Marathon Monday

Everyone ready for some morning baseball? The Red Sox are ready to erase a four-game losing streak and the general bad feeling that engulfs the Nation at the moment.

John Lackey was double-fisted with Red Bull at 9:15 this morning, so I think he’s ready to go.

The Sox will be without Mike Cameron today. The center fielder is again in pain, perhaps in the midst of passing another kidney stone. Bill Hall makes the start in his place.


The WINNING STREAK BEGINS TODAY!!!! No Rain, morning game, Lackey on the mound – I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

“The run prevention thing is really going great. Soon we won’t be able to be scoring a run at all.”
I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG while. Thank you. Sox fans are great. They have a great sense of humor.
Your last comment with Lugo was priceless. I loved it. When you write the book on Drew, please forward me a copy. I’d love to read it.

We are not the ONLY ones frustrated. This article, in the Boston Globe, was nothing short of a rip at the Red Sox. I was rather astounded at the level of attack against the Sox as a team right down to the last line of the column. Ouch!

Lackey has been solid in his first two starts and I am expecting him to go deep into this game. Lackey for 7 innings, Bard and then Papelbon and get this team back in the win column. Boston is playing soft teams this week and they need to take advantage of this soft schedule with Texas and Balt. coming to Fenway.

Who will snap out of their slump today??? Ortiz?? Drew??? Martinez?? I’ll go with Martinez….I’ve seen enough of him grounding into double plays.

Cameron is in pain, this just in…he’s been painful to watch so far!

well we might as well make fun of them. i can’t drink em good. but i’m trying. they are just hideous to watch. i’ve said it before but i cannot imagine how you spend the $$$ they are and have a team this inept offensively. i really pray for the day theo decides he needs another sabatical. question. if mike cameron is out of the lineup does anyone even notice?

This is the beginning of the turn around!!!
Can you tell me something??
DO YOU BELIEVE?????? come on tell me…
I D O B E L I E V E IN THE R E D S O X ~~~~~~

Okay – a double was NOT how we want the game to start…..

Why would you bunt that early in the game?? Crawford wasn’t bunting for a base hit, a sac. all the way. Swing away!

well TB is 1 run away from the sweep! then again 1 run may be all they need facing this lineup.


Hey Jules!! How’re you feeling?? Swelling go down more??

Swing away Pedroia!!!

A good throw by Drew and Pena is out by a mile.

If baseball wants to speed up the game, the umps need to call strikes and that pitch to Drew was a strike! I’m glad Drew got the walk.

sigh……HERMIDA!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.. that was ugly in left field.. misjudged it a little, ya think?

This club reminds me of some of those mid-80s Expos teams that Francona used to play for. Bring lots of no-doze.

I think one run should be enough for TB today. In the past, a series against Baltimore was usually good enough to wake up the bats and end a losing streak. But this year, it might be Baltimore, not Boston, taking advantage of that fact.

Crawford hasn’t stolen 2nd yet? What’s the holdup?

and talk about speeding it up, they just said that if its nationally televised there is longer between innings. They could knock some time off by making it the same as the locally televised games. Most of the games that the RedSox are being criticized about are Yankee games, and most of the RedSox Yanks games are nationally televised!!!

>longer between innings<

Bring in the subs. We’ve lost.

he went to 2nd on “defensive indifference”.. that seems to happen alot.. arrgh

3 run- homer for the RAYS!! ugh!!!

Did Hall get hurt though hitting the wall of the bullpen

6-0 Rays……………haven’t they played this game before????

Is it just me or did that ball look catchable???
Bill Hall is a pathetic excuse for a ball player!!! I see a DFA coming soon.

with any kind of luck, Ellsbury will be bacl soon and it would be great to have him back in center with Hermida in left

The game is getting ugly. I was wrong calling Lackey a stopper. But again with the inept offense, it doesn’t matter who is on the mound.
If the last 3 games were played properly, the Sox were to split the series instead of being swept. Pathetic.

I can’t watch this anymore. This is brutal.

I might have to take up some other hobbies this summer, because cheering on this bunch is going to be heartbreaking. Now I know how Orioles fans feel.

About the only consolation is that I know I’m not suffering alone. Misery loves company, I think that’s the only reason people will be visiting this site over the season.

i dont know. other than offense, defense, and pitching they dont look too bad! wow. has a team ever been mathematically eliminated before the end of april?

Hi ELLEN =- feeling good! The swelling has gone done some – and I will be calling the doctor tomorrow – it is a holiday here in MA; Patriots’ Day!

SO……..are we having fun yet……………this is PAINFUL!!!

I am not sure this team can beat the Oreos any more. Brining in the Pawtucket OFs.

can anyone offer an explanation on how the hell bill MFin hall is on this team? well then again now that i think about it he pretty much fits rite in so never mind.

I think the only team Boston can beat right now is themselves.

Hall gets the Bronx cheer.

I think that it is Lugo in disguise out there in center field!!!

Run prevention??? Doesn’t say much for Theo’s Yale education. Lots and lots of miscues, on the field and off the field.

This looks like some colleges “B” lineup, you know, when all the starters are injured.

As i said yesterday this was the plan all along,there will be no firing because they are all on the same page.Epstein screwing the fans brutally.But in fairness they did;nt expect it to be this bad.Also,this team is the redsox in name only Beltre,Cameron and the rest and Hall give me a break.Its like a first class country being invaded by a third rate what do you think you are going to grt.Lackey became upset when the ball got behind Hermeda,he probably wishes he was in pin stripes.Redsox fans should not attend this outrage.

As i said yesterday this was the plan all along,there will be no firing because they are all on the same page.Epstein screwing the fans brutally.But in fairness they did;nt expect it to be this bad.Also,this team is the redsox in name only Beltre,Cameron and the rest and Hall give me a break.Its like a first class country being invaded by a third rate what do you think you are going to grt.Lackey became upset when the ball got behind Hermeda,he probably wishes he was in pin stripes.Redsox fans should not attend this outrage.

Ellsbury hasn’t played in 8 days and the Red Sox aren’t even sure when he’ll return. Ellsbury should be on the D.L. and Reddick should take his spot on the roster but for some reason the Red Sox haven’t done that. What’s taking them so long???

I would rather have Monty Hall ( Let’s make a deal ) in c.f.

That’s an error on Hall.

I read about Lackey w/the “double fisted RedBull” in Ians post.. too much caffeine I fear!!!!

the next thing I can see happening is the consecutive sellout streak ending!!!


That’s just a matter of the time and personally I think it’s a white lie by the Red Sox.

I can believe that.. after all they said the did all they could to field a Championship team this

I can believe that.. after all they said they did all they could to field a Championship team this

Atchison pitching is the official ” wave the white flag” by the Red Sox.

Someone from Kenya won the marathon— shocking news. NOT!!

If the Red Sox can’t beat the Yankees and the Rays, it is pretty much over regardless how early it is.
Hall has no business playing in the MLB. I guess someone doesn’t want to hurt his feeling by optioning him to – A and bringing up Riddick.

oh well i guess 170MM just dont go as far as it used to. it’s all good though. remember folks theo has declared this a “bridge period” until those “elite” prospects are ready. LMFAO. he is such a joke.

Bridge period? The bridge is out!

Bridge over troubled waters!

i think i’ll keep track of how many games this year they have more errors than runs.


Can you count that high??? LOL!!

I think the team FA has now dropped below the team BA.

I’m back. Been tied up for a while. After today’s debauchle I think we have to pick up the pieces. In hindsight, as it turned out, we should never have taken Ells out of CF. Tito should have had any of the other myriad of outfielders learn how to play LF, no matter how old they are. NONE of them could cover CF like Ells. Further, Tito should, at best, rotate the DH between Papi and Lowell- at least until Papi shows that he earns the spot. If not, Papi should be treated like any other ballplayer , and the Sox should consider trading him next year. The Sox seem to sit on their hands when important decisions have to be made. Well, I guess that’s water under the bridge. Maybe some of you are right we need a fall guy and there is no one better than Lugnuts, wherever he is. Maybe if we continue to hammer him the Sox may turn things around. In any case– next game—GO SOX!!!!

I do see a distinct improvement in Ortiz though. He’s flying and grounding out to the left side much more now than he was in the past. He’s spreading his outs.

Let’s hope that Theo doesn’t follow Congress’ planning and “build a bridge to nowhere”.

Absolutely unreal. That’s all I can say.

Who was that guy on here that defended all of Theo’s moves??? I wonder if he or she is still around, just curious. It’s still very early but this Red Sox team is lifeless, lethargic, pathetic and those are kind words to describe them.

How long before Crawford steals second? Just give him the base.

Youve said it all guys.This team stinks

bosox. no worries. i’ve got an abacus. theo is probably busy consulting with the mariners on how this whole UZR thing is supposed to work!


Theo should keep away from sharp objects!

Oh well.. so much for my prediction of this being a turn around day…

Ortiz is doing much better. I like how he’s spread his outs around.
(Sung to the Tune of the Flintstones.
Red Sox, meet the Red Sox,
Once a World Series ready team
From the…town of Boston
They’re the nightmare out of Theo’s mind.
Someday maybe they’ll win a game
Then again, how can we have that much hope.
When you’re with the Red Sox
You are in for a really long, long
A really, long long,
A really long long game!!!!

Ortiz is doing much better. I like how he’s spread his outs around.
(Sung to the Tune of the Flintstones.
Red Sox, meet the Red Sox,
Once a World Series ready team
From the…town of Boston
They’re the nightmare out of Theo’s mind.
Someday maybe they’ll win a game
Then again, how can we have that much hope.
When you’re with the Red Sox
You are in for a really long, long
A really, long long,
A really long long game!!!!

Sorry for the double post. I have NO idea how that happened but I have confidence in the technical merits of the IT people of this blog to properly ignore the problem so I’m not worried.

Put Nancy on the mound. He’s hitting like a pitcher, maybe he can throw like one, too.

I say let Theo pitch a game or two.

Now I got that damn Flintstones theme playing through my head. Thanks alot, Dave!

Sox got in two runs. The Rays must have felt sorry for us.

WE need something to LAUGH about!! Classic Rem-Dawg from Patriots’ Day in 2007!! Enjoy!!

It’s not so much that the Sox are losing, it’s that they are playing horrible baseball. The can’t hit, they can’t pitch, and they can’t play defense. That all adds up to “not many wins”. This team will be very fortunate to play .500 baseball this year. Rays and Yankees are very strong and after today they’ll be six games behind and April isn’t over yet. I just don’t see Beltre, Cameron or Ortiz being very productive and VMart’s productivity is in question if he catches. Beckett will be good, Lester will come around and Lackey will be OK (way overpaid, he’s not a top tiered pitcher). They are the only hope for this club.

I know it’s early, but I just don’t see this team gelling.

I can fix your problem.

(Sung to the Tune of All In The family)

Boy the way Ortiz played,
Games that made the win column,
Guys like us we had it made
Those were the days!
And you knew no errors were made!
Lugo was just a passing fad
Mister we sure could use a man like Carton Fisk again
Didn’t need Drew’s D.L.
Everybody pulled their weight
Gee our old Red Sox team was great
Those were the days!!!
Crap now I have that song in my head. Thanks a LOT Ronkelly (LOL)

i actually cannot watch this team laughing hysterically. they are so inept i cant force myself to get mad.

This may give John Henry a clue as to what to do with Theo Epstein.

Here’s some context, for those who keep saying “it’s still early.” In the last 5 seasons, the AL wild card team needed 94 or 95 wins (about a .586 winning %). Sox have 149 games remaining, and need 91 wins (i.e., a .611 winning %) the rest of the way to reach the “wild card” level.

Do you see this team reeling off a .611 winning percentage the rest of the way? Or do you see the AL wild card needing substantially less than 95 wins?

Time to start planning for 2011, because for all intents and purposes, this season is over.

Everyone is to blame for this debacle, the FO, the players, hitting coach, pitching coach, and the field manager. The team may turn around when Ellsbury comes back and JD and V Mart start to hit.
I think the FO would be more aggressive this offseason after the ALDS sweep. Other than the Lackey pickup albeit too costly, the other notable acquisitions were either a downgrade or status quo. If the Sox were lucky enough to get into the postseason, it is an automatic early exit sorry to say.

Hey, how about a haiku?

A motley nine.
Bat swishing through the dewey mist.
Nancy sits.

I just talked to Theo Epstein:
“We are at 9 and 4 and that shows right away my skills at building a winning team.”
“No you are at 4 and 9”
“What’s the difference? Excuse me, I’m fed up with Scuturo. I’m trying to get Lugo back so please give me a second!”
“Why Lugo!”
“I told you…”
“You didn’t”
“I didn’t what?”
“You didn’t tell me why you want Lugo back!”
“I don’t want Lugo back!”
“You just said you did want Lugo back!”
“That’s right and I’ll offer him a GREAT contract. I rock!”
“I’m going now!”
“OK because tomorrow we’ll be 10 and 4…you watch.”

To me, talking defense is simply mastering the fundamentals of the game and you do that IN HIGH SCHOOL. Good defense is a given, not some sort of badge you wear when the contract runs out. If you can’t do defense, you can’t be in the major leagues and I stand behind that statement. Maybe we can give an exception to Manny Ramirez but an exception.
To me the great players can hit and hit for power and automatically know how to prevent errors. To have these many errors is humiliating. Your broadcasting to the league that you can’t even play at the major league level. When Theo was focusing on run prevention he was basically saying he’s got nothing else to talk about and he’s apparently correct.
Theo will probably look for free agents that know the infield fly rule or how to bunt. Next year will be run prevention and bunting skills. That’s a one two combo that will guarantee first place right!

Hey gang!!

OUCH!!!! What can you say about this weekend? I don’t want to dwell on the negative. This is a rebuilding year. Cameron, Scutaro, Beltre, Hermida, those are all guys who can man a position until the prospects are ready and the old contracts come off the books, ie. Lugo, Ortiz, Drew, Lowell, and so forth. It’s also a year to test Buchholz to see if he should be trade bait or the future #3 starter.
Sometimes you need a rebuilding year. I’m just hoping that Theo gets off this silly “run prevention” kick in the coming years. You can “run prevent” your way to 3rd or 4th place, but a successful team hits the ball and pitches the ball. Defense comes in 4th after starting pitching, hitting and bullpen, not necessarily in that order.
Anyway, you can have a nice 3rd place team with sabermetrics, but you’re not going to win it all.

I’m hoping Theo has a master plan for the upcoming seasons.
GO SOX!!!!!!

This was all planned they did’nt exspect it to happen so fast.After watching Martinez behind the plate it nwas a pleasure to see Veritek,maybe the redsox were smart in not signing Martinez long term.I think his hitting will be fine,if he does;nt let the pressure of catching in fenway get the best of him.He may verywell be gone after this year.

The Bosox are definitely a good AA team!! It’s good that I’m not the official scorer. What defense?!? Obviously, no offense, so no further comment needed. But Beltre and Hermida play defense like minor leaguers.

Sorry all, fortunately I am on the road this dark week, missing most of the misery. One thing is for certain — the Sox are not this bad, so it has to turn around quite a bit. They probably don’t have enough fire-power or chemistry to turn this into play off year, like the Yanks did last year — but you never know. Yanks or Rays will probably have to falter as well for us to be able to catch them.

HAPPY 98th Birthday Fenway Park!! That’s right – after a two day delay due to rain the first game was played at Fenway Park!!! And oh yeah – by a score of 8-7 (think the score is right!) we beat the New York Longstockings (who later became the Yankees!) SOOOOOOO….good omen for today?? THE WINNING STREAK WILL BEGIN!!!!!

I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!

And here is an interesting tidbit via the Facebook page of the Baseball Hall of Fame:

On this date in baseball history: 1939 – Red Sox rookie Ted Williams debuts before 30,278 at Yankee Stadium. After two K’s, he doubles off Red Ruffing, who wins 2-0. Lou Gehrig, suffering from ALS, makes an error and goes hitless in the only game featuring the two sluggers. Other notables include Joe DiMaggio, Bill Dickey, Jimmie Foxx, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr, Red Rolfe and losing pitcher Lefty Grove.

Trivia time. Anyone know the last time the Sox were 5 games under .500?

Thanks for staying positive…..the Sox have 6 games at home vs the Rangers and the Orioles. Maybe we can get something going here. If they can get going maybe it will carry over. We can only hope. Ron….I know they had a crappy start in 1996….but I don’t know if that’s the last time they were 5 games under .500 Go Sox….I’ll be there like a loyal dog to the end!!!!!!!

Thanks! We have to stay positive – it is a LONG season! And the Bruins great win last night has Boston believing!!

Take TWO – the Red Sox won their first game at Fenway Park by a score of 7-6 in 11 innings over the New York Highlanders….later the Yankees….

it’s not so much that they are 5 under .500 that bothers me really. i mean there is a loooong way to go. what bothers me is that they are just not good enough. i thought that from day 1 of spring training and i still do. they’re gonna pitch better. much better in all liklihood. ells will be back. v-mart, youk, and drew will certainly hit better. ortiz, who knows. but even with all that they are just not good enough offensively. not to compete in the AL east. especially when you get past youk in the normal lineup. they lack power and when you combine that with mediocre BA’s as well it’s not real conducive to scoring many runs and winning games in bunches. at this point it’s just a poorly constructed team. IF they were to acquire fielder or gonzalez maybe that changes. but if they wait until 7/31 it probably won’t matter.

I think if they sit Hall and Cameron once Ells gets back they improve on the spot. Ells back in center, Hermida in left and Drew in right. Drew is streaky and it’s time for him to come alive. Whether that’s enough will remain to be seen. Certainly this is not what Lester and the defense is going to do all year. I’ll say this….it can only get better and that’s what I’m waiting for. If they can hang on till July, which will be tough to do….something will get done in terms of a trade. They’ll have to over-achieve and weather it out….either way…they’re the Sox….good or bad and I’m sticking with them. We as Sox fans have forgotten how to deal with this type of team and it’s been really great that we haven’t had to deal with it for a long time. Garry, I know you have seen worse as you and I are always talking about the old days….you too Brian…I for one will admit I have been spoiled and have expected perfection every year. Hopefully the FO has a sour taste like we do and won’t do so much hoping next time and make some concrete decisions that they know will pan out. I’m glad to see that at least this blog has settled down a bit for now…..chin up everyone….Go Sox

Sad news for the baseball community – the President of the Colorado Rockies has been found dead this morning:

Prayers to his family and the fans of the Rockies…

A tragedy at age 48!

You have to feel sorry for Cameron. First a strained muscle then a kidney stone then a groin pull. The poor guy makes J.D. Drew look like the healthiest person on the planet.
Sad news from California. 48 is too young for anyone. Ug, I’m not that far away from that mark.
Sox will try again tonight. I am SO glad that Hall is out. Horrible position to put a player in. I really felt bad for him. That’s like asking Jason Varitek to pitch. Hall is not an outfielder. He had no business going out there but Ellsbury is going to be a long while before that sparkplug is back into the lineup. I am beginning to see that the only day you are healthy in the majors is the first day of spring training.

It is very sad news Bob!

Red Sox update – Cameron to the DL – Reddick called up from the PawSOx.

Tonight’s lineup:

Scutaro,Drew,Pedroia,Youkilis,Martinez,Ortiz,Beltre,Hermida,Reddick & Wakefield=SP Gametime 7:10pm

Not so sure I like Ortiz in the lineup…

Mr. Browne,

Starting this spring, the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge is presenting Johnny Baseball, a world premiere musical about the Red Sox, and we’d like to get the word out to Red Sox enthusiasts in the Boston/New England area. As one of the top 100 MLB blogs from 2008, we think your take on the production is key to reaching some of these fans.

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What a tragedy. Leaving behind a family and all. R.I.P.

Reddick will be the spark the Sox need tonight. You’ll see, he will come in charged up, ready to do serious damage to the Rangers. He will inspire the whole organization!! Go Sox!! Go Reddick!!!

Don’t forget that Eric Gagne retired today. May his great legacy with the Red Sox stand as a true testament who the great decisions Theo Epstein makes on a daily basis. Eric, we will miss your presence, your dominance, and the weight you took off of Papelbon’s shoulders when we needed you most.

I like Reddick as well. He has a nice looking swing….just needs some at bats. Go Sox!!!

Hi all:
I certainly hope things turn around because I am falling into a horrible habit the past couple of days. Negative thoughts and speaking or typing negatively about the RedSox. FOR ME THAT STOPS ~ N O W ~. I refuse to graze on the negativity that has become everyday conversation here. My fault that I fell into it, but no more.
Only positives from this Polly-Anna- Rose Colored Glass wearing-Wooooooooo-wooooooooooooo yelling-flass 3/4 full cheerleader!!!!
New outlook, new day, new results will surely follow.


My thoughts and prayers to the family of the owner of the Rockies R I P..

The news keeps getting better – Jacoby Ellsbury has gone on the DL – Darnell McDonald has been called up.

Well, who knows, maybe Darnell will give us something that we are all looking for.. GO DARNELL.. WELCOME TO THE SHOW!!!

Jules.. about Jacoby, is his stay on the DL retroactive or sarting today?

I heard on the pregame show that it is retroactive to 4/12.




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