Ellsbury dodges significant injury

The Red Sox caught a big break on Sunday afternoon, when X-rays taken on Jacoby Ellsbury’s left ribs came back negative. It is just a contusion.

Ellsbury and the Sox thought there was at least a chance there might have been some kind of break when he had a collision with Adrian Beltre on a foul ball in the bottom of the ninth inning of Sunday’s game.

“I mean, it’s sore, but I’ll be fine,” said Ellsbury. “He kneed me right in the ribs so that was the thing I was worried about is a broken rib or something like that. I’m sure there’s quite a bit of swelling because it is tough to breathe but I think I’ll be fine.”

Will Ellsbury play on Monday at Minnesota in the debut of Target Field? With it being a 3:10 p.m. CST game, it’s probably too early to say.

“I guess the thing is wake up tomorrow and see how I feel,” Ellsbury said. “As long as nothing is broke, I think … I guess it’s pain tolerance. I feel pretty good. I know it’s going to be really sore tomorrow. I also hit my hip pretty good. I think I’ll be alright.”


was upset when i saw this happen, i really hope jacoby is ok : ) keep up the good work, ur my fav !

scared me pretty good. we need that spark in our lineup.

No way is he in there tomorrow. He thinks he’s feeling bad now, wait until he wakes up in the morning and can’t sit up. I’m surprised he didn’t hurt his arm; it looked like he lifted it to try to protect his head when he saw Beltre coming at the last second and it got hit, too. Glad it wasn’t worse!

Don’t think Ellsbury will be playing tomorrow, even if the rib isn’t broken. He’s having trouble breathing and his hip is sore. Should take a day or two off and let the injury heal. Then when he comes back, he’ll be better than ever….

Thank god. This was a really scary moment. But, it was a total lack of communication that caused this incident, and I think that Terry Francona ought to speak to both Beltre and Ellsbury about this. I’m glad Ells is okay.

I guess Ellsbury thought he was Mike Greenwell for a moment….Joking of course. When Ellsbury collided with Hall, that was Hall’s fault all the way. I also think it was Beltre that was the problem when Ellsbury got hurt. That is Ellsbury’s ball all the way!

With an early game tomorrow in Minnesota, unlikely Ellsbury will be in the lineup. I assume we’ll see Hermedia in l.f. against Pavano and the Twins.

At least Boston took 2 out of 3 from K.C.–of course they should have swept the hapless/pathetic Royals but winning the series is nothing but a good thing especially on the road. We all know Boston has had lots of troubles on the road the last 2 season’s or so. Perhaps with a better defensive team, they’ll do better on the road this year.

Pedroia said before the season he was going to hit at least 20 H.R.’s this year, I think he is on his way.

Ortiz with another rough day. What to do with Ortiz???? Ortiz is a ten five guy so the chance’s of a trade are almost zero but stranger things have happened in sports and in life.

I did not see the nature of Ells’ collision with Beltre. I do hope he will be OK sooner than later! We’ll need him! Glad Hemida played well, though!
Halladay with another CG. 150th win of his career, and 50th CG. Talk about a machine!

If that had been Drew, he’d be on the DL for a month. C’mon PAPI!! We need you! It’s nice that the bench is deep enough to provide support. When you’ve got guys like Lowell and Hermida on the bench, not to worry! We could use one more big bopper, however!

Don’t look now, kids, but for all our crying and whining, the Sox are 1 game back of the Evil Empire. Awesome!

How can you say that about J.D. He’d be out for the season with an option for retirement. Oh poor J.D., forgive for we know not what we say.

How can you say that about J.D. He’d be out for the season with an option for retirement. Oh poor J.D., forgive for we know not what we say.
Now I can say its time for David Ortiz to consider retirement. I’ve waited long enough and all it does is keep Lowell so frustrated he wants to retire. Not fair.

Jim, JD would be in the hospital.

6 games into the season and the Sox are just one game behind the Yankees. The Sox new acquisitions are performing better than expected so far. The rotation is solid and have to feel good about the Red Sox. The Blue Jays are not for real, are they?

Andy, we asked the same question about the Jays last year when they got off to a great start. Don’t worry about them, they are in rebuilding mode now.

It seems like Pedey is on a mission this year. He’ll have his 20 jacks by the all-star break.

Right now, Pedroia and Ortiz remind me of that Merrie Melodies cartoon with the big tough bulldog and the scrawny little mutt. At the start of the cartoon, the little mutt is pestering the bulldog, and the bulldog is just ignoring him, batting him away. But by the end of the cartoon (after the bulldog has been repeated beaten up by what the little mutt thought was just a skinny cat–but was actually a jaguar–and the little mutt is able to easily beat up what the bulldog thought was the jaguar–but was actually the skinny cat), the roles are completely reversed. The bulldog is pestering the scrawney little mutt, and the mutt is just ignoring HIM, batting HIM away. “he’s so brave and strong!”

I didn’t see it, but it sounds bad. Adrian Beltre actually looks like a guy the Red Sox stole of the MMA circuit, so I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near him.

As for the Jays, we are getting solid contributions all around early this year. Our pitching staff might not be as bad as first thought? I don’t think Alex Gonzolez will keep this 40 homerun pace up though. lol. We did have him hitting 2nd in the order last game. Scared yet?


A few games without Els, we can handle — the important part — is that he was just entering a hot streak — don’t want him coming back too soon, compensating, and slipping into bad habits, that hurt the rest of his season — ala CoCo Crisp.

IMO it’ll actually be interesting to see what they look like without ells for a few games. assuming of course he does miss a few. who leads off? scutaro i would guess. hermieda looks good thus far. the other aspect of this is IF at some point they need to trade for a bat ( i.e. fielder or gonzalez ) in all liklihood ells would be included in that deal. i mean to get quality you have to give up quality and of all the position players he’s probably the most attractive and most tradeable contractually. hopefully that doesn’t become necessary but it is nice to get a more extended look at what you have if it does.

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