First game at Target Field

With Jacoby Ellsbury out of today’s lineup a day after nearly breaking some ribs, Marco Scutaro became the first hitter to ever step foot in the batters box at Target Field, at least in an official capacity. Here was the first pitch. By the way, he singled the fourth pitch into center for a hit against former Red Sox farm-hand Carl Pavano, who was once traded for some guy named Pedro Martinez.
Yes, today is ribbon-cutting day, and it’s a nice day so far. Enough sun and enough warmth to make us happy we’re outdoors instead of in the Metrodome. Here is a look at the new field, apologies that blackberry photos aren’t the very best.




I think I’d switch Ortiz and Drew. Well, actually I’d have Lowell in there, but if Papi has to hit, put him lower where he has less pressure and maybe doesn’t come to the plate with runners on and the Sox needing a hit.
Let’s see how the Sox do in Minnesota where they have struggled in the past.
Cmon Lester!! Shut the Twinkies down!!

Hi ALL!!

While Target Field looks beautiful – I am NOT happen with what I am seeing so far from LESTER!!! STRIKES MAN!!!

Hope our bats stay hot!!

Sorry I missed the game yesterday – what do you get when you miss for steps going from the garage into the house? Two bruised knees and a really sore neck from when your head hits the door…..yea….NOT a good Sunday…..


Hey all:
Come on John Lester!!!!!
get em!!!

You gotta love the audio from the NESN truck… not
there is no audio 2nd straight time they started a series with no audio.

That steal “attempt” was not very smart.

Way to go Marco. Just cost your team a run!

I kinda like it without audio…

Someone has an animal in the seat behind home plate. Hmmm…..

okey dokey.. 1-2-3 for Jon Lester!!!

Well, Marco COULD have scored the first-ever run at Target Field but……

That’s better, Papi! Let’s get a few more! Come on, Beltre! GO SOX!

Have a good day, All. I’m out.

okay.. big bats now.. and I mean BIGBIG bats

Unless Papi has a significant game today I see him sitting tomorrow… If Ellsbury is back

I’ve been watching baseball for many, many years and Victor Martinez has thrown more balls into center field just returning the ball to the pitcher than all other catchers combined that I have watched. What’s up with that. Neither Lester nor Martinez can throw a strike.

The Sox have hit the last 4 balls right on the screws.

Ortiz is clueless up there.

Maybe I need to call Ortiz clueless all the time.

Gary, I suppose pitchers and catchers have chemistry — compatible or incompatible mindsets — is it possible that Beckett and Lester and Martinez just don’t dance as well together as they do with Varitek. It sure seems like Martinez is off to slow start offensively and defensively.

dgn…. I just don’t think Martinez is a very good catcher. He doesn’t receive the ball well, nor does he frame pitches well. Tek was a master at that. That being said, I don’t think he’s been catching all that long. I think he started out as something else. Also, the one thing he does do well is catch Wakefield.

Cameron’s ball looked foul to me…

Looks like I was wrong about switching Ortiz and Drew in the lineup.

it was foul but if I was the Ump I’d have called it fair!! lol

ESPN is interviewing Killebrew and Carew about Target Field.

I hope our “catcher in waiting” is a REALLY good catcher, who is that?? Dusty Brown?? We need something good and really sooner than later!!!

Is that Reverse Home Field Advantage, Ellen?😉

Nice play by Youk!

The closest Sox catcher is Mark Wagner at Pawtucket who is more than capable defensively. He may backup Martinez next year if Varitek isn’t resigned. Longer term Luis Exposito at AA Portland has a better bat with more power!

I think the defensive aspect of run prevention is highly overrated. Sure you need good defenders, but how can you defend against HR’s, line drives and walks? It comes down to pitching and hitting. So far the Sox have not gotten consistent starting or bullpen pitching. The jury is still out on the hitting. The hitters may surprise us. They just haven’t settled in. I’m not sold on them yet, but I’m hoping.
Does anyone think Papi can turn it around? Way too many strikeouts so far.

VMs throws to 2nd are unexplainable bad.

These darn small market teams — its not fair! — we spend a lot more money than they do!!! We should sweep them every time — its just not fair.

i may be in the minority but so far the “run prevention” of this group in not overly impressive. i think we can officially label lester as “lil papi” cause eveidently he is allergic to the month of april as well. seriously though the twins have an impressive lineup offensively. they mite be second only to you know who. especially if hardy regains his form.

I would throw V-Mart in that category as well — he is having a pretty bad April — that is three DPs he has it into in as many games — and with his play behind the plate, I am really missing Varitek.

Last year we wore down are bullpen early in victories — this year, we are wearing them down in losses.

I think the defensive aspect of run prevention is highly overrated. Sure you need good defenders, but how can you defend against HR’s, line drives and walks? It comes down to pitching and hitting. So far the Sox have not gotten consistent starting or bullpen pitching. The jury is still out on the hitting. The hitters may surprise us. They just haven’t settled in. I’m not sold on them yet, but I’m hoping.
Does anyone think Papi can turn it around? Way too many strikeouts so far.

Not me – he has been going the wrong direction for too many years. I really am coming to the conclusion that he was probably juicing in the glory years, and can’t bear to stain that legacy, and on the other hand, can’t get it off his conscience. Something has been wrong for at least three years, four in my book.

I still think Papi COULD turn it around, but I don’t think he will–at least not here. I also don’t think we can afford to wait as long as we did last year for it to happen. Give him some time, sure, but not like we did last year. GO SOX!

Pitching has been more of a problem this year than we (many of us, anyway) seemed to anticipate. Not much consistency with the starters, or the BP–so true, Arnie.

DGN, your 7:21 PM comment about the small market teams made me laugh out loud! Good one!

Say, does this site kick anyone else off from time to time? Is it just me? The screen goes mostly blank and there is a message about connection problems. Only on this blog.

granted it’s early but i think it’s pretty clear that this teams level of success is going to be determined by how often they can get 6+ innings out of the starters. the middle relief looks iffy but then again you cant ask them for 4 innings every game. it sounds silly but i really think the expected lack of offense puts added pressure on the pitchers and effects the way they pitch. and the offense well it is what it is as they say. it’s about what most thought. it ain’t great and it ain’t terrible. but you look at 6-9 in the lineup and what you have are guys capable of having good stretches but who have never been consistently productive. this team just doesn’t have that great hitter in the lineup anymore. they got some good ones but pedroia is the only career .300 guy and he’s barely that. couple that with no real power guys ( papi maybe? ) and well. it’s interesting you take NYY, TB, Minny, even baltimore and compare them position by position with the sox and in each case there are only 2-3 spots where the sox are better offensively. minny for example would be LF, 2b, and 3b. every other spot minny is probably more productive. i think ultimately the offense will be about what it was last year in terms of numbers ( not ranking in the league )maybe down slightly.

Arnie, It happens to me all the time. We can be going along chatting and then all of a sudden I cant post any more. I;ve tried logging off and back on, shutting down the computer and nothing seems to work.
Mark Newman has been aware of this problem for about 2 years and he and MLB.COM CHOOSE to do NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Alfred E. Newman’s son is running MLBlogs? That explains it!!

lol!!!!! I think its his grandson!

What, me? Worry?

Arnie, glad you liked it (the small market comment) — since you definitely inspired the comment!!!

Hang on a minute—-there’s a bunch of regular posters here? What the heck??? It’s Ian Browne’s blog, not the normal MLB Community. What the heck??? greg1969, ellenc, wssoxfan…..all regular posters here?? This is completely unexpected. Here, I’m from the normal fan forum. You want to talk baseball? ……I think you’ll enjoy it more. -Jake8907-

Jake8907, no thanks. We are regulars here because we have been loyal to Ian Browne as a beatwriter, and we have developed a family atmosphere here. While I have noticed some of you guys are regulars who keep up with one another, and that’s great, I don’t post there because I don’t want to deal with folks like Diablo and all his transmogrifications, and other assorted trolls. Thanks, but no thanks.

Two, continuing concerns: First Buchholz is still falling off toward first base when he pitches, hurting his control, his arm, and fielding his position. He needs Farrell to help him. Second, Delcarmen holds his hands too high and away from his body in the stretch position. That hurts any pretense of a fluid motion and hurts his control. Again, Farrell needs to help him! Pete

I totally agree. Thgis is exactly the kind of team we all said it would be as soon as Jason Bay left. That being said…if the defense and starting pitching just play to their potential and they can OVERACHIEVE in either the hitting or bullpen department….the Sox have a chance. If the bullpen and hitting play to THEIR potential…it could be along year. Go Sox!!!!

Jake.. is that “good unexpected” or “bad unexpected”?? This blog is what it is, a place where RedSox fans congregate to talk Baseball and an assorted palet of topics, we have been together here for 2-6 years, depending upon who you are talking to. As Greg (King Gregor) stated, we are a family here. You can find at least 2-3 of us here on a daily basis 365 days a year. Being a RedSox fan is definitely a full time job, the family is our benefits!!!
Stick around, we’re a fun and funny group!! Have a good nite!!

Good Morning Red Sox nation!

Hey everyone. Hey Ellen! Going to be a great day today. I can feel it. Jason Bay is not a team, he’s one player but there are days that I miss Zazu’s bat. David Ortiz was never the same when that immature idiot left the team but Zazu, despite being a total jerk and a vial human being with the maturity of a rabid dog, was a terror at the plate. Bay was fantastic but he was no Zazu…but who is…which in a way is a good thing.

i honestly think the bullpen mite be okay if they are not expected to go 3-4 innings every nite. i mean bard, oki, delcarmen ( assuming he’s rite ), etc. they got some good arms there. pap ain’t what he was IMO but he’s still a pretty effective closer. again though when you constantly come in to 1 run and tied games it has to effect you. i know it’s small sample size but they been hearing the whole offseason this was how it’s going be. the offense.. well theo really made this season a referendum on ortiz IMO so we’ll see. i think he can still produce. personally though if the first of may rolls around and he’s still not trending up i’d go in another direction. knowing tito though as long as they are within contact in the division he’ll stick with him.

New thread.. see ya there!!

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