Hairline fracture for Ellsbury; Dice-K is back

Further tests on Red Sox left fielder Jacoby Ellsbury revealed a hairline fracture in four of his left ribs. Needless to say, it now seems highly doubtful Ellsbury will return to the lineup when he is first eligible on Tuesday.

When asked if Tuesday would be a reach for Ellsbury to be back in the leadoff spot, he said, “Yeah, I would say so, but you never know. I’m pretty optimistic. I’m never going to say no on anything. “

Ellsbury said he can play as soon as he can swing without limitation. He is not to that point right now, and likely won’t swing a bat for a few more days.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is back in the rotation, but we won’t find out exactly when until, most likely, after the game. Meanwhile, Tim Wakefield, according to multiple reports, is headed to the bullpen, most likely after his start on Sunday. Francona said the Red Sox didn’t give much consideration to going with a six-man rotation.


(A vent)
Crybaby Ortiz back against Baltimore! I am SO sick of Crybaby Ortiz’s temper tantrums, pathetic hitting, and his general vial attitude. I say put him in time out, give him a diaper, and a pacifier, and let him play with his toys.
I hate to see Tim go. Sorry but I like Tim Wakefield but I can understand not letting any more time slip with Clay. Clay has magic stuff and will be a dominant pitcher. Dice-K’s last loser outing was five innings with four runs. Wow that magic returns! Why not make him the Ace of the staff with such magic stuff. Get ready Tim Wakefield. If you’re in the bullpen you’ll be busy performing a starter role from inning four on!
Sometimes I feel that Sox management doesn’t know a gift when they have it. I’m waiting for McDonald to go down to Pawtuckett, despite his bat so loser Cameron can roll all over himself in the field…or wait…why not get Lugo back. Sometimes I feel “be stupid’ is a plaque on Theo Epstein’s desk in the morning.
There…I feel better. Let’s do a sweep.

I guess Wake will probably go to the BP. That’s why he is so valuable to the team. Bringing him in, before of after the 90-100mph Bard and DelCarmen, should really screw up the timing of the other team. This might also give the Sox time to try and cut back on the stolen bases. Maybe when the Sox are at home they could have an automatic sprinkling syytem that waters down the basepaths when the other team has runners on base.

Is there a reason players don’t yell they “got it”, so this doesn’t happen again?

Is there a reason players don’t yell “got it”, so this doesn’t happen again?

Hairline fractures can be painful for a while. Even after he can swing a bat and run without limitation, I’m not sure he’s going to want to be diving around stealing bases or trying to make spectacular catches. He’d still be effective at the top of the order, but he may have limitations for a while. Would not surprise me to see him completely recovered until the end of May if he doesn’t reinjure himself.

Hairline fractures can be painful for a while. Even after he can swing a bat and run without limitation, I’m not sure he’s going to want to be diving around stealing bases or trying to make spectacular catches. He’d still be effective at the top of the order, but he may have limitations for a while. Would not surprise me to see him completely recovered until the end of May if he doesn’t reinjure himself.

Still can’t figure out why they moved Ells from CF to LF. Maybe it will pay off in the long run- but now, especially the way things turned out, it doesn’t look like it was a good idea. However, we may have found a “diamond in the rough (or is it ruff?)” by having to bring up Macdonald. In any case let’s go Sox. The good news today is that the “Evil Empire” finally lost a game.

Glad to see you all supporting JD for a change without me last night — though I am not sure I can hand out any credits to you all when he hits a slam!

Maybe Els being it out for a while, will help in the long run forcing us to look at Hermida and McDonald a fighting chance. If I were managing the club, I would allow Els to heal completely, play Hermida, McDonald, and Drew as our outfield. But I don’t think the Sox can make it that easy, so I would settle for rotating Hermida and McDonald (depending on the starting pitcher) in LF and play Cameron in CF and Drew in RF. Then when Els comes back, quit fooling around, and put him back in center and move Cameron and back to a bench player with Hall, Ortiz, and Lowell. He has some awfully strong company there, so he really can’t complain.

I am starting to see the virtues of the NL. If you are a bench player, you probably want to play in the NL.

Everybody is probably over at Greg’s blog.

DGN, I am a new convert to the JD Fan Club!! For a couple games anyway. I was talking to my mom on the phone last night when he hit the Slam and she says: His expression never changes! You can’t tell if he just hit the lottery or his dog died. She’s right.

Anybody home? blog working?

Arnie, thanks for the heads up!

I lost the link to Greg’s blog. I was cleaning up my emails and wooops!

Arnie, I’ll send you the link.. dgn.. do you have it?

how the hell did it take this long to diagnose cracked ribs? oh well the hits just keep comin!!!

This just makes me BOIL! Theo Epstein needs to be FIRED!
The Sox traded away Justin Masterson…but don’t worry because we got 1/3 of the talent in John Lackey for triple the price. We did it to get that great catcher. Ya great moves Theo.
Now we see we actually need a catcher. Who goes next? I got it! Get rid of Daniel Bard as the article says and when you lose Papelbon you’ll be without a closer…but don’t worry! Theo will find a closer with the talent of Julio Lugo and then wonder what went wrong after he signs him for a six year deal! Hey, I hear Eric Gagne is available.
If the Sox can’t make smart moves then they will spend themselves into oblivion. John Henry should be boiling mad. I know I am.

DAVE… SLOW DOWN AND TAKE A BREATH. The article DOES NOT say get rid of Bard. It says that they talked about using him in a trade LAST YEAR for Miguel Montero. You can be assured that it will take alot more than Chris Snyder to pry Bard out of the RedSox grasp.
EASY, BREATHE.. 1…..2…..3…… BREATHE……

Have I ever told you how AWESOME my friends are here on Brownie Points??? THANK you all for your kind thoughts and prayers!!!

It is a BUSY night in Boston Sports! Red Sox, Bruins & Celtics are all playing and the NFL draft is ongoing! I’ll be watching the Bruins game – LET’S BEAT BUFFALO!!! But I will try to check in!

GO RED SOX!!! PLEASE beat the O’s!!!!!!!

Ellen thank you! I think Bard is our next closer once Papelbon goes to the Yankees.
Between you and electroshock treatment I feel so much better. Nothing like 10,000 volts to calm me down (I’m kidding of course (LOL)!

Hey Jules, feeling better?? I still think you need to get checked out just to be sure. Can’t be too careful

Here that Jules!!! Monday morning you call and we’ll be watching (LOL)

This just in…Wake goes to the bullpen to become the second starter for all of Dice-K’s game.
Terry Francona said, “with Dice-K throwing 100 pitches in 2 – 3 innings it makes sense to have Tim in long relief for those games. Then when Dice-K gets another sore neck or pulled muscle in two weeks, Tim can move back to the rotation. It makes sense from a pitching perspective to do that for everyone. IN a way, this is a six man rotation anyway.

Theo Epstein said, “it’s why we got Tim here. Dice-K was a huge investment and in order to cater to that investment, its important that Dice-K pitch as little as possible to avoid injuries. He’s very injury prone and complains a lot and we’re treating him with kid gloves so that he can get ready for the next World Baseball Classic. We all know that that set of games will take him out for the season so Tim is a valuable part of that overall plan.”

Dave, that is not so far-fetched in my mind. It would be fittingly ironic if Wake were to pitch in LLOOOOOONNNNNGGG relief of Dice-K! Hmmm…

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