Sox-Rays Game 3

With Saturday’s second game ending at 12:24 a.m. ET this morning, the Sox and Rays were right back out there today for an afternoon game, albeit one that started at 2:05 p.m. because of rain.

No Ortiz today. Terry Francona wanted to keep Victor’s bat in there, and wasn’t going to catch him after the late finish last night.

Jacoby Ellsbury is still trying to ramp up, a week after nearly breaking his left ribs on a collision with Adrian Beltre. The hope is that Ellsbury will return by Tuesday or Wednesday. DL still a remote option at this point.

The big mystery of the day will be whether Jonathan Papelbon arrives in time to pitch. His wife Ashley gave birth to son Gunner last night.


Dang!! It’s a beautiful day in the foothills of the Rockies! Couldn’t be better.

Hang in there, gang! Don’t give up the ship just yet. It’s a long season and lots of things can happen. Soon the hitters will start to hit and the pitchers will begin to pitch with consistency. But, OY VEY!!!, don’t get me started on the defense!! JK, that too will come around. Cheer up, bloggers!! A new day is gonna break through, the sun will shine once again on Red Sox Nation!! Hang tough!!

I think the real big mystery is how our defense oriented team lost a game that if you take out unearned runs, we would have won 1-0, and a second game we should’ve won, what, 5-2?

Then we face Garza and he has the stuff to no-hit us. Then again, I think I could no-hit this Red Sox offense.

Like I said during and before Spring Training, this will be a long season.

Where’d everybody go??
Don’t look now, but Garza has a NO HITTER going! There, that should jinx him! And if that doesn’t work I have a pentagram drawn and some black candles ready to light!
Cmon SOX!!!!

Hey Torthox, how are you?

Hi, I am very stressed out about these Red Sox of mine,how about yourself?

And if you need any help with your pentagram, I’m your man


I think the big mystery of the day is whether the Red Sox will score a run today. LOL!! I’m guessing Papelbon will be ready to pitch but it will not be today. Chances are he’ll be ready to go tomorrow.

I thought Henry and Werner owned the Red Sox but I think it’s Garza that owns the Red Sox. It doesn’t seem to matter who is in the Red Sox lineup, Garza will mow them down.

Lester has had bad April’s before but this year he has reached an all time low. That being said…eventually Lester will be the least of their problems. It might be early but you don’t want to be 6 games or more out of first place in early May. I always think when things are going bad, it isn’t as bad as it looks…I’m not sure if I believe that at this moment because the Red Sox look BAD!!! REAL BAD!!

The Sox are living up to my lowest expectations so far. Not good.

Are you a Wiccan, Torthox? Sorry, I forgot your name.

Hey, Travis! How’s it going? Long time no see!
Great day here in Western NC, now that it has cooled off some. Got a little too warm for a while!
Arnie, I hope you got the e-mail response to your note–my e-mail has been taking some days off, lately! Hmmm…
Not sure how much I’ll be blogging on here for a while. I’m getting tired of the tone on the blog, and I don’t want to contribute further to it. I’m gonna be watching, though! GO SOX!
Check y’all later!

Well I guess its a good thing that I got blocked for awhile last night otherwise I would have been posting the same way that y’all did. lol
I slept on it and I think that if we give individuals time to come around then we owe it to the RedSox to not give up and hang in there!!! Venting our frustrations helps us but it does nothing for the team. I am going to try to be much more positive about ALL the RedSox, yes, JD included.
So today is a new day and we have a new member of the RedSox Nation that needs to welcomed: Welcome Gunner Papelbon and congratulations to Jonathan and his wife and family!!!
Anyway, thats my piece.
By ellenc on April 18, 2010 11:05 AM

Hey the sun’s out now at Fenway (not here in So fl, the entire state is covered by a strong system).sun in fenway, thats a good thing!!!



Mark my word folks… Patriots Day will be the turn around point!!! It starts tomorrow morning 11:05 A.M.

I’m doing well, Ellen.Thanks. How did your job interview go?

The Red Sox are now 1-5 at home against T.B. and N.Y. this year.

Let’s see if this works! I signed off of the computer and back on to see if I can post again.

Thanks for asking Arnie!! I feel very [psitive about the interview and they seemed happy with what they saw and heard. I hope the impression was good enough to get the paycheck!!
I see Mark Newman and company are really taking these problems seriously as usual!! (NOT) Always on top of things.

Here is a positive note from the game: IT’S NOT A SHUT OUT!!!!

The greatest thing that Theo did was picking up Lackey who at the moment is the stopper. Hopefully the Sox will turn around starting tomorrow or else it can be over….
The Yanks were 6 or 7 games off the pace in the early going and went on to win the WS. But the management philosophy of both teams are drastically different. Never mind!

Hey everyone,
Don’t get upset. We have the big bats of Carlton Fisk and Carl Yastremski and Fred Lynn and Jim Rice and with Louis Tiant pitching…oh sorry, slight 1975 time lapse here.
However, don’t be upset. We have the big bats of…..
OK, but look at our defense. We have….
OK, but seriously look at our pitching with Beckett and Lackey and Delcarman gave a great performance and put it all together and we have a turnaround coming. I can feel it. Ellen with get a job and the Sox will turn it around. OK, Ellen with get the job before the Sox turn it around but come on…it’s very early. The 1975 Red Sox had a 7 and 9 record in April and they went all the way to the W.S.

Orioles are going to win their second game of the season…that’s a clear sign that the Sox are NOT far behind. They will turn it around!
Arnie…now about that Lugo curse (LOL)!

Lugo is one of those rare athletes who come around once a century or so. He just gets better and better with age. Not only is he dashing all hope in the city of Baltimore for whom he now plays, but he has extended his reach north to Boston spreading the necrosis he is famous for.
I may make Lugo the subject of my next novel. After I finish my current work on JD Eastwood’s latest screenplay called D.L. Diaries.
In Legacy Of Lugo I will chronicle his meteoric descent into the netherworld as Lucifer’s Apprentice.
Dave, where would we be without the “satire twins” Lugo and Drew?

this run prevention stuff is really great. i think eventually they will be able to not score at all.


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