A Minny matinee

It is a noon local time start out here in Minneapolis after a leisurely day off yesterday.

How was that off-day?

“I did nothing,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “It was good. I think the extent of my exercise was I opened my curtains.”

Some of his players had a day that was slightly more strenuous.

“We had a lot of guys come out there yesterday and do various things, some of the pitchers worked out. I know our catchers were out there with Tucks,” Francona said. “Some guys lifted.”

Jacoby Ellsbury is again out of the lineup with sore left ribs. He isn’t expected to return until the homestand, which starts on Friday night.

Boof Bonser will get looked at by Boston’s medical staff on Friday. This, a day after Bonser was shelled for the second straight time at Pawtucket.


I’m leading off today!!! I hope that I dont let y’all down!
Come on John Lackey.. show those big bucks moves!!!!
You CAN do this!!!

Its time for Papi to sit and Lowell or Hermida to take the bat.

Wow.. compound your strikeouts by “attempting” to steal a base.. Why would Papi do that? That was stupid.

Who spiked my milk??? Did Ortiz actually try to steal a base??

Was that a missed (or mistaken) hit-and-run sign? Boy, I gotta say that Big Papi is just giving more ammo to his detractors. He finally gets something for doing nothing (a walk on 4 straight balls), and promptly gets caught trying to steal second.

Wondering too, why Slowey was pitching around Ortiz. Doesn’t he read the sports section?

let’s see if I still have problems posting…

wow, pitch inside to pedroia–you’re just asking for trouble.

nope just grammar problems..


flop. (again)

Maybe its just me and I could be prejudiced, but all the other announcers (other than Remy and Orsillo) seem to make the game very v e r y s…l…o…w…!

ron: I reallydo think that its not too early for Tito to make a very hard decision regarding Papi.. give some one else a chance to help.. whoever it may be, they cant do any worse than Papi has.

Boy.. Pedey sure can work an AB!!

Ok, here we go again with the Francona factor (or maybe its Farrel) probably costing Lackey another W. Why can’t the let a SP who is still pretty strong finish out an inning. This will be costly – I fear.

Man I hate Francona’s game mgt — he never learns. My only hope is that my ranting will work for the good of the SOx and put egg on my blog face.

Please oh please, do not give them the lead!!!!
Pray to the RedSox Gods…. PLEASE!!!

Oh phew — the ranting worked! I like egg anyway, so it tastes good!

WHEW!!!!! she says as she wipes the sweat from her brow!!!
That could have been very fugly!!

over easy. scrambled or poached???

maybe next time, David.

for the face, gotta go with scrambled.

I know that I sound like a detractor about Papi. I like to say that I am a “team” girl. How many other players on any other team would still be in the lineup playing like Papi has or actually has not?? I think not many at all!!

I’m starting to feel that it’s almost cruel to keep sending Ortiz out there. I’m beginning to feel some sympathy for Papi.

How will they ever be able to keep Herminda out of the lineup the way he is hitting? even it means DH?

we gotta let Papi work it out.

HOLY MOLY!!! All I did was go to the bathroom and the Twins are all over the place!!! Geez, talk about hot and cold: BARD!!!

Every time you go to the bathroom the Sox lose the lead! Haven’t we talked about this already. You can’t go to the bathroom during game time but do you listen to me….NO!!!!

Papi needs to work it out in Pawtucket! This is just a waste of everyone’s time. As the Thing said in the Fantastic Four “What a revolting development.”

nice job by Papi.. could have been a bead ending, but it came out good for him

that would be BAD ending not BEAD

dgn: scrambled would make a nice facial, or maybe just egg whites, they have to have some good properties for the skin, right?? lol

Sorry Dave.. I tried the yoga pretzel, you know crossing legs and everyhting else?? Well It didn’t work this time.
Oh hey guys!!! I went on a job interview this morning, it went well I think so keep all of your appendages crossed for me!!

too much to ask for 3 up and 3 down? No dramatics?

If the sox win this game, they will be at .500. It’s early though and I concur with you Ellen, Papi gets a hit.


3-0 to Span.. Oh Geez!!!! COME ON JON-BON!!!

Talk about picking your poison.. Both Mauer and Morneau are 1-6 against papelbon… Both hits?? HOMERUNS

By the way,
Hello Ellen. How are ya!

Damn Jon-Bon… Just get this done.. you could use a Save…. RIGHT??? Let’s see If we make it about him if he does it!!

Hello All,
As you all know Ellen has contacted Mark Newman of MLBlogs regarded the blogging problems we all encounter. I also have contacted Mark several times to let him know it’s not just Brownie Points and to promote live chats during games.

Ellen asked me to share a reply I received on Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, 2010:
Hi, Bob, good to hear from you and thanks for the email. We may have an entirely different blogging platform shortly after Opening Day, and everything about the blogging/comment experience would be upgraded. Perhaps such a live blog format of some kind could be viable as well with new software. Not official yet so I am not saying anything yet on the community blog at http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com but as a regular commenter I did want to let you know we are looking at new horizons on this front and let?s please bear with any such issues in the meantime through the openers. The community blog would be the place for updates IF/WHEN we get to an update point. Certainly something we are shooting for as we want to be the best blogging experience. Thanks again for your comments.

So we are being heard and something is being done to fix the problems. As you may imagine such changes are a HUGE undertaking. Let’s all hope for sooner rather than later. BE PATIENT!

See I told ya!!!! Just make it good for Paps!! lol..
Good win..

posted before

Sorry Dave.. I tried the yoga pretzel, you know crossing legs and everyhting else?? Well It didn’t work this time.
Oh hey guys!!! I went on a job interview this morning, it went well I think so keep all of your appendages crossed for me!!
By ellenc on April 14, 2010 5:20 PM

Lackey has been consistent since the ST unlike Beckett and Lester who had one good outing followed by a bad one. It’s too early to call.
Okajima did an excellent job in stranding the inherited runners. If one of them scored, the outcome could be different knowing what Bard did in the 8th.

Hey Ellen,
YES! We are rooting for you. here is the blog cheer!
GO ELLEN, GO ELLEN, GO ELLEN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya YA YA YA

lol… Thanks Dave.. Its much less than my previous position but its more than unemployment here in Florida, plus.. I CAN’T STAND SITTING AROUND.Unless, of course the boys are playing then I can sit for about 4 hours at a shot!!! lol

I’ll check in later guys!! see ya..

I see my post at 5:30 PM got an actual time and is followed by many posts with future time!

It was a good win for the Sox today. There’s been a lot of talk about Papi, but the same talk could apply to Mike Cameron. Hermida has been playing well and has been having some good swings. Do you sit a hot bat when Ellsbury returns? The problem I see with sitting Papi is that once that happens, he’s pretty much done. His days of being a big slugger are over. The best he can do now it appears is occasionally hit a ball hard to left field.

Another not so easy save for Pap. He’s consistently inconsistent. Four walks and one strikeout in 4.1 innings so far this year. Not exactly what I’d call a dominant closer. I hope he finds his stuff or it’s going to be a long year for the Red Sox. If the Sox are not in the hunt come July, I could see him finishing the year on another team. He’ll be looking for Rivera money, and the Sox won’t pay him so they might as well get something for him.

Pedroia looking for another MVP? I love that guy. He can play today, he could have played in the 50’s and 60’s and fit right in. He’s a ball player’s ball player. Too bad there aren’t more like him.

Bob, thanks for sharing the e-mail. I hope it works! We have an alterative, but it would be nice not to need it! I hope Mark’s upgrade will be what the doctor ordered. Thanks!

Yes Cameron is struggling,but he wasnt brought in to be the big bat in the 3-4 spot. Papi is supposed to be our big bopper. I understand denial, on alot of subjects, I live there!! lol
But seriously, how long can they wait until they TRY someone else. Like I said earlier yesterday, Whoever they would put in his spot couldn’t do much worse and could possibly do better.
I think that Papi’s ego is coming into play (other than the last couple of games with Ellsbury out) when it comes to this. I just don’t see that letting it go on longer benfits either Papi or the RedSox.

I think the Sox will wait until they see what the team record looks like. If the team is over .500 for April and right in the thick of things and it looks like Papi is improving he stays. I am surprised he hasn’t been lowered in the order as I think both Beltre and Scuturo are doing more than he is. He and Cameron should be 8 and 9 in the line-up. If his ego causes problems with his placement in the line-up….then he should sit now. It will all depend on where the Sox are as a team as to how much rope they give Papi. As usual…situational. 4-4 after 8 games does not put him out yet. And playing the Twins and Yankees with the Royals as filling has been no cake walk. Time will tell but I have a feeling the clock is against Big Papi right now. If it comes time to hit the panic button early…..Big Papi will most likely be one of the guys on the pine. I would really like to see him shake this off though as he will not get the luxury he had last year when he had the best 2nd half of anyone in baseball…….he won’t be around if it takes him that long. And last year the Sox were on their way to the play-offs so they had the luxury of sticking with him. This year they may have to claw their way in and there won’t be room for dead weight. Go Sox!!!!!

One point I would like to make, concerning Big Papi and all his tremendous struggles at the plate. Anyone check out Teixeira? Hitting .097 over the season. Anyway, obviously that doesn’t mean Papi is doing better than Teixeira, or is more likely to jump out of the slump than Teixeira, but my point is this: We’re nine games in. Yes, Papi needs to step it up. But again I wonder why people want him out of the lineup so soon. Nobody is trying to get Girardi to take Teixeira out. Because we are NINE games in on a 162 game season. What the biggest problem I see with Ortiz is that he’s trying to break out in the biggest possible way. He wants to contribute, so every swing out there is headed for the fences. And when he’s having this much trouble with his swing, he’s not going to make it there. He needs to bear down and focus on himself. Let the game play, don’t try to force anything. I watch Drew for example, who is starting slow as well. He’s letting the game come to him. He’s taking his pitches, and making good swings. He just isn’t making the hits yet, but he will. Ortiz needs to relax and forget about trying to hit a home run for now. If he does that, he might actually hit one.

Bosmaine22, the reason is simple. We cannot wait 2 months again for Papi to get out of a rut. It is not just this week of games, either–this goes back to 08. When you are in the same division as the Yankees, you do not have that luxury. I don’t know why it is that hard to understand.
I am willing to give Papi some time to get a groove going, whether his spot in the lineup changes or not. Craig is about right, I think–give him April, see where he is.

Yeah, giving him April sounds good. I agree that he can’t be given the same amount of time as last year to work it out. I guess what bugs me is that everyone seems to think Lowell is a good replacement for him. I guess I’ll see today for sure what I think about that, but it seems to me that Lowell is if anything even weaker with the bat this year. He looks old, off-balanced, and slow at the plate. Anyway, I guess I’ll hold off judgement for that until the end of the game today. I’m also curious to see Hall play; I missed the game he started earlier this season.

Thinking ahead, then, lets say Ortiz plays through April and is still struggling. What happens? Does Lowell become the full-time DH and Ortiz becomes the seasoned veteran sitting on the bench? Does one of them get a release? Do the Red Sox make a trade, maybe for Adam Dunn? Right now, I have faith in Ortiz, if he can just calm down and stop trying to impress everyone. But if it doesn’t work out, we’ve got a really interesting situation coming up. We’ll have two old guys who can’t play defense and who aren’t really bona-fide DH’s on the bench. Lowell may get hot, but I’m not confident in his abilities (yet). That’ll be 25 million sitting on the bench. Ouch. Next month will be exciting, I can’t wait to see how Theo deals with this if Ortiz still can’t hit.

Bosmaine22, I essentially agree with you, except the other way around. I have more faith in Lowell, you have more faith in Ortiz. That’s fine. The way you react to what many say about Papi is the way I react to comments about Lowell. Flip sides of the same coin. In a way, I think Lowell would have liked to have been traded during the off-season so that your scenario would not have been an issue. I also would not write off Lowell so quickly: if you are willing to give Papi the benefit, why not to Lowell? (See, same question). I think Mike would approve a trade if it were offered–would Papi? Maybe he would, maybe not. I think the change of scenery could benefit either one of them. I think both (and the FO) might be happier if it were to happen.
I hope you saw what I remarked about Drew, also–whether you agree with many of us or not, you would at least understand. It is not going to change, either, until he learns to play through injuries like stiff necks.
Take care, Bosmaine22.

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