up on, but now he’s showing that huge potential he had again. He could become the best fourth outfielder in the game pretty soon. Also, a large portion of that price tag is spent on some leftover contracts that don’t really contribute to the current offense. Lugo, Renteria, Lowell.

Also, I also have huge respect for Lowell, and wish him well on whatever he plans to do next year. Personally, I think he should retire. He’s clearly feeling the affects of age and injuries. I’m giving him another look today against the Twins, but right now he looks like a subpar backup who can’t run. He’s taking up a roster slot that could be given to a guy with more speed and versatility, and is being paid 12 million to do so. He’s a great guy, but he can’t contribute to this team anymore.

And Arnie, oh, ha-ha your run prevention joke is so funny. The Red Sox are averaging about 4.8 runs a game. Not knockout high, but it’s not bad. The Yankees have strong pitching, so I’m not surprised there was at least one low scoring game against them. It’s only too bad that the pitching was still warming up then, otherwise you may not be complaining so much. The one game that stands out to me is the 3-4 loss to KC against Kyle Davies, and everyone will have games like that where they just can’t score runs. No, Boston is not dominating right now. But I say this day in and day out. It’s mid-April. If Boston is averaging 4.5 runs a game, and is still .500 in late May, feel free to shout “I told you so!” But until then, I’m going to defend my team.

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