J.D. busts out

Quite a night last night at Fenway from start to finish. It had it all. Tonight? Mike Lowell put one over the Monster, J.D. Drew busted out of his slump with a grand slam and Darnell McDonald added to his instant cult hero status by going deep again. Meanwhile, two slumping players — David Ortiz and Victor Martinez — are on the bench.

Drew had one homer and two RBIs coming into tonight’s game. He couldn’t have picked a better time to break out, as Josh Beckett had dug the Sox a 4-1 hole after two innings.

Before the game, Drew’s slump was a topic of conversation with manager Terry Francona in the media briefing.

What had been bothering J.D.?

“Kind of like David,” Francona said. “He’s got his body out ahead of him. J.D’s got some of the best hitters hands you ever see but when their hands come forward, there’s not a lot left to do anything with the ball. It’s easy to say, ‘hey, drive the ball the other way.’ Sometimes you get in a rut where you don’t feel you can do that. That’s because sometimes your body is out ahead of everything.”

This time, J.D. waited for his pitch, got it and was rounding the bases with his fifth career grand slam.


Keep it up, JD! Nice going! (Did you catch that, DGN?)😉 We need that the rest of the year! GO JD! GO SOX!

I REALLY like what I have seen from Darnell McDonald!

The basepaths must seem like snakes and ladders to other teams. Get on first, there’s a ladder to second.

Left Beckett in too long. And Josh is our ace, huh?

Meanwhile, Roy Halliday is mowing down Atlanta for his 4th win.

Let’s hope Tito didn’t blow this game by leaving Beckett in too long. He always fails to take the opitcher out until the damage is done.

We’ve got to come back and take this game!!! Let’s go Sox!!!

JD busts out, and so does Youk! Nice job, Youk! Good job, OKI! GO SOX! Do it again tomorrow–preferably not in 12!😉

I most likely received your e-mail but I am not at home and it’s a long story but I can’t check my e-mail remotely from here so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Sox win, Sox win, Sox win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOKK!!!!
Might not have been pretty but I’ll take anything right now. Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullpen held Texas scoreless for a while. Texas may not excel at much but they can hit!!!!!!!! Good job BP…..Go Sox.

I don’t think Francona left Beckett in too long. I think Beckett made a bad pitch and got nailed. He’d probably tell you the same thing. His pitch count wasn’t that high.

Good win for the Sox tonight. Good job by the bullpen in particular. The lineup is better with Mike Lowell in it. He can still hit.

Best play of the night was Scutaro’s tag and making it to second base in the 12th. That set up the whole scoring opportunity.

Don’t you feel bad after all the times you have been so hard on JD? Oh wait,,, that was……oh, never mind!
Way to go JD!!

I don’t think Josh was left in too long, either. I think it was simply the wrong pitch thrown.
I’m happy Scutaro took the chance with the tag-up. He could have looked like a goat out there, but it was a spark we needed, so I’m glad it worked! I hope we can show more signs of life out there like that!
WE NEED LOWELL IN THE LINEUP! Plain and simple–even if as a DH.

You’re right Greg/Garry…Scuturo provided the spark there. This is the scrappy team we need to have. Make things happen with whatever is available. No one looked like they gave up out there and maybe this team can come from behind once in a while. I just would not make a habit out of it!!!!! I know…it’s just Texas…but it’s a start and a couple changes have helped a lot. Keep it up Sox….do whatever it takes to….WIN!!!!!!! Papi won’t be happy but he has to take one for the team right now. Varitek has and so has Lowell so now Papi has to stay ready for when he is needed. Things are fixing to get interesting as far as that is concerned. Competition is good as far as that is concerned. Go Sox!!!!

A dramatic win! But Beckett has proven to be consistently inconsistent, a good outing followed by a shaky one. I don’t know whether uncle Tito left Beckett in too long. It’s almost the revisit of the painful ALCS 2008. Beckett cannot live in luxury. If the Sox were to lose last night’s game? Who’s to blame? But gave uncle Tito credit for managing the bullpen that shines.
Without 2 outs Scutaro would and should have scored from first any way. Youk’s ball was off the wall and bounced so far away and by the time the outfielder retrieved the ball, Scutaro should have crossed the plate already.
Yes Lowell should play everyday and McDonald too.

I already said it once, but let me say it again.. JD (well, he’ll always be My Lil Nancy) Drew had a great game last night and I even think that his defense was better than I’d seen it. Good Job JD.
And Mikey??? Well what can you say about Mikey… WELL HOW BOUT MAKE HIM THE D FREAKIN H??? ooooh did I type that out loud??? Even if its just til, well, whenever.. but this line up is clearly better with him in it; whether or not that is coincidence, I dont know, but it is better. There is a SPARK..
Glad to see things turning around.

ellen. the bullpen was great last nite!. there’s todays positive vibe.🙂 nah, another shaky win but a win nonetheless. IDK how many 7-8 run games this group has in them though so beckett and lester really need to get their sheet together.

Stop picking on J.D!
Hey guys, I have J.D. with me and he’d like to say that he really is a class A hitter.
(Ow Dave…my knee. I bumped it against a pillow)
Anyway, J.D. really is a class act and a touch competitor.
(Dave, I have cramps…please make them stop!)
He’s the guy that goes out there everyday and kills the baseball with his consistent hitting.
(Dave, my neck hurts. I’m in agony. I’m gonna die from pain!)
It’s time we all stopped picking on Drew. He has shown he deserves that billion dollar contract.
(Dave, they don’t pay me enough to deal with this ingrown toenail. I can’t take it anymore! Please do something)
So let’s cheer for J.D. Drew!)
(Oh man, I cut myself shaving. It hurts so much. AHHHH)

Also have to add how nice it is to see Varitek catch. He really sets up a great strike zone. I’ve missed it.

Hi All!! Sorry I missed the game last night! I was out for dinner in Boston! The lineup for tonight’s game:

1.) Marco Scutaro, SS; 2.) JD Drew, RF; 3.) Dustin Pedroia, 2B; 4.) Kevin Youkilis, 1B; 5.) Victor Martinez, C; 6.) Mike Lowell, DH; 7.) Adrian Beltre, 3B; 8.) Darnell McDonald, CF; 9.) Bill Hall, LF; SP — Clay Buchholz

GO RED SOX!! Let’s make it THREE IN A ROW!!!

This just in:


Hairline fractures in 4 of Ellsbury’s ribs!!

I can’t say I am surprised about Jacoby. He seemed to be recovering (or not) very slowly.


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