Cameron a late scratch; Hall to play center

When Mike Cameron limped through the clubhouse this morning to huddle with manager Terry Francona and trainer Mike Reinold, it was pretty apparent his name wasn’t going to be in the starting lineup very much longer. And moments later, he was out of the lineup, replaced in center by Bill Hall. Cameron has a lower abdominal strain. Obviously the Red Sox are short-handed in the outfield, as Jacoby Ellsbury is still out of the mix after hurting his left ribs in a collision on Sunday.

This is Hall’s first start in center since 2007, when he played there regularly. No word yet on how long Cameron will be out. And while the hope is that Ellsbury can play tomorrow at Fenway, that is far from a certainty. There’s at least a chacne the Red Sox might need an outfield reinforcement from Pawtucket for the start of the homestand.

Jeremy Hermida was originally on the bench today, replaced in left by Bill Hall. But that changed once Hall moved to center.

David Ortiz will get a rest today, with Mike Lowell drawing the start at DH against lefty Fransisco Liriano.

By the way, in case you were wondering if Ortiz had a steal sign or a hit and run sign when he was caught stealing on Wednesday, the answer would be, um, no.

“Neither,” quipped Francona. “That was re-established during the game.”


Here is Lowell’s chance to turn Papi into Wally Pipp…we’ll also get to see Hermida against a lefty. Two OF out and JD Drew in RF who could drop at a moment’s notice. Outfield situaution could be great if Ellsbury is back tomorrow and Hermida is inserted. Ells back to center with Hermida in LF? Hmmmmm….Go Sox.

Hi Nation! Just logging on…. Looky there, Lowell on base 1st at-bat! Just like we knew he would… I, for one, am relieved he’s on the field today. Who’s #42 is everyone honoring today? I can’t recall…. Robinson? Well, Ells is still out? Good thing he doesn’t play football, huh? Drew, too, regardless of what what’shisname above says. Heckuvan athlete, but if he breaks a nail…. Hermida sure is getting it done, isn’t he?

JD Drew who could drop at a moments notice? You ever check games played for the last couple of years? Maybe you should. Sure, Drew may have a lot of little reasons to take a day off, but it’s usually just a day. Review some stats before you whine about “injury-prone” Drew. Just because he’s pretty emotionless on the field doesn’t mean he should be beat up on irrationally.

I’m liking the way Hermida is swinging the bat. I don’t think it’s nearly enough to justify taking Cameron out, who still has pop in his bat and fields as good a center field as anyone (except Franklin Gutierrez).

Also, I’m going to watch Lowell very, very carefully. I’ll be glad to see if he can still hit, but from what I’ve seen so far he’s got more troubles at the plate than even Ortiz. Oh well. Maybe I’m wrong.

Greg, how the heck are ya?

I think you are wrong, Bosmaine about Papi versus Lowell. We will see. I also like what Hermida is doing. Maybe he will finally tap that potential that everyone seemed to see, but he had not realized to date. I hope he does! If you have read what we said when Drew sat out with a stiff neck, you will understand our frustrations with him, whether or not you agree with us.

Greg, thank you for asking. We’re 10 games into Spring ball and it’s going well. He’s doing his best Dirt Dawg impression at 2nd with no errors this season and is as hot at the plate as DP — only he switch hits. I’m tickled to death at his progress. The reason you guys haven’t heard from me much is because of our nightly involvement in the League. I’ve not been able to catch many games because our practice/game schedule coincides with Sox games (5 pm MST). I have a Club team of Juniors now which will keep me on the ballfield and on the road this Spring/Summer, hopefully all the way to Regionals in San Diego and maybe to Williamsport in a year or three. As for Sox games, we’ll catch a few at Fenway in late summer as well as all the Rockies and Rangers games in person. We’d like to get to L.A. but we’re not sure how that’s going to work. I’m kind of hoping to get to taste some of Arnie’s cooking when we go to Colorado this year, but I’ve not asked him for directions yet….. interesting…. I can’t read my own posts on here today….

Bosmaine: 1st Welcome to Brownie points!!
2nd.. We are less that 9 games into the season they have had I think 4 off days already and Drew has already taken a day off due to a “stiff neck”. Hell.. the man runs his hose and he has to take a day off. He has only averaged 120.09 games a year his entire career. He seems to like the #109.
He played that many games 4 times in his career. Puhleeze. He’s fragile at best. And yes, I know that he has come up HUGE in some very important games, I am speaking only in terms of durability here.
PS: There is absolutely NOTHING irrational about the way he’s beat up on. Before you start trying to portray him as some kind of IronMan maybe you should check YOUR stats.
pss.. I am not now nor have I ever been in favor of the Sox signing him for 17 miilion per year and whilw I do not root against him as I am a REDSOX fan, to me he is mediocre at best.

ps.. what would your boss do if your work year was 162 days and you took 20-40 days off on top of your regular days off.. I think you’d be getting a pink slip for those days that you took off for “little reasons”.

Okay.. Bill Hall: 2 games, 2 errors.. something wrong with that picture.

Bosmaine” Scroll up.. I replied to your entry about Drew but it posted with an early time

since coming to the Sox he has averaged slightly up.. 128 per

Quite honestly bosmaine22, I enjoy the comraderie between friends (and fellow “fans”) on this site. We’re not necessarily here to split hairs or crunch numbers. We just enjoy baseball — and opinions are shared openly. If you find the level of ignorance and lack of attention to detail and stats NOT to your liking, why not mosey on over to another blog where you and the rest of the “experts” can opine on a mental level you’re comfy with. Debating baseball with number-crunchers is as much fun as talking code with a computer programmer. As a former player, and current coach, I see no need to play statistician on the field or on the keyboard. Teaching the kids to play for the love of the game is what it’s all about — and on this blog, the majority of the folks share a kinship through open discussion about baseball — and life — with little interest in taking potshots at others.

Geez, what’s going on with the site today? Posts are all mixed up!!! You have to scroll up and down to keep up with this!

GET ‘EM, Ellen !!!!!

Yes, greg, we will see. I’ll be watching Lowell like a hawk today. And if Hermida can make good contact against Liriano, I’ll be pumped. And I’m tired with the posters on this blog and their JD Drew hate. He’s played nearly a full season every year with the Sox. He’s overpaid, but only slightly. It’s only really noticeable because of the other, clearly better players on the team who are being paid less. But if take that fact away, he’s very good player who does NOT GET INJURED THAT OFTEN. Sheesh.

Plus, I would just like to say this: I HATE the fact that I can’t post more than a couple comments in a certain time period. I’ve written this post three times now. It’s pissing me off.πŸ˜›

We have to score at least one run with runners on 2nd and 3rd with just 1 out. It did not happen again in the 1st inning. I hope it didn’t come back to haunt the Sox.

So far: Lowell making some good contact, although MAN he looks slow. And I just noticed his .337 OBP from last year, that’s pretty worrying. Wakefield is pitching very well. Offense leaving some men on base, lets see if we can at least keep up the pressure on Liriano and start actually scoring some runs. Scutaro flashing the glove out there! Great play at deep short to get Cuddyer, and almost got Thome’s scorcher as well.

Sorry, Bosmaine22, if you hate the Drew comments, you are on the wrong blog. You are not going to change many minds on here about Drew.

Hey, Jim! Doing well, and you? I hope your son is doing well. Has his Little League started yet? I hope he has a good year!

Well, that’s pretty much why I joined this blog Greg. I was reading some comments and was shocked by the level of ignorance and lack of attention to stats of any sort on here. I have seen almost no proof for any of the statements being made here. As I said when I first started posting here, I have mostly posted on MLB Trade Rumors prior to this blog. Posters there are much more logical, and reasonable, and less prone to jumping on the Hate bandwagon as soon as someone has a minor struggle. And yes, there are Red Sox fans there, so it’s not just the team that does it. A lot of the fans here are the reason I’m often embarrassed to admit I’m a Boston fan. I used to think the Yank fans were the worst; well, we’re getting close. “YANKEES SUCK!” chants at games, and these biases against players like Drew and Ortiz, as well as the biases -towards- players like Lowell. Often, comments here may be at least based on a kernel of truth, but then are wildly blown out of proportion. Youk and Pedey both have a strikeout today, as well as Drew. I wonder which one I’ll be seeing most of the comments about….hmm.

Well I finally understand “run prevention” — I just didn’t realize it was strategy applied to our offense!!!

Thanks for lighting me up. I need it once in a while but maybe you should pick a different subject to fall on your sword about. When a guy misses a game with a stiff neck 8 games in that is not a good sign. It’s must be pretty serious because I’ve gone to work with a stiff neck and taken two ibprofuens and been ok in about 1/2 an hour. Before you jump on me about what I do for work compared to JD Drew be careful. JD Drew is a great player but not very durable and there are some guys who you have to drag out of the line-up no matter what the problem is…he is not one of those guys. Go Sox!!!!!

This comment placing algorithm is worst than I thought — I just posted my first comment for the day, and it inserted 15 comments up from the last — wonder where this one will wind up?

And dont tell me there are no “haters” on trade rumors.. I was on there all of this year daily before Spring training, and the hating on thereas HUGEl. Yes, the posters there know their stats and can spew sabermatrics and the like, but they are no better than the posters here. We have been together here for 5 or 6 years, so dont come in here and start telling us “how it should be” on a blog

I would venture to bet my life that not one of the bloggers here has ever uttered the phrase “Yankees suck” at a game.

another troll

Firstly, woah. This comment page is confusing…I’m seeing posts replied to a post of mine that are marked as earlier posts. Whatever. Just gotta stay on my toes, I guess.

And Ellen. Yet again. If you want to reprimand me for not checking my stats, then you should at least have some good ones. He’s being paid 14 million, for one. Not 17 million. And I think he’s overpaid, by about 3 million. So my personal value for Drew is 11 million. Whatever.

And about his games played average, that’s correct. I would like to point out something though: from 1999 to 2005, where he garnered his reputation for being constantly injured, he averaged a mere 114 games. in the four years since, he’s averaged 133 games. Take out that last year with the dodgers and its 128. During the time with the Red Sox, he’s been in a large portion of the games except for 2008, when he had some more major injuries and still played 109 games. Anyway, no. You’re right, he’s not the most durable. But I think if he’s in 130 of the 162 games, its not too much cause for concern. Anyway, feel free to continue to hate on Drew. But I think if you’re going to complain, you should look more critically at your golden boy, Mike Lowell. He was not much more valuable than Drew at the plate last year, if at all more valuable. Obviously there is no comparison anymore defensively, when Lowell can barely stand, let alone field a position. And Lowell is breaking down much faster than Drew is. So please. If you want to rag on Drew, fine, but it’s kind of hypocritical of you to simultaneously to continue to support Lowell, just because he’s a nicer guy.

Oh MY GOD!! He did not just call us IGNORANT, DID HE???
That takes some HUGE bollocks!! They probably threw him off the other blog.

I said “whoever” they put in for Papi.. and yes I like Lowell, but if he cant get the job done, get someone in there who can.
..and I mis-typed 17 mil (the 4 and 7 on the keyboard are very close..).. (when I’m angry, I tend not to proofread, as in that case.) As for the “ignorant” comment, you can take that and your Bro-mance” with Nancy somewhere else.

I will add that some posters are more passionate about certain players than others and sometimes vent their frustration on how they play (or don’t play). That’s part of being a “fan”. I don’t even know my son’s OBP so far this season — and that’s okay! I suppose I could look it up. I don’t need to worry about it. An 8-2 record has him smiling. Me too. As for the Sox? They’re slow out of the gate this year. It’s a long season.

“Quite honestly bosmaine22, I enjoy the comraderie between friends (and fellow “fans”) on this site. We’re not necessarily here to split hairs or crunch numbers. We just enjoy baseball — and opinions are shared openly. If you find the level of ignorance and lack of attention to detail and stats NOT to your liking, why not mosey on over to another blog where you and the rest of the “experts” can opine on a mental level you’re comfy with. Debating baseball with number-crunchers is as much fun as talking code with a computer programmer. As a former player, and current coach, I see no need to play statistician on the field or on the keyboard. Teaching the kids to play for the love of the game is what it’s all about — and on this blog, the majority of the folks share a kinship through open discussion about baseball — and life — with little interest in taking potshots at others.”

Point 1. “Debating baseball with a number-crunchers is as much fun as talking code with a computer programmer.”

Well, let me just say that I don’t think I’ve really shocked anyone with my stats. Again, I think the most saber-metric-y I get is when I bring up UZR, and I don’t even like to reference that because I’m not sure how much stock I like to put into that. OBP is really that foreign to you? Because again I think that’s the biggest stat I’ve used. It’s just a matter at looking at the whole player and not just what you want to see.

Point 2. “the majority of the folks share a kinship through open discussion about baseball — and life — with little interest in taking potshots at others.””

But apparently, with a lot of interest in taking potshots at the players.

And Ellen, I would like some evidence about the haters on MLBTR. I don’t doubt you, I’m just surprised that you thought it was that wrought with haters. Again, the problem with my point is you all automatically think I’m wrong, since you all agree with each other. Doesn’t seem like hating if you’re all on the same page!

And the only reason I brought up the Yankees Suck chants is that the one time earlier when I mentioned them and stated that I thought they were pretty un-sportsmanlike, I seem to remember you ellen say that you were proud of those chants are wished you were there chanting with them. I guess you’ve got a short memory for those things.

I hope you can find that.. if so I will apologize and eat my crow.
But what right do you have to come on here and call the bloggers here IGNORANT??
If you dont like the way we are here, then go somewhere else or establish your own blog.

Have a good day, All. Kids are anxious. Headed for the batting cages. Go Sox.

Jim, I actually don’t have a beef with you. And yeah, when I played Little League, as well as when my younger brother played, nobody counted OBP. Nobody counted average or any other stat either…the point is, it’s still a game then. At the major league level, you have guys being paid millions of dollars to play. You’d probably want to have every scrap of information on them that you can. And even the Twins, who until recently refused to have a stats department, know how useful OBP is.

Actually, ellen, I’m pretty well liked I think on MLBTR. It was you that had a problem with that forum, ever think it might be you that’s the problem? Yes, I called you ignorant. And yes, I may sometimes be overvaluing Drew. I tend to do that when I’m trying to defend a player from unwarranted attacks. It is especially frustrating when those same posters believe Lowell is superman who can save the team.

Anyway, I don’t really care what you think of me. I have a right to post on this blog. I haven’t been cursing, and besides some harsh words I haven’t actually threatened or done anything really that bad. You’re allowed your comments, and I’m allowed mine. And I’m going to continue to post mine for as long as I want.πŸ™‚

Ellen I have just as much a right to call you bloggers “ignorant” as you have the right to call JD “Nancy Drew”.

BTW, it’s not looking good today. A lot of key players having trouble both in the field and at the plate. Wakefield seems to actually be hitting his spots, but Minnesota is just jumping all over it. Boston has got to really be regretting losing those two opportunities early.

I didnt post on traderumors.. I just read the comments and along with the stats that are like watching paint dry, I just found them very much a bunch of haters.. as you said you have your opinion and I have mine. Have a good day and a good life.
Last response to you, all future comments will be ignored.

Ahahaha! You’re fun ellen, you really are. Fine, ignore my comments then. That’s not going to stop me. “…I just found them very much a bunch of haters..” Well. Quite the evidence you’ve got on me! Besides, except for a couple guys who like to post the strangest stats ever created, MLBTR is still pretty tame. Head over to Fangraphs if you want to read stats. Those guys are crazy.

Sox are losing very efficiently today, only 2 hrs in and they’re almost done. Must have a plane to catch.

Joe West would be pleased.

i must have been confused. when theo said they were going to focus more on “run prevention” i thought he meant for the other team. my bad.πŸ™‚

I can’t wait for this trip to be over. Hopefully getting bak home and really settled will help this is fugly today!

Ellen, next up is 4 games with TB — we could be very well 3 games under .500 by the time the Rays leave town — then Texas and Baltimore. It may be pretty near the end of month before we get above .500.

Wow.. Sox just can’t do anything right today, can they?? thank God its early yet.

that’s very true, but glass 1/2 full girl says that WON”T happen!!


Error or no error, it’s not a good day for the Red Sox.

V-Mart is in as bad a slump as Papi — and nobody’s talking about it.

yo adrian…. KNOCK ONE OUTTA HERE!!!

in previous years, I would hold out some hope that a 4 or 5 run deficit in late innings could possibly be overcome, and I would be right a number of times in the season. that won’t happen nearly as much this year, i’m afraid.

and an 8 run deficit? Not even if it was only the second inning. We’re also-rans this year.


Oh well, home we go. I think the results in the friendly confines of the Fens will look much different. I have to go now and windex my rosecolored glasss. Back later!

Well, our Bad News Bears are at it again. I didn’t expect much more with the pathetic lineup Tito put on the field today. I guess with injuries, he didn’t have a whole lot of other options.

Victor Martinez might be the worst defensive catcher in baseball. Note also that he hits much better when playing first base or DHing. If he has to catch all year, it could be a long year for him.

Bill Hall has not inspired confidence thus far. Lots of question marks about this guy with 36 HRs in 2006 and nothing close to that before or after. Wouldn’t Cora look good on the bench right about now?

Sometimes the knuckler knuckles, and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s what you get with Wakefield. He could come out and throw 7 shutout innings next time out.

The Twins have a pretty good looking ball club. Sox only have to play them two more games this year. What kind of screwy scheduling is that?

Good thing they didn’t go after a hitter so they could go into the run prevention mode. That worked out well today.

Hey Garry, How’s the back doing?? Found out that my back problem is irreversible last week. I hope that you continue to progress well!!

Looks like I missed an eventful day on Ian’s blog!
It’s still way early in the season, plenty of time for them to turn things around. Defense and pitching always start slowly.

Bosmaine22, just a little advice for you: if you would like to respectfully disagree with someone here, fine and dandy. But if you choose to argue your case by suggesting that the entire blog is ignorant and irrational you will find little sympathy for your opinions. Also, while it’s true that baseball is a dream sport for statisticians, there are plenty of knowledgeable fans for whom the stats are secondary. Lastly, this blog is specifically geared toward Sox fans. One by-product of that specificity is the intense passion of RSN. We may love or dislike players for purely personal reasons that don’t follow, nor are they required to follow, any other person’s logic. So perhaps you’d consider holding back the insults. State your case without invective.

all i can say is it’s a good thing theo/billy beane decided they should focus on pitching and defense. imagine how bad they’d look otherwise. guess you can’t expect too much from a guy who uses the mariners as a guide on how to improve your team. UZR my ***. oh well got that outta my system. at least our future first baseman ( a-gonz ) is off to a great start for SD. hey a man can dream!

Ellen, thanks for asking. Back is coming along fine. No issues there. It’s the pain down the leg that is taking forever to get rid of. Doc say it could take up to a year. But, all things being equal, I can walk and do most normal things. Need to get travel worthy so Jan and I can come down and visit with you and David.

The Red Sox have exhibited a staggering amount of lackluster performance and its a hugely discouraging to a team that has the second highest payroll in the league.
The bottom half of the lineup is literally drift wood. The entire lineup of nine men have to contribute to the team.
Victor Martinez has not proven himself as an effective catcher. Despite his big bat, the fundamentals seems to evade him and its very discouraging to watch it day after day. Varitek always put that first and the larger ERA certainly shows this year from all the staff.
The pitching staff has not gelled. This is not unexpected and Lester and Beckett often have slow starts. There is too much talent to expect nothing less than a great pitching staff down the road but even this is uncertain with Victor behind the plate.
Terry Francona always deals the hand that he’s dealt but Theo Epstein has continued to make his job far more difficult than it has to be.

Check this out:;_ylt=AhAzAYadk26aS9cap2MZLsKFCLcF
Poor Julio. Hitting .125 and the photo is that of him wearing a Red Sox cap despite his new team..

Dave, aren’t you being a little overly optimistic? You’re normally a bit more gloomy about the Sox.
Lugo with a .118 slugging percentage. Ouch!!

So much for pitching & defense.
Hope Scutaro isnt another version of Julio Lugo.I am not impressed with Cameron.His average is worse than Big Papi’s. We need Jacoby leading off to spark things up. Dustin cant carry the whole offense!

v-mart is far from a defensive whiz but i think it’s a lil far fetched to hold him accountable for the ERA of the staff. i don’t think he’s asking for hanging breaking balls and fastballs rite down the middle of the plate. lackey seems to be fine with him catching. fact is lester is rivaling ortiz for most poor aprils consecutively and beckett had a bad game and a decent game. wake is wake. he mite be unhittable and he mite look like he’s throwin BP that’s why IMO as soon as dice-k is ready wake would be reduced to long relief and spot starts. the pitching and d will be fine. it’s the offense that is and will continue to be an issue for this team in the east. when you don’t have power in the middle of your lineup you better hit for average throughout your lineup if you are going to score runs. not only does this group lack power but the guys who hit 5-9 are not high average guys either. theo really outdid himself this year. hey maybe they will lead the league in UZR!

wsoxfan, hello and welcome,
I agree that Lackey has been the one exception albeit Clay has not done bad and seems to do very well with V-Mart but V-Mart lacks a lot of fundamentals in catching and its hurting the staff but there is no question that Lester and Beckett do not do well in April…or at least the last two have certainly formed a pattern.
As far as hitting they do have some bats. Dustin can hit for power and so can Youk. Lowell, if given a chance can do it as well as Cameron and V-Mart but I am giving Cameraon the injury excuse for his minor league stats. It’s true that without Ortiz we don’t have the brand name bat but we do have guys that can hit for power. The reality is that when you have complete deadwood in 1/2 the lineup that’s not helping…or as you say they need to hit for average.
Bay could have helped but he’s out with the Mets and that’s the reality. I would have kept Bay myself despite injury concerns. He’s no Manny but who is.


Did you know the BIG reason that Baltimore took him was a big plug from LaRusso. Ya, I’m sure it was a big plug. I can see it now.”
“What…Lugo? Oh…YA…YA definitely. We’d of course we LOVE to keep him but of course if you guys NEED him of course…this guy is an ALL STAR. I mean it…and taking him will crush…and I mean CRUSH our team…but…ya…get LUGO.”
“What? am I OK? Sure…ya…of course I hate to lose LUGO…what cheering? Nobody is cheering in the background…oh ya well, we’re celebrating the anniversary of…ah…Jefferson’s signing of the….papers…that…ah…
“What? No we’re not cheering about Lugo going…nobody is…everybody is cursing me for it…but we’re friends right!”

The pitchers are responsible for what’s going on, not Martinez. Is Martinez the best defensive catcher? Of course not but he is the best one they have. He is not the problem! For years Varitek wouldn’t even get behind the plate when Wakefield pitched. Martinez stepped right in last year and caught Wakefield as if he has been catching him his entire career. Lackey doesn’t have an issue with Martinez behind the plate. Lester will turn it around and when he does, look out! With Beckett on the hill tonight, I assume we’ll see Varitek behind the plate and Martinez as the D.H. Beckett obviously has issue’s with Martinez behind the dish.

How long does Francona/Theo stay with Ortiz as the D.H.??? Ortiz is KILLING them right now. In the past pitchers were scared s–t when he stepped up, now Ortiz is the one that is scared s–t. lol…..I assume the scouting report on Ortiz is throw him strikes, he’ll get himself out.

Some important games on this weekend with T.B. in town. T.B. is having some bullpen issues of their own and also T.B. has had the benefit of playing Balt. 6 times already. I’m wondering how many H.R.’s will Longoria hit this weekend??? I’m not sure what the numbers say but Longoria LOVES Boston pitching!! I hope the weather will be o.k. this weekend.

It should be a great weekend for sports in Boston. Red Sox vs T.B.—C’s play Miami tomorrow night ( Oh by the way Boston in 5 over Miami ) the running of the marathon, I’m guessing someone from Kenya will win.

Could not agree with you more about V-mart. It’s another one of those deals where when the pitcher has a bad game not only does the pitcher get blamed…but now the catcher gets blamed for calling a poor game. I’ll be the first to admit he could not throw Ortiz out trying to steal 2nd. Although there is some merit to a catcher calling the right pitches…it’s over rated as to how responsible he is as to the location the pitcher ends up throwing it. I could be wrong but I don’t remember Elrod Hendricks getting a lot of credit for the success of the 20 game winners in Baltimore in the early 70’s. I’m sure if I’m wrong on that one it won’t be long until someone corrects me!!!!!!!!! Jeff Torborg catching all Nolan Ryan’s great games, Yogi Berra with Don Larsen in the WS perfect game and on and on…..I stll have never heard how great these guys were at calling a great game. I know that Ryan was a great pitcher and Larsen had one superb day in the spotlight. I just hate to see V-Mart get lit up for something he may be 10% responsible for if that. Do the pitchers ever shake him off? I rarely see that anymore either. That used to happen a lot between pitcher and catcher. Now it seems they get the sign and fire away. There has to be a time when the pitcher doesn’t feel comfortable with a certain pitch in a certain situation. And last but not least…we all mentioned we knew about V-Mart’s capabilities behind the plate last year so unwarranted expectations will only cause later heartbreak. They’ll just have to find a way to win with what they have………Go Sox!!!!!!


I’m with you regarding John Farrell, alot of the stolen bases have come against his pitching staff as opposed to the catcher. I don’t care if Carlton Fisk or Johnny Bench was with Boston in the last couple of season’s, they wouldn’t have a chance to throw out a runner. I’ve seen it many, many times where the catcher made a throw to second or third and that runner had made it easily, the catcher had NO chance. How many stolen bases will T.B. have this weekend??? Those young legs will run at every chance they get during this (4) game set. Only way Martinez or Varitek has a chance at getting a runner at second is to play s.s. for a game. lol…..

Craig and Brian, I didn’t jump on Martinez’ defense because of what’s going on with the pitchers. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way he calls a game. However, his defense is horrible. He actually has a pretty good arm, he can consistently get the ball all the way to center field, even with no runners on base. He’s not a good receiver. He doesn’t know how to frame the strike zone and pitchers don’t benefit from a “wider plate” as the did with Tek and as you saw the Twins’ pitchers do with Mauer over the weekend.

You’re right, you can’t chastise Martinez for bad pitches. That’s all on the pitchers. In all honesty, a big part of the problem with the stolen bases is on the pitchers too. To me, and I’ve said it before, that’s all coaching……. or lack thereof and is on John Farrell. I’m especially miffed with the number of stolen bases John Lester gives up and that looks like an easy fix to me. Runners can take off as soon as his leg crosses that line between the rubber and first base. As soon as that happens, he has to go home with the ball, and that takes a long time.

This could be a long season, Sox fans. “So much for pitching and defense.” might become our new mantra.

It just so happens that Vmart is NOT the cause of Boston’s problems. Our old nemesis Julio Lugo is at fault once again. It seems he spent most of the off-season pretending to be a football fan in the city of New Orleans. It cost me some serious bucks, but with the help of private detectives I was able to track down Julio’s purchases at several voodoo shops in town. Belladonna, wormwood, camphor and 2 dozen live chickens were just the start. At about the same time Vmart started having migraine headaches. He complained of seeing ghosts and also saw an animal with a long tail and horns flying around his backyard. (Likely that was Julio’s mom.)
Now it has come to light that Victor borrowed JD’s pillow on the flight from KC, causing JD to have the stiff neck. And Victor advised Cameron to drink extra heavy duty mineral water, and now Mike has kidney stones.
Victor was seen on video directing the outfielders when Jacoby got hurt.
Anyway, I sent Theo an email and asked him to hire an exorcist for Victor. All will be well in a few days.

That wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. I have seen tons of it on here. Go Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Red Sox!!!!!!

arnie. barring something big happenin on or about july 31st i agree with you. if they cant get fielder or gonzalez it is likely gonna be a long one. this is just a poorly constructed team. especially for the AL east. you cannot expect to beat NY and even TB with just pitching and defense. just too much firepower. even if the pitching and d are REALLY good it just aint happenin. i’m not basing that on 9 games played thus far but rather the career numbers of the guys on the team. hitters pretty much are what they are year in year out. especially guys who have been in the league awhile and what this team is by and large is a bunch of mediocre to decent BA guys who will occasionally hit mistakes out the park. once you get past the 4th spot in the lineup especially. they have 1 career .300 hitter ( pedroia ) and nobody other than ortiz who has hit 30 hr’s in the last 5 years. i never thought i’d see the day TB and Minny have better lineups than boston but it’s here.

Hey all: Sorry to interrupt the serious discussion. I know that we all keep saying its early yet, and it is. But it won’t stay early for long and the other teams aren’t going to hang around and wait for the RedSox to catch up. We as the loyal Redsox fans that we are, just have to have faith in Tito and company and the players. So the last thing I have to say before the game is:

Hey all: Sorry to interrupt the serious discussion. I know that we all keep saying its early yet, and it is. But it won’t stay early for long and the other teams aren’t going to hang around and wait for the RedSox to catch up. We as the loyal Redsox fans that we are, just have to have faith in Tito and company and the players. So the last thing I have to say before the game is:

Stop making me fall on the floor laughing. I don’t want you to think that any satire that involves Julio Lugo will work…err…even though it will. That’s what I miss most about Lugo. He was such an easy target. Don’t ask me why. There really is no one particular person that produced such humor in me since then. I kind of miss him actually, Now I have nobody on the team to make fun of. Oh that’s terrible isn’t it.
Thanks again for giving me a great laugh on a hot day in Nashville when I woke up feeling sick as a dog. You are the best!

The other person you must miss satyrizing is Lackey.. Remember all the “baba bottles” and “binkeys”??

… and the sippy cups from his Ma!!

Dave, I think that Pedey breaks Lackey of his sippy cup habit, though he does go through withdrawl.

I think that you are on to something there DGN. But I dont think the FO would approve that.

Wow.. this is sad. There must have been a fullpage ad taken out as early as last year that said: “EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Anyone can steal on the RedSox!!!!Take as many bases as you want, no expiration date!!!!

…Sorry my Captain!

Excuse me for sounding less than “rah-rah” but why is Bill Hall in our outfield. I know the obvious answer. Dont we have someone in double or triple A that is screaming to bust out???


You are right, but I can’t now that Lackey is with the Red Sox…right?
“Hey Tito, where’s my sippy cup. You either tell me or I’ll hold my breath till I turn pink!”
“Calm down, Lackey. I’m sure there is a logical explanation why a grown man needs a sippy cup…that is obvious!”
“Oops, I crapped my pants!”
“Why did I sign with this team!”

We don’t have near the fire power (or speed) that the Rays or Yanks have this year — our pitching has to be perfect to compete this year. But at least tonite we have our power hitter in the line-up, Varitek!

I think Francona should split duties with Varitek and V-Mart. Catching is so taxing — Varitek always starts out pretty good to great, but then gets warn down. V-Mart is showing no evidence that he won’t do the same — plus he has pretty big defensive flaws (throwing to 2nd, perhaps pitch calling). Why not share the duties, keep both of them fresh. DH V-Mart if he starts hitting better — but playing V-Mart too much is gona hurt long term, which is supposed to be Tito’s strong suitπŸ™‚

Ortiz is 0 for 2. Can you say retirement?

I agree. Varitek needs more time at bat. He can still hit and catching is a killer field.

Hey, all!
Cameron had a kidney stone? OUCH! Been there, done that…
Papi is 0 for 2 again? Par for the course…SIGH! GO SOX!

A SB? Whodathunkit? Hmmm…

Varitek shouldn’t be sitting on the bench right now. This guy is on fire.

Whoops, Beltre! Not so much. GO SOX!

Walk Drew on 4 straight pitches? This guy’s almost a certain K.

Good job by Beckett vs. Longo.
So much for vaunted defense. Nomar for SS? Anyone? (Only half kidding…)

lockout test….

The Fall Of Rome feels appropriate right now. Why did we get rid of a fantastic shortstop for this person.

Rome is beautiful in the fall, I understand, Dave.πŸ˜‰


Guess I’m back in — kept me from complaining about our how well our “run prevention” strategy is working (in reverse) so far this year.

I still like Scutaro. I’ll give him some time, but not a ton!!!

We better not drop this game 1-0 — what a shame for Beckett if so — two consecutive errors leading to the only run so far.

Zim’s going into the Red Sox HOF, eh? Is Pedro invited?πŸ˜‰

Josh did a good job pitching around those errors and miscues to this point, to his credit. Nice rebound inning, also. It would be a pity to lose this one 1-0. I don’t think that will be the final score, though, DGN. Hmmm…;)

Good, Youk gets to 2B! WP! OK, Papi, not Big Pop-Up right now! Get Youk in! GO SOX!

“Papi a tad late” on his swing? Really? Go figure…

Good eye, Beltre! Come on, Hermida! GO SOX!

Come on Hermy!!!

Something about defense?…SIGH! GO SOX!


Right now I want to give my first Red Sox pink slip to Theo Epstein, the Julio Lugo of the front office.

Defense??? Whats’s that?? Oh thats that thing that surrounds my back yard!!! OK!!




Booyah, Tek!

Tek is the MAN! This guy was ALWAYS a clutch hitter.

You know this team has problems when Tek and Hermy are the two most dangerous hitters.

Aside from that last inning’s defensive gem, Scutaro has NOT impressed me this year.

Yeah, Jim, you’re right, but if Tek hits a HR every AB…;) GO SOX!

Drew was supposed to be the power bat. Ortiz was supposed to be the power bat. Cameron was supposed to be the power bat.
“Hi I’m Drew and I have a stiff neck…DH!”
“Hi, I’m Drew and I have a sore thumb…DH”
“Hi, I’m Drew and I have that not so fresh feeling…DH!”

Maybe playing every few days will be just the ticket for Tek.

Good job, JD! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

Or.. Hi Im Nancy and I have an embarASSing rash!!

at least he got on.. Come on REDSOX!!!

Jim, I think those defensive gems are what prompted Theo to sign Scutaro, as opposed to Alex Gonzalez. He does come up with those every once in a while. In between? We’ll see, I guess… GO SOX!

You put me in tears with that line. Hysterical!

“Hi, I’m J.D…I feel limp…DH”

Davis better stop throwing over to 1st. Drew might get hurt.

Davis: Hey, Look what I found?

Drat, Dustin! Tie game at least! GO JOSH! GO SOX!

I’m wondering when Youk is going to start getting hot. I mean HOT.

And NOT “hot” in Ellen’s terms.

“Hi, I’m J.D. and I’m hot…no really I have a fever…DH”

“Hi, I’m J.D. and I’m hot…no really I have a fever. of 98.6….DH”

Beckett is lights out tonite. He’s a magician…

OH NO!!!! JD slid in the grass! Disabled list…

THAT was catchable!!

Beckett knows the game is critical. They HAVE to win this one. He is the ace.

he had that ball in his glove and let it go!! and youre right.. DL tomorrow!! lol

J.D. ..err…D.H. Drew missed another one.

Youk needs to start putting it together like yesterday!!!

OH, NO! Josh is being too deliberate. He might get a fine from the Commish…
Nice work, Josh! GO SOX!

I meant D.L of course. Man where is my brain tonight!

Is Joe West going to get involved? Hmmm…

2 hits in 6 inningsπŸ™‚

D.L. Drew also needs to get it together. This is sickening…and this game is way too long with all those pitches and hits. This is going to really make our clog artery umpires have a fit and wobble around in protest.

Joe West wobbles but he doesn’t fall down…or is that about the weebles. I get confused.

Attaboy Youk!

Every time I hear Balfour’s name, I think of the ring designer…

How is everyone tonight? Dave, DGN, Jim, Ellen? I hope you hear about that job opportunity soon, Ellen! Pulling for ya!

Hey Greg,
Doing OK. Bed is really almost done. I’m hesitating on every step but have a photo of it all put together…with pipe clamps. Still more work to be done but its looking good.

this game is actually a microcosm of what the entire year figures to be. you just cant expect to win a lot of games 2-1, 3-2 and thats what this lineup is gonna produce more often than not.

CRAP! Even on a double, we can’t get a run! SIGH!
Nice job, Papi! Get him in, guys! GO SOX!

Man, we can’t get anything right – arrgh.

That call by our 3rd base coach is the equivalent of error at best, almost anything scores a run with a runner on 2nd and 3rd and no outs.

You’re doing better than I would have, Dave. I’d have lost a finger by now. (Not exaggerating much, either–maybe just a hospital trip–or to the DL!)πŸ˜‰

Where’s Tek? We need another HR!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

DRAT, Beltre! GO SOX!

BTW — the out by Beltre was our go ahead run if weren’t for our bonehead 3rd base coach.

So we gave them 1 run and gave up 1 run thru mistakes — should be 2-0 right now — just have to work harder now.

The Direct-TV commercial with Posado, Giradi, and Ortiz is major irritating — and errors about 20 times a game.

I think that will be the story of our “run defense”, DGN…

Guess I can’t spell when I am irritated, meant “airs”.

Josh picked a good night to have 8 Ks! Keep going, Josh! GO SOX!
And Drew makes a catch! Yippee!

Maybe the ad itself is an error, DGN.πŸ˜‰ It’s one ad I don’t have to put up with!

Great work over 7 IP for Beckett! And he still might not get the win…
Hey, Tek! Got another HR tonight? GO SOX!

So THAT’S why umps can’t call a good game, eh? Post-Concussion Syndrome…

Bummer for Josh, tonight! Great work! GO SOX!

Good play by Youk! Keep going, Oki! GO SOX!

Good work, Oki! GO SOX!

Ortiz, V-Mart, and Drew all under .200 — its amazing we are at 4-5

Greg — I guess you are positive guy tonite — sorry for all my crabbing.

Yes, it is, DGN!… GO SOX!

Oh no – Wheeler, he loves pitching against us — I think we have only gotten to him once?

Don’t worry about it, at all, DGN. I’ll give anyone positive reinforcement–incl. Drew!πŸ˜‰
I hope you are doing well, DGN!

Ok, how is this for positivity — we hold the Rays one more inning, and Big Papi — hits is first walk-off home run — ignites himself and our team!

Wheeler has historically given us fits, you’re right, DGN. I don’t know how he’s doing this year, yet. He’s good, though–one reason their pitching is solid.
I wonder if Pap is coming in tonight. Oki did his job. Pap, yep. He needs to do his!

How’s this for flip side–NO EXTRA INNINGS, GUYS!

Yeah, but who doesn’t have a SB for the Rays? Hmmm…

Tampa Bay has an amazing team…I just wish they didn’t have such an annoying ballpark with those retarded cowbells. There should be a law against them.

D.L. Drew has played nine innings…DL

Nice job, Scutaro! GO SOX!

We can wish, Dave. Common sense should forbid those cowbells–shouldn’t need a law…

I do hope they can retire those cowbells before long, though!

One more, Pap! GO SOX!
Come on, offense! We don’t need extras tonight!

Pena is welcome to strike out again! Get it done, Pap! GO SOX!

I don’t remember the last time the Sox won in extra innings but I have hope tonight. Just ask D.L. Drew
“Pain, my tooth hurts. Where are those D.L. forms.”


17 pitches from Papelbon. Not efficient but if we win I won’t care.
Greg, remember that old SNL skit with Christopher Walken demanding more cowbells in the song. I fell on the floor laughing from that one.
“I have a disease, and there is only one cure…more cowbells”

Even though Papelbon has one L already this year, he looks like he is pitching better this year.

Another SB, eh? Who knew?
Nice job, Pap! Way to finish the inning! GO SOX!

We need Dice-K after all. With all the extra inning games we are going to play this year — he can be our 10th inning plus pitcher.

OH, NOOOOOOOW we get the rain delay! Go figure!…:/

This is good. Rain grows flowers and allows our players to rest up…oh I tried.

Yeah, and Dice-K can go 3-2 on every batter without the batter even trying!
OOPS! Oh, yeah, POSITIVE, I forgot!πŸ˜‰

Dice-K does like to nibble Greg but I have seen him go 2 and 2 so its does even out.

Standing water? Well, tell it to sit down! Geez!…

OK Greg that was just a bit sarcastic on my part!

Greg your puns are killing me!

If Bogar held up Youkilis ( Then again maybe it was wave them in Wendell tonight as third base coach ) Papelbon would have gotten the save and Beckett would be 2-0. Thanks for the rain delay Tim Bogar. Bring back Dale Sveum or Renee Lacheman. LOL!!

Just my luck. I get a little break from a busy night and I was going to watch the dramatic walk off on gameday—-the old “in play run(s)”,—– hopefully with Papi at the plate, or Tek. Next time.

this team is literally painful to watch. i just don’t know how you have the second highest payroll and be this bad offensively. omar minaya is the happiest man on the planet cause theo makes him look like a genius.

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