Saturday night at Fenway

What will David Ortiz do tonight to build off his home run from last night? Seemingly, not much. The slugger found himself on the bench for the third time in four games. The Red Sox have run into a string of lefties of late.

Victor Martinez is serving as the DH because tomorrow is a day game and they want him to catch Tim Wakefield.

Speaking of Wake, it should be a pretty good storyline with him pitching, and knowing it’s going to be his last start for a while. Wakefield has been a loyal soldier. You have to feel bad for him getting bounced from the rotation after just two bad starts. At the same time, you understand why the club no longer wants to stunt Clay Buchholz’s development.

The way baseball tends to work out, I’m thinking Wakefield will find his way back into the rotation at some point this season.


Wake will be back, and will continue to contribute to the success of the Red Sox.

I agree…wakefield will be back…I feel he still has something left to give.

Wake will come back..thats what he does!

Ramirez taking his cues from Papelbon? How NOT to close out a game.

My kingdom for a closer.

I wonder if the Yankees would trade Mariano for our entire bullpen.

Outhit 17 to 9, but we win anyway. Hmmph.

Wondering about Papelbon’s save. Even though a closer meets the criteria for receiving a save, doesn’t the official scorer have the discretion to not award the save if the pitcher wasn’t effective? If so, I don’t believe Papelbon deserved that save. Basically the team teetered on losing the lead because of his ineffectiveness.

And Ramirez gets a hold? This is like elementary school, where everyone gets a gold star.

The Sox’ “prevent defense” did the job again! Gotta love it!
I don’t care if they have to bribe the umps to get the wins. This team needs a little self confidence and what better way to gain that than by beating the O’s.

Interesting that the only Sox pitcher who got no hold, save or win was the pitcher who didn’t give up any runs. Baseball’s a funny game.

Sox were put in an impossible situation. Dice-K gets privilege because of the cash the team has in him. I feel awful for Tim. He’s one heck of a pitcher but he’ll finish up games for Dice-K who will got about 3 innings before his back gives out so Tim will be back but I fear he may not get his 200 wins which he deserves.
Good job by the Sox. Despite Lugo, an error and sloppy play they managed to defeat a terrific team.

I see where they acquired Van Elsing from Pittsburgh Transylvania in the hope that he good stop the bleeding in Boston. Is it true that he could only play in night games???
I noticed that Lugo was giving him that “evil eye ” look when he came uo to the plate.

Don’t worry Dave, Wake will get his numbers. Dice-K won’t last, he’ll be back on the DL in no time. And from the pen he’ll still have “W” situations.
Don’t forget he’s a TEAM 1st kind of guy. He gets taken for granted and forgotten so many times but comes up huge when he’s needed.
Wow.. this place looks like a ghost town. should have done something, but didn’t. It wasn’t enough of a priority to them.

example of what I just said about MLB.COM, my last post was typed at 8:42 a.m. eastern time and shows a time stamp of 9:42 a.m. and it took 4-6 minutes to actually post. right now it is 8:50
let’s see what time it stamps on here.

When the Sox were 2 runs, I had no doubt that the Sox would come back and won becuase they were up against the Oreos. The way the Sox dominate the Oreos is like the Rays own the Sox. Go figure and Go Sox.

Rays and Yanks just keep on winning. We gotta keep winning just to keep from falling further behind! Too bad there’s only one wildcard.

bullpen blows the lead, bullpen gonna blow the game.

bullpen blows.

Yes, Ron, and that is exactly what happened–right when Wake got hosed.
Not good, Tito. Better luck next time. GO SOX!

You know it feels really sad when the Sox can’t hold a lead against the Baltimore Orioles. Its even sadder than Beltre belches two errors (although I guess they dropped it down to one) and Tim Wakefield was treated like it was just another game. It wasn’t. He deserved better. Dice-K treated the team with .00001 percent the respect and got treated better.
Theo Epstein…please resign. You’re the new Julio Lugo of the team.

Theo maybe you could trade Dice-K for Robert Redford. Redford hit real well in the Natural. Maybe he can continue that streak with the Red Sox. I better not say that too loud. Knowing Theo, he’ll take me seriously.
I wonder how long Tito will be with the Sox. He looks fed up.

Julio Epstein may be an appropriate name. It seems that Epstein hasn’t done much in the last couple of years. He stressed improving the defense– which hasn’t been any great shakes lately. I don’t know whether or not he had any input to switching Ells into LF. Ells is one of the best,if not the best CF, in baseball. Instead, Cameron is put in CF– a gold glove????I haven’t seen it yet– who has yet to show any contribution to the team and takes away the kind of CF coverage- particularly in Fenway- that Ells provided. Playing LF in Fenway is not where a Player with Ells’ capability should be. When both he and Cameron are healthy they should be switched ASAP. Let Cameron learn how to play handball off the wall. As far as Papi is concerned, while he had certainly been a mainstay in the past- his abilities have significantly degraded and it’s time for him to earn his keep and the quicker the better. Another gamble– Betre– doesn’t seem to add anything to the team. In hindsight, the Sox would have been better off on counting on Mikey – bad hip and all. Let’s hope that Mikey can regain his strength and get back into the swing ASAP. Scutaro- while not maybe the stellar SS that one might expect- he certainly has the gumption and ability to team up with Pedroia and provide the necessary spark to the team. Drew– at times he is pathetic and at times he shines. Lately, he continues to shine sporadically. Tek, has contributed at times, but it seems that he doesn’t have the necessary drive to lead this team. I guess old age catches up with everyone. We still need to learn how to stop the opposition from stealing us blind. I was following the TB game today and it seems that Toronto has nailed quite a few steal attempts. Maybe the Sox should study the videoo tapes and learn something. Our vaunted BP, where many pundits have given the Sox an edge, seems to be reverting back to last year– when every game that they save has us sitting on the edge. I gues all we can do is hope that things turn around or it’s going to be a long season.. But that said– Let;s GO SOX!!!

Elsbury alone cannot save this team. Nobody is hitting consistently, and now ever Predroia and Youkilis have gone in the tank. Other teams run with abandon on us and we’re powerless to do anything about it. Starting pitching is shaky, and the few times we get it’s a big question mark whether or not the bullpen can hold it if so, whether or not Papelbon can close it out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this month we’re 8 games back and by the end of May we’re pretty much out of the race. Probably a good thing in the long run. Some pretty big changes have to be made on this team (management, personnel) and perhaps this will be the impetus to make them. Ortiz, for example, should have been gone before the season. I’ll bet he won’t be here next year!

the funny thing is the way this team is set up there really are not a great deal of options to get better for this year and next. cameron, scutaro, and drew are all under contract and virtually untradeable unless they eat the salary. i suppose they could include ellsbury in a trade for a -gonz and move youk to 3rd then go after werth or crawford in FA but i don’t see theo doin that. mauer’s gone so there isn’t really a better option at catcher available. ortiz is likely gone barring a dramatic improvement so they will need a DH but that’s about it. oh well theo called this year and next a “bridge period”. to what i don’t know but i guess he didn’t lie.

(also in

It was 4:00 am. Theo knew that because he couldn’t sleep on top of the alarm clock any more. He knew that alarm clocks were a way of keeping you from sleeping too long when you used them as a pillow, but he wondered why they were called alarm clocks. His head hurt.
He yawned and got out from the dresser drawer closing the drawer to the dresser.
“Oh I love my bunk bed.”
The bed was there where he laid out his clothes.
“The bed should be called a dresser. This whole world is mad. I like Julio Lugo. I’m sorry John Henry told me to trade him away before he killed me with a chainsaw. John has a bad temper.”
He put on his shoes first struggling to get his pants on. Theo cursed.
“Why can’t they make pants that are easier to put on once you get on your shoes. ”
Theo then put on his Spongebob underwear.
Theo then put on his shirt and walked into the shower. He washed himself and his clothes properly and then spent the next hour using a blow dryer to dry his clothes.
“Someday they’ll invent a way to wash your clothes besides the shower, “said Theo who had burns all over his skin. Why does everyone say I smell anyway?”
He then walked into the kitchen. He looked around.
“I’m hungry!”
Theo got some milk from the fridge and poured it into a pan. He started to drink it.
“Why do they make glasses so hard to drink from! Now I’ll have to wash my clothes again. Oh yes, they have a washing machine for clothes in the kitchen.”
Theo put his shirt and underwear and pants into the dishwasher. He ran it standing naked in the kitchen.
He then felt hungry in his stomach. He went to the fridge and got out a frozen waffle.
“Why can’t we use a freezer for storing something other than ice, “said Theo pondering the dilemma.
He put the waffle on the stove and burned it with the burner. When it was black enough he took out the cutting board and put the waffle on the cutting board.
“Why can’t they make plates out of ceramic, “snapped Theo.
He poured maple syrup on the board and then soaked the waffle in the syrup.
The phone rang.
Theo looked at the number on caller ID. After the ringing stopped he called the number.
“Hi John. What’s up!”
Theo could have just answered the phone but he didn’t know that feature was available.
“I can’t sleep. This team is terrible. Can’t you do something?”
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Theo hung up.
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“You can just give me your number.”
“It’s 555.2847.”
“No your credit card number.”
“My credit card doesn’t have a phone number.”
“The number on your CREDIT card.”
“What number.”
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Theo hung up.
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“People are such slobs!’ cursed Theo.
He drove off to work. Trash rolled over on the pavement. His lights kept going on and off because he had the emergency harzard lights on.
To be continued….

Ryan Howard just signed an extension with the Phillies, 5-years, $125 mil.

man pujols and gonzo have to just be doin cartwheels. there’s another big name locked up. gonzo especially. i’d be shocked if albert bolted but no doubt that adds to his bank account.

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