Dice-K, then log-jam

Red Sox manager Terry Francona made it official before Friday’s game — Daisuke Matsuzaka’s next rehab start on Wednesday at Lehigh Valley will be his last. Then it’s all systems go for him to return to the Boston rotation.

So who comes out? Barring an injury, you are going to have six starters for five spots. This is going to make Clay Buchholz’s start on Saturday all the more interesting. Buchholz to the bullpen would seem like the most logical option. I just don’t see them messing around with Tim Wakefield at this point.

Stay tuned.


I’m sure that is what they will do — but I don’t think its the best move, probably made out of too much sentiment. You should start your best five pitchers, period. I know there seems to be a strong Wakefield bias in the org and on this blog, but I have never been able to quite get on board, cause of the guaranteed cycles within his seasons and within most of his games.

And because of that very fact — why not try him out in bullpen? where there is more tolerance for that, and ready backups for not so good outings? Even in his off days, he is usually good for an inning or two (not always), and if he starts to falter even in long relief role, just go further into your pen. You wouldn’t be doing that if you weren’t already in trouble anyway. Also, what a way to mess up timing on the opposition hitters in the middle of a game.

The only downside I see if not sending Wake to the pen, is that I would love to see someone topple the Rocket’s record for all time wins for a Sox’s pitcher. But you can’t let that color your judgment either.

If we think we got such a great SP in Buckholtz, I would think you would want to start cashing in on that — we have had him for what (4 years now)? since the trade for Pedro?

I often ponder the idea of Baltimore, with its small payroll check and limited resources, walking into a World Series. It would be quite a dramatic jolt for baseball.
Being a Red Sox fan, which has fairly unlimited resources, you have to wonder what last night says about money. Despite huge payrolls and boatloads of players the Red Sox made very fundamental mistakes and if it were not for our feared power hitter Jason Varitek the Sox would have ended the night with yet another loss.
Theo’s goal last year was run prevention partially because of the fiasco at short (despite the best efforts of Julio Lugo and Nick Green). His answer came from the diminutive shortstop that is now in Toronto. He instead, apparently got another Nick Green with an even lousier arm and poor range to the left.
Whatever the reasons, I am still reminded that baseball is a fun game and unpredictable and will not be humbled by large payrolls. Tampa Bay does not have the payroll of the Red Sox yet are out playing them 10 – 1.
This is actually a good thing for baseball. It shows that talent doesn’t have to be a hundred million dollar price tag. Theo’s biggest mistake, in my opinion, is grabbing every free agent he can land, trading away the great talent pool of Pawtucket in the process. In the end, its cost all of us.

dneubert. BINGO! it’s almost like wake is grandfathered because he’s been around so long. why would you keep a guy in your rotation you don’t trust to pitch in the playoff’s? wake is good guy and a great teammate, however, he’s just not a reliable pitcher. there is a reason he is the only knuck baller around. a lot of people don’t wanna hear it or admit it but the fact is he is a liability as a pitcher and defensively as well. wake has benefited greatly over the years from being on good offensive teams where he could give up 5 runs and still get a W. guess what those days are gone. dice-k if he’s healthy gives them a much better chance to win consistently. the one good thing about wake is he can go to the bullpen for long relief or spot start.

We have 5 starting pitchers that want to play for the Red Sox and have repeatedlly done whatever was asked of them for the good of the team. The 6th guy has shown beyond doubt that his priority is Team Japan and that his interest in the Red Sox is the paycheck they give him. Sit him down and give him a locker away from the team so as to keep his bad attitude away from the real players.

Buchholz to the pen makes the most sense!

I know – MIA – sorry – I’ve had a couple of unexplained falls this week – almost like I’m blacking out before I hit the ground. Fell again Friday morning and I’m pretty sore on my whole left side and I wrecked my ankle. Monday is a holiday here in – YES I will be calling the doctor on Tuesday – PROMISE!!! I’ll try to make it by for the game tonight! But have no worries – I am WATCHING THE GAMES!!

And it is a busy day in Boston – Go Bruins!! Go Celtics!!! Go RED SOX!!!!



Dice-K’s success at AAA isn’t the major leagues. I’m not too excited about him yet. Even at his best, he was only going to give you five innings because of walks and pitch count. His whole philosophy of pitching needs to change for him to be successful. I know, he was 18-3 the year before last, but let’s be real about what he really accomplished. He worked the bullpen to death.

I wouldn’t toss Wake away yet…… and as far as keeping him around, the fact is that he eats innings and he wins more than he loses. He had a bad outing last time out, but the time before was really good. He’s the fifth starter. Nobody goes into the post season with a five man rotation, so Wake is the guy left out. I don’t think it’s a matter of trust.

I would not put Buchholz in the bullpen. He’s part of the future of the rotation, or at the very least, a tantalizing morsel for San Diego come July for AGonz. We’ll see.

I find the idea that Dice-K is one of the 5 best on our staff questionable at best. (I would use other terms). Sorry DGN, whatever one thinks about the knuckleball or “sentiment”, give me Wake over Dice-K any day. Next case.

One Boston win down – BRUINS WIN!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Upcoming – Red Sox and Celtics!!!

The Sox have to win this suspended game not to waste Beckett’s dominant start. Just need one more run to win this game.
Dice-K is the Sox’s no. 4 starter no matter what. Sentimentally I’d like to see Wake stays in the rotation. Realistically, Bucky may be a better guy than Wake as a no.5 guy. Either way I won’t lose any sleep.
One thing I know I’ll be pissed if the Sox lose the suspended game for a variety of reasons.

IAN – hearing a rumor that Papelbon’s wife is in labor? Can you confirm?? If so – best wishes to he & his wife!!!!

Can we pray for some dialogue with SanDiego or some bopper before July!!!??? By then I’m fearful it’s no longer “early yet”, but rather more like over!!!
Has anyone heard from dbenjamin lately??

there is a NEW member of Red Sox Nation! Jonathan Papelbon and his wife welcomed their son Gunner Roberts into the world this evening. He weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs, 8 oz. Pap will not be at the game….best wishes to the family!!!

It seems no matter what Tim W. does for this team there will always be those who want to unload him. John Lester is horribly consistent at times as is Beckett often going months without much success and nobody mentions these guys. All pitchers have bad starts but Wakefield is one of the old school players who works his heart out for the team. He should be cherished.
Incidentally, the knuckleball is the second most effective pitch in the game but it is inherently problematic as it is also the most difficult pitch to learn and of course can be quite unpredictable.
I’m so sorry Buckhotz is always considered a trade piece but trading away Clay for a big bat won’t fix Drew or Cameron or Ortiz or the tons of deadwood on the team. The Sox have a couple of great players and the rest quite ordinary. I would put Dustin, ,Youk, and Elllsbury as the essential pieces. V. Martinez could be but he’s exhausted from catching and his bat is suffering.
It seems every move Theo Epstein makes is a failure as of late. I’m trying to be objective so if its me, PLEASE correct me. I would hardly call myself a baseball expert. I give those reins to Gary and Brian.

Well 1-2-3.. gotta hold em now..

I wonder if they’ll get tonights game in?? Probably not the whole thing, if any the way its looking.


Yea, I like Epstein, who doesn’t — he is not an ego-maniac — but his moves since 2004 have all been suspect, and none really have worked out. The Beckett/Lowell trade was the only trade that worked out after 2004 (imo) — and that was made in that short period when Epstein was out.

I still can’t figure out why he never gave A-Gonz a chance — I like Scutaro as well — but all A-Gonz did was hit clutch hits for us, and made hardly any errors for us — in both his stints. If there was a batting average kept for clutch hits — he would be up there in top ranks of our club, whenever he was on the team — yet we always run in out of town — and then suffer for it. I think Scutaro will turn it around, but his errors so far, have sure been costly.

Net, Epstien and staff records after 2004 — are probably down their with Ortiz, V-Marts, and J.D.Drews batting average.

dave. u r sadly mistaken. ask yourself this. if they released wake tomorrow would anybody else sign him? NO. that said i cannot believe how hideous this team is offensively. wow. i knew they were not gonna be great but never imagined they would look this bad.

But then there was Schilling and now Lackey — SP acquisitions have been good.

navarro looks like a tella-tubby in that hood thing!!! too funny!!!

What in the world has happened V-Mart — is he Ortiz’s roommate?

I feel like a pre-2004 Sox fan — don’t have a good feeling about this game or the next — Pap out with baby — Bard out cause of this game — if we are not up by 4 or 5 runs heading into the 8th or 9th, what are we going to day?

Dave, I don’t know about the knuckleball being the 2nd most effective pitch in baseball, but I do know there are a million guys who can throw them, many better than Wakefield. You ought to see some of the position players throw knuckleballs on the sidelines. They kill each other with them. Of course, the problem is that they aren’t pitchers.

The problem with knuckle ball pitchers is that you never know what you’re going to get from game to game. Phil Niekro, arguably the greatest knuckle ball pitcher in history has almost an identical winning pct. as Wakefield………537, Wake is at .538. That’s about as good as it gets with those guys. Of course, the good thing is that they can pitch every other day if they have to. I remember Wilbur Wood pitching both ends of a Sunday double header (he lost both games) just a week after he had completed a suspended game and then started the regularly scheduled game (he won both of those).


Finally the baseball gods thru us a bone!

Anything other than a pop up or fast grounder right to an infielder wins this — if we don’t win it now — it will be unbelievable.

Ortiz is unbelievable — bad!!! a bunt probably would have one it.

How pathetic was that????

Unbeliveable — we stink — pathetic — fundamentals. I swear we could have scored on a bunt, but I don’t think Ortiz can bunt.

Game over now — Delcarmen in.

Delcarmen is clueless out there.

I think Tek should be out new DH.

Here we go…..walk, stolen base, sacrifice, base hit or SF. Rays 2, Sox 1.

Sorry I think Tek should be our new DH.

Bases loaded, and we can’t score? You have to work HARD to accomplish that! GEEZ!

this is quite possibly the worst “good” team in the history of baseball. theo epstien should resign tonite and apologize to all of baseball. 170MM at your disposal and this is what u come up with. wow. imagine what the twins, marlins, or rays admin guys could do with the sox budget. god i pray for the day theo epstien decides to take another sabaical. only this time i hope it lasts 50 years.

Yea, most teams don’t have a desginated DH anymore, infact we may be the only one left? or whoever has Vlad now?

Hey Hey Hermy!!!! Nice catches, both!!!!

Delcarmen throws batting practice. Rays had some great swings that inning. He has lost it. He’s the Papi of the bullpen.

Pat Burrell always burns out — I was just thinking that just before he hit out — we completely suck right now.

Man oh man oh Manny… Dr No and Strangelove all at once!!!
I knew it was a bad sign when they left the bases loaded…

I meant… burns us.

Never fails. If you fail to capitalize in one inning the next inning you pay for it. Thanks POPI!!!!

Texas has Vlad, I believe, DGN. That is about right. Jason Giambi was pretty close to the “Designated DH”, outside of Big Pop-Up.

What is Theo’s paycheck every year, anyone know??? He ought to give half of it back to RSN!!!!

Difference is Vlad can and will play a position during the year.

Rafael Soriano was very good with ATL–I saw him quite a bit down here. I will be interested to see how well (or not) he does with TB.

We only have two reliable pitchers in our bullpen — one is out (understandably with a new baby) — the other already pitched two innings in vain. I hope Buckholtz has a complete game in him tonight.

The only good thing is that it is happening now. The Yanks stunk it up early last year. So hopefully we are getting it out of our system now.

this is just a horrible baseball team. that’s really all you can say. theo epstien is the worst GM in the history of baseball. UZR/run prevention baby! let’s wait and see what the mariners do this year so we know what to copy next year.

wssoxfan, don’t fool yourself……this is not a good team. Too many holes in the batting order and in the bullpen, and the defense, at least so far, isn’t all it was cracked up to be. The Sox cannot fall too far behind early in the standings because they certainly don’t have the horses to catch up.

All Papi had to do was get the ball to the outfield or even to the left side of the infield and he’s swinging at a low inside pitch. Sorry, that’s not big league hitting, nor is it playing in the best interest of the team. He’s trying to hit a walk off grand slam……that’s BS.

Tek on 2B. Are we going to get him in, guys?…

Tek has jis swing under control it looks like!!! Nice job, bubba.
“I’m your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!”

If Cameron can get on — and Scutaro comes up, he could go from part goat (for this fiasco) to hero — with one swing.

Cameron…. .217/0/0…… this must be a rebuilding year.

Tek is on a mission to prove he still has it. I say give him a chance.

We completely suck — all our weak spots glaring right now — no offense, sloppy defense, bad coaching — its bad.

Ouch — Peter Gammons just said Joe Madden interviewed for the Red Sox job. Now I even have less respect for the SOX management team. I thing Madden is the unquestionably the smartest/best manager in baseball. Tito is a great guy, but Madden is the best.

garry. i’m not foolin myself i know this really is a horrible team allthough i gotta admit it’s hard to be surprised or disappointed when you don’t expect much but i am. they are godawful. i’m not sure barring some trades they can even finish 3rd in the AL east.

I am ready to put MDC on a slow boat to ANYWHERE so he will NEVER pitch for US AGAIN!!

And how could Papi come up in that situation – with Lowell sitting on the bench??? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:05 start for the next game….

a slow boat with a big hole in it!!!

Because Cormeir was a right handed pitcher — we never do anything surprising.

4 runs on 2 hits, 1st inning. SIGH!…

4 runs on 2 hits, 1st inning. SIGH!…

50+ pitches for Buch. Unreal!

Lineup = game #2 – Scutaro SS Pedroia 2B Martinez C Youkilis 1B Ortiz DH Lowell 3B Drew RF Cameron CF Hermida LF

theo epstien is the absolute worst GM in baseball. how do you have that much cash and this anemic lineup. you couldn’t do it if u tried. oh well at least it’ll be a stress free year. they will be out of it by the end of may.

Tito seemed about as depressed as most of us in his press conference after game 1. That is another reason I like Madden — I remember his conference after game 5 against us in the post season (two years ago) — when they had like a 7-0 lead against us — and he went to his bullpen unnecessarily — and we came back against the pen and won 8-7, forcing a game 6 and eventually a game 7. In both conferences, he showed complete confidence and drive, said his team would show what they were made of — not a hint of gloom and doom like (yours truely, many of us on the blog, and like Tito when we go bad). I gotta believe that helped lift them into the win in game 7 against us. But they folded in the WS — I have never really understood that either.

If he manages to get out of the first inning, Buchholz off to another five inning performance because of pitch count. He’s Dice K’s twin brother…… Nice catch Mike!

Man run defense is turning into “run curse” — can it get any worse.

One of the 1st thing you tell a little leaguer in the field.. DONT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE BALL!!!! CRAP.. B I G TIME C R A P!!!!!

It looks as if we’re screwed!!!!

and a p.s. I would prefer that the RedSox use the “defensive indifference” thing tonight.. I don’t want to see another ball go high and into center field!!


Dont ask if it can get any worse!!! Then it absolutely will!!!

that run prevention thing is really working well aint it? god. it’s like watchin a bad minor league team.

Man our errors couldn’t be more costly.

Dice-K must have paid off Buckholtz.

It is QUITE clear that Buchholz does NOT want a spot in the rotation AND I want ELLS BACK AT CENTER!!! Put Hermida in left

This is so bad, it must mean we are going to win the WS this year. OTH, I bet Lackey is really questioning his decision to come here about now.

This entire team is poisoned. Nobody is doing anything right…OK that’s an exaggeration but the general playing is a disaster. Pitchers who put their heart into the game — no hitting and lots of errors. Pitchers who blow the game…no hitting and lots of errors…hmmm….A pattern emerges. I can’t imagine the depression in the locker room.
Theo I’m sure will do well managing the Baltimore Orioles or perhaps the Toledo Mudhens. Corporal Klinger would enjoy his style of management.

I don’t see this team coming back from 4 runs down, regardless that it’s only the second inning. Game’s over.

I just talked to Lackey on the phone. Here is his response.
“If I knew this s–t team was going to s–k this #$#$ bad I would have #$#$ myself and then #$#$# the place…oh #$#$ this #$#$. :
After that it became a screamfest. I couldn’t understand a word he said.

This team can’t come back from one run down. They need to pitch shutouts from now on but unfortunately they don’t have the defense to do it. Perhaps they should focus more on run prevention instead of big bats? What do you guys think!

I fell on the floor with that one. You made me laugh. Dice-K certainly has the cash flow to pay off anyone and not pitch well. He has it easy. He’s a great pitcher who burns his arm out in four innings wearing out the bullpen but since we have six starters, that won’t be a problem this year apparently.

Dave — LOL.

39 degrees in Boston right now, with the Sox hopelessly lost. I think for the first time in my life, I’m happy not to be in Fenway Park.

there havent been too many times i ve been embarrased to be a red sox fan but this season is gonna be one i m afraid. god they suck i m not sure they could win the AL central.

Wasn’t Nomar carrying sort of a cloud around him before the blockbuster 2004 trade?

Ortiz seems to be doing that last year and this year, though his attitude is really good considering how he has struggled.

Even so, I don’t think we can trade him. Like we discussed earlier tonite — nobody carries a pure DH anymore. But we should send him down to minors to work it out. Yea, it would be a shocker and devastating? But isn’t this as well — and then it doesn’t bring the whole team down in spirit to see their big guy struggle night after night. If he can start knocking the tread off the ball in the minor leagues, then bring him back — but don’t drag the team down while he works it out.

They just showed a picture of Mike Cameron. Now I am ashamed of myself. Man, he looked like he feels really bad. These guys are all doing and trying their best (at least the new guys, its hard to tell with a select few other) — probably want more than ever to prove they can make it. I am going to forgive tonight, probably a few others if necessary, and just be glad its happening now — its a long season, plenty of time to make corrections still.

I would not put too much on Cameron tonight, DGN. Kidney stones are no joke–I doubt he is 100% at all.

Been there, done that…

Hi everyone. Things are not looking so great for the Sox so far. The pitchers can’t pitch, the hitters can’t hit and the fielders can’t catch the ball. So that’s three small areas where they are not very good, but once you get past those incidentals it’s all upside!!
My question is: how could these sabermetrics guys study and analyze the game so much and end up getting it so wrong??????? If Theo had simply asked us what to do in the off-season the team would be MUCH better.

Sorry. When I compare what I have to do to make a living vs. what pro ball players get to do to make a living, and then compare salaries…I just can’t feel sorry for them. I guess that makes me a cold, heartless person.

I have no doubt Cameron feels bad. Ortiz feels bad. Drew feels bad. But I can’t muster any sympathy. Their multimillions are guaranteed, and I’m concerned that I might get a layoff notice on Monday.

cameron didnt have kidney stones. he had an abdominal strain from all those swings and misses. this is a hideous basball team.

seriously i cannot believe how bad this team is. second highest payroll in baseball. wow. i thought i disliked theo before. now i KNOW. run prevention is the key!

I’m not sure in this Sox/ Rays series that WEEI should be playing Springsteen’s “Born to Run”… Hmmm, more like Tampa’s theme song… GO SOX!

this team is a bad joke. i dont think they can finish .500. wow. at leas. theo will be back next year

Stranded two more runners…SIGH!… GO SOX!

Mets and Cards still tied, 1-1, after 19 innings! Still going…

This doesn’t help, but two very small mental errors (both Scutaro’s and Cameron’s) so far is costing us two shut outs. We are two small mental errors from “run defense” winning the day for us — instead it making us look likes goats.

lets see. last 3 gams they have 3 runs to this point i believe. solid!

Yea, and we could have one two of the games, were it not for the errors — is my point.

Well at least 2 of the games so far — should have won the first game 1 or 2-0, and we should be up on this game 1-0. Not saying I like it at all, but that is what it would be without those two errors.

this is quite possibly the most embarrsing team n the history of baseball. wow. u suck at the things u were built around.

this is quite possibly the most embarrsing team n the history of baseball. wow. u suck at the things u were built around.

this is quite possibly the most embarrsing team n the history of baseball. wow. u suck at the things u were built around.

Its gotta be a curse — someone better start looking for jersey’s under the Fenway renovations somewhere. And what kinda of throws are that by V-Mart — they don’t even throw that bad in high-school and he does it every time.

TB just totally exploits the Sox inability to throw runners out. They’re worse (better?) than the Angels.

I was crowing about the Sox getting Scutaro in the off season. Boy, was I wrong! Can we get Gonzo back from Toronto? Maybe we can return Scutaro for a full refund.

Put Upton on first, might as well let him move over to 3rd. He’s gonna get their anyway.

this team absolutlely fu&*in sux. god they are horrible. i hate theo epstien so f n much. well hate is a strong word. i really dislike him.

this team absolutlely fu&*in sux. god they are horrible. i hate theo epstien so f n much. well hate is a strong word. i really dislike him.

C’mon Nancy, solve a mystery!

We have become the 2008 Seattle Mariners.

this team is done folks. after 10 games. hard to do but they are.

Wow…Are these really the Red Sox?

Well, Dustin is still hitting!
Great play by Drew on Bartlett’s fly ball! Averaged out Zobrist’s catch on Hermida!
Scutaro is reminding me of Nick Green–averaging out an error with a HR…

Hey Greg!


Hey, Ginny!

We finally have a ball game here.πŸ™‚

I hope you got my reply, Ginny!πŸ™‚

Wait…I come on here and the Sox are scoring…what am I doing?! LOL!

Scutero is suckero. What a horrible shortstop. The entire team is humiliating. Yes they got four runs but don’t worry, our tried and true bullpen will give Seattle some breathing room.
Theo…please consider working at the hot dog stand. I understand you make a mean dog with mustard and relish…no, you say humus and crushed grapefruit on home pride butter top wheat is better for the fans and will sell more tickets. Well, now I have proof you had a lobotomy recently.

You are more than welcome to continue visiting here, Ginny–we can use the run support!πŸ˜‰

I did, Greg!

To clarify, The Seattle Mariners are 5 and 6 but with this loss the Sox will continue to be one of the worst teams in the American league; however Baltimore with the great Julio Lugo takes the prize at 1 and 11.

Whew, the Sox did not get ahead. I was worried they were starting to act like a team…man I’m in a bad mood!

You know, I bet the folks in Toronto would love to have Marco back.

Ron, since we’re doing 08 Mariners comparisons, are we replacing Tito with McClaren?

Did Toronto get the deal of a lifetime or what? They unloaded an old shortstop and got a master of the game in response. We got another Julio Lugo.

And many of us would like Alex Gonzalez back, Ginny!…hmmm…

See what a good mood we’re in, Ginny?…

Seriously…does Lugo even know how to play baseball? I think my 4 yr old could do better. Scutaro was good in Toronto simply because he was a good hitter. And I think the fans liked playing that whole Marco! Scutaro! game.

Jethro Tull, eh? Sittin on a park bench…

In time I’m sure I’ll compare the team to the Orioles when they have their nineth straight loss. I just checked on Lugo. He’s doing .143 but if he works hard he could do .105 with practice.

Well, at least LugNuts is up from .000002, Dave…

Nice. Yahoo has a pic of Dusty trying to get Upton out, and they actually wrote that it was Youk throwing out Crawford. Hmmm….

(Sung to the Beverly Hillbillies)
Let me tell ya bout a man named Lugo
A really bad ballplayer, barely stayed in the league,
Then one day he was making some more errors,
And up through the ground came the idiot Theo,
Epstein that is, big fool, big dollars…
Well the first thing you know, Lugo’s a millionaire,
The kin folks say, “Lugo milk it for what its worth”,
So he loaded up his talent and slept on the bench,
Snoring that is, making errors and looking like a fool

That made me laugh out loud!

The only thing missing from this game is the cowbells.

Oh man at least we have a sense of humor about this.
I have a disease and the only cure is MORE COWBELL!
(from Saturday Night Live)

Sox have a better road record than at home. Theo has worked his magic again.

Crack out that Willy Nelson song…On the road again…just can’t wait to get on the road again…

Figures. Good OF play by the Rays throughout the game. SIGH!

You guys are depressing….I’ll be back when the Sox are doing better…..I have faith and I don’t need this. Go Sox.

Well I guess its a good thing that I got blocked for awhile last night otherwise I would have been posting the same way that y’all did. lol
I slept on it and I think that if we give individuals time to come around then we owe it to the RedSox to not give up and hang in there!!! Venting our frustrations helps us but it does nothing for the team. I am going to try to be much more positive about ALL the RedSox, yes, JD included.
So today is a new day and we have a new member of the RedSox Nation that needs to welcomed: Welcome Gunner Papelbon and congratulations to Jonathan and his wife and family!!!
Anyway, thats my piece.

How many runs scored were earned in the last two games? So much for run prevention. It’s no time for panick. But it surely didn’t feel good for the games should have won. I don’t care who’s on the mount a team couldn’t score that winning run with bases loaded and no outs doesn’t deserve to be in the post season.
The Red Sox organization goal is to win 95 games and the our manager’s goal is to make players happy and healthy for the winter. The Yankees goal is to win another WS at any cost and they are off to a quick start. The pennant race could be over before the break.

Rain delay, huh? anyone hear when 1st pitch will be?

The game has begun!!!! The game is also on TBS for those of you outside of the Boston area!! Lester has gotten the first two out so far and OUR CAPTAIN IS CATCHING!!!!!

(*&&* MEMO TO HOMEPLATE UP – a BALL right over the middle of the plate is a strike!!!!

I’ll check in during the game – GO RED SOX!!!!!

What in the HELL is that THING on Garza’a chin?? If its supposed to be a beard, he has failed miserably.. that is UGLY

Eptein planned this whole thing along with the rest of the organization.I believe they are waiting for Crawford and the tampa bay first baseman,or who ever else maybe Gonzalez.Think about it .Beltre one year,Scutaro,Cameron,good god the man looks 50 years old out there.Epstein knows there is no way were catching the yankee,he is looking at the wild card at best.The only thing is he did’nt think it would be this bad.I could go on and on but i would like to mention one more thing,the yankee at their stadium are you kidding 81 games?Sorry, not fair,break up that east.With that line up in what they call on espn a band box.A bunch of b.s.

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