Game 1 at Camden Yards

Beautiful night here at Camden Yards, which is easily in the top 3, if not the top 5 ballparks in all of baseball.

David Ortiz is looking forward to this weekend because he’s going to get a chance to play. The Orioles have 3 righty starters in a row. With lefty starters piling up against the Sox, Ortiz had started just seven of the last 14 games.

Will the regular at-bats have a positive impact on Ortiz?

“I hope so. It’s hard to get momentum when you’re not playing, I realize that,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “At the same time, who you have somewhat dictates what you do. Sometimes, if somebody says you’re being patient, maybe there’s a reason. Sometimes, it appears you’re impatient, maybe that’s not necessarily it.

“We’ve got Mikey Lowell sitting over there and that’s a good option. Professional at-bat. If they want to make a move, he’s a guy that could certainly face a righty. It’s not like he hasn’t. We’re just trying to win games. I certainly think early in the season you need to be patient. At the same time, we weren’t really having a lot of success. We’re trying to use common sense. Sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to do during the middle of a game. But we’ll try to do the best we can.”

The one thing the Red Sox have entering this series is a fresh Hideki Okajima. The lefty hasn’t pitched since Monday.


Ellen. You’re becoming a bit of a blog nazi.

So Papi has a chance to put us ahead in the 9th, and he strikes out swinging. Who would’ve seen that coming?

Well, that didn’t work out the way I would’ve liked, shucks. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Let’s stay positive, everyone.

Thank You RonKelly!!! I didn’t know that you cared!!! What a nice thing to say… Have a good day!

Morning everyone,

We have had a NASTY thunderstorm. Its the type that sounds like bombs exploding. Fortunately we didn’t lose power since I have to manage the blog tonight.
A great article in the Boston Globe today pointing out the chaos that Terry Francona has to deal with every day. We’ve got a lot of older bodies that can’t play everyday (Varitek, Ortiz, Lowell, etc) and we have a lot of talent that is abysmal (Beltre, Martinez (catching anyway), etc. ) and Tito has to work with that. Rather than having nine dependable guys out on the field, Francona has to work with the hand that Theo gave him…which isn’t much.
My point is this, give Francona a break today. He’s got a lot on his mind.

ellen. no need to apologize. as you said we all see things our own way. FWIW though i’ve been a sox fan since ’75 so i think i’ve earned my right to bitch and moan. LOL. it may hurt to realize it but this team does SUCK. relatively speaking anyway. they just continue to find ways to lose. i just wish tito would go lou pinella on them.

Imagine how good the Orioles would be if they could play Boston 162 times??? LOL!! The Orioles are 3-16 against everyone else and have been outscored 97-54.

Run prevention??? How is that working out for the Red Sox so far??? It’s preventing the Red Sox from winning, much like the prevent Defense in football.

I hear people say it’s early but I strongly disagree with whoever say’s that. T.B. isn’t slowing down anytime soon and N.Y. is playing well. Where will Boston be on Memorial Day weekend?? How many games out of first place??? How many games out of the wildcard??? Will the hole be to big to climb out of???

Beltre has been a disaster at third base so far, I assume that will change.—His glove is to good to make error after error. Another thing with Beltre, he hasn’t gone yard yet. He had trouble hitting in Seattle because it’s a spacious park. What’s the excuse with Beltre’s power outage??? Beltre is hitting for avg. but that is about it. Don’t even get me started with Ortiz, that dude should just go back to the D.R. and rename his club to ” Deadweight ” because that’s what he is with the Red Sox!! Alot of issues with this Red Sox team so far and I don’t see it changing anytime soon! Then again it’s early… remember!

So true, Brian, about “run prevention” keeping us from winning. Apt comparison with football’s so-called “prevent defense”. Both are geared to “playing not to lose”, instead of playing to WIN. It makes all the difference in the world! Theo should have learned that by now…SIGH! GO SOX!

I have a feeling when I come on here in August I will be reading the same posts…like Groundhog day. And yet…we all know the Sox are what they are. We all knew what this team was about in December. I’m beginning to believe the other teams fans saying we aren’t happy unless the Sox find and incredible way to lose night after night. In 2004 everyone said we were like a dog chasing a car and finally catching it and not knowing how to act. I told all those people they were nuts but now I am not sure. I am hoping this team finds a niche…finding some character and a way to win, and sticks with it. I will hope and hope and hope…right till the end…because that’s the way it should be. Now is the hardest time to be a Sox fan as we have been spoiled for a long time. They still could have the pitching and defense that they were supposed to be known by. This team is still trying to find what works or doesn’t work. A lot is not working right now but time will tell. Dave is right….Francona can only play the hand he has been dealt and has shown that without the luxury of a consistent team…will make some unpopular moves. Right or wrong….stink or smell good…these are our Sox and we have to stay behind them. Go Sox!!!!

Lackey was effective but for the unearned run the Sox could have won the game. The Sox could have won the game if either JD or Ortiz delivered in the 9th.
I don’t see how the Sox can sustain a winning streak for lack of offense and the “run creation” by the defense. The team can/may change once Ells and Cameron return.
Uncle Tito is at best an average in-game manager. Now the uncle has to deal with the inept offense and defense aka run creation for the opposing team, I start to feel sorry for Francona. What uncle has to do to turn around the team?
It’s time for Ortiz to do whatever is good for the team. For crying out loud. enough is enough.
Let McDonald, Herminda or Van Every play everyday until Ells and Cameron return. Relegate Hall to pinch run at late innings.

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