First getaway day in 2010

It is a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Kansas City, with the waterfall out in right-center in full effect. Perfect day for baseball.
The only real lineup news for the Sox is J.D. Drew being out for a day with a stiff neck.  Bill Hall will make his first start of the year at short.

Of course, it will be intriguing to watch Clay Buchholz pitch today, because, at some point, Daisuke Matsuzaka is going to be in the rotation and someone is going to have to come out. Tim Wakefield didn’t look like that someone on Friday, when he threw seven terrific innings.

And a happy 38th birthday to Sox captain Jason Varitek, who celebrated with a pair of homers last night.


How is Tito going to keep Jeremy Hermida on the bench?

I’m not sure if he should keep him there. When he was down here at the Marlins, he was supposed to be the next big thing and just never broke out. Maybe thats what hes doing now!

I dont know who the 2 “laughers” are in the booth today (no NESN for me) but after any comment one makes, the other has to chuckle… it could drive one to drink.. “hey honey, could you please get me a beer???” chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!!!

re what Ian wrote about The Tek…I celebrated my last b-day with a couple of homers too.. my husband and brother!!! chuckle, chuckle chuckle

seriously.. Happy Birthday to my Tek-er!

Speaking of homer’s ellen ….

Good to see the Sox dusting off the bats.
Go Buchholz.


I know its too early, but I wish David Ortiz would retire — its going to be sad if we have to trade him…. but what else can you do?

I still wonder if it was his blasted book, clutch hits started to diminish immediately after his book (though he kept his numbers up for one more year) — then a steady decline thereafter.

Its either that or roids or age. I really dont’ think its age. And seriously, a book might have jinxed him for a year or two, but not four years. So that leaves one other choice or the hitting coach🙂 . If he was juicing a bit, maybe he should come clean. It seemed to help A-Rod to relieve his conscience. Seems like all these ball players have to do is confess, and then years of juicing doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

I say this, he better not bring the team down, like he seemed to last year. They all caught the slumpies last year big time.

I’d rather see Papi traded than hounded out of Boston by the fans. If he keeps slumping the fans’ patience will wear thin and he’ll get booed out of town. I would just hate to see that happen.

Papi still hasn’t come out and said what made him test positive as he said that he would. And you know that no New England area reporter is going to press the issue. I wish someone would.
And yes it will be sad if he gets traded, but I would rather see that happen than another year of frustration for him, the team and the fans.

Ive had trouble posting so I signed out and back in..
HI Arnie, good to “see” ya!! I made your Palm Beach cake today… can’t wait.

Greta.. another run in for Ellsbury.. Beltre never should have been out that far!! Now Jacoby’s hurt.. GOOD JOB BELTRE

twenty two place appearances, two walks, one single, one double, one RBI, eleven strikeouts, .100 BA.

Looks like Pedroia is going to have to be our power hitter this year, because it doesn’t look like Ortiz is going to be up for the job (again).

Good to see the Sox rebound and take this series. Buch seemed to do pretty well. Ramon Ramirez sure has not helped himself, or the Sox. KC seemed to figure him out pretty well!
Glad Hermida is doing well in his limited playing time! You’re right, we can hardly afford to keep a productive bat on the bench–but we have been saying that for a while about Lowell. I would like to see Hermida get some more playing time! Perhaps this will be that “breakout year” like you mentioned, DGN!😉
It would be sad to see Papi traded, as it would to have him sit, but he is going to have to produce over this next month, or the clamoring will get louder. And yes, that would be something we’d all hate to see. But it could happen. COME ON, PAPI! GET IT DONE! GO SOX!

Hey Ellen, that’s a great cake.
Lately I’ve been making anise angel cakes. I grind up a couple tablespoons of anise seed and sift it into the flour for the angel cake. It’s fantastic in the morning with a cup of cafe con leche.

Angel food cakes are great–they were my grandfather’s favorite! I love mocha cake myself–in the cake batter and the frosting! It is my birthday cake every year! MMMMMMMM!…;)

I don’t want to start a new round of Drew bashing, but today is a great example of what Drew bashing is all about. It’s the 6th game, and he has to sit with a stiff neck. Excuse me, but when you are paid 15 million per year, you better not “call in sick” with a stiff neck! Even if you are paid 10 bucks an hour! Stiff neck…….sheeesh! For every home run he has 2 injuries.

Ditto that, Arnie. Sorry, DGN, but he’s right, and it what bugs many of us.

Well, Ron, at least Dustin is supplying some of that power. Let’s hope he keeps it up! Youk, and even Tek, have left the building, and some others are supplying some pop. IF Drew can stay in the lineup, perhaps he can oblige us also! We are scoring some runs, so that is a positive. We need to keep it up, though! GO SOX!

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